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  1. ...regarding the “poor tackling”... It looked like to me they were desperately trying to stand opponents up and strip the ball rather than tackle outright. As a result of playing from behind and trying to save another busted season. I don’t think we need to worry about Foye and Deon ... in fact Foye looks better than ever and a rare bright spot.
  2. McGrary was out as well. Both our first rounders.
  3. That injury luck thing is bogus. The Falcons had 60% of their starting O-line out with injury for most of the first half of the season including their two rookie first rounders. Also Takk, Neal and Ito all missing significant time.
  4. It’s an Audi instrumentation cluster. It says S7 - Drive mode in the middle bottom.
  5. I actually think our roster is better than the Saints. Higher ceiling. But we will consistently be out-coached. On paper and by draft status this is probably the most talented Falcons roster ever. it won’t mean a thing if we can’t pull it together though ... e.g. the Cowboys.
  6. Dude is 25... The ceiling is high regarding the deal.
  7. If you recorded the game they went through the video of each one. There really was no rhyme or reason. They reversed some really ticky tack calls and no-calls. It was shown at halftime.
  8. But in reality they have made reversals on far less obvious plays. Dungy and Harrison went threw each one challenged under new rule.
  9. If that is not egregious... clear and obvious ... I don’t know what is.
  10. By that logic, Tom Brady never beat anyone out either.
  11. I didn't mention the botched snaps because Mack will be center and Persons actually has played well at guard. We need a pass rush and an effective/creative offensive scheme.
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