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  1. Anyone whos smart would say the Falcons are the favorites in that, esp with Big Ben not there. But go ahead, bet on things like the Browns beating NE, see who wins those kinda games.
  2. Ojinnaka was drafted by Mora wasnt he? Either way, he was drafted to be a small, crappy "zone blocking" OL, which is counter-productive to how Mike Smith wants things done (smashmouth, nasty OLine).. Not to mention in his actual playing time Ojin hasnt proven he is really that good, just decent, so he is expendable. Can't wait til we cut him, the last remaining link to the worst OLine is history what we had, which ruined our superbowl chance in the Mora days (Think about it.. Forney, Lehr, and those boys were SOO bad, yet we still got to the NFC champ game somehow in the 2004.. imagine if we h
  3. I keep getting happier and happier about Franks, he was a lateround pick with insane potential.. Even if he is just a 2nd or 3rd stringer right now, hes doing what he was intended to, but he looks like he might be our next Decoud.
  4. since i moved back home, ive watched NFLN like 3 times, since i dont have cable in my bedroom, and im honestly not missing it too much. Its true, everytime I turn it on its always about Tebow or Big ben. its pretty sad, it used to be good afew years ago with real news now its just the same one story drug thru the water for weeks (Farve watch 2008 anyone??)
  5. kroy bierman with short hair.? (and without the muscles)
  6. I dont think you guys realize how many cornerbacks are "shut down" corners in this league.. I honestly cant think of hardly any.. Revis is about the only one in the league right now or for the past 2-3 years. Bailey maybe in like his early years, but the past 3 years hes been absolute crap. So before you think "wahh we spent so much money on a corner but hes not a shutdown like Revis or Deion"... How many other teams have one of those in the league?? ONE team.
  7. its sad how a ****** beat writer like D Led can make a ******** article like that, and then it gets picked up by ESPN/etc as a "rumor" like it holds any truth.. The media are so stupid/brainwashed.
  8. the way I feel about it.. before we were deadly, but not stable.. Now we are not exactly deadly, but very stable. Its the way the Jaguars have been for years under Mike Smith, no one player really screamed "OMG we cant stop him" but as a whole, their D was just solid. I think I would love to have the old Vick on this offense, esp now that we have an OLine and actual weapons around the QB position.. but Matt provides stability, he wont have one unreal amazing game like Vick, then one kinda sloppy game either.. Not sure I like it, but if Roddy, HD and Norwood stay healthy, they are as close as o
  9. The thing is, the only person who wants JA98 cut is YOU GUYS.. Smitty and TD know he is a very solid role player, always provided much for us in the run stopping, and altho he doesnt have the "sexy stats" of 10 sacks a year, he is very solid. Much better than TJ. TJ will be cut, JA98 will stay, I would bet my house on it.
  10. pretty much how i would have it, except maybe shann over bush in S.. and I dont know if we drop Fin yet, probably drop weems though if another guy can take his returns spot.
  11. Someone brought a guitar body to have signed?? thats awesome ahhaha.
  12. Yea. geez. Who else saw this coming? I mean, its not that his size was unbelievable, because there are some people out there who can get that way, but it takes YEARS of purposely body-building that way, not how he did it, being relatively normal afew years ago then boom. For normal people to become that way, it takes like 5-10 years like Brock Lesnar to get in that "steroid-looking" frame without actually being on steroids. A friend of mine in HS is like that, was a twig then after 4-5 years of hard work in the gym, he is huge now. Everyone thinks he took steroids, but I know he just worked hi
  13. Joe Vitt AND Sean Payton.. Joe Vitt at least has a reason; He needs pain medication.. I really can't wait to see the day when Sean Payton is being charged for theft and SELLING of vicodin.
  14. lol know what this reminds me of kinda? Sorry for being a nerd, but if any of you have played "Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright" on nintendo DS, Its basically a game where you have to prove your client to be not guilty, but the prosecuters really stack things against you, like forged evidence, lying witnesses, basically its near impossible for the defense to be proved Not guilty.. Anyways, with the whole "whose honesty and integrity are above reaproach".. I REALLY thought that kind of things were only made for video games.. If that really happens in real life, wow. Gotta love the USA, money buys y
  15. They gave us so much **** when the Vick thing happened, so why not return the favor when the mastermind of their franchise is a vicodin stealing cheater? the NFL will cover it up though, just like they did almost all the Saints games last year, esp the NFC Champ game and the games vs the Falcons.. and the superbowl (ESPN releasing articles saying the Saints won 2 days before the superbowl started?? riight).. Its ********. I AM going to pray that Payton is guilty and gets sentenced for this, after all the cheating his team has done in the NFL this past year. ****, if it was Belichek, i'd feel t
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