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  1. Extrapolate his numbers with Kaepernick over the entire season and he would have been Top 6. He has top 10 talent for sure and is just scratching the surface of his potential because he's been in a run-first offense previously also limited by Alex Smith's poor downfield throwing. Now he's in a wide open pistol offense led by strong-armed Colin Kap. He's a slightly worse version of Dez Bryant. Both are possession guys with great hands and just have a knack for catching the football in any way or fashion. Some people don't get what I'm about to say so you aren't going to like it, but I don't mean it in a bad way --- Dez and Crabtree are both more natural wide receivers than Julio. Julio is the more explosive football player and is stronger, faster, etc. and also has good hands. But he isn't a guy that you naturally throw it up to or you can throw behind a little bit on the run and he would, without thinking about it, jump, twist, spin backwards, throw his hands back and one arm catch the ball. Those to me are natural freak wide receivers. Dez is certainly one, and he may even be #1 in that regard -- but probably #2 to Calvin. Hakeem Nicks also has that ability but he hasn't been able to stay healthy at all over the years. Larry Fitz has that ability. And Crabtree does too. Oh my I forgot AJ Green. Dez and AJ are tied for this ability I think, or maybe AJ is actually number one because he was born to be a wide receiver. AJ Green couldn't be a superstar at anything else, and he is a superstar without even trying out there. Julio could be a star running back, corner back, free or strong safety, etc. He's going to be a star wide receiver because he is a freak athlete and has good hands and can make good catches. He's just not as natural split out wide as those guys are --- that's all. I think he would have had a HUGE year this year with the offense being unleashed as a pass-first attack with a comfortable Kaepernick as no longer an on-field rookie and Crabtree as the clear #1 guy with Boldin across from him to ensure no double teams. What a bummer, but this certainly does open up the window a little more for us. Crabtree will be one less thing we have to worry about.....now that Boldin trade looks genius. [Side note: If I am Idzik up in New York, I've already been on the phone with San Francisco for hours talking about making a Santonio Holmes deal work for minimum compensation. The Jets want nothing more than Holmes off the roster, and the 49ers could use a sure-handed Super Bowl MVP in their quest for a Lombardi across from Boldin. And they can get Holmes after this upcoming season for $0 cap hit, so it's a one year rental in a year they can't afford to waste. AJ Jenkins isn't ready, and Quinton Patton surely isn't ready either. Mario Manningham is there but he isn't someone you want as your #2 on a "contender" coming off injury. 49ers have so many things they can compensate the Jets with that will seem like a jackpot for the Jets and a pittance for the 49ers.] Example: 49ers send DE/OLB Corey Lemonier they were planning on red shirting to the Jets, plus a 2014 4th round pick, for WR Santonio Holmes. A 2014 4th won't make the San Fran team bc even if they take a hurt 1st round kind of guy their red shirt slots are already full with guys like Lattimore and other projects or actual hurt contributors. They have Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks back plus they have Haralson back from injury and took Tank Carradine who could play any way. Lemonier could be a heck of a 3-4 OLB in time, so he can learn behind Coples or Barnes or Pace or allow Coples to play his natural 3-4 DE spot roating with Wilkerson and Richardson. Or a crazy effective amoeba defense with DTs Wilkerson and Ellis with DT/DE/multi-types Coples and Richardson with DE/OLB types Antwan Barnes and Corey Lemonier and one LB either David Harris or DeMario Davis or no Ellis and both LBs. That is insane athleticism and speed on the field for the Jets. They really have the potential to return to defensive dominance this season.
  2. Response to Goodman analysis: He has always looked part in shorts and a t-shirt and has long arms which is always fun to talk about in the offseason because he can hypothetically hold OTs at bay (you know, because that extra inch vs. a DE with 35" arms is a HUGE ADVANTAGE (lol), but it has never really shown up on tape and he isn't a great football player. If he were, with his physical tools, he'd have been taken long before the end of the 4th round because he doesn't have off-field concerns. The concerns are all on the field, and that's even more troubling IMO. A guy like Ezekial Ansah had great measurables and scant college production like Goodman, but he flew all the way up to #5 because he is a good football player with a great motor and can make plays. Goodman never made plays at Clemson, which is a defensive scheme that allows DEs to rack up sacks and pressures usually (Ricky Sapp, Daquan Bowers, Andre Branch, etc.). Don't expect much more than 5 sacks a year at most or you'll be disappointed. IMO, we won't say it because of the negative PR that would come with it naturally, but we took him to be Ray Edwards for us. Don't freak out -- think about it. Aside from Ray being a total piece of sh*t, once we let him go our run defense went to absolute sh*t. Ray was strong versus the run but couldn't get to the QB at all. Goodman can become as good vs. the run, or perhaps just a tiny bit not as good, but he should be a little better at getting to the QB. He's a role player, not drafted to be a star. That was the gist of every single pick of ours -- even our 1st round pick although Trufant has potential to be a very good CB in the league. We went for pro readiness and ability to start Day 1 with Trufant over long term shutdown #1 special potential with 6'2 Xavier Rhodes from FSU who went a pick after us. He will be our base 4-3 LDE and help stop the run. Biermann or Maponga or Mass (or Abe if he comes back) will come in on 3rd downs and rush the passer. Goodman will either sub out, or slide inside to DT like a Jason Jones kind of player -- not because he's good from there, but because we are putrid from that position aside from Babs. On Maponga analysis: He is not stronger than Goodman just because he had more bench reps. Goodman is stronger, but Goodman -- as you cited -- has 36" arms. Drills like the bench press when you have to bring the weights to your chest and then fully extend and repeat are much harder for guys with very long arms than for guys with shorter arms who can piston the bar up and down. It's why the DT from the Bears S. Paea (sp?) holds the record because he's super strong but also has little t-rex arms so he could jack it up a TON. On Toilolo analysis: Again, we specifically took a role player here. We didn't want Coffman as the #2 TE because he can't block a toddler, and Michael Palmer is a guy who is laughably pumped up by some dumb TATF posters occasionally as maybe he could be the future.....but I'm sorry, that's just ******** and he wouldn't be even a #2 TE in any team in the league. He wouldn't be a contributor on some arena league teams even. Toilolo is 6'8 and was taken to help block, but also if he isn't going to get a good cover backer or safety because the defense is going to zone in on Julio, Roddy, TG, or SJax then Toilolo is going to get an easy lob in the end zone a lot. I could see him reaching double digit scores, but more likely 6 TDs is where I peg the over/under. If he gets a 5'9 nickel corner, all it takes is one nicely lobbed pass from Matt and Toilolo can use his body to box the guy out and catch it. Yes, a CB can maybe "climb the wall" like in baseball and elevate to break it up, but Toilolo will practice this thousands of time all year for red zone packages being able to box out players like William Moore and Thomas DeCoud to go up and catch the touchdown for the goal line fade. I can almost guarantee you we will see this more than once: Roddy White out wide right, Julio Jones in the slot, TG at TE, and Levine Toilolo out wide left vs. a CB. If he is on an island, Matt can throw a fade to Toilolo who should be able to come down with it more often than not. If we have the 3 guys I just mentioned lined up on the right, we can run a toss to the right for SJax and get great blocking from Julio in the slot vs. a CB or safety, or we could have Toilolo in at TE and TG outwide at WR and get even more blocking. We can also run TG with a quick route into the flat, or a bubble screen for Julio, etc. But we will split Toilolo out wide in the red zone for fades. I liked him more after reading he was the #1 TE at Stanford ahead of Fleener and Ertz but messed his knee up so Fleener got the starting job, then wasn't 100% when he came back because most people aren't and Ertz was the starter. He's decently athletic and while no, he won't move like a receiver ever which is what you were talking about, he can lumber around enough like Marcedes Lewis to have that kind of a year when Lewis had double digit TDs just because he was such a stud in the red zone. We had a very good offense last year but only a mediocre red zone offense. We lost in the playoffs because of A) our defense and B] our red zone offense, C] inability to extend drives and eat up clock to protect a lead (no rushing offense). We used our FA money on Osi at DE, to bring back William Moore at S, and our 1st and 2nd round picks on our secondary at CB and 4th and 5th round picks on DEs -- that will help with the defense. We then drafted a 6'8 TE who is possibly the best red zone weapon in the draft, although that may be all he is, to fix the 2nd problem. And we signed the legendary Steven Jackson who still has a lot left in the tank (~2 workhorse year, or 3-4 years of main guy but sharing the rock) to help with the run game and protecting our leads thanks to an otherwise explosive and efficient offense. So in the offseason we nailed the 3 reasons why we lost in the NFC Title Game. Would have loved to add a difference maker at DT (I think if we signed Keenan Lewis successfully, who chose the Saints instead, we may have moved up to #13 for Star to make sure the Panthers didn't get him, or up to where we did to land Shariff Floyd). Thanks for your analysis though, I like reading other people's thoughts here that put in the time.
  3. pretty sure he gets slammed on twitter with tons of people asking about seymour to ATL or bringing back Abe. I don't think anyone, except for maybe Ledbetter, comes into this message board. No offense to us, we're brilliant and we'd all create the greatest Falcons team ever in our own way if we were GM, win the Super Bowl 20 years in a row and pick 32nd every year unless we wanted to trade up to #1 which we'd obviously make work for cheap or trade down and pick up 10 2nd round picks because that's always obviously the best thing to do, get a Hall of Famer in every round because it's impossible to miss in Rounds 1-2 and we know how to find gems with mega upside in the late rounds.........but Pat Y can come up with his own content.........he gets paid to do so.
  4. That cheerleader blow up doll is almost yours pal!
  5. People are going to rip you apart for this because he nearly got Jay Cutler killed on 35 separate occasions last year and was the major culprit in Matt Forte's rushing average per carry dipping last season. That being said, you're correct IMO. Sometimes decent players stink in one situation and thrive in another. In our case, we have a competition at RG and should look to add as much cheap talent to the competition at this point as possible. He isn't going to get more than the absolute minimum from anyone after sucking so badly in Chicago, so we can certainly afford him. He's more suited to a pass-first team than a run-first team, so that will be good, and he also had to go up against some great DTs in the NFC North week in and week out as an interior lineman: Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley on the Lions, BJ Raji on the Packers, and Kevin Williams on the Vikings. The NFC South features no one on the Saints as a DT (rookie John Jenkins is their best at the moment), the Panthers also have no one established but got Star Lotulelei in the draft (I'll forever be saddened by this) and also got Kawaan Short so potentially a dominant duo there but maybe not as rookies, and the Bucs have Gerald McCoy who is decently similar to how Fairley plays. Sometimes players bust as OTs and need to reinvent themselves as OGs to succeed in the league. Some become good OGs (Robert Gallery is the famous example) and some go from horrific right tackles to All-Pro right guards the very next season (Alex Boone in San Francisco). Boone was so bad he was cut and sent to the practice squad, then got a shot as an OG and ran with the gig. Carimi has already flamed out as an OG in Chicago, but our O-Line coach and scheme plus playing in a dome and not in the Windy City in the elements can only help. Sometimes landing on a winning team, with a QB that doesn't chew your *** up if you miss an assignment, and a good coach with a fresh new start can do a talented player wonders. Recently you've seen it with guys like Brandon Lloyd, Jason Babin, and we had a guy like that in Harvey Dahl who we scooped up for nothing and he became a Pro Bowl caliber right guard for us. Not saying Carimi would become that, but his past is no worse than Harvey Dahl's when we picked him up and he worked out great for a few years. Worst case scenario we cut him and lose nothing because someone else stepped up and won the job like Garrett Reynolds, Mike Johnson, or one of our impressive free agent rookies like the mountainous Terren Jones who was a significant UDFA prize. Never hurts to have talented depth either.
  6. How 'bout if we send ILB Akeem Dent to Cleveland for either DE/OLB Jabaal Sheard or DT Ahtyba Rubin, release DE/OLB Cliff Matthews or DT Peria Jerry after the trade, and then keep both LBs Clancy and Bartu? Would that appease the masses?
  7. I don't know why we aimed to replace Curtis Lofton at MLB with a college MLB who was a poor man's Curtis Lofton, but we did. I guess we figured our base was a nickel D anyway only using two LBs, and we only needed that 3rd linebacker for run stopping purposes....but man has Akeem Dent been a big time disappointment. I would love for Brian Banks to send Akeem Dent to the trade block. Many 3-4 teams would be interested in adding Dent as a 3-4 ILB prospect since that would be his best position. The Browns would probably throw us a late round draft pick for Dent, or perhaps we could throw in a late round draft pick with him and get back DE/OLB Jabaal Sheard or NT Ahtyba Rubin. The latter scenario has been an offseason dream of mine. Would love to see Sheard opposite Osi in our 4-3 looks -- Sheard has a ton of natural talent and athleticism and it will go to waste in Cleveland. Playing opposite Osi on a team that will have to protect leads (so there will be a ton of pass rushing opportunities) could lead to breakout career arc for Sheard. He's currently on the horrible Browns, and doesn't get many chances to get after the QB. Still racks up sacks though in limits opps.
  8. Dude, put the mega-caffeine drinks down. You went from signing Richard Seymour which may very well happen (I've said all along that bringing back Abe is our plan A but if we can't get him to forgive us for cutting him and he signs elsewhere, Seymour is our plan to Babs can't rush the passer from the DT spot which is actually his greatest strength currently to William Moore should move to linebacker in obvious passing situations. This isn't Madden, this is real life and a real defense.......I have this image of your kind of jumping around your room and talking to yourself really quickly reassuring you that the Falcons are gonna be like, totally awesome, yes, yes, William Moore, yes, yes, LB, yes, great idea! Yes,.....and so on and so forth after chugging down 4 or 5 red bulls. There is such a coverage called "Dime" that has 1 linebacker as the MLB and 6 DBs on the field.....it's nothing crazy, it's pretty standard and what most defenses drop into for obvious long passing situations. William Moore will be our strong safety and will never line up as an actual linebacker. He may come up in the box in a Cover 1 set as the underneath coverage safety while DeCoud drops back for deep coverage......but in a nickel set William Moore will not be the other LB. That's a pure Madden moment, and I'm forgiving you right now because of the caffeine.
  9. IF we can get one of our 4 young guys to step up (hoping for Goodman and Maponga to be mid-round hits, but I do this every year and it never works out) then Biermann can be moved into the Mathias Kiwanuka role. Kinda funny because I always felt that the Giants misused Kiwanuka out of need due to their horrendous depth at LB and need for a starter on the strong side and how deep they were at DE. I think he had the natural talent to be a Pro Bowl 4-3 DE, but they use him as a base 4-3 strongside OLB and occasionally bring him down to the line as a pass rushing DE when one of their DEs need a break or when they want extra pass rushers. With Nicholas' play dropping off of a cliff last year and signing Osi to play one end spot, if Goodman can step up and be an every down 4-3 LDE and Maponga can impress as a 4-3 RDE pass rusher, then in our base sets we can use Biermann as a 4-3 SLB to improve our edge run defense (THIS is huge also because Nicholas doesn't protect the edge at all anymore) with Spoon as the WLB and either Nicholas/Banks/Dent in at MLB, or we can slide Goodman inside to DT next to Babs for extra pass rushing and bring Biermann down to DE across from Osi. The problem is relying on a 4th round rookie DE who didn't have any production at Clemson but just has really long arms.......seems like a recipe for disaster, but who knows. My ideal world is we find a way to get Abe to forgive us and bring him back and field a dominant pass rush. That will help out our rookies at CB more than anything, as they won't have to try and cover WRs for 8 seconds. That's a real recipe for disaster and could destroy our prized rookies which too often happens to rookie DBs in the NFL and they never recover. If Abe and Osi can harass QBs all game with Goodman and Biermann and Maponga helping out throughout, then Trufant and Alford (and Asante and McClain) will have a much easier time guarding the WRs and get great chances at breakups and interceptions with poorly thrown balls. TD, if you're reading, please bring Johnathan back. We need him. The D-Line needs him. The rookie CB you traded up for needs him. Protect our investment and give us a noticeable advantage vs. our competition. The Giants won two Superbowls recently with a passing game (total offense really) that got on fire in the playoffs both times and a relentless and super-talented pass rush. We have the passing game/offense that can be even better come playoff time, but we don't have the super-talented pass rush that can get after the QB and protect our lead. That's how we melted down against the 49ers, and almost came apart against the Seahawks. If we can't get after good QBs in the playoffs, even if we're up by 17 points, they will get back into the game. IF we have an elite pass rush, we can prevent them from getting back into the game. Pleeeeease. I'll donate $5 to the bring Abe back fund and Mr. Blank will only have to pay, like, a few mil!
  10. I will make a separate thread about the possibility of cheap-trading for Cincy's Emmanuel Lamur since he would be a great add for our front 7. Tremendous athlete with rare size and speed, and he is arguably at his best currently when dropping back into coverage versus tight ends. Our current LB core believes that to be a mythical ability and not actually possible. Lamur is 6'4, 235 lbs, and runs a 4.63 40 with a sub 1.6 second 10 yard split, a running back's short shuttle for agility, a 34" vertical jump, and as of a year ago could do 20 bench reps but with a full year in an NFL weight room with a training staff and after filling out his frame I wouldn't be surprised if that number didn't jump up to 30. I'd be surprised if it was anything lower than 25 because he was a skinny athlete at his pro day at 6'4 230 lbs. 11/08/12 - LB Emmanuel Lamur could see time at the strong side spot after his performance against the Broncos. He is especially good when dropping back into coverage. 11/04/12 - LB Emmanuel Lamur, who was signed to the Bengals' roster Friday, made his NFL debut and almost had an interception.
  11. I'm sure we want him, but we'll get outbid because our price is probably really low. I'm also pretty sure Abe is still our #1 priority and we won't sign anyone before he signs somewhere else, and Seymour as our #1 fallback option. Dansby is better than Seymour at this point, but D-Line is a bigger need than linebacker. Dansby would be a difference-making 4-3 SLB for us --- much better than Nicholas, and we could cut Nicholas or trade him for cheap. A team like the Rams would love Nicholas at 4-3 SLB to pair with Laurinaitis at MLB and Ogletree at WLB. He could also be an immediate starter at 3-4 ILB with Spoon and that would be the second best 3-4 ILB duo in the league IMO. Dansby can still cover, but not at an elite level. It would immediately put Akeem Dent on the block as well, and he's probably our highest trade value LB right now because he's on his rookie deal (young and cheap), has room to improve, and has more than one year left I believe which is huge for a cap strapped team. A 4-3 featuring Spoon as the WLB, Banks as the MLB, and Dansby as the SLB would be one of the best tackling trios (assuming by Week 6 Banks is fully in the swing of things) in the NFC. If not Banks, we have Dent if we don't move him. And we could also move Dansby inside to MLB and play Nicholas at 4-3 SLB if we want decent coverage ability across the board. Really a shame we didn't land Sean Porter in the draft (is it just me, or are the Bengals becoming our draft rivals?). But the Bengals actually will have to release a talented linebacker this offseason with Vontae Burfict a starter, Rey Maualuga coming back, James Harrison coming on board, Dontay Moch still there as a developmental athletic freak at OLB/pass rusher/Miller-lite, Emmanuel Lamur as a highly athletic underrated LB who can cover (I want this guy really badly), Sean Porter just drafted in the early mid-rounds who is a lock to stick around, Bruce Taylor out of V-Tech just drafted who can be a Moch replacement perhaps, Vincent Rey the ILB from Duke still on board, OB/DE Aaron Maybin the nickel rushing specialist on the team, and another athletic freak in rookie Jayson Dimanche as a Dontay Moch clone who runs a 4.53 at 6'1 231 lbs to go with a 38" vertical jump and 24 bench reps and a running back-like short shuttle for agility. It's pretty clear they will be moving on from Dontay Moch who will be entering free agency in 2014 with bringing in three highly athletic pass rushing LBs this offseason in Sean Porter, Bruce Taylor, and Jayson DiManche (the latter two are actually specialists who were more sack artists than true linebackers last year in college). OOOPS wow sorry I know I just went on a tangent. Anyway.... I think the Cardinals will end up shelling out the money because I think Daryl Washington may end up missing this entire season. Really a shame for a very talented young player, but he has two serious offenses against him in the eyes of the NFL and he was on thin ice to begin with. They will pay more in the 1 year deal as opposed to a reasonable multi-year deal. The Jets also now make a ton of sense after the draft showed they could be moving to a more multi-set defense this year than mostly 3-4. Their 4-3 sets with Wilkerson and Richardson inside at 4-3 DT could rival the Lions duo of Suh and Fairley, and they have Coples as a 4-3 LDE who is much more polished and effective right now that Ezekial Ansah. Antawn Barnes can be a speed 4-3 RDE, which means they would have stud David Harris at MLB, stud-in-training WLB DeMario Davis who is an athletic freak and has a Ray Lewis-esque intensity about him, and a big hole at 4-3 SLB. Dansby would make their front 7 a truly dominant unit. Dansby could also play inside their base 3-4 next to Harris, with Davis subbing in for Harris on passing downs. But I think they are ready for Davis to blossom into a full-time starter, so if they were to actually sign him it would be primarily because A) their base D will become 4-3 and they want a plus starter or in a surprise move they find a taker for David Harris and his nearly $10 million cap number, so they can add a mid round draft pick for the trouble and then sign multiple players, perhaps first Karlos Dansby and then FS Charles Woodson.
  12. Of course there is also UGA's Todd Gurley --- the 6'1 220 lbs RB who runs a 4.54 40 and will be eligible for that draft. I assume all of these guys will declare because there's no point in returning to school for your senior season as a RB unless you were hurt as a junior and you were already a starter, plus younger blue chip recruits coming in (Lacy would have lost playing time in Bama last year due to Yeldon and two blue chip RBs coming in as freshmen): Bama's TJ Yeldon -- 6'1, 220 lbs, 4.46 40 Texas' Johnathan Gray -- 5'11, 208 lbs, 4.49 40 UGA's Todd Gurley -- 6'2, 220 lbs, 4.54 40 It could be the best RB draft in over a decade, better than the T-Rich / D-Mart / D-Wilson / A-Morris draft especially if guys like Lache Seastrunk and De'Anthony Thomas don't enter the 2015 draft and other guys like VT's Michael Holmes, Miami's Duke Johnson, UGA's Keith Marshall, Arkansas' Johnathan Williams, LSU's Jeremy Hill, Oregon State's Storm Woods, Florida's Matt Jones (dark horse for 1st round) step up and FSU's James Wilder Jr. stays through his senior season. Again, Yeldon has the best size/speed combo and has soft hands (good receiver). Is both powerful and elusive, and he won't have a lot of tread on him coming into the NFL because he split carries with Eddie Lacy as a sophomore and will split carries with two blue chip freshmen RBs as a junior (but will be the lead dog).
  13. This guy is great too, forgot about Gray. Still think Yeldon is a better talent, but both will be very good NFL feature backs. Gray is more David Wilson, Yeldon is more Doug Martin. I expect both to be 2015 1st round picks if they make it through the next two season healthy and productive. Here is Yeldon:
  14. No I'm not, I'm a Penn State fan. Yeldon is a special talent at RB though. By the time we run the tread entirely off of SJax, Yeldon will be eligible for the draft for the first time after his junior year and will likely enter. He'd be the hands down best back in the draft, especially if Seastrunk comes out next year. It was part of my silver lining part at the very end. The main point is now that we have a RB of the caliber of Steven Jackson, we are going to run him into the ground over the next two seasons and cut him before he ever sees his highest salary season in his 3rd year. That's my opinion. However at 31 going on 32 in that 3rd year he may still have enough in the tank for one more grind it out year. I'd imagine we'd still take a RB in the 1st assuming we nailed down our TE, DE, DT, and LB needs in the 2014 draft and free agency. RB is a very important position for our offense. Having a guy like Yeldon to pair with Julio and Matt and to ensure we have a strong ground game will be essential for our offense's continued success going forward. Hopefully Toilolo can become a solid contributor, but I imagine we'll going using a 2 TE attack like New England, San Fran and Baltimore going forward unless we can land ASJ from Wash or CJ from Iowa next year, or we sign a guy like Jermaine Gresham who would be a perfect pair with Toilolo as the receiving TE (Bengals drafted Eifert in 1st, Orson in 3rd last year). Signing TE Gresham, drafting a DT in the 1st next year, and a LB in the 2nd, plus a high upside Sam Montgomery-esque or Quanterus Smith-esque DE in the 3rd next year would go a long way towards allowing us to use a 1st round pick in 2015 on a RB like Yeldon.
  15. Okay I lied, but it's still pretty brief. Read: Expect a special year from Steven Jackson since we did not add another RB in the draft. I have a feeling we had some guys targeted for our 4th rounder but two things happened -- one, we were surprised Goodman fell. But more importantly, guys like John Franklin went off the board right before our 4th (**** u Packers for trading up) and we missed on Lattimore for our comp pick. Snelling hasn't touched the rock even when Turner was a shell of his former self, same with Antone Smith. Quizz is all we have, but he's more of a complimentary piece and we know that. The good: With gas still left in the tank, SJax is going to get 300+ carries this year versus the easiest to exploit defensive fronts he's ever seen. Add in 50 receptions, and he's a lock for a 2,000 total yard season and double digit TDs (if he can stay healthy). We may be less "explosive" because we run more and take less shots in the air, but we'll be a better offense and more balanced. The Pats offense wasn't explosive last year, yet was fantastic. OR we could be legit be the next Greatest Show On Turf with a special passing attack, and then a special running attack because of our HOF-bound RB who can still run the rock and the defensive attention to the passing game. The bad: We ran the tread off of Michael Turner and shipped him out of town, and we are about to do the same to SJax. We will still pass a lot, but Smith and Koetter will find it very hard not to call more runs than last year's total # because of SJax's great ability. He won't make it to the 3rd year of his contract here after we ride him hard in 2013 and 2014. Quizz will likely be kept on a cheap deal because he's much more valuable to us than any other team, and he won't get a shot to be a starter anywhere much like Norwood or guys like Leon Washington, etc. The silver lining: The TJ Yeldon era could be upon us in 2015 as our 1st round pick in the back a la Doug Martin or David Wilson. Yeldon doesn't have T-Rich's measurables, but is better than Ingram and at least as good as Lacy w/o the injury issue as of now. Lache Seastrunk is another interesting fit, as he is more of a LeSean McCoy type and would be an ideal fit for our offense. De'Anthony Thomas can fly but isn't the all-around feature back we love to have.
  16. DeCoud and it isn't even close. He doesn't have great speed or agility, and he has poor tackling form. He misses a ton. Spoon also unfortunately misses FAR more than he should as a 1st round linebacker and with the tremendous talent he has --- his problem is the knockout problem or for you Madden players, the "hitstick" problem. He tries to lay the wood on every tackle, and sometimes he glances off of a shoulder and misses. When he is chasing from behind, he is a 100% tackler and he grabs the guy and gets him down. When he thinks he has someone dead to rights and launches himself for a huge jarring hit, he is about 50% on those. The upside is a jarring hit that gives us momentum, makes the RB not want to come up the middle, or causes a turnover. The downside is we have leaky safety tacklers behind him and if he misses the RB can usually go for maybe 20-30 yards. Nicholas has also really let his game slide away from him. He used to be the underrated player for us and now he's really overrated. We need LB help pretty badly. We signed Banks to start as our 4-3 MLB when we need him. When he's fully in football shape (mid-season maybe) I think we'll see him take over for Nicholas full time in our 2 LB set. He's a more explosive athlete, and if he's back in the 4.6 40 range (right now he is in the high 4.8s) then he should be able to be a plus in coverage. Biermann is also horrendously bad at tackling the QB for a sack. He gets a hand on him, and then the QB is gone. It could even be the immobile Peyton Manning. It's like he has slippery substances on his fingers and no matter what he can't grab a guy's jersey.
  17. Oh yes, because "I disagree" really gets the point across and helps to explain to you what a "diamond in the rough is". You're basically pointing out the difference between what a below-average poster without a formed opinion would say with what you want to hear, and what an analytical poster with a formed and researched opinion would say with when I actually write a long post. Don't like to read too many words?
  18. LOL you!! You're hilarious. You lurk and like other people's post in discussions with opposing points of view. I'm sorry you don't understand very simple concepts, I will make this easier for you. It doesn't matter where you take a guy in the draft, you objectively view someone as the player that they are. If we reached and took a guy projected to be taken in the 7th in the 2nd, and he had high upside, would you then be okay with him being called a diamond in the rough and we took him early because of that upside? Probably so. It doesn't matter where he was expected to go. There have been many articles after the draft laughing at how internet mock drafts have become the barometer for if a team reaches, or if they got a steal. It's ridiculous. Alford is not a polished, finished product. A guy that would be is Milliner, or for a different position Jarvis Jones. He can step in and be the same guy Day 1. A diamond in the rough is Ezekial Ansah at the DE position. Doesn't matter that he was a Top 5 pick. He had limited sack production at BYU, but was taken so high because of his sky high upside. They took him there because they expect him to become a much, much better player than he currently is. If he had 4-6 sacks a season like he had in college, it would be considered a bust. Alford is far from a finished product. While he is 25 already, he is good in man coverage because of his speed and strength but needs to work on not biting on play fakes, route fakes, and in zone coverage. We took him in the 2nd round because we want him to be a big time contributor in one year from now, not immediately. He will be a punt returner and 4th CB and brought along slowly as a rookie because right now he is a diamond in the rough. And do you know what teams do with diamonds in the rough -- regardless of where they are taken in the draft? They polish them slowly, and groom them for big roles in the future. We want him to be a starter in 2014 when we move on from Asante. Class ended. Go back to lurking and trolling with your pathetic point of view now.
  19. I've been asking around and it looks like we actually have been talking to Seymour quite a bit. Our #1 target is John Abraham, and until he signs elsewhere we will keep the dialogue open and hope he gets over being butthurt from being cut. That is the only reason he is not back yet. We are willing to make a contract work, but he doesn't want to come back for less than he was scheduled to make since we cut him and he's never been cut before. He felt he was a key piece of the team, unlike Turner and Clabo, and so he's mad. If he comes off the market, we've been talking to Seymour as a plan B. Seymour would be a nice rotational player and nominal starter at DT. He has experience in the 4-3 and 3-4 and would be a good piece to have, also to help the younger guys understand 3-4 DE concepts. He himself would be a 3-4 DE, so he could help Babs with the concepts as a starter as a weakside 3-4 DE, and also with guys like Goodman, Peters, Travian Robertson, and even sucky Jerry. Doesn't fill the nose tackle need we have, so I don't think we can actually run a 3-4 D, but in theory this helps. We won't sign Seymour unless it is at 100% our price and not a penny more, as he would be just another 4-3 DT and 3-4 DE and that's what we have a boatload full of. I think it is more likely we wait until people break out of camps and cuts start being made, and some quality younger veterans hit the market. We would rather spend the money on younger guys. That, or teams break out of camp and it is abundantly clear guys like DE/OLB Jabaal Sheard and NT Ahtyba Rubin on the Browns are going to be back ups and we can swing a cheap trade. Same with DE/OLB Vinny Curry, or a Giants DT since they are now pretty deep there after drafting John Hankins, having Marvin Austin, signing Cullen Jenkins, and having Linval Joseph. Our #1 target would be Joseph, who has flashed very much like Terrance Knighton did in Jax. Joseph is a little less flashy and little more consistent --- our style of ball.
  20. They can when they played in the FCS and are raw but have a high upside thanks to elite athleticism. Thus, why we drafted him in the 2nd and why he's a diamond in the rough. Pretty straightforward.
  21. I can't tell which is my favorite -- I'm still doing backflips over our UDFA class. I think it was mostly a product of such a deep draft that really good college players fell out of the draft (more than usual), but we also got a nice handful of raw guys with a lot of potential that we never get after the draft. LB Joplu Bartu could be a special teams demon early, but long term he has a much higher ceiling athletically and ability-wise than a guy like MLB Akeem Dent or even MLB Brian Banks. His measurables (3 cone, short shuttle, BP, vert) are insane.....he could be a real difference maker inside a 3-4 defense, or as a traditional 4-3 MLB. Our two big OTs -- Schraeder and Jones -- are also very exciting. We lost Will Svitek as a swing tackle, and Schraeder has legitimate left tackle ability with great size and great feet. Technique is raw, but he looks the part and with coaching I think he could even end up, whether in Atlanta after we move on from the Sam Baker era, or elsewhere being a quality starting left tackle in the NFL. Terren Jones is one of the biggest players in the entire NFL at 6'8 341 lbs, and while he could develop into a Phil Loadholt-esque right tackle I think he could be a difference maker as a right guard in a power blocking scheme like the 49ers (their right guard is 6'8 305 lbs). We run a power blocking scheme, and I wouldn't be surprised if he impressed in limited snaps in the preseason as a RG or RT. Love these two guys, I don't see us letting them go. Our two slot WR prospects -- Rashad Evans and Darius Johnson -- also are either very impressive athletically and have strong hands (Evans) or were extremely productive in college in the slot and should have a seamless transition to the same position in the NFL (Johnson). I expect one or both of them to make a strong push for the real roster and either could potentially beat out Kevin Cone. Probably not Drew Davis but you never know. I do think the group of young slot WRs we have (Davis, Evans, Johnson, Cone) will make HD and his multi-million deal expendable after this upcoming season. We aren't paying HD over $3 mil a year in 2014 when we have younger, more explosive, cheaper guys in the wings in Drew Davis, Rashad Evans, and Darius Johnson. Our outside WR prospect -- Quentin Sims -- is 6'3 210 lbs and is a former QB in high school. The guy came into college as a QB and then made the switch to WR pretty seamlessly himself. He had a TD in every game last year and finished the season with 16 TDs at Tennessee-Martin after transferring from Georgia Tech. Has a natural feel for the position and does a great job of reading coverages out from the WR spot to either settle into soft zone spots or take advantage of man coverage w/ or w/o a safety over the top. 20 bench reps, 35" vertical at 6'3 makes you hard to defend on the outside when you have great awareness like he does, runs strong routes, and has solid 4.55 speed. Boldin is a cliche comparison at this point for WRs with size and not great speed, but he's got some of those leaping qualities to just come down with the ball and the smoothness in his routes. Has a lot of upside at the position. And then our DT from Indiana -- Replogle. High motor guy, will fit right into a rotation as a 4-3 undertackle shooting gaps. Some draft sites had him as a draft steal for a late round/UDFA before he was picked up by the Falcons. Good player on an awful Indiana football team. Due to our lack of depth at DT, wouldn't be surprised if he made the team and earned some snaps. And then there's DT/FB Deon Goggins. Dunno what our plan for him is, he's oddly sized at 6'1 270 lbs and I read we wanted to try him out as a power fullback since we don't have one -- Bradie Ewing is more of a John Kuhn fullback. I imagine they envision Goggins as a wrecking ball for SJax in short yardage and goal line sets. He could also have some special teams value, and he played DT at 'Cuse and could provide emergency depth there as another undersized 4-3 undertackle. We didn't pick up any beef for the D-Line this offseason.....a little concerning, IMO.....but the rest of the UDFA class is superb.
  22. Sean Porter is a strong possibility, or TE Dion Sims. He went atop the 4th I believe and we had to wait until our 4th round comp pick to land a TE because all of the top ones were gone. After Sims there was a big talent drop off at TE. Would have made for a great 3rd round pick. Nothing against Toilolo, but Sims was/is a better prospect as an all-around TE. Had he not suffered through injuries all year and played on a team that didn't feature an inept QB and an inept passing game, instead featuring 40 carries a game to Le'Veon Bell, he could have went much earlier. His measurables are up there with Eifert, and he's a much better blocker. Just got overlooked in the entire draft process.
  23. Because he isn't good. He's a valuable depth piece for us, as he can fill in at RB or FB in an emergency and has some special teams value. But he isn't a plus starter in the NFL by any stretch of the imagination. He's a guy that gets classicly overhyped by Falcons fans because we appreciate him, and he's a guy we can say "Why don't we give him the ball!?!!??!" when we're giving it to Turner for 0 yards a carry. In reality, Snelling maybe at best would have gotten 1 yard on that same carry. Probably not even. In the next couple of seasons we'll have gone through an entire makeover in our backfield. SJax is here 3 years max, Snelling and Antone Smith will be gone, and Quizz will be a free agent. Quizz is in that Snelling territory where he has value to us and we like him, but he also isn't a plus starter in the NFL. I could see us using a high pick at RB in a few years, and also double dipping and picking up a complementary back in the same draft in the 4th or 5th round as Quizz will want a few millions per years as a complementary back and we could give a 4th/5th round pick a few million over 4 years total.
  24. I hope the surprise is a trade. The Browns would be a good partner, as they have a good young DE/OLB for sale in Jabaal Sheard, and a good young nose tackle for sale in Ahtyba Rubin. Both are heading into contract years and have been relegated to bench roles if they stay because of moves made by a new regime. Would love to land both. From an upside perspective, Sheard would be the priority. From a need perpsective, Rubin would probably be a starter for us as a nose tackle next to Babs and be able to anchor 3-4 looks. Akeem Dent and a conditional 3rd round pick if we make it to the Super Bowl --- make it happen TD!!!
  25. He did fall for a reason, and I said he would help in a role. That role and that player, if you know Kwame Geathers, is a run stuffing nose tackle when we need one. We don't have a nose tackle on the team at all, so landing Geathers in the 7th would have filled a need. Maponga is exactly who Mass is, and is another low round developmental DE. They are different, and would have different roles. We have a few Maponga's on the team basically with Biermann, Mass, Mathews, and Goodman one round ahead of him. We have 0 nose tackles, and poor DT depth. We have all 4-3 undertackles, and Travian Robertson who is neither a UT or a NT -- best suited as a 3-4 DE.
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