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  1. What jumps out to me is his 10 yard split of 1.73 seconds. I know this was a weak year for OL, but he is actually quicker than most taken at the top of the draft.
  2. Add Spoon, Clayborn, Tamme, Shelby, Collins for 4 games.
  3. Its possible with a better defense getting off the field and a couple of new weapons that could pan out.
  4. Its Jamal Anderson.
  5. Ben Garland
  6. If the offense is 90% as good as last year than we will be fine. If our defense cracks the top ten we should be the first juggernaut the NFL has seen in some time. To have both offense and defense top 5 in the league is entirely possible. A better defense will also help the offense maintain their lead leading numbers.
  8. Grace is 223 pounds and his instincts are off the chart. I like Odom, but we are loaded at DE now. We still could use another LB.
  9. Knappe and Grace have the best shots. Neither mentioned.
  10. With a healthy shoulder Takk should be at least the second best pass rusher in his class. Duke is a second round talent so I view those extra fifth round picks as free without the move up really hurting us. Love the running back. Gives us options down the road for a TC trade. Campbell will move to SAM, Wheeler was not re-signed. Duke was a need. Love Harlow. Nasty, Strong, and Tough. Smart guy with a pedigree as well. Kazee I am luke warm on only because of his size. But at free safety this falcon would be a hawk. The TE would probably have been a third or fourth rounder in any other draft. Great value there with the upside.
  11. Neal ran faster at his pro-day. Not sure what his split was but he ran a 4.56. I get the point though. Good pick up.
  12. He dropped because this may have been the deepest TE class in history. A very weird draft that fit us perfectly.
  13. Don't forget Jermaine Grace. He will likely make the team. And Kemal Ishmael.
  14. Don't forget Crawford, Collins, CJ, and Upshaw
  15. Obi- WEAKNESSES Leggy and gets feet bundled up when asked to turn and sprint. Lacks desired instincts and will play with slow eyes at times. Has to see ball in the air before charging over to help on deep throws. Inconsistent with coverage responsibilities from high safety. Takes time to diagnose play-action. Rub routes found him near goal line. Can take inefficient paths to the ball that get him there a step too late. Would benefit from high-pointing rather than waiting on throws.