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  1. No.....screwed is what happened to me in the Missouri game. I had Missouri -27.5. They go up 41-10 with less than a minute to go. With about 50 secs they give up a 94 yard TD RUN....A RUN FOR 94 YARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I dont think we make a Super Bowl run but I think we will get to Round 2 of the playoffs. We will finish this season 11-5....WRITE IT DOWN
  3. If you get this right, you will get mad props. Q: What team is 4-5, last place in their division, has crappy team colors, a dump for a home stadium, and a QB that could not out play a rookie?
  4. If Harrington starts in week 1, I wil post my address, social security #, phone number, birthdate, and photos of myself on here.... That will NOT happen
  5. Quentin Moses is better than Anderson.
  6. My wife just moved here and has never seen the Dome. We figured tonight would be a good time to relax and catch a game. I went to TicketMaster and tickets are $50 a piece. If it was regular season, i wouldnt mind paying $75 or so each but preseason.... Question... do the scalpers have tickets down by the dome for preseason? If so, could I get 2 for about $25 each?
  7. I dont have HD either but it would have been nice if the camera man would have followed the ball. Id say on about 60% of the plays, even before the snap, the QB would be cut out of the screen. It looked like Blair Witch Project meets the NFL.
  8. I was skeptical at first, but I think Matt Ryan will be pretty good.
  9. Why hello there Reggie Ball.... Im guessing you think DJ should have just thrown the ball away into the crowd so we could convert on 5th down?
  10. No but he would have drilled the 45 yarder.
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