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  1. The exact reason why i what quincy wilson if we draft a DB
  2. I hope jamal golden shows his potential
  3. I hope he makes the team, I believe he's good enough to play a little free safety a little nickel & definitely a gunner..
  4. https://youtu.be/7_245-CTGvA May not be the biggest may not be the fastest but he's a playmaker
  5. It was meant to be and another thing his number is 18 and he was the 81st pick
  6. So who we going after in the draft
  7. That's funny for you to compare the two,arm strength maybe similar but the heart is not
  8. I'll tell you what's wrong Matty nice ain't no dog, this so-called franchise quarterback has no heart
  9. 😑😑 y'all are ******* idiots , broken English correct English regardless of how I start my thread its mine and heres the point Matt Ryan sucks thank you have a good day
  10. All for you sweetheart 😉😉😉 and you said all that to say what im still right Matt Ryan ******* sucks
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