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  1. Love him hate matt ryan.... this man has done alot with a defense that was the worst in the league for the past 3 years , say what yu want but its all on matt ryan
  2. Something must be wrong wit matt ryan cuz he look just like peyton out there and he fallin apart smh
  3. Something must be wrong wit matt ryan cuz he look just like peyton out there and he fallin apart smh
  4. His rating is high because we're playing catch-up majority of the time throwing the ball more than running it... So yea statistically he's having a great year and probably even make it to the Pro Bowl but that doesn't mean anything if we're losing games
  5. So im not the only one to see it... he missed nick Williams & Julio on those out routes throwin the ball out if bounds
  6. He'll most likely be there this year too with all those garbage yards he gets at the end of the games trying to win it... answer me this he was in the Pro Bowl last year but where was the team
  7. Nah she dumped him,apparently he's just as mediocre in the bedroom as he is on the field
  8. Yes finally the piece Matt Ryan has been missing now we're going to score 40 points a game again
  9. I'm saying we changed offensive coordinators already and he still looks the same... He's not completing simple out routes out of bounds under throwing balls not pump faking to move safeties doesn't know how to shuffle his feet in the pocket and taking unwanted sacks at the wrong and t
  10. Lol that doesn't even compare Aaron Rodgers is a losing their games for them
  11. That makes it even worse because Ryan is not even hurt he still looks as bad as manning
  12. The same way Matt Ryan fails to complete passes over the defensive line
  13. I did that already with koetter and Matt Ryan still looks the same
  14. What's embarrassing is the play of Matt Ryan.. he has killed more drives in the past four games then we had turnovers, so before you get to calling me dumb or saying its shanahans fault he has been playing like this for the past 4 years
  15. No its a falcon fan that watches every game and knows a game managing qb would give us a better chance then the mediocre play of our million dollar man
  16. So I assume we should stick with what isn't working and keep losing huh? I guess yall right that sounds like the best idea
  17. I tell you this Matt Ryan is hurting us more than helping us, not to say renfree is going to be our savior but we need a game manager more than somebody who cant keep a drive going... the defense is doing enough for us to win these games our offense which is led by Matt Ryan is the problem
  18. The same dumb azzez who think my topic is stupid
  19. My thoughts exactly because right now he's playing horrible and the injury or just a slump he needs something to get his mind right if not we're going to get the same sh*t every game
  20. why what has he done since the Houston game?
  21. but you're going to have plenty to say when Matt Ryan loses another game for us
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