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  1. Im not flaky at all , I love the falcons and always will ... win or lose . I didnt like the drafting of matt ryan from day one.. Ive respected him because has some game true also he wears that falcon on his head.. but he's not someone i can put my trust in.. I compare him 2 peyton manning .. yea he's great But after 10 to 12 years all that greatness will equal one superbowl win
  2. Its time 2 think about that option... Not necessarily . I was around & this isn't that much better they both have the same outcome. Me stressing an feeling sick on sundays.
  3. He could never replace gonzo ,an trying to would be d@mn hard . We should go the patriots route and have 2 hard working TE's that have great work ethic... So i think Palmer & David Paulson would be a great TE combo
  4. Not the cox i wanted but oh well lol , I thought they wouldve brought back lucas cox .. He looked real good in preseason
  5. my thoughts exactly , i was sick to my stomach to see them keep handing the ball off to turner the slow burner. we shouldve pulled every trick play we had after that 14-0 lead just to keep the pack guessing, but no we went to old reliable our favorite play the 3in out smh!!!
  6. Its very needed , It helps get himself his teammates and the fans hype. I bet you celebrated when he got that sack or made that hard hit. Quit crying and be happy that spoon is playing with heart for 60 minutes
  7. I dont understand how the offense & defense can be so bland , Even with so many playmakers on both sides of the ball. This has to be the year that the OC & DC prove their worth.
  8. I like harvey as well , But I believe Davis was selected over Harvey because he's a better blocker
  9. If we had a regular start to the season ,I believe he would've beat JPW out easily.
  10. It doesn't say future of Atlanta falcons Just Future It also mentions"" but I think he's got a shot at snagging a roster spot come next September. Alongside Harvey and offensive lineman Jose Valdez""
  11. In 2010, the move to bring Rafael Bush off the practice squad is likely to be little more than a blip on the collective radar of Falcons fans. After all, the guy didn't make the team out of training camp, and he's little more than special teams depth to replace Shann Schillinger at this point. Where life could get interesting for Bush and the Falcons is 2011 and beyond. Erik Coleman isn't going to be around forever, bless his heart, and the Falcons will have some room for a backup safety. Where Shann Schillinger comes with an impressive amount of polish for a rookie, Bush needs a little more s
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