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  1. The Saints have ran through rain drops and managed to stay dry. They have to play the Eagles, Steelers, Bengals (away) and Panthers twice. There is easily two or three losses there.
  2. I also don't see us losing to the Saints three time in one season.
  3. That was a misprint on NFL Draft Scout ... Defensive back Sharrod Neasman -- 5-11 1/4, 206 -- had a really good pro-day workout. He ran the 40 in 4.62 and 4.65 seconds. He had a 37 1/2-inch vertical and 10-foot-8 broad jump. He did the short shuttle in 4.09 seconds and the three-cone drill in 6.78 seconds. He also had 25 bench-press reps. Link
  4. Neasman has better measurables than Richards.
  5. That which does not kill you makes you stronger. Although the rash of injuries almost destroyed the season ... it has allowed for a deeper and healthier version of the Falcons for the second half. Kazee provides a different kind of value at the FS position. Linebacker quality and depth has improved with a returning Deon Jones. D-Line quality and depth has improved with Bruce Irwin and Jack Crawford and Deadrin Senat playing at a high level. Replacing Keanu though is the last gap. I believe Neasman will rise to the occasion. The dude has talent but has consistently been under the radar. New Orleans saw it. Thankfully for us he got an injury settlement from them. I believe he is our best option at SS. Look for Sharrod Neasman to rise up the second half of this season. You heard me.
  6. Good depth on the offense ... most would agree ... so on Defense... 1. Linebacker - assuming Foye works out and Riley does not, it will be Ish. We could use another LB. Hopefully Celestin can continue to flash. 2. DL - This is not as big a need as some here think. Let's not forget that Crawford and Shelby were out most of last season. Vick is returning to his primary role as pass rusher. If Senat turns out to be Grady 2.0 we should be set. Also Zimmer and Winbush have impressed in preseason. 3. Safety - Depth galore with Ish, Kazee and Ron Parket 4. Corner - Depth galore ... especially if Oliver pans out as expected. This is the year fellas...
  7. Yeah ,.. I think Mike Evans would get concussed just looking at that.
  8. With 34-3/8 arms, 26 reps is very respectable. Zimmer has 31-3/4 inch arms and completed 44 and 46 reps.
  9. Once, a rattlesnake bit Zimmer. After five days of excruciating pain, the snake finally died. He is the most interesting DT in the world.
  10. I am sure he will be cross-trained. We are just locked up at starting tackle unlike left guard.
  11. Matt Gono - A Ryan Schraeder-type project that could pay off big. A draftable player with prototypical physical traits for an NFL OLman. Strong and arms for days. Could be a back-up guard sooner rather than later and even crack the starting line-up as a future replacement for Andy Levitre if his potential is realized. Keep an eye on this guy. Justin Zimmer - Think of a more athletic and stronger Terrell McClain. If he can be coached up, he can be a dominate force along the defensive line. To me, a better prospect than Taven Bryan. You heard me.
  12. He also has a 22 to wonderlic .,,
  13. Brunell has a 22 wonderlic if that helps.
  14. Cautiously Optimistic