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  1. I think we need to take a page from Denver & St Louis book and bench Matt Ryan... for the past 5 weeks Matt Ryan has been sleepwalking and it has been killing us offensively, true we had a lot of badluck turnovers in the games we lost but that's football .. but those turnovers + Matt Ryan playing like crap easily sealed our fate.. if we don't figure something out soon with Matt Ryan and the future of our quarterback position this year will not end in our favor
  2. Only person I blame is Matt Ryan he has looked like steaming hot garbage for the past 5 games
  3. I can't lie I wanted mooney as well but diMarco has really surprised me, he is playing like a man on fire... he's been out there decleating them boys and making nice running lanes so he gets much props from me
  4. Superbowl baby!! Lol Everyone wanted something done to the line now that they have made some moves people seem upset, I like Joe he was one of my favorites but sometimes you got to cut bait.... me personally I like the decisions that have been made
  5. sleep on Paul if you want to... I believe a much more aggressive scheme that Quinn will implement here will benefit everybody a lot ...with more attack and less react Paul and the defense as a whole will be a lot better
  6. it's not that I hate him I love the guy .. that's what gets me so upset when I watch him play so bad ... that's when he's being pressured and sacked and even when he isn't
  7. get over yourself because I've been playing football since I was 6 years old... I'm pretty sure Matt Ryan knows this playbook like the back of his hand audible out to something that works stop doing the same dumb **** that koetter tells you to do
  8. I'm not trying to hear that, Matt Ryan is too good of a quarterback to not know how to audible out and change to a better play he is too cerebral for that
  9. Lol those 20+ game winning drive came in the first three or four years when we had a decent line and a good running game now he shtty when the game is on his shoulders alone
  10. great quarterback who folds under pressure everytime... I love the guy but I'm so tired of the horrible passes
  11. points allowed a game 17.4 ... Seattle's 1st ranked D averages 17.3 Total points allowed 244 , Seattle 242 3rd down percentage 37 , Seattle 39 Sack 33 int 18 ... Seattle 29 & 10 I believe we have the talent to be more then what we see on Sundays , we need a coach who puts the best players on the field in a postion to win & someone who will instill in our players reckless abandon
  12. Highly ranked or not their still feared even without a lot of their major pieces... can you say that about us?
  13. I WANT SOMETHING NEW Todd Bowles Sports journalists love to throw around descriptors like "fearless" and "gambler." For much of the '13 season, the media reveled in labeling Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera as "Riverboat Ron" for his willingness to go for it in fourth down situations when most statistically-minded people agreed that he should. The NFL and its coaches are conservative by nature, and even those who step out of that mentality do so in a very limited way. The exception (if one exists) is Arizona Cardinals assistant Todd Bowles, the mad scientist of football defense. Bowles
  14. Yu bout 2 have a lot of it going this route
  15. Ya_boi_j Next week I'll have my falcon tattoo covered up with a paper bag tattoo
  16. I'm done watching this crap every Sunday, I'm done reading this message board of us saying the same things... Arthur Blank it is time for some action right now!!!please clean house you are losing fans
  17. I'm a die hard Falcons fan!!! I bleed black and red and it hurts my heart to say this but I can't watch this team anymore
  18. For Antone Smith to get in the end zone and I'll be making t shirt's & calling him Mr.Touchdown
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