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  1. no ..... thats a fact not my opinion I dont get on here every day bashing him and once he runs for 10 yards start riding his d*ick he had enough time to prove himself the guys i mentioned didnt let our players get that chance before all these living room scouts and arm chair Gm's start hollering who we should bench and start
  2. Please stop!!!!!! just enjoy what our team is doing .... every week somebody needs to go or somebody sucks or their a bust .... The only player on the falcons i don't like is jennings and thats because he hasnt proven anything to me ..... everybody else is holding it down for the most part ... our coaches have faith in the players we have and if they didn't im sure they would have made a change by now ...... Grimes and houston are playing their game right now thats all u can ask from them you must have forgot this is grimes 1st year and chris's second give them time to develop. same
  3. Three teams in what might be the NFL's most competitive division have winning records and the squad in last place, which boasts a .500 record, might turn out being the best of the lot. None of the four teams are named Giants, Cowboys, Redskins or Eagles either. This is the NFC South, where, from top-to-bottom, it's impossible to declare a true favorite. The NFC South is also where a surprise team could claim the division title and another might end up scooping a wild-card playoff spot -- something seemingly unfathomable a few weeks ago because three of the four teams in the NFC East seemed loc
  4. that we are we lost both away games 24 to 9 and changed that in green bay started fast and won im not sayin we should be called the best team in the nfl but we deserve respect and i hope to get that with a win against the bears
  5. Please tell me why when we beat a bad team, we only did it because they are a horrible team but when The giants do it their the best team in the NFL right now the giants beat a confused redskins team that is playin good football now and three other teams that are the worst in the NFL right now . They beat the rams ,barely beat the bengals thats right the bengals 26 to 23 and the seahawks . yea we struggled on the road for the first 2 away games but that was our learning experience and changed all of that with a win in green bay . im feeling real good about my team as the rest of my fal
  6. Michael Crabtree**, Texas Tech Height: 6-3. Weight: 210. Projected 40 Time: 4.48. Projected Round (2009): Top 5 Pick. 5/22/08: Doubters will say Michael Crabtree is a product of the system. So, what they're telling us is that if Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald played for Hawaii or Texas Tech, they wouldn't be first-round prospects? What Crabtree did as a redshirt freshman last year was downright disgusting. Try 134 receptions, 1,962 yards and 22 touchdowns. He had one of his biggest games against Oklahoma, catching 12 balls for 154 yards and a score. 2007: I know stats don't really mean a
  7. Torry Holt to be released or traded should we make a play for him?
  8. He will get better with time as the pass coverage will great game falcons
  9. 1 And 0 Is all that matters right now Go Falcons Tied for the Lead in The NFC South
  10. he still didnt look great he didnt take either one back
  11. I luved how DStone played in the preseason Always around the ball and hit'em hard to let them know he was there and made plays on ST he was a suprising cut
  12. He needs to be a falcon Great speed and Great hitter
  13. Welcome 2 The Terror Dome !!!!!!!!!! Defense looks great as well as the offense and Special Teams ... Terrorize everybody that steps foot in the dome
  14. Its was the 1st game and all but from what i seen some cuts gotta be made . Joey & jennings . NO HOMER i would like for us to keep DJ he has more upside then joey despite what happened yesterday he looked good when he wasnt being chased out of the pocket even then he looked good. ....... Joey has had his years in the nfl to show and prove and only proved that he cant be the 1st round pick that he is. Jennings should be let go ,so thomas can take his place as the #1 return man what more can i say
  15. we should keep them both, cut joey and jennings . thomas can be our returner and the 3rddown back as well as snelling being our 3rddown back. if we plan on being a smash mouth team then we need bodies in the back field, so havin 4 rb's would help keep everybody healthy
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