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  1. I think your wrong , has the size an the want to ... couple plays he was inches away from the QB , perfect for the PS so he can develop
  2. It's seems 2 me no one in the front office can answer it either .
  3. Don't we evaluate our talent properly? I didn't see reedy until garbage time... Why didn't we mix freeman in with Smith an Rodgers more in the 1st 2 or 3 series... I'm dying to see what Jeff Matthews can do cuz Yates is not it...
  4. how many do we carry? an who? I think we go with 4 possibly 5 if it was my choice it would be moore, southward, Baker, Ishmael & McFadden the reason Lowry isn't on the list is because he is one big hit away from IR...also with Tyrell Johnson it's a reason why he didn't play last year, so why not go with younger players with more potential and upside
  5. On these player's... heard little bit here and there but nothing in-depth Jeff Matthews QB Brenden Daley LB Jerome Smith RB Ricardo Allen DB Freddie martino WR Jacob Pedersen TE
  6. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2052800-report-card-grades-for-atlanta-falcons-undrafted-free-agent-signings
  7. I love it , this kid is dynamite .. speedy back with great strength for his size , has a nose for 1st downs and the endzone
  8. The one that'll be the best pro didn't even come off the board yet and I hope we get'm .. Dontae moncrief
  9. C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa Good versatility, showing the ability to come off a down block to get past defenders as a receiver. Good body control and soft hands for such a large man, traits that have led Washington junior Austin Seferian-Jenkins to earn a lot of attention as a possible first-round pick. Fiedorowicz isn't as flashy as ASJ, but he's just as big and fast in a straight-line and is a much more physical and attentive blocker Prototypical size and strength. Reliable hands as a short-yardage possession receiver. Has a reputation as a hard worker and a respected teammate—given Coa
  10. Khairi fortt Lean, muscular frame with long arms. Demonstrates early recognition against the run, and an explosive first step downhill. Gets up to speed rapidly and has top-end speed to run down plays to the opposite side, when scraping. Extremely fluid and explosive when moving laterally, as he's able to keep his hips squared to the line of scrimmage and still cut off runs to the outside edge. Shows good gap discipline and patience to allow the play to develop before committing. Approaches blockers with aggression, demonstrating good extension and strong pop to jar his opponent and remain d
  11. David sims A former quarterback, Sims transitioned to the B-back position a year ago, joining A-back Orwin Smith in the backfield. In Paul Johnson's offense, the role of the B-back is generally a runner with fullback size, but the speed of a running back, a role Anthony Allen and Jonathan Dwyer filled during their time in Atlanta. And last season, Sims finished second on the team in rushing behind quarterback Tevin Washington with 698 yards and seven touchdowns on the ground, averaging 5.2 yards per carry. 12/13/13 - 2013 ALL-ACC HONORABLE MENTION (COACHES): RB-David Sims, Sr.-R, Georgia Tec
  12. In this case Ryan will be throwing them the ball
  13. What will our offense look like now ? Could this be a blessing in disguise with less talent to focus on, maybe the ball is spread around even more with julio out and not being Ryan's 1st look.. Maybe the whole scheme changes an resembles the Patriots offense maybe lol , Underneath routes , 2 TE sets... thoughts?
  14. Mike Smith get your hands out the pot ,too many chefs in the kitchen is messing up the recipe... Let nolan do his thing cause from all the talk of how we were going to do some different things and new exotic blitzing I have not seen any, just a lot of the same bend but don't break.. and it seems to be Mike Smith all the way... the play that comes to mind that I hate is drop 8 rush 3, how can we get pressure with 3 an we can barely get pressure with 4 or 5 smh , I just look at it and say why the **** is mass trying to cover a wide receiver or a tight end when he's supposed to be one of our p
  15. how bout y'all just wear black an stop d@mn complaining
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