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  1. unfortunately we have a very shallow team, which was pointed out by many people before the season started after we decided on offense to spend all of our money on two WRs, a TE, and a RB and QB --- no offensive line and no depth. On defense, we decided to spend our money on two average safeties (hurts me saying that because I LOVE William Moore and desperate wanted us to draft him -- even move up into the end of the 1st round when he was available -- out of Mizzou dating back to when he had 10 INTs in his junior year), one DE out of his prime, and a washed up CB in Asante. We also have no depth. By "we have no depth" it means that TD's mid round picks are all epic busts, at WR, OT, OG, C, DE, DT, LB, CB, and S. We even just released a recent mid-round safety in Charles Mitchell as TD likes to pretend he didn't miss in the draft and lets each player stay thru the end of their contract. TD has even tricked himself in certain cases where he lets a useless player stay around long enough, counting the days until he can quietly let him go and no one will notice, that if the player (in spite of all the bad) has a streak of a few good plays, he will re-sign him to a multi-year deal in an effort to look like he hit on a pick and we are getting a good deal. The most obvious case of this is Sam Baker at LT. Ever since his rookie year everyone wanted him gone since he couldn't block, got man-handled by good DEs, barely protected Matt from average-to-bad DEs and made some guys have career days which is sad ------ but when Baker stayed healthy for the first time in his contract year, and we went 13-3 playing one of the NFL's easiest four schedules (entire NFC South had easiest 2012 schedules) TD decided we could continue to have 13-3 seasons by resigning Baker and made it look like we made a good draft pick and were getting a value deal with Baker. It isn't a surprise that we let Baker test the open market and not a single team offered him a deal, not even a heavily discounted deal. We ended up negotiating against ourselves because no one wanted Baker at LT. TD may have been really good as a college scouting director -- setting up different scouts so that every area was well respresented and he was well organized so that each and every player was ranked appropriately at the meetings and the GM was presented with a comprehensive list of ranked players to then draft with.....but as a GM, aside from trading valuable draft picks which most GM's value as manna from heaven for for-sure veteran starters, TD has wasted nearly each and every draft pick --- especially every single mid-round pick since he has taken over 5-6 years ago.
  2. It's amazing that we have failed on every short 4th down play that we needed to win a huge game: 2012 NFC Championship game vs. 49ers, incomplete to Roddy. 2013 opening week vs. Saints, incomplete to Roddy. Tonight when we needed a huge 1st down, with Roddy out, Matt Ryan finally went to Tony Gonzalez and....we got the 1st down! I know our players like to say that if Matt threw the ball to Tony in the end zone that the 49ers safety would have intercepted it......but I've always called BS on that. Tony makes incredible catches with defenders draped over his back and even with them getting a hand on the ball like he did tonight. He had enough space ahead of him between the safety that Matt could have fit the ball in and Tony would have caught it. Tony knew it, Roddy and Matt just liked saying that to the cameras because Roddy wanted to act like the best way to win was to get him the ball and Matt didn't want to say he should have thrown it to Tony and missed the read because Tony was wide open for a moment. I still think if he zips it to Tony he catches it and we win the game and go on to beat the Ravens in the Super Bowl because we had a better team than them. Oh well........just another game of the N-if-L.
  3. There are two great college coaching candidates that will be NFL head coaches very soon: Stanford's David Shaw Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin Both know how to run a program, both have the respect of the players, and both are great football minds. Shaw is very impressive, most say that in an interview he is the most impressive coach at any level that people have interviewed. Sumlin is also a great coach, who is obviously helped by Johnny Manziel making plays for him and putting up video game Heisman numbers. I would love to see Sumlin land a job with a team like the Bucs and drafting Manziel in the 1st round. The Bucs with a Sumlin/Manziel combo, a power running game led by Doug Martin, Vincent Jackson as a better version of 6'5 Mike Evans, Mike Williams as a better #2 WR than Manziel has ever had........I know it would be against us in our division, but I just think if Manziel was going to succeed in the big leagues it would be with Sumlin and with a supporting cast like that. I also have a very strange feeling that Jerry Jones is going to make a bold move up in the draft to land Manziel so he can be the next "star" QB wearing the Dallas star on his chest for a decade. He is like a very young Romo with his scrambling ability (but much faster with wheels similar to a Russell Wilson) and his ability to buy time behind the line of scrimmage so his WRs can get free to big gains. At 24 he will be more polished than Romo was at 28 since Romo got a late start getting to actually play in the NFL. I think in most scenarios Manziel will fall flat on his face in the NFL.....but if he gets to be with his college coach, then he has a real chance since Sumlin knows exactly what he can do and how to use him and can hit the ground running with the same playbook he ran for two years in College Station.
  4. Look man, you are the only one looking like a clown. Did you watch the game tonight? HD had maybe 3-4 drops alone, plus couldn't separate. He is a waste of space when he is on the field. Mods -- this guy has now followed me into another thread just to spew old BS and not touch on the topic at hand at all. If you don't want to ban him because his existence would become World of Warcraft and 3 days stale cheetos, then just have him stay out of the threads I create. He doesn't add anything of value, and he basically just harasses because he has nothing better to do with his life. Thanks!
  5. The BOLD trade is based on the desire of Cleveland's management to play for the 2014 draft. Cleveland traded away one if its top three offensive weapons to the Colts when it decided to give up on its running game and recent #3 OVERALL pick Trent Richardson for a 1st round pick. Many thought it was a good idea since the Browns wouldn't be good anyway to load up on valuable picks for a 2014 draft that should be loaded with QBs, so the more ammo the better for teams hunting to trade up for the QB of their choosing. Josh Gordon wasn't activated by then, but once he became active the Browns (whilst featuring him and TE Jordan Cameron) have gone on a 3 game winning streak losing 0 games. In order to get back on track to having a Top 5 pick of their own, the Browns will have to further dilute their talent base and ideally make the trade with an NFC team so as to not play their own players. LT Joe Thomas has been pegged as untradeable, but his worth as a player who will get more than just a 1st round pick in return could force their hand and enable a trade. Cleveland trades: LT Joe Thomas, C Alex Mack, DE Jabaal Sheard, CB Joe Haden, DT Phil Taylor Atlanta trades: DE Stansly Maponga, OT Lamar Holmes, CB Dom Franks, 2014 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th rounder, 2015 2nd, 4th rounder The Browns basically add the bulk of the Falcons' 2014 draft, adding what can likely be a Top 16 1st round pick if the Browns' reinforcements don't get them into the playoffs, while also adding some young pieces to potentially build around starting next year (Holmes can eventually becomes a good starting OT, Franks is a CB who can play and fill the snaps that Haden has vacated until they land another CB in the 2014 loaded CB draft, and Maponga also can become a solid 3-4 OLB). A 2nd, 3rd, and 4th along with the 1st give the Browns tremendous ammo to either refill their skill positions (RB, WR, CB, DE) or to move up in the draft if a bidding war emerges for the #1 overall pick (if the Giants land the #1 pick, Teddy Bridgewater will be for sale and the Browns can offer a treasure trove of 1st rounders and more, plus players which can't be topped by another team since no one else will have 3 1st round picks). For the inclusion of CB Joe Haden and LT Joe Thomas, the Falcons are also including their 2nd round pick in 2015 along with their 4th. In all honesty, if the Browns say they will do the trade if we also pony up our 2015 1st ---- we would do it. Joe Thomas a top 2 Left Tackle in the NFL next to a healthy Jason Peters and is worth every penny for both our rushing attack, passing attack (Matt will have time to set up for a deep throw to one of our expensive wide receivers), and also for Matt's short-term and long-term health as he has been pummeled this season so far. Addressing our 3 major weaknesses, we can see that the Browns have serious talent and that talent is capable of turning our 3 greatest team weaknesses into real strengths. 1) Offensive Line. While this is the hardest part of the trade to nail down the price for since Joe Thomas is basically untradeable (but everyone else is likely up for grabs), adding Thomas and Mack makes our offensive line a very strong unit which is something very difficult to say at this time. Inserting Joe Thomas at left tackle allows us to use Sam Baker at right tackle when he returns from injury, giving us a bookend combo that both can pass protect decently well. Sam Baker struggles most with power guys who gain their power from speed (Suggs, Dumervil, Matthews, etc.) and not big guys who try to use brute force to win a pass rush matchup (Robert Ayers, Jarrett Johnson, Paul Kruger, etc.). By playing on the right side, Sam Baker will be a much better pass protector which is a good fit for our team since we will be decidedly pass-first featuring Julio, Roddy, TG, begrudgingly HD, and also SJax and Jacquizz in screen and swing passes. Baker will struggle against the run on the right side, but in goal-line and short-yardage situations we will insert Jeremy Trueblood in at RT who is a much better run blocker. While Peter Konz may have some long term potential at center (doubtful at this point), Alex Mack is a Top 4 center in the NFL today and since we are trying to win now he is a very good addition to this team. With Mack at center, we are able to conjure up a competition for right guard that included Jeremy Trueblood, Peter Konz, Garrett Reynolds. Reynolds should be the rightful winner, but it's possible that Trueblood could win (Konz was awful there last year). With a stud left side of the line in Thomas, Blalock, Mack we should be able to run with power up the left side, while Reynolds and Baker should be able to hold up on the right side giving Matt Ryan plenty of time to throw both short and deep and sufficient room for any of our RBs to run the ball. 2) Secondary. We only make one addition here, but adding one of the Top 5 CBs in the NFL who is entering his prime is always a good addition. Haden is a true shadow CB, and can take Steve Smith, Marques Colston, and Vincent Jackson, along with many others, entirely out of games. This allows youngsters Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford to blossom through a few years of progression and development so that while Haden is still in his prime when Asante is gone, Trufant can play opposite him and hopefully be a shutdown CB himself, while Alford is flying around as the nickel or dime CB with his rare athleticism alongside Robert McClain. This takes a CB group that is currently very weak and turns it into one of the NFL's best featuring Joe Haden, Asante Samuel, Robert McClain (the starting trio), and promising but raw rookies who need coaching and who need not be starting: Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford. Yes, we need upgrades in coverage at safety but with the soon to be mentioned improved pass rush and the improved CB coverage our current safeties should be able to step up their game. 3) Pass rush. This really should have just said defensive line. As bad as we are at DE, we are just as bad at DT. That's why in this trade we take the Browns' extra defensive end: Jabaal Sheard, who happens to be a rare athlete and currently very effective as a 3-4 OLB edge rusher, and their nose tackle Phil Taylor (they have several talented DLs), and insert them into our 4-3 creating a very talented D-Line. The Browns will likely trade Sheard in the next few weeks as they sell off some top assets, especially after drafting Barkevious Mingo with the #6 overall pick in the draft to play opposite free agent OLB prize Paul Kruger from the Ravens. This will allow Mingo to get precious starting reps for the last 11 games of the season with nothing to lose because the team is packing in the season, so Mingo can come out of the gates sprinting in Year 2 of his career in the NFL. Sheard is a freaky talent whose stock is only weighed down by some questionable off-field transgressions that are well behind him. Sheard would add an explosive element that has been missing from our D-Line ever since John Abraham turned 30. Adding Sheard opposite Osi will give us a lethal edge combination that should consistently bother QBs. Almost more importantly, the arrival of former 1st round DT Phil Taylor will improve both our run defense but also our pass defense. Taylor is the rare DT that can plug multiple holes and single handedly stop the run up the middle (and also off tackle by keeping the ILBs clean so they can shut down the run on the edges), but he can also collapse the pocket and bother the QB and everyone knows the best pressure a defense can get on a QB is up the middle. With Taylor wreaking havoc on defenses in the middle, this will allow Jon Babineaux to save consistent single coverage that should reinvigorate the veteran and get double digit sacks and many more TFLs and QB pressures out of him. This duo in the middle if the perfect Big and Little combination, similar to what the Vikings had in Big Pat Williams and the more svelt, penetrating Kevin Williams in that defensive line's heyday. Sheard, Babineaux, Taylor, Osi will form a potent defensive line capable of shutting down the run up front and also forcing a QB to either get rid of the ball in 2.2 seconds of less or be forced out of the pocket or to take a sack. This front 4, combined with our new secondary featuring Joe Haden and Asante Samuel and our 3 youngsters in ideal roles, should become a Top 5 pass defense. I considered adding draft picks for stud ILB D'Qwell Jackson, but when we get Spoon back he and Bartu will be our base nickel defenders against the pass and when Dent is healthy he and Spoon will be our base nickel defenders vs. the run. It is my belief through trading players away and releasing certain players, and restructuring some key contracts (Matt Ryan, Tony G, Roddy, Babs, Osi, SJax) so that we can actually afford to win now, that we will be able to finagle the cap room to fit these guys under the cap. I don't think we can add an expensive LB, although adding DQ would mean that our defense would be elite at every level which would be a dream come true for Nolan to have that D-Line with DQ and Spoon at LB, Haden and Asante and Tru/Alford/McClain at CB and Moore+DeCoud at safety. I also considered adding Josh Gordon, but I think with a QB in sight in the 2014 draft that the Browns will make it a priority to hold onto and extend WR Josh Gordon and TE Jordan Cameron so that a QB like Teddy Bridgewater can come in running in 2014. That would also mean that it makes sense to hold onto OT Joe Thomas and C Alex Mack so that Teddy has Pro Bowlers protecting him, but those guys will be exiting their primes soon and it is very plausible that the Browns could add a stud OT to replace Thomas with our 1st round pick and add a very good center with one of its two 2nd rounders or 3rd rounders. This would allow the Browns to be in a position like the Seahawks or 49ers to have a stud cheap QB and cheap talent so that it can stack its roster with valuable and multiple draft picks and free agents since it will have a ton of available cap space. At the end of the day, acquiring 3 1st round picks, 3 2nd round picks, 2 3rd round picks, 2 4th round picks is worth it for a team playing for the 2014 draft. The Browns lost out on the RG3 sweepstakes to the Redskins because it couldn't gather enough draft pick assets to trade to the Rams, and now the Browns will make sure that they will never have that happen to them again as they can set the bar with more high value draft picks than anyone can match for a can't miss franchise QB. For the Falcons, we turn our weak O-Line into a top NFC unit, our raw rookie secondary into a Top 5 pass defense in the NFL, and upgrade our D-Line so that we can effectively stop the run and the pass. Yes, we lose our 2014 draft but isn't a real shot at a Super Bowl this year, in Tony's last season with the team, worth one draft -- especially if we succeeded against the odds and finished 9-2 and went on a playoff run? We wouldn't have many if any draft needs anyway, aside from maybe adding a young RB at some point, a right guard to develop, and a linebacker...
  6. Really quickly just for the record Clark Kent is someone who believes that we have not yet seen the best of Harry Douglas and he should be featured more in our offense. He thinks that Harry is one of the most sure-handed WRs in the NFC, and that he is a reliable target for Matt Ryan. Yes, he uses the word reliable and Harry Douglas in the same sentence and he isn't using it as a pun or negatively in a way that says he is reliably terrible --- so if we need to go to someone for a big letdown, we can always count on Harry Douglas to drop that ball or trip on his own shadow. Nope, CK thinks Harry is a swell guy and a great WR. Forget that he is 29, Douglas is just brimming with untapped potential and we haven't figured out how to use him despite having 5 full offseasons with him and getting to break him down on tape every week and every year. Side note, CK is smoking the strongest weed this side of British Colombia and thinks that Harry Douglas is a 15th century Roman emperial knight during the Roman Renaissance. He often refers to him in posts after 2 AM, like right now, as Sir Harry Douglas IV. The IV isn't for an actual "IV" that he needs after throwing up his lunch in big spots that he has come up short in, but rather in his little world of delusion he is the 3rd of many wonderful Harry Douglas's who are all brimming with untapped potential and the epic failures are just signs that it is our fault for not using him correctly. I know how to use him correctly I tell him! I do I do!!! Stick his ***, on the bench. Done, and done. Okay back to normal people who aren't ******** a-holes like Kunt. Kent. My keyboard is out of whack, sorry guys.
  7. hahhhahahahahahha. And yet the only person who is dumb here is you kid. What I said is objectively the truth, which is really sad for the Falcons. I'd say "our" team but you and I don't share a team. Aside from your captain kangaroo pj's I know nothing about you, and don't need to. You can't read, which is why you didn't read my post. Others who took the time to read it can understand where I am coming from when I say that while I did not predict we would be 1-4, I did say don't be surprised if we have a bad year and miss the playoffs. You were exactly one of the blubbering fools who said I was "dumb" for saying we had a good chance of being in this predicament. Now that I am happily alerting everyone to this, they can see that you are the idiot. Thee one and only folks, Clark Kunt. Clark can't change into Superman despite his desperate attempts at our affection. Just don't mind him. I will get to it in a minute. I'll do a very short version of it. Long hand can be found at a later date.
  8. Threepac it isn't that the Falcons imploded. The team isn't as good as people think it is. We had a really easy schedule last year, so a pretty good team comfortably won 13 games but also lost some tough contests. At no point did we ever dominate a team and make anyone who was watching feel like "whoah, this Falcons team means business". No one ever took away that feeling like they did from watching the 49ers or Seahawks last year or the Broncos this year. People kept saying "this is the least intimidating 13 win team I've ever seen......very inconsistent, but squeaks out wins versus mediocre teams to keep stacking W's". On national TV last year we barely beat some very mediocre teams, but we kept winning -- so we finished with a 13-3 record. If a few plays went differently throughout the season, we'd have finished 10-6. Matt is good enough when he has a chance (ball with our offense) and the game is within a score to go out and win the game. That means we have a good QB and a good offense and a good kicker. But our defense was bad last year -- at all levels. Our O-Line was bad last year, but was masked by Matt getting the ball out quickly using screens to our WRs and RBs, and also those screens meant the D-Lines had to read to make sure the play wasn't a screen before just rushing the QB. Now our O-Line is even worse this year which is very scary since we are forced to start Peter Konz at center with McClure gone, we committed to Sam Baker at LT who is just awful and conned TD in committing to him, who by the way is (surprise!) injured so we have Lamar Holmes in at LT who is very raw and really needed 2-3 years of development before he was ready to play any position on the O-Line in the NFL. Our OTs were so bad after cutting Tyson Clabo, who graded out as the 5th best Right Tackle in the NFL last year, that we had to sign Jeremy Trueblood who was so bad at protecting Quarterbacks at his current age that no team would sign him and he was sitting on his couch at home with an industrial-sized bag of Bugles when we called him. Our defensive line is also worsen as we didn't add any impact players to it, Kroy is out for the year and he was our hustle player who Nolan was using as an x-factor even though he isn't very athletic compared to rover-type 'backers on other NFL teams, we swapped out Falcons' legend John Abraham (who deserves to go into the ring of honor for positing consistent double digit sacks ever since we traded for him) for NYG underachiever Osi Umenyiora who is less explosive than Abe but three years younger and cheaper than Abe so we could have him for 3 more years than we could have Abe, and Babineaux is another year older so he needs more rest between defensive series and isn't as explosive as he once was either. Peters, Robertson, Peria haven't stepped up, and neither have the UDFA guys. Spoon is hurt at LB and he was really our only good LB. Dent can't cover, but he was our other good run stopping LB and he is hurt too. Stephen Nicholas.....good lord this man is a shell of what he used to be and I'm surprised we are seeing him play football still because when someone is this washed up he is usually in a suit in the broadcast booth talking about how he misses being in the huddle and his Sunday morning routine. Whenever Nicholas steps onto the field, it is worse than watching Mike Peterson's last few years with the Falcons. He is beyond slow, he has forgotten what a pursuit angle is, he kind of just waggles in what you can tell was once an athletic pose and "chases" down a RB from behind until he is 4 or 5 steps ahead of him headed toward the end zone...certainly well past the first down marker. He used to be our "best coverage LB" and people were happy he'd be back, but people don't realize he turned 30 in May and with the wear and tear on his body from injuries and playing the hybrid Elephant position at USF, he is really a beaten down 37 year old LB who should spend a few hours in the morning of each day of the rest of his life in the cold tub to numb all of the pain. The bottom line is people refuse to recognize that Dimitroff has been bombing in the draft because he hit on Matt Ryan and made the Julio trade. That is all he has added to this team in the draft these years, and he had ONE good mid-round pick in Kroy Biermann while other GM's over the same tenure are considered epic failures if they ONLY HAVE ONE GOOD MID-ROUND PICK. But Falcons fans point to Biermann and are content with their GM's ability to find gold in the later rounds even though a gigantic laundry list of busts and failures can be held up next to the one name on the "good" list. Yes, TD has made some good bold trades --- which is really his best route every year because outside of the 1st round (Matt Ryan, Julio, Spoon......also Sam Baker, Peria Jerry, Desmond Trufant) he has been horrible at adding starting talent or even players who positively contribute. We really should trade our 2nd, 3rd, and 5th for an additional 1st round pick so we can have two 1st rounders every year and then TD can trade our 4th round pick for a solid veteran who a team would get rid of (Randy Moss, Santonio Holmes, Anquan Boldin, Aqib Talib, Pacman Jones, Eugene Monroe, et al. were all traded for 4th round picks or lower). I mean, just look at Dimitroff's 2nd and 3rd round picks since he's been here: 2nd + 3rd round Dimitroff Picks: 2008: MLB Curtis Lofton (2nd rounder -- gone), CB Chevis Jackson (3rd rounder -- huge bust, gone), WR Harry Douglas (3rd rounder -- bust, still here as #3 WR), FS Thomas DeCoud (3rd rounder -- decent starting free safety) 2009: SS William Moore (2nd rounder -- solid starting strong safety, good run defender struggles in coverage, best pick of the 2nd/3rd round bunch of TD's career), CB Christopher Owens (3rd rounder -- huge bust, gone) 2010: DT Corey Peters (3rd rounder -- overrated DT, decent rotational DT at best), OG Mike Johnson (3rd rounder -- bust) 2011: MLB Akeem Dent (3rd rounder -- bust. Attempt at replacing Lofton with a similar run-stopping only LB, but he struggles to stop the run) 2012: C Peter Konz (2nd rounder -- seemingly bust. Dominated as an OG, moved back to college position at Center, again being dominated), OT Lamar Holmes (3rd rounder -- bust. Being dominated so badly at OT that Dimitroff did something he never does by admitting defeat and signed a veteran free agent to replace him in the line up)
  9. I want to repeat that I am not a sky is falling kind of guy. Some people on these boards just treated me as such when I said it was possible we could miss the playoffs this year prior to the season starting. I pointed out that we went 13-3 with a Top 4 easiest schedule in 2012 and had I think the lowest Opponent Win Percentage by the time the season was over in the entire NFL. 2013 presented us with one of the 5 hardest projected schedules, we lost John Abraham, Tony Gonzalez was going to be one year older and was going to skip all of training camp for the first time so it was possible that he (and everyone said not to worry about this but he did....) came back rusty, we re-signed Sam Baker despite several years of anecdotal evidence that we should let Baker go the minute we could when he was a free agent -- and now we entrusted the left tackle job to him and didn't go after an upgrade and he is obviously hurt and missing games now that he has been paid, we used our first two drat picks on rookie CBs and were going to entrust our pass defense to them, Dimitroff once again decided that the answer to our defensive line needs were mid-round picks who he has historically missed on.....and it seems like he has missed again. Malliciah Goodman is at best a raw base 4-3 LDE who can only contribute on running downs, and Maponga can't play. Neither can J-Mass or C-Matthews. Corey Peters has been revealed as the fraud he is at DT by getting dominated by all kinds of OGs, and Babineaux is another year older and can't create consistent pressure up the middle alone. We are sticking with Moore and DeCoud who -- while they have god chemistry -- have been consistently burned by good passing QBs and can't get a stop on 3rd down when we really, really need it.
  10. After the schedule came out for the 2014 season, I said don't be surprised if the Falcons miss the playoffs this year. I *did not* say we definitely would, but since we had one of the four easiest schedules last year and cruised to a 13-3 record and this year we have a Top 10 hard schedule. Most of you thought we'd cruise through it again with our new roster. I said just don't be surprised if we find ourselves below .500 coming out of our bye week. I'm not a fanatical poster -- I just post long posts -- but I was branded as crazy because I was allegedly predicting that the sky was going to fall after a 13-3 year. Then after Week 2, and since then, I have been saying that this Falcons' team is not built to contend for a Super Bowl. Tony Gonzalez is in his last year. Asante, Roddy, Osi, S Jax -- they are all on the back half of the back 9. We have missed in the draft for many years straight on defensive ends, and the ONE mid-round defensive we didn't totally bust on (Kroy) is out for the year. Now the crew of Jon Massaquoi, Malliciah Goodman, Cliff Matthews, Stansly Maponga is what we have at DE behind Osi Umenyiora who is less explosive than John Abraham who Dimitroff decided to let go for monetary reasons (we still are holding that cap space for "emergency" use.......don't know what will qualify as "emergency" use given that we still haven't used it yet and our O-Line is in shambles and Kroy went down for the year). The three main things that are holding our team back are very obviously: 1) Offensive line. Re-signing Sam Baker was a massive joke. Most of us knew it since most of us were begging to TD on here (as if he reads it...) to not value him on his contract year where he managed to play through injury (while being dominated by good rushers). TD re-signed him instead and Baker immediately became injured, like every other year as a Falcon, and is on the sideline. TD's hand picked left tackle, Lamar Holmes, has been getting abused and was benched for street free agent Jeremy Trueblood. TD also decided to cut #5 RT last season Tyson Clabo to save money so we could keep John Abraham. Oh no I mean sign Richard Seymour. Oh no I mean....have "emergency cap space in case we need it". Well now we are 1-4 and staring not making the playoffs in Tony Gonzalez's final NFL season directly in the eye balls. 2) Our pass rush. Outside of John Abraham Osi Umenyiora, we have absolutely nothing. It's the same old song. Dimitroff continues to try to hit the lottery with mid-round DEs, and continues to fail miserably. Aside from some bold trades for "sure things", Thomas Dimitroff has been pathetic in the skill rounds of the draft. A halfway decent GM should be able to hit 75% of the time in the first round (TD is below 50%). A good GM will add 2nd rounders who start -- TD has never done that. Konz starts by default because we finally let go of McClure, but he is getting manhandled by opposing nose tackles. 3) Our secondary. Asante Samuel has lost a step, which is a really bad thing for a gambling CB who guesses on a ton of passes in an attempt to intercept them and relies on good recovery speed to get back in position to break up a pass or prevent a big play. Asante doesn't have that speed anymore, so when he guesses wrong he gets beat for a long gain or worse, a long TD. Desmond Trufant has been brutalized in coverage by good QBs, as has Robert Alford. We spent our first two picks on CBs, entirely ignoring our offensive and defensive lines, and Robert McClain is still starting in the slot and our two rookies are being beaten with soap-filled pillow cases by WRs as they run by them in all different sorts of routes. Our safeties are also either playing wayyy below their skill level or they are being paid wayyy too much and aren't as good as we/TD thought they were. William Moore continues to deliver some big hits that look cool on TV, but both safeties are taking bad angles to the ball carrier, missing tackles, and particularly DeCoud --- getting roasted in coverage. It's amazing that on 3rd and long opposing QBs seemingly find it easiest to complete a pass for a first down right in front of our safeties or worse, behind them. I understand that we have a lot of youth at CB and in theory in a few years we could have a strong group led by Trufant and Alford --- but our goal is to win a Super Bowl this season. It is why Gonzalez came back for one more year. We also have many players with one or two seasons left on their contracts that are over 30 who we will not be resigning or just can't afford to re-sign with Matt Ryan's mega deal, Julio's mega deal coming up, Spoon's big deal coming up, etc. We actually don't have more big deals coming up because our mid-round draft picks, unlike teams like the Bears or Bengals who will have to pony up big deals to Henry Melton, Geno Atkins, Alshon Jeffery, Vontaze Burfict, Carlos Dunlap, etc., are ALL BUSTS. I have been saying since Week 2 that we will need to make a BOLD trade on defense because of our issues on the defensive line and in the secondary, and also perhaps at ILB because of the injury to Weatherspoon. After failing to stop Geno Smith and the impotent NY Jets' offense tonight on National TV --- hopefully now all of you were forced to see that we need IMMEDIATE REINFORCEMENTS for our defense and our offensive line if we are to make a run at a Super Bowl this year. The season is not entirely lost. We certainly can't win the division -- the Saints are going to tie up the division in record time this year. At 1-4, we need to finish 9-2 to have a good shot at getting a wild card birth because of the lower record of the Seahawks/49ers and the lower record of the Bears/Packers. Both divisions are currently in noticeably better shape than us to put 2 teams into the NFC playoffs. While a 9-2 finish will be nothing short of a miracle, unlike other teams we are dealing with a biblical amount of injuries to big time contributors: Weatherspoon, Biermann, and even Baker have all been out. Steven Jackson and Asante Samuel have also missed games. Akeem Dent has missed games, although he isn't really someone who I believe is missed on the field unless you are just valuing his run stopping in run defense situations --- heck, we will count him I guess. Roddy has been gimpy and not himself, Julio is dealing with knee issues, Worrilow has also been dealing with knee issues, and Drew Davis has been hurt forcing Harry freaking Douglas into the #3 WR role when we were just phasing him out and he promptly dropped important passes today and failed to separate from the Jets' #3 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Cornerback. Yes, the same Kyle Wilson that has been getting ROASTED by a slew of misfits and random street free agents WRs and was benched by Rex Ryan in every game so far this season. When he plays Harry Douglas though, he is Deion Sanders sticking on HD like glue. I have grown to despise the people who think Harry Douglas' role in this offense should be expanded or we still haven't seen the best of Harry Douglas. That m*therf*cker just turned 29 years old already. He's been here for 5 years. We've seen everything he has and it's all sh*t. He is a detriment to our team every time he is on the field -- whether that is at wide receiver dropping balls, failing to separate so Matt takes a coverage sack, or tripping on himself to cost us a game, or as a punt returner fumbling the catch to also cost us a game. He is a guy we should trade with a 6th round pick to get a 7th round pick just to ensure he is on someone else's team. I pray that TD can trick Belichick into believing that "veteran" Harry Douglas is the cure to Tom Brady's problems at receiver and will be great depth to Amendola in case he hurts himself again. I am just writing this because I could sort of see this coming --- not that I predicted it would, but that I certainly did say don't be surprised if we are below .500 and miss the playoffs in 2013 because our schedule goes from one of the easiest to one of the hardest, we neglected our offensive line (by also re-signed Baker and not going for an upgrade like Jake Long), we neglected our pass rush (by not signing John Abraham to pair with Osi and going with more 4th and 5th round DEs that TD has 90% of the time entirely whiffed on -- Kroy is also an okay "rotational" player that is out of his element as a starter on an NFL defense. And that DeCoud was over valued by this team and because we missed on free agent CB Keenan Lewis to the Saints who was our primary defensive FA target (for the $ he is who we wanted), we were forced to go for a CB in the 1st round and also to trade up to get the guy we wanted who in my experienced amateur draft analyst opinion was inferior to Xavier Rhodes who was taken by the Vikings after where our original 1st round pick would have been. He had been the Vikings best CB by far, but somehow Leslie Frazier does not know how to use his best CB simply because he is a rookie so he is bringing him along slowly by keeping him as the 3rd CB in.......it's amazing how these guys don't know how to utilize their best talent, also failing to regularly use Percy Harvin and keeping him as their 3rd WR in until finally trading him. In this next post below I will post what I believe is the only bold trade available to Thomas Dimitroff and our beloved Falcons that will help fortify the roster and add some elite talent particularly on the defensive side of the ball. While it may be too late to make the playoffs already at 1-4, if we are not mathematically eliminated then it is still worth boldly going after reinforcements that can turn our season around. All it takes is two wins strung one after another and then we can get a little win streak going. If we get to 3-4 and build a little momentum, crossing over .500 to 5-4 will put us in pretty good position to control our destiny and snag that #6 wild card spot. The most important thing I think is that since we are a notoriously bad road team and have relied on home field advantage to get us wins in big games (our only post season victory in the Ryan-Smith-Dimitroff era is at home vs. Seattle, and we've been creamed on the road) then we need to significantly upgrade the roster before the trade deadline to have a chance to win 3 road playoff games en route to a Super Bowl appearance (and victory).
  11. Made little sense to trade him for so low, but it made sense to trade him from the Jags perspective. He's going to be a free agent and wants to be paid like a top left tackle --- yet the Jags just took Luke Joeckel #2 overall to be their left tackle. Monroe would not agree to right tackle money as a free agent, and franchising him would pay him Top Left Tackle money to play right tackle. He also had been playing poorly to start the year, so they felt like they should trade him now instead of waiting to see if they could get more and risk losing any and all trade interest. Joeckel had been struggling at RT too, so the Jags are moving him to his natural left tackle now so as not to "ruin" him. He can now spend this entire season preparing at left tackle for the arrival of Teddy Bridgewater next year. They can draft a good right tackle in Rounds 2-3, but can also hit the Free Agent market for a very affordable, veteran right tackle to keep Teddy upright and use a 4th rounder from this deal to get a talented but in-need-of-coaching-and-development Right Tackle. I am a little pissed though because TD is so stubborn and plain wrong to not call around for O-Line help. He is trying to convince us all that Sam Baker was a good use of a 1st round pick and that he is a good player and so we re-signed him a 5 year deal. In reality, Baker is one of the worst starting left tackles in the NFL and gets easily dominated by talented pass rushers. He even makes bad rushers look skilled -- he falls backward from a bull rush, and he whiffs almost entirely at guys who set him up with a swim move or a delayed spin from the outside back to the inside. TD then drafted Lamar Holmes in the 3rd round -- which got a F by many draft reviewers who had Holmes as a late round developmental pick. Again, TD wanted to show that his pick was good and ready to play so he cut A TOP 5 RIGHT TACKLE in Tyson Clabo and inserted Lamar Holmes into the line up. Holmes quickly face planted and played so poorly that instead of calling around, he signed Jeremy Trueblood to be our starting Right Tackle. T-Blood is also atrocious, but just not raw like Holmes. Regardless of Baker's obvious injury issues this season after he signed his big deal, landing a player of Monroe's caliber is worth at the least a 3rd round pick for a team who is trying to win a Super Bowl and has a franchise QB worth keeping off the ground. We instead of are sticking with the pairing of Baker and Holmes rotating at left tackle and we continue to lose games as our offensive line gets DOMINATED week in and week out and Matt has no time to throw to our expensive receiving weapons. We may as well have Greg Little and Donnie Avery out there because Matt can't get the ball out. If Dimitroff never made the decision to move on from Harvey Dahl, it's possible we could have went on to the Super Bowl last year as our team was crushed in the second half by the 49ers defensive front 7. But more importantly our RG spot wouldn't have been an awful position of need for the last several years. Then Dimitroff did it again by cutting Top 5 NFL Right Tackle Tyson Clabo because his pick Lamar Holmes was ready to start --- which he was very wrong about. OH. And for years, we have been waiting to get rid of Sam Baker because he's been terrible. In a contract year, Baker sucked it up to play through injury and played his best year yet -- which was still only a "slightly above average" year. Got beat by good DEs, held his own against bad-to-average DEs. Most begged TD to see through this classic scenario where a player plays above his level in a contract year, then reverts back to the mean after landing a big contract because he doesn't need to work anymore. Nevermind it though, because TD decided to reward his hand picked awful left tackle and immediately in 2013 Baker got hurt again (obviously). We've gone from a 13-3 NFC team and SB favorite to a 1-3 team with perhaps the worst offensive line in the entire league. Our best player is our stalwart left guard who is only "above average" unfortunately. Peter Konz has been getting his @ss kicked at center after failing miserably at right guard last year. Hopefully Konz gets stronger and stronger and grows into the center position because it's his most comfortable spot. Left Tackle and Right Tackle are truly disaster spots, and Right Guard continues to be a problem area. IF TD never got rid of Clabo and Dahl we'd have Clabo and Dahl at RT and RG which would be a great duo to run behind, Konz at center, Blalock at LG, and we could have traded a 4th and 5th in 2014 for Eugene Monroe giving us one of the BEST lines in the entire NFL. Just imagine, Eugene Monroe at LT, Justin Blalock at LG, Peter Konz at C, Harvey Dahl at RG, and Tyson Clabo at RT. Man oh man, what a pipe dream. Instead we have LT Baker, LG Blalock, C Konz, RG Reynolds, RT Trueblood/Holmes. Good grief.
  12. Beason was one of my favorite LBs in the NFL -- he was really a BEAST before he got hurt. His talent was on par with Patrick Willis, he was just on a much worse team. There was a team where he was recognized as being that good. Hopefully he can regain his form as a NY Giant. They haven't had a good ILB since Antonio Pierce left, and Pierce wasn't even great he was just good. I loved Mark Herzlich in college at BC, he was a guy who could have entered Heisman territory as a defender before he had to stop playing for a while because of his leg issue. I don't think he ever fully regained his explosiveness because he was a real animal at BC. Even so, if Beason emerges as a game changing MLB then it's possible that Herzlich could move back to his natural 4-3 SLB where he was an All-American at BC and together they can make many plays. I'm really pulling for both of them. Now I don't need to feel bad at all for loving Jon Beason and his rare ability as an inside LB, which is great. ~~~~ As for the Hakeem Nicks stuff, I'm shocked the Panthers didn't do everything they could to use Beason (plus draft picks) to land Hakeem Nicks, who went to UNC and loves Carolina. Cam can't get better unless his weapons get better. Brandon LaFell has developed decently, as he has gone from awful to an okay #2 -- but he'd be a great #3 which would allow Steve Smith to move into the slot in 3 WR sets and LaFell and his 6'3 frame could win on the outside vs. a horrible CB. If Cam had Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith as his top 2 WRs, LaFell as his #3 WR and Greg Olsen at TE, then the Panthers would have a truly scary offense. Plus their impressive RB stable of D-Will who has found the fountain of youth this season showing great explosiveness in his running, Mike Tolbert as the pass blocker and goal line plunge guy, Jon Stewart on their bench who at this point they should trade for a WR or a secondary player like a CB, and K. Barner who is a speedy receiving back.
  13. Josh Freeman wouldn't push Matt Ryan for the starting job or create some sense of urgency. The only thing it would do is push trolls like you to write nonsensical threads about trading Matt Ryan and going with Josh Freeman because he has a bigger arm so Julio can fulfill his potential as the best deep threat of all time. He makes the most sense for a team like the Packers. They badly need a backup QB, have good QB coaches who can rehabilitate Freeman's ability and polish him into a real QB. He has the talent and work ethic, I think he's a little more mentally fragile than you'd like in a QB but he was a starter at a young age with only a fellow rookie WR to throw to for a while (Mike Williams). Why I think Freeman has taken a step back these last 2 years [not a coincidence that they are the two Schiano years]: When people expect perfection from you (national media, pundits, yourself) but you know your coach (Schiano) and ownership (Glazer) aren't behind you and are looking for ways to get you benched and eventually off the team in a way so that the media will say they were right to do it (what a FAIL that became, huh!) it is tough to go out there every Sunday and perform well. Also, the coach and ownership have already selected your replacement despite being 26 years old and still on your rookie deal so that you won't get that big second deal that usually makes you set for life and now you are being robbed of that because a ***** coach was hired for your team and the guy who handpicked you as his franchise QB is gone. So, in short, if Freeman goes to a team with a coach QB room and very good QB coaches who are known to develop QBs --- and a contending team so that he can be in a winning atmosphere and act like a sponge and take in a ton of info from a top QB --- I think he can really turn his career around and next year after sitting for this year he can sign a 1 year deal with a team in QB limbo or go to a team where they want their rookie QB to sit for a year. These teams include: Green Bay (great reputation for building QBs, amazing arsenal of passing weapons including Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, Jermichael Finley, James Jones, Jon Franklin out of the backfield, and learn from Aaron Rodgers). Chicago (Trestman is known for getting the best out of QBs, can't learn as much from Cutler but if he got hurt he would step into a situation where he could succeed with Trestman coaching him, throwing to Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Martellus Bennett, Earl Bennett, and Matt Forte). Detroit (the coaching situation for QBs isn't nearly as good, but it is hard to fail when you can toss it up to Calvin as a QB and have Reggie Bush as a dump off weapon --- the offense is setup around an inconsistent QB with a cannon arm, and that is currently what Freeman is). Washington (Shanahans' have good rep building up QBs, would allow Redskins to deal Kirk Cousins elsewhere for good value -- perhaps to Cleveland for Josh Gordon to give RG3 2 stud WRs with Pierre Garcon and Josh Gordon and Fred Davis at TE). New England (a fantastic landing spot for him, Bill is 2/2 this year on former Bucs from the Raheem Morris era with Aqib Talib right now a Top 5 NFL CB and LeGarette Blount about to show everyone he still has some serious game as the feature back this week against the Bengals. McDaniels is a wunderkind when it comes to getting the most out of QBs, and is very smart at crafting a gameplan to a QB's strengths as long as it isn't Tebow. Brady is a QB who, by soaking up everything he does and how he prepares, can have a tremendous positive impact on Freeman. Best of all, the Pats can trade Ryan Mallett before he becomes a free agent and walks for no compensation because he won't get a deal large enough to get anything more than a 2015 7th round pick as a compensatory selection. Brian Hoyer is out for the year, Mike Lombardi hates Brandon Weeden but LOVES Ryan Mallett. The Browns have a slew of defenders that the Patriots would love to have, but perhaps none more so than nose tackle Phil Taylor with Vince Wilfork out for the year. Once Wilfork is back, Taylor can be strongside 3-4 DE with Chandler Jones as weakside 3-4 DE to have a 3 man front that would rival the Jets' front of Big Snacks, Wilkerson, Richardson. Or, again, Josh Gordon would be a great add for Tom Brady to give him Gordon as his go-to outside WR, Amendola as his go-to inside WR, and Gronk as his go-to TE) New Orleans (Sean Peyton has turned Drew Brees into a mega star, record-setting, Super Bowl wining QB from a "good" QB from San Diego with an "okay" arm. He is perhaps the game's best offensive mind, and can certainly restore Freeman's composure and confidence and perhaps take it to new heights. The Saints don't have a reliable backup QB if Brees goes down, and Freeman would love to go to the NFC South division leader during his "rehab" year while watching the Bucs squander away their season. If he needed to play, he would have a plethora of weapons led by Jimmy Graham at TE, Colston and Meachem at WR with Lance Moore in the slot, and Darren Sproles out of the backfield. If he was able to play in a few games if Brees had a multi-week injury, Freeman could turn 3-4 great games into a relatively big contract as a free agent next season similar to Matt Flynn coming out of Green Bay). Ranking of Freeman landing spots: 1) Green Bay 2) New England 3) New Orleans 4) Chicago 5) Washington 6) Detroit 7) Cleveland --- he would start right away since the Browns have moved on from Weeden and at 3-2 aren't in tank mode but rather scrambling to get into winning mode. With Joe Thomas protecting his blindside and with Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron as go-to weapons, Freeman could surprise many and in a low pressure situation with good weapons he could actually win a solid amount of games. Willis McGahee also has more left in the tank than people realize and he continues to get better as he gets into football shape which usually takes weeks and several games. So the running game is also good enough to lean on for victories with play-action to Gordon and Cameron. If Freeman impresses in his one year in Cleveland and he can take them from 3-2 to finishing above .500, the Browns can sign him long-term and draft a developmental QB in 2014 or 2015/2016. 8) NY Jets --- if Geno struggles, Freeman would actually get playing time throwing to a wildly talented Stephen Hill who is still raw and needs a good QB to develop, Santonio Holmes, Jeremy Kerley, Zach Sudfeld, and Mike Goodson out of the backfield.
  14. Harry Douglas being on the field is a detriment to the offense.....it's just a bad idea. The dude is 30 already. People forget we have this conversation every year for the last 7 years. He's been around that long. He never showed us anything because he doesn't have anything to show. He drops the ball, and worst of all he comes up epically small in big spots which costs us victories. We should have gone after a young slot receiver in the draft this year or free agency for much cheaper than what TD agreed to pay HD. TD has a real problem valuing his own draft selections. If you cut bait on them, you admit failure and then pundits can point to the stat saying of 40 people drafted by TD only x are still on the roster so the drafting has been bad. To avoid that, we re-sign our drafted players even if they aren't the best option for us. Wes Welker was available to everyone, and I am pretty sure he is getting paid less in Denver than we are paying HD in Atlanta. Imagine if Matt Ryan had Julio and Roddy on the outside with Welker and TG inside --- this is basically what Peyton has with Demaryius and Decker outside with Welker and J-Thomas inside. Caldwell, who is equiuvalent to HD, is the 5th receiver and only comes in for blowouts or rest reps. That should be HDs role.....but really that role should belong to younger, cheaper, more explosive options like K-Cone and Drew Davis who has a ton of potential. Davis has shown strong hands, crisp route running, and has good speed for his 6'1, 205 lbs size. If we gave him a chance as the #3 slot WR I wouldn't be surprised if he showed some Victor Cruz (identical size, smoothness in routes) ability on the inside.
  15. It's really simple. And it was conceptualized before the Browns ripped off 2 wins under Hoyer. Our roster is extremely top heavy and our developmental guys have all been failures in their development sadly. Lamar Holmes at left tackle, Akeem Dent at MLB, any defensive end, any other linebacker, any offensive guard, Harry Douglas, even DeCoud has plateud in a big way at free safety. The Browns have a Top 4 talented defense in terms of individuals. If they were in the shitter we could have added some great players at modest prices. Same with how the Ravens' O-Line wasn't working out and Ozzie went out and found a very good young OT who wasn't even on the trade market (Eugene Monroe in JAX --- convinced their GM that they suck and will be rebuilding in the next draft and won't resign Eugene because they drafted Joeckel) and got him for a 4th and 5th round picks. These are the things that Dimitroff really needs to be doing. We really could have used Monroe at left tackle, allowing Baker to play right tackle when he was back from injury and Trueblood could have slid inside to right guard, thus solidifying our O-Line. Monroe also could have been our left tackle for many years, giving Matt a legit blindside protector for once Also, real quick, hjerry -- you continue to be a dbag loser and I have no pity for your mother who continues to shuttle you cheetos in her basement. Sadly the Browns are probably out of the fire sale department. There is one guy who they will still shop and that is Jabaal Sheard who we could really use in the pass rush department. Again though, if we somehow drop this MNF game to the Jets and end up 1-6 ahead of the Week 8 trade deadline we need to pack it in for this year --- trade TG to wherever he would like to be traded for a draft pick (perhaps New England, Seattle, Detroit, Miami, Denver if Peyton wants to f*ck with the entire league's head and roll out a 3 WR, 2 TE red zone passing set of Demaryius, Decker, Welker, Gonzalez, Julius Thomas. Also Indy since they lost Dwayne Allen.) Jacksonville doesn't really offer us anything that we could really use and makes sense for us. You could make a convulated argument for trading for MJD if it's really cheap and to have a duo of SJax+MJD to keep each other fresh and healthy...but that doesn't make much sense. I suppose their MLB Puz from LB U could help us out on D, but he isn't a dynamic player so that's more of a solid add than a great add. Their D-Line sucks, and we could add a young prospect with potential like Andre Branch who is a more athletic Kroy Biermann type. Again.....not much there at this point. Maybe DT/DE Tyson Alualu to pair with Babs as they are similar gap-shooting DTs. NY Giants is actually an interesting one but they seem like too proud a team to go into fire sale mode. But if they lose to the Eagles and drop to 0-5 and are sitting at 0-7 before the trade deadline, they'd make an almost equally (to the Browns) great trade partner. The Browns had an OT (Eugene) that would have been a huge add and the Giants have zero useful O-Linemen, so that bites, but they have veteran DLs like Justin Tuck, Chris Canty, and Linval Joseph all of whom would start on our team. I would personally love to add Justin Tuck and Linval Joseph who has been quietly a very good player this year. He's very similar to Phil Taylor except even a little bigger, and we all know who Justin Tuck is. Adding Tuck at strongside DE opposite Osi would be pretty funny, and Linval with Babs in the middle would actually be a formidable line if everyone was healthy and motivated which I think we can coax out of them in Atlanta. They also have horrible linebackers, so that doesn't help us there. Hakeem Nicks is for sale, and that would make our passing offense an elite weaponry for Matt Ryan to use similar to the arsenal Aaron Rodgers has at his disposal in Green Bay w/ Cobb, Jordy, J-Jones, Finley and the arsenal Peyton has at his disposal in Denver w/ Demaryius, Decker, Welker, Julius Thomas.....................................................................................................................
  16. I'll start by saying if we are somehow 1-5 at Week 6, we should not make any trades. We are likely out of the playoff hunt, our defense was way worse than we thought because our young guys didn't progress and our old guys were either cut or have just gotten older. Also, our O-Line is pathetically bad to the point where Matt Ryan can't make use of our offensive weapons that media pundits love to talk up. No time in pocket, no time to pass to Roddy or Julio or TG. Also, TG was selfish in staying away from the team for so long and that rust has contributed to our slow start in a big way. SJax was a GREAT add for the 2013 Atlanta Falcons in Madden, which of course is a game in which you can turn off injuries. In real life, SJax can't physically hold up anymore. I was a HUGE supporter of this trade and there's still a chance that if we make it to the playoffs as a wildcard (I'm assuming Saints win the division) and SJax is healthy that he redeems himself in a big way if we get hot late and take the NY Giants route to a Super Bowl appearance and hopeful victory. However, in the more likely scenario we are 3-3 after Week 6 and with the trade deadline coming up shortly after that I am hoping for two things. 1) Spoon and SJax are healthy and ready to be themselves very soon, and TG is about to be back to his old self for Week 7 and going forward. 2) The Cleveland Browns are 1-5 and are deciding to pack it in for the year and get in the Tank for Teddy or play Dead for Ted sweepstakes. It will be hard to compete with the Jags for the top spot, and the Jags will surely take Ted if they get it, so the Browns need to continue to divest some of their talent to beat them in the race to the bottom. Also, three 1st round picks for the Browns in the 2014 draft will surely have them as draft day winners and I am hoping that this desire to dominate that draft will push them to making a deal that will land them an additional 1st round pick. The Trade (after Matt Ryan restructures his deal to save $5 million this year, TG restructures to save $4 million for a REAL shot at a ring, Baker restructures his new extension or else we cut him or exile him to Peru(save $3.5 mil), Osi restructures to save $2 million --- so to go with the money have currently have we get an additional $14.5 mil in cap space just for this season which is enough to do the following) Falcons give up their 2014 Draft (Picks 1,2,3,4), DT Corey Peters, WR Harry Douglas, conditional 2015 pick up to a 2nd rounder if CB Joe Haden is included in the deal Cleveland Browns give: OLB/DE Jabaal Sheard, ILB D'Qwell Jackson, LT Joe Thomas, OG John Greco, DT Phil Taylor, DT Desmond Bryant, WR Davone Bess, (possible Joe Haden). Starting with the LBs, we now have one of the game's best middle linebackers and leaders in D'Qwell Jackson so that the horrible Stephen Nicholas never steps on the field for us again. Jackson is a beast, and in our base 2 LB set with D'Qwell and Spoon we will have two sideline-to-sideline forces. Dent can come in as a SLB for run stopping downs only. Speaking on run stopping, adding Phil Taylor is a steal. He's a rare talent at DT who can play 3-4 NT, 4-3 DT, crush the run and collapse the pocket for sacks of his own for to help a DE get a sack after flushing out the QB. He next to Babineaux in sub-sets will be a boon to our pass rush. Adding cheap, but highly talented, veteran Desmond Bryant is a huge boost to our base defense that now features Babs as the 4-3 LDE like we did last year when we stopped the run so well. Bryant is a big guy at 6'7 320 lbs and can move like most strongside DEs in the NFL. He and Taylor at DT will mean no running lanes up the middle, and it will also means DQ and Spoon can fly around making plays which is precisely what we want. Jabaal Sheard is one of the more talented edge rushers in the entire league, he is just a bit of a headcase but has been much better this year with no off field issues and he's been a star in Cleveland (top of the league in sacks). He is young and just about to enter his prime but the Browns will let him walk anyway because they just spent their very high 1st round selection on LSU's Barkevious Mingo who is the future of that position for the Browns. On the strong side they just signed Paul Kruger to a big deal, so moving Sheard is something the Browns will almost definitely do if they are out of the playoff hunt before the trade deadline --- and using him in a package to add another 1st round pick is a dream of their front office's. Joe Thomas is obviously a reason why a 1st and 2nd round pick is in this deal. Yes, he is unlikely to be traded because when they do take their franchise QB next year they likely would want Joe to protect his blindside and Alex Mack (someone who I considered for this deal) to snap him the ball. With All-Stars at the two most important positions on the line for a QB (RT is a close 3rd to Center), and with Josh Gordon on the outside (also want him badly) and Jordy Cameron at TE, the Browns offense would be actually quite formidable with a good rookie RB or free agent (Run DMC, Mojo, Ben Tate) and Teddy Bridgewater. Davone Bess would replace the recurring mistake that is Harry Douglas. Bess is also several years younger, a much better slot WR, and a better punt returner as well. Better, younger, and more reliable? Check check check, and sign us up. Bess is basically the black Wes Welker and I mean that in the best way possible. Both guys don't have great long speed, but are very smart, reliable, and shifty. One good cut after a catch and they can be gone for a 30 yard gain. John Greco is an above average-to-good OG, which is something I would pay a lot of money to be able to say about our Right Guard. Greco would easily slide into the RG spot and we'd no longer have troubles there. He isn't an All-Star, but he can run block and pass block and my god would Matthew Ryan be stoked about adding Greco to fill the gaping hole that is our "Right Guard". And adding Joe Haden, while technically unnecessary, would make our secondary a truly elite unit. Perhaps the best in the league as the season progresses and Trufant and Alford mature. So yes, we don't have a draft next year. It's a steep price. But our current SB window will be expired after this season when Tony retires, Asante is 35(?), Roddy is another year older and dealing with hobbling injuries, SJax is even more hobbled than he is now, same with Osi, etc. Adding several guys in their prime or about to be who are very talented would transform this Falcon team into a true SB favorite -- something we were supposed to be this season anyway! Our Front 7: LDE: Jon Babineaux DT: Phil Taylor DT: Desmond Bryant --- (in passing situations, Bryant subs out, Babs slides into DT, and Osi comes into DE) RDE: Jabaal Sheard --- (Osi Umenyiora is back in his ideal role as a pass rushing specialist with 110% energy) WLB: Sean Weatherspoon MLB: D'Qwell Jackson SLB: Akeem Dent --- (our base package is 3 CB, but Dent will be SLB when we need a 3rd LB) CB-1: Joe Haden CB-2: Asante Samuel --- (Desmond Trufant will get many starts with Asante dealing with nagging injuries) CB-slot: Robert McClain --- (Robert Alford will also mix in. He can overtake McClain if he shows consistency) SS: William Moore FS: Thomas DeCoud Haden and Trufant have the long-term potential to be what Revis and Cromartie were for the Jets when the Jets were the #1 defense in the league. Sheard and Osi and if any of our young guys progress (doubtful, IMO, as our mid-round track record for DEs is atrocious) will get consistent pressure on the QB. Our 3-man DT rotation of Taylor, Bryant, Babs would rival the deep and talented D-Lines we see in Seattle and Cincinnati.
  17. It's quite the opposite, we need to make a bold trade to add talent. That is the short take --- we should make a trade that brings in players, not give any away. Don't continue reading if you are illiterate, don't care about my opinion on how we could improve our team, and are one of those people who only like a few sentences and then feel the need to share your feelings with people who like to write in detail and explain the logic behind their post. We are 1-2 and starting 1-3 right in the face with the Pats up next. Meanwhile the Saints are running away with the division, and while I don't think their team is superior to ours we will likely have to battle for a wildcard spot this year with the Saints taking the division and that means we will have to go win playoff games on the road which our current players have been unable to do. Unfortunately Brian Hoyer seems to have sparked a will to win with the Browns with their victory this past week, and I say unfortunately because the Browns have a Top 4 defense in terms of individual talent at every level (the others are Chiefs, Seahawks, 49ers). The Browns literally have a player at each level of the field on D that would start for us or at the very least make a huge impact (the latter for S TJ Ward, who would give us an imposing 3 safety defensive set to deal with passing teams like the Saints [whose defensive turnaround has been led in part by a wicked 3 safety set of Malcolm Jenkins, Roman Harper, and Kenny Vaccarro], Bears, Packers, Pats, etc.). I still think the Browns will listen on offers for some of its defenders, particularly guys in walk years or at deep positions. Since this is literally Tony's last season with us, it looks like Father Time is catching up Roddy's body a little bit, Father Time continues to toy with Steven Jackson and his god-like physique --- I would say that our current Super Bowl is objectively closing and faster than I thought because of Roddy's now frequent injury issues. We can still win one, but next year with TG gone we will have to reinvent the O, and in the years to follow we will have to continue to reinvent the team when Roddy loses too many steps, SJax is gone, Blalock (our only consistent OL) needs to be replaced at LG, Asante needs to be replaced, Osi needs to be replaced, etc. On top of that Spoon is injured and Kroy is out for the year, so our linebacking core is pretty dismal right now to be honest and our pass rush is.......unsurprisingly........non-existent (again). I blame TD for the pass rush, as anyone would know that looking at our roster that once again we would have issues getting to the QB. Since TD has had a 50% success rate with 1st round picks, and with the best TE to have ever played the game gone after this season, I truly think we would be doing our players (TG especially) a disservice by not shopping our 2014 1st round pick to teams in full on rebuild mode for impact players on either side of the ball, but with a focus on defense. Since the Browns have a ton of depth along the DL and at OLB since they took Mingo in the Top 10 of the 1st round and he's showing well, I think the Browns would seriously consider our 1st round pick for Nose Tackle Phil Taylor and Pass Rusher Jabaal Sheard who is in a walk year. Phil Taylor is a beast of a DT when healthy, plugging holes to stop the run single handedly and also collapsing the pocket to throw QBs off. Jabaal Sheard is a wildly athletic defender who has yet to scratch the surface of his potential, although he is at the top of the league in sacks and QB pressures at this point early in the season. Sheard would be an upgrade on Kroy Biermann in his exact joker role, and bring speed and tenacity and just pure talent to our pass rusher and defense while Taylor would do the same for our defensive line and do wonders for Jon Babs. Babineaux is at his very best playing next to a big disruptive DT (i.e. Grady Jackson/Rod Coleman) so he can capitalize on the mayhem in the pocket and can't get double teamed. With a 1-on-1 and a QB and OL focusing on stopping Phil Taylor bulldozing up the middle, Babineaux can do his best Geno Atkins impression all season long. Also with Phil Taylor and Jon Babineaux inside causing consistent havoc at DT, and with Jabaal Sheard adding an element at 4-3 DE that we've lacked since John Abraham's early days with the Falcons....A] our D-Line will be lightyears better than it is currently and cause consistent pressure and B] Osi Umenyiora will find himself in an identical situation to the one he was in as a Giant playing opposite a freakish DE and with havoc makers inside at DT (our DT duo would actually be superior). I actually think we should give up more than just our 2014 1st because the Browns have even more players that would make our defense into an elite unit which could really turn our season around in a hurry. ILB D'Qwell Jackson has long been one of the best in the business and has been criminally overlooked since he resides in Cleveland -- he is a real thumper and a true leader and has sideline-to-sideline range. His personality would mesh perfectly with Spoon's -- while Spoon is the balling extrovert who backs up his talk with his play, D'Qwell is much more like Preacher from Friday Night Lights: passionate, ferocious, introverted, leads with his play, no one wants to F*** with him, but when the going gets good he can get loud and EVERYONE notices and loves it. Also, CB Joe Haden may right this moment be the best CB in the game with Revis still not 100%. But worst case, he is at the bottom of the Top 5 behind only Revis, Sherman, Champ Bailey (I take this back, he's currently superior to Champ and I love Champ), and people can make arguments for a hand full of guys like Peanut Tillman, Jon Joseph, Patrick Peterson (better KR/PR than CB at the moment IMO), Antonio Cromartie (was a true lockdown CB last year), Stephon GIlmore (also a true lockdown CB last year, has #1 CB in NFL potential), Brandon Flowers,and some people still love Ike Taylor (mostly people from Pittsburgh). Aside from the simple fact that Joe Haden can single handedly remove a WR from a game so we can then gameplan 10 vs. 9 (non-mobile QB) and take away a team's best receiver like Steve Smith, Marques Colston, or Vincent Jackson. This would take a lot of stress off of an aging Asante Samuel who likes to play a side anyway, but more importantly it will allow our two prized 2013 rookies to progress properly and becomes shutdown CBs themselves. We don't want these youngsters to get beat by crafty NFL veterans and have their confidence shook or them to end up busting and we need new CBs in a hurry. Our secondary is average right now. With Joe Haden and Asante Samuel as the starters on the outside, Robert McClain and Robert Alford as the interior CBs nickel/dime guys, and Desmond Trufant as the 3rd outside CB who can also play inside if a team moves a traditional boundary WR into the slot like Reggie Wayne or the Bucs move VJax inside to try to get him a quick redzone look, etc. Two big ones which they probably won't move are LT Joe Thomas (he is badly needed on this team), but also C Alex Mack (one of the top centers in the league). The Browns likely wouldn't move either guy for a 1st round pick because when you're in the hunt for a franchise signal caller you don't take away his Pro Bowl blindside protector (only the Bills do this kind of stuff a la trading Jason Peters) or his Pro Bowl snapper who both snaps the ball to him and also helps him to identify & call out the defense and get the protections correct & communicates them to him and to the rest of the O-Line. Adding these two guys to our offensive line could potential make our O-Line an elite unit as a whole which......I mean......that would be the day, wouldn't it? With Joe Thomas at LT (Matt Ryan cheers), Justin Blalock at LG (we could now run with power to the left side and consistently win that battle at the line), Alex Mack at center (Matt Ryan cheers even louder), Peter Konz and Sam Baker and Garrett Reynolds and Jeremy Trueblood could battle at RG, or Alex Mack could slide over to RG and dominate at that spot of Peter Konz really improves as a center and has a great rapport with Matt, and at RT it would be Sam Baker until Lamar Holmes is ready to take the job (I'm really disappointed in Lamar Holmes although I'm not surprised since he was not good in college that he is not good in the NFL at stopping defensive ends who are much faster and stronger than college defensive ends). The weak spot would presumably be the right side with Baker now there, but his pass protection against strongside DEs could actually be impressive and our whole Line could be great. He struggles tremendously against guys who turn speed into power (he ends up on his bum) and those guys are usually always the 4-3 RDE or rush from that side like Ware, Aldon Smith, Orakpo, Clay Matthews, Junior Gallette, JPP, John Abraham, etc. If Baker can anchor and hold his ground and not get pushed back, he is actually surprisingly "fine" most of the time. That means he would fare much better against a big strong 4-3 LDE than against a 4-3 RDE who is going to speed bullrush him. In this example, Baker would be able to hold his own against Chauncey Davis or Kroy Biermann but would struggle with John Abraham which is the absolute truth. For an opponent example, Baker would be able to hold his own just fine against Paul Kruger but would get terrorized and lose months worth of sleep over going against T-Suggs. This season so far is also a huge reminder of how sometimes you need to just keep your good players and not get cute with cutting guys to save money and to let your young draft picks "blossom". Thomas Dimitroff cut Tyson Clabo, a top 5 right tackle, to save a little bit of money that we so far haven't used on anyone else and to let Lamar Holmes be the right tackle. My lord, what a horrible mistake. Clabo is now the starting Right Tackle for the Miami Dolphins who are (surprise, surprise) 3-0 led by a young blossoming QB who has plenty of time in the pocket to make his throws to his WRs who his GM also went out and spent some coin to go get for him. If Matt had Tyson Clabo at RT so he could stand in the pocket and deliver shots to Julio deep, or so the 4-3 LDE would get stone walled and Matt could roll out to his right and have more than 1.5 seconds before having to get the ball out ---- Matt may actually have a chance at breaking some franchise passing records and take full advantage of the fact that his WRs are Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez is his Tight End for the last time. There's also WR Josh Gordon, who would reinvigorate our offense and give Matt Ryan an elite arsenal of weapons. Yes, he is of the lowest priority but he would do wonders for our total W/L count by season's end. With Roddy hurt he would step into the #2 WR role and he would dominate single coverage opposite Julio Jones just like he dominated double coverage against the Vikings. With Roddy perfectly healthy, he would comprise the same exact role that TY Hilton had last year for the Colts which is for 2 WR sets sit on the sideline while Roddy (Reggie Wayne) and Julio (other WR) play and in 3 WR sets Roddy would slide into the slot where he could terrorize smaller CBs with his size, quickness, and adept route running skills to get open at will just like Reggie Wayne did last year en route to a comeback amazing season. This would also open things up for Tony Gonzalez who the defense would be forced to cover with a LB. If they covered TG with a safety, that would leave either Josh Gordon or Roddy White in true single coverage assuming a safety is sliding over the top of Julio Jones. Once Steven Jackson comes back healthy, or if J-Quizz or Snelling really gets rolling, he would then have a supremely light box to run against or to catch screens or swing passes and then run against. And don't forget that adding Joshy means we get to trade Harry to the Browns! Yes, the same Harry that all of you crazy people stick up for every year and say "this is the year he breaks out!!!" while ignoring that he is in his f*cking 30s now. All Harry has ever done is actually cost us victories. He basically, by himself, took a W out of the Win column last week and muffed it into an L. Sweet. At the end of the day, since we have that $8 mil in cap room and since Matt Ryan would at this point put some money back on the table to add help in protection (if he gets hurt because our line sucks, his contract isn't worth sh*t in the long haul) and to get our defense better so we can actually go somewhere in the post season, we would be able to trade for any of these guys. But with our SB window closing rapidly, a major trade would both be bold and make sense.
  18. This is definitely part of the reason and it is the truth. Mike Smith is a good coach -- the players love him, and with that love they would do anything for him. That's rare in professional sports, but over the years here he has really built up a special rapport with the Falcons' players. That being said, Mike Smith is a below average strategist. He may have been a good position coach in Baltimore (unfair as he was the LB coach in the heyday of Ray Lewis, Peter Boulware, Adalius Thomas, etc.), and he may have been a pretty decent coordinator in Jacksonville (he had an amazing huge DT duo in John Henderson and Marcus Stroud which anchored that defense. Smith has zero right to have any input on offensive decisions, and when he gets involved with calling plays on O or floating ideas on 3rd downs it's usually a disaster. With a coach like Mike Smith, you need to have GREAT coordinators and you need to let them do their jobs. We have a good but not great DC in Mike Nolan (I'm a big Nolan fan, but if you can admit like I have that Rob Ryan has done a REMARKABLE job with what was very recently an embarrassingly bad defense in NOLA and still has poor talent, then you should be able to objectively admit that with good individual talent Mike Nolan has only been okay as a D Coordinator. If we had Rob Ryan dialing up pressure packages and motivating our players, perhaps we'd be 3-0 as we wouldn't be in nail-biters against the Saints or Dolphins. It's not like we're a crap 1-2 team....we are one drive (heck, a few plays!) in each game from being 3-0 much like the Patriots are with a gross win over the Jets and barely squeaking one out over the Bills. On top of our coaches not maximizing our talent, we also have average talent. If you simply take Sean Weatherspoon, our one dynamo defender, we have an abundantly average defense. That isn't saying they are bad, so don't go running for your pitch fork. Average means if you take all 32 NFL teams starting lineups, and so you take 64 defensive tackles, or 64 cornerbacks, or 32 strong safeties, or 32 strongside DE's, all of ours guys with the exception of 1 or 2 would fall right in that 15-25 range in the 32 grouping. Asante, Osi, Babs aren't what they used to be. Once guys who were Top 10 are now maybe at 20. Asante is below 20 for certain at CB, Babs may be right around 20 at 4-3 DT, but if you include 3-4 DEs and how they would fare as a 4-3 DT (like Mo Wilkerson, JJ Watt, Cam Jordan, and those are just the Top 3. There are multiple tiers of players who would probably be better like Marcell Dareus, etc.). Osi is nowhere near what he once was and that is evident on film. Yes he got a lucky pick 6, and he just got his first sack in Game 3 (on pace for 5 sacks). Our LBs are GARBAGE sans-Spoon. Dent is atrocious, and what's worse is that he is better than Stephen Nicholas. I used to like Stephen Nicholas when he came out of USF but OH. My. Lord. who is this guy on the field?? It's scary how slow and out of place he looks. This is a scenario in which he has built up too much love from Mike Smith and TD so he is still on the field, let alone on the team. Bartu deserves to be on the field and given a chance to grow over a has been like Nicholas who has been routinely torched in pass coverage. Corey Peters is the definition of average, making Peria Jerry below average. I swear to god if we pull a Sam Baker with Peria Jerry so TD can pretend like his 1st round draft pick worked out and we re-sign him after a year in which he stayed healthy (contract year, ding ding ding!) and played better than expectations..........I don't know what I'll do, but I may send hate mail to TD. That doesn't even do it justice. I'll kick him in the face with my high school football cleats. Yeah. Trufant has potential, but he's been inconsistent. He looks great at times, good at other times, average most often (expected of a late 1st round rookie who is starting), and also has some WTF moments where you think: why...but, WHY?!??! Moore has good moments and other moments where he is roasted in coverage. That is the definition of average. For FS standards, DeCoud is below average. But with free safety being pretty weak in the NFL right now, I guess you could call him average by definition.
  19. If you don't like reading long, thought out developed posts just read what is in blue: This is always really going to bother me unless we win a Superbowl with Desmond Trufant as a starting CB and he is a positive contributor to the victory. I had Xavier Rhodes as the better prospect by a mile to Desmond -- he is much bigger in a game today when the average WR height is growing by full inches up to what seems like 6'2, he is faster and has equal if not better recovery speed on the deep ball, he is stronger versus the run, and he has better pure man cover skills. We took Desmond Trufant because we botched the chance to sign Keenan Lewis who was our #1 CB target and we didn't convince him to sign here, instead losing him to New Orleans (this is not a well kept secret) and wanted someone who could start Day 1 at outside CB opposite Asante Samuel. We arbitrarily bumped Trufant up the rankings because he had two brothers in the NFL --- something that Coach Smith and Dimitroff have mentioned as their main supporting argument about 1,000 times already and it just became only August --- so he's been around the league and he'd transition better than others. By all objective accounts, Trufant has been "ok" at best in camp, not standing out, yet to pick off a pass, and not really getting a handle on the starting job or distancing himself from 2nd round CB Robert Alford, who was pegged as majorly raw and someone who wouldn't contribute as a rookie but has great athleticism -- so you know this isn't really great for us right now. On the other hand, Xavier Rhodes has arguably been the MVP of Minnesota's offseason activities showing his rare man coverage skills and physicality by shutting down WRs in training camp drills that are heavily tilted toward offensive success. From Rotoworld: Trufant doesn't have soft hands, although he did breakup a fair amount of passes in coverage because he has solid instincts. His short area quickness is probably a little better than Rhodes, but that is more important for an interior slot CB and we took Trufant in the 1st round to play on the outside where he needs to keep WRs in front of him and stay with them down the sideline in a straight line. Rhodes was born, and is built, to play this position and I thought he was an ideal prospect for Mike Nolan's aggressive scheme that would be best with big, strong CBs like Rhodes or a guy like Vontae Davis that we could have traded for. Hopefully Trufant progresses during his rookie year and becomes a very good starting CB by playoff time, but I am 99.5% positive that Xavier Rhodes will have a significantly better career than Trufant and will consistently beat him out in Pro Bowl voting, etc. He reminds me a ton of Stephon Gilmore who I loved last year and felt like he was the best pure man cover CB and he is also on his way to solidifying a spot among the Top 10 CBs in the entire NFL and in a few years could be in the Top 5 with guys like Jon Joseph, Brandon Browner (if you include him at all), Leon Hall (again if you include him), Brandon Flowers (will be 30 in 3 seasons), and even Revis (will be 31 in 3 seasons) on the decline. I think the same of Rhodes, who will match up against Jordy Nelson, Brandon Marshall, and Calvin Johnson 2x a year and while he may get beat at first (I think he may have the hardest WR division gauntlet in the entire NFL as a #1 shadow CB**) because he's a rookie, in a few seasons he could be consistently stopping these guys with his 4.4 flat speed, 6'2 frame, and strength and ability. **Revis: Julio Jones, Steve Smith, Marques Colston **Rhodes: Calvin Johnson (superior to Julio), Brandon Marshall (superior to Steve Smith at this point), Jordy Nelson (superior to Colston) Either way those two will have the toughest time for the next 3-4 years against these #1 WRs but I respect them a ton for that. Meanwhile Joe Haden is going to earn a Revis-esque rep because of the hype around him, but he'll be going up against AJ Green, Torrey Smith, Antonio Brown. Green is obviously a tough matchup, and Smith is improving but about 500 pegs below Marshall and 250 pegs below Steve Smith, and Antonio Brown shouldn't be in this discussion with these names. Stephon Gilmore has the easiest path to becoming a Top 5 CB over the next 5 years because his division match ups are Danny Amendola, Stephen Hill (Santonio will be gone), and Mike Wallace (only dangerous on vertical routes). Anyway my point is, Trufant needs to directly help us win a Super Bowl or else I'll always think this was a major mistake. Even if he comes solid and goes to a Pro Bowl once or twice, I think Rhodes will become a true shut down #1 boundary CB and the kind of player that would have been able to really slow down Vincent Jackson, Steve Smith, and Marques Colston and in the playoffs then you're talking about removing Michael Crabtree from the game entirely with his physicality, and same for Sidney Rice as we'd put Alford's athleticism on Percy Harvin. If the Cowboys ever come around, he'd be a guy we could stick on Dez Bryant and not worry. Same with the Lions and Calvin, or at least I'd be confident with Xavier getting physical with him at the LOS and having DeCoud over the top. I don't have confidence in putting Trufant on Calvin and having him try to jam him because he'll just get beat, or have him run with him because I also think he doesn't have elite long speed while Calvin and Xavier do. This is a situation where I really, really hope I am wrong. But I am very rarely this convinced about certain things, and it hasn't happened when I am this convinced that I have been wrong over the last 5 years or so that I've followed the draft and college football like it were the first few years of my own new born baby and I was a stay at home obsessive father (hypothetical). I was convinced Gronk would be a stud in the NFL after his junior year at University of Arizona after extensive film study, and how badly I wanted to take him and was pissed we traded for Tony G instead basically with the pick we could have used to get Gronk (he went less than 10 picks before our 2nd rounder, so add in our 4th and we could jump up to nab him). I've come around to the Tony G trade obviously, but I still think if knowing what we know now about Gronk's ability in the league that we should have gotten him as a rookie instead of trading for Tony G who would be year to year until this year. Maybe we would have gone to the SB last year if we had Gronk in the red zone vs. San Fran (who knows, too vague) but honestly I'd be SO excited about our future and Matt's ascension to the top QB in the league if his top 2 targets for a decade were Julio at WR and Gronk at TE. Think about that. We could have had that, and Dimitroff went with Tony G instead. I just hope we win one with (and for) Tony Gonzalez this year, and also that Trufant is a major contributor in our SB winning season and in the game. I'm not saying Desmond Trufant doesn't have talent -- he is certainly a talented DB. But if Xavier Rhodes last name was Trufant so he was Xavier Trufant, and everything about each of their games was the same and Desmond was now Desmond Rhodes, we would have 100% traded up for Xavier Trufant because we were obsessed with the fact that he grew up around two brothers who were in the NFL so he was "NFL ready" from a maturity perspective. It's not like Xavier Rhodes has ever had an off field issue or isn't mature, we just loved him in the interview process so much because he could talk about his brothers and how they've mentored him.......it's just a mistake IMO. Kind of like when you draft for need over talent. We went with a less talented CB because of who his brothers were instead of going by film, ability, and our scheme. Right now we have an aging outside CB in Asante Samuel who's at the end of the line, and IMO 3 slot CBs in the Trufant, Alford, and McClain. One of them (Trufant) will have to step up on the outside and no one has stepped up yet. Case in point (http://blog.atlantafalcons.com/jayadams/2013/08/01/alford-trufant-battle-continues-to-heat-up/):
  20. Assessment ratings: Correct = Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, Harry Douglas, Garrett Reynolds, Kroy Biermann, Robert McClain, Thomas DeCoud, Jon Babineaux (projecting a slight step back from a player on a slow downward path with another year on him), and Osi Umenyiora (when healthy, he is better than this -- I have a feeling that he will be very good this year playing on turf for a team that will have to play a ton with the lead against the pass and getting a full complement of snaps as opposed to only a handful behind JPP and Tuck. His stats were down because his playing time was drastically down, and he wasn't even really used a pass rush specialist so he wasn't put in a great position to get sacks. He still has double digit sack ability in him, and he'll be given the snaps to get that done. Plus he's motivated to shut the NY media up about being washed up, which he isn't. I just hope we get him a legit running mate otherwise he'll get doubled like Abe and he isn't nearly as explosive as Abe, just younger and more consistent.....hoping we actually get Abe to finally relent and be the DE opposite him strictly on pass rushing downs. Would be awesome.) Too low = Julio Jones (technically they are correct on this one, but on talent he is a true blue chip player. With the ball in his hands he is one of the most unstoppable forces in the league and he showed better hands on contested deep balls last year then I honestly thought we'd ever see out of him in his career. It appears there is more natural receiver in him than meets the eye, as he was pegged as just a physical freak and great football player as opposed to great receiver -- there is a difference [the crux of the whole AJ Green vs. Julio debate is where it rears its head]. If he is healthy all year and Coach Smith doesn't revert back to his old ways of Smashing the rock when he realizes how awesome S-Jax is vs. a weak box and what an upgrade we have at RB over old Turner.....then Julio will smash through the Elite threshold and be considered a true top 5 WR in the entire league with Megatron, Fitz (bounce back year coming with Carson "Lock on #1 Target All Game, especially in losing Blow Outs" Palmer), AJ Green, and Dez. Steven Jackson (this may be the most insulting one yet. Just above average? Look, I get it -- he has trouble staying healthy at times and he didn't look great last year despite carrying an offense without a single weapon on it, against defenses sending every single man crashing down into the box daring the Rams to try to beat them with a combination of Sam Bradford deep to Chris Givens or Brian Quick. And Jackson still had remarkable games last year. People will point to well, AP had the same deal and he did much better. AP is AP, currently in his prime, with the best lead blocking FB in the league in Jerome Felton, he had Percy Harvin for a good chunk of the time, had Kyle Rudolph is a stud TE who could block but also be a receiving weapon, and their O-Line is very good on top of that with some of the best run blocker in the NFL too in Phil Loadholt. The Rams had the worst offensive line, no lead blocking FB, and no WR or TE weapon. The Rams were even more the St. Louis Jacksons than the Vikings were the Minnesota Petersons. Yes, he is on the right side of his prime, but he's never played against a weak box in his career. He is still an elite talent and thety didn't even give him 'High Quality'. If Tony Gonzalez in his late 30s can still get the 'Elite' tag because Coach Smith and Koetter know exactly how to use him and to keep him fresh, after this season S-Jax will once again have the 'Elite' tag attached to his name. The Falcons don't have the putrid offense the Rams have such that defenses can send their FS deep and 10 men into the box to stop him. The secondary and both safeties will have to be worrying about covering Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez. Not only will they fail with that, and at times have to assign a coverage linebacker over Tony G. so the safeties can each go high over Julio and Roddy, or one double up Julio and then send one into a Cover 1 into the middle of the field ---- which leaves SJax with one LB covering him, but also in a run or a sweep the safeties will be nowhere near the line of scrimmage. And he will get screen passes which he was such a dynamo in STL with, and he will break tackles in the open field and have great space to make plays. I am really excited for SJax's upcoming season even if he only gets the ball 20 times a game - 15 carries and 5 catches or so. It isn't about making the Pro Bowl for him, it's about being fresh in the playoffs and leading a charge to the Super Bowl for us. If he is a fresh RB in the playoffs and we have homefield advantage again with even more veteran Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, and Steven Jackson and hopefully our O-Line is gelling and effective, and our pass rush has come together and Trufant is a solid vet by then.....this could be the year. Justin Blalock (the guy has been a model of consistency since we drafted him at LG and there's a reason we've had 1,000 yard rushers always even with a shmoof of a RB like broken down Turner of last season). Peter Konz (the kid was a fish out of water making the jump from college Big Ten where Wisconsin bulldozes everyone on the ground and switching positions from the more finesse Center spot to a more mauling Guard spot. It's no surprise he flopped as a Guard, but it was out of necessity. He wins with his head and proper technique, he can call out the players on the move and get the line lined up perfectly, snap it, get in the right spot, and hold his block. He's a natural center, and he will be much better than 'Poor' this year. Not saying he'll be a revelation (maybe in Year 4 after the game slows down, we finally get our line set permanently with a permanent fixture at LT, a new long-term running mates at LG and RG, etc. But he'll be good. Just wait.) Asante Samuel (I think they are projecting further decline, but Asante's decline is 90% media hype because of what Andy Reid and Philly said before shipping him out and only 10% of him getting older. He's always been a make a play or get burned guy, and sure he's lost maybe one full step from his prime. But he still made a ton of plays for us last year, and was only exposed when our total lack of pass rush in the playoffs allowed good quarterbacks who could also extend plays with their feet [Russ Wilson, Colin Kaepernick] to shred our entire passing D. If Osi is healthy, Goodman is a surprise as a rookie, Maponga can find his pre-injury TCU form, Biermann takes a step forward as a veteran but also more importantly in an off-the-bench 110% energy and hustle role which was always his ideal role, and if we can bring Abe back or bring on Seymour to help collapse the pocket from the inside with Babs to give the DEs winnable one-on-ones.....QBs will have less time and a muddled pocket and our secondary will get a boost. To call Asante Samuel average, and not even above average, is a f*cking insult. There are 64 starting CBs in the NFL in a traditional 2 CB defense. Average means he is not in the Top 30. That is BS.) William Moore (he also kind of falls in the technically true category with Julio, but only because he hasn't been able to consistently stay on the field. He showed last season as a young vet with the game slowing down for him that he was capable of making plays -- multiple impact plays in fact -- game after game. I'm less of a DeCoud fan than most, and I think the average moniker is pretty accurate in terms of his natural talent [not great] and how he consistently is out of position and gets beat because of it [watch the playoff rewinds]. If we had a free safety that was in the right position and prevented deep balls from being thrown because of it, or the QB had to keep track of him at all times and thus slow him down just a little, or that roamed center field so well that it allowed Willy Mo to play up in the box more often as an aggresor and blitz....he'd be in High Quality already and bordering on Blue Chip. His ball skills are Top 5 for a safety in the NFL, below Ed Reed and Jairus Byrd and Eric Berry and Polamalu [dk if Troy still has better ball skills at this point tbh], but I can't think of a 5th safety that would push him out of the Top 5 except for maybe Dashon Goldson...but I think then Goldson is #4, Willy is #5, and Troy at this point is #6. I know we talk up how important chemistry is, and it certainly is, but man I would love to see us trade DeCoud and a future conditional pick for Jairus Byrd and either Brad Smith who they're going to cut to save $2 mil but is a true special teams ace, a solid #4 WR, and a specialty tool when used well like when he was on the Jets as a wildcat QB, Antwan Randle-El kind of guy. Byrd is a special center fielder and was the lone bright spot at times for Buffalo picking off passes like a man amongst boys. Anyway, we'll see what Willy Mo has in store for us this year). Stephen Nicholas (ouch. What a fall for the man the beat writers used to love when he was a mysterious young Falcon who played the Elephant rush position at USF. I agree he has certainly fallen off a TON over the last few years and people on these boards somehow overlook it. He went from being an under-the-radar solid LB who was our best cover LB until we got Spoon to fans here demanding that it was still the case even up through last season despite him getting toasted in coverage and beat to the corner by RBs. As a base LB he still brings it though, so to call him 'Poor' is not correct. He is a Poor 3rd down LB, which is what he used to be solid at, so I think people seeing him on national TV getting roasted in those spots consistently [he was one of the main culprits in the 49ers playoff game fiasco] led to this rating. In reality, he is a below average LB now and will trend to Poor over this next season. We will need a replacement next year and will not be surprised at all if we come out of that draft with Alabama OLB CJ Mosley or some other studly 1st round do-it-all LB but he is easily the best LB prospect to come out since Pat Willis as a great athlete and all-around playmaker.....but he doesn't run in the 4.3s so hopefully he falls to the late 1st) Too high: Sam Baker (where has this notion that Sam Baker is a 'good' OT come from?! I demand to know. Again, Above average means that Sam Baker is a Top 15 left tackle in the NFL and there is just no way in **** that that is true. Our passing attack was good last year, and Baker stayed healthy in a contract year, so people want to call him good now. Too bad they didn't watch the tape and see that we had to use quick drops to avoid sacks from Baker's side and Matt rarely ever used a 5 or 7 step drop all season. 3 step drop, get the ball out quick. Or drop and roll to the right away from Baker's side. When he played a crappy DE, he was fine. When he played a good pass rusher (watch: 49ers game) he got destroyed. He can't handle power AT. ALL. He just gets bulldozed. He is okay-ish wish finesse guys because he himself is a finesse guy. It's like two girls who like to slap fight. You can hold each other off without hurting each other for 5 seconds until someone comes and pulls one of you off the other [or in this case until the whistle is blown or the ball comes out] because you're both slapping and no one is going for the jugular. Aldon Smith on the other hand would come right at Baker and send him onto his behind en route to a sack of Matt Ryan. The Baker deal was really a 2 year extension a team option for years 3-5. My guess is that his severe back issues flare up again within the next 2 seasons and by Year 3 we have either groomed Lamar Holmes sufficiently for the left tackle job or we have brought in a free agent or used a Top pick not next season (remember, stud LB in the 1st) but the season after on a left tackle). Peria Jerry (average? Jelly? Since when?! I am curious to know what individual exactly has come up with these rankings. My money is on an Ole Miss alum because Peria Jerry is as big of a bust as we've had in these parts. He can't penetrate, he can't stop the run, and he can barely get on the field at times. Calling him average is an insult to many DTs in the NFL who are much better than him and are getting lumped in the same group or worse, below Jelly Belly Busterson). Too Early To Tell: Lamar Holmes (He has a lot of natural ability is an offensive tackle, but no one has even seen him play. They may as well have color his box white like Trufant's because for playing time purposes he is really a rookie who took a redshirt year last year. He got knocked off track by a foot injury and never regained a spot in the rotation. I think in our pass-first offense that will use screens and inside runs to keep the opposing defensive line from just teeing off and getting after the QB, that our OTs will have it relatively "easy" with blocking their men on the edge vs. other teams with how we scheme. I also think a fully motivated Holmes who is as athletic as he is will thrive in this system and not being a rookie anymore will also help him. Whether he does or doesn't is yet to be determined, but I definitely think there is no basis for the below average rating. For all they know he could step in Day 1 like Joe Thomas.
  21. A good ol' fashioned message board argument that turns into making fun of the other's intelligence and it doesn't involve me? My god I've seen it all. This is kind of like hearing stock tips from your barber......if it's gotten that far, it's time to move along.
  22. I liked some other DTs better in the draft obviously, and one in FA that the Broncos got (Knighton), but Seymour perfectly fits what we're looking to do right now although just puts off another need for the future. He would bring instant credibility to the interior of our D-Line if we get "good Seymour" -- the run stopper who can also collapse the pocket next to Babs. "Good Seymour" is also a strong leader and will positively impact the energy of every defender around him. He's a guy like Asante who has been to the promised land and brings a certain earned swagger that our D-Line needs. Asante's swag helped transform our secondary into one of the top performing units in the NFL when they were "on". Our D-Line has been mightily inconsistent, half due to because we've only ever had 1 DE and 1 DT and when an OL focuses on them two the other DT or DE can't do anything to make them pay (see: Ray Edwards/Kroy Biermann and Corey Peters/Peria Jerry). Now we've drafted Maponga and Goodman this year, taking a shot in the dark in the mid-late draft rounds at getting a DE to put opposite Abe Osi and if we get Seymour then teams will have to contend seriously with both Babs and Seymour on the inside. If they double Babs, Seymour will have a one on one that he should be able to win 80 out of 100 times (if we get "good Seymour"). If they double Seymour, Babs will have a big time bounce back year. If we get "bad" Seymour, who is the guy that was in Oakland last year and had people saying he should have been cut.....then we screwed up big time by getting him and actually made our team and locker room worse and could cut him just like Ray. There's a history of good players going to Oakland in trades (Randy Moss) or coming out of Oakland and becoming key players on championship teams (Charles Woodson), so if we land him we can hope for that. The main issue will be on the outside, as Osi will handle the important weakside DE spot. On the strongside, I think Goodman is a step-in starter because he is strong versus the run and his base and long arms will allow him to be an effective base 4-3 LDE --- in this respect he will be a clone of Ray Edwards with some potential as a pass rusher by his 3rd year because he currently has no moves. The pass rushing role opposite Osi is still what will be a big question mark, and hopefully we can either get a brand new Jon Massaquioa in his 2nd year better than ever or a fully healthy Stansly Maponga to surprise as a situational pass rusher. Yes we still have Kroy to come in as a situational rusher which is his ideal role and perhaps this lesser role will allow him to get 60% of the total snaps while Goodman gets 40% as a "starter" and can have a big year in a Paul Kruger-esque strong-side pass rushing-only role. Perhaps the reduced snaps will help bring Kroy to his potential that we've all patiently been waiting for. If he doesn't step up this year, then we know he's plateau'd and we can either try to move him in a trade to a pass rush needy team, or we just know we have a 6 sack a year guy who can be moved around like a Rob Ninkovich on the Pats from last year. A- may be a little bit of a reach since our biggest OL need from last year hasn't been addressed in a way that would earn a GM a grade in the A-range IMO. We are betting on what we have, and that a healthy Garret Reynolds can be a good right guard. I like moving Holmes to RT and I think he can be very good. I really didn't like the Baker re-signing until realizing that the number dictate a low cost 2 year deal and then an expensive 3 year team option -- so we can basically opt out for low cost after his second year and upgrade. My big problem with that is our ideal title window given our big time players is over the next 2 years, and we are entrusting Baker to protect Matt's blindside in big spots. Baker was okay vs. bad RDEs, and humiliated vs. good DEs all year, and it was evident in playoffs when he had to play against good DEs both weeks. He was destroyed in those ferocious comebacks by the Seahawks and 49ers, and I don't think he will ever be better than he currently is -- and this was during his only healthy year as a Falcon. If he picks up an injury like he is known to, then we're screwed and it isn't just a horrible financial decision -- it's a horrible football decision. I'd have preferred to have asked Clabo to take a big paycut like Dallas did with Doug Free, or kept him anyway and instead of replacing Clabo with Holmes, we should have replaced Baker with Holmes. Holmes is more athletic than both, and in our offense he could have been a heck of a LT. That decision prevents me from giving anything above a B+. On moves alone, the SJax signing is an A++. I think he could have a monster year if he stays healthy. I'm talking old school SJax, but with the weakest boxes he has seen in his life because D-Coordinators need to respect Matt Ryan, and then specifically need to pay attention to Julio Jones, and Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez. I wish we got a dynamite slot WR so that he would also need to be focused on, like Stedman Bailey or my personal favorite Josh Boyce who I think is going to become a star in New England in time. If Amendola gets hurt, Boyce should emerge this season as a stud in the slot and also on the outside with his legit low 4.3 speed and RB-like moves and agility. I heard from a reliable source that if Milliner fell just a little more in the draft we would have moved up for him, but the Jets took him at #9. I personally liked Xavier Rhodes more than Desmond Trufant and while I think Trufant will have a stronger rookie year because he is twice as pro ready as Rhodes, in 3 years Rhodes will be a much better CB and we'll be unhappy with TD. Unfortunately, because we missed out on Keenan Lewis at CB who was a big (but quiet) FA target of ours to the Saints, we had to come out of the draft with a Day 1 starter at CB. Because of that we had no choice but to take Milliner or Trufant in this draft. Milliner didn't fall to our target trade, so we made the Plan B trade for Trufant. Hopefully Trufant proves me wrong, I'd like nothing more, but nothing I have seen in film suggests that to me when comparing him to Milliner or Rhodes. Also, if we had gotten Keenan Lewis we could have either A] taken Sharrif Floyd at our trade up spot and have gotten a potential stud DT to put next to Babs right away but also to reprise his role for the next 12 years. If Floyd becomes the next Kevin Williams or Jon Babineaux (Babs has been underappreciated in the media but his stats are phenomenal) and Trufant becomes just another CB like Chris Houston or Eric Wright......then TD really messed. B] we could have gotten Trufant anyway and had Keenan Lewis and Asante Samuel to start on the outside and Trufant to learn by first playing in the slot and then playing on the outside. Better yet, we could have taken the higher upside CB in Rhodes who could have come in for 3 CB sets and pushed Asante into the slot, or Lewis could have played in the slot. C] We could have targeted TE Tyler Eifert and traded up for him instead with CB not as much of a need. Eifert and TG in the TE and slot with Julio and Roddy at WR with SJax in the backfield.....that is insane. Matt could have pushed for 5,500 yards this year in the air unless SJax rips off a 2,000 yard season vs. all of those empty boxes in the Dome. Or scenario D] We stay put, don't give up a 3rd round pick, let Rhodes fall to us since the Vikings take Trufant...or perhaps they take Rhodes over him and we still get Trufant, and since we have 3 CBs we can use our 2nd round pick on Eddy Lacy to be our future SJax, or any stud player, and also have a 3rd round pick to use on a number of highly talented guys -- perhaps a RG or a DT. Because it isn't talked about many people don't realize we really wanted to land CB Keenan Lewis, who was a free agent from the Steelers. We offered him a similar deal to what he took for the Saints, he just didn't want to become a Falcon for his own reasons -- I think from what I heard he/his posse just didnt like the team and wouldn't sign here. It made a ton of sense to go after a CB about to enter his prime who could start, because it would have meant we didn't have to get a CB in the 1st round who had to be a Day 1 starter. That really limited our draft plan. If we got Lewis, we could have done a number of things and truly went BPA and also not given up a 3rd round pick where the sweet spot of this draft was. We could have landed a great TE prospect like Dion Sims, a strong RB change-up guy like Barner who is now a Panthers, or a personal favorite DT in Montori Hughes who could have been a 3-4 NT for us or a talented 4-3 NT like Knighton when he is "on". This also prevents me from giving any higher than a B+. The upside is --- if Trufant becomes a stud for us (pleeeease Lord) and Alford becomes the next Brent Grimes because he is a true physical freakazoid (people use that term too losely, but Alford is a stud athlete) and they grow together with McClain in the slot like, then I like the upside of our secondary. I think Alford is best suited for the nickel position, so it's possible we could look to let McClain walk as a free agent to land a 3rd or 4th round comp pick eventually, and then land a stud outside CB in FA or the draft and have Trufant, Stud X, and Alford in the slot. That is a promising idea. For DE, we have been taking a Powerball approach by signing FAs with question marks but "potential" and drafting DEs in the mid and late rounds. We bought a ticket for $1 and won $100 with Kroy Biermann, but don't mistake him for a huge prize and especially not the Powerball jackpot. We busted entirely on Ray Edwards, and we bought $200 worth of tickets for that drawing. We also (not TD) used $100 worth of tickets on Jamaal Anderson and got nothing. And we didn't win anything on Cliff Matthews and he seems to maybe be on the roster bubble at this point, don't seem to be winning anything with Jon Mass, and have just bought two more Powerball tickets with Goodman and Maponga. Maponga is an actual shot for the jackpot, while Goodman seems like we will probably win $20-$100, the lower side if he is just a base 4-3 LDE and decent vs. the run with no pass rush ability, and the $100 if he develops some pass rush moves and can give us 8 sacks or so a year while being strong versus the run. IF we extend Matt after the post-June 1 cut period and end up saving a good deal of money in the process, and we got Seymour under contract and also Abe under contract after he goes another month without a suitor ---- then I will give an A- only because, despite everything else, our playoff D-Line (if fully healthy) is bookend pass rushing veteran DEs John Abraham and Osi Umenyiora and solid vs. the run but great vs. the pass DTs Jon Babineaux and Richard Seymour With our secondary behind them of Trufant, Asante, Alford, McClain, Moore, and DeCoud and our two LBs of Spoon and Banks or Nicholas --- I really like our pass rush/pass coverage playoff defense bordering on love. With subs behind them of first X-factor Kroy Biermann as a blitzing 4-3 SLB, rover, and 4-3 DE sub, and then DEs Goodman and Maponga and DT Corey Peters and potential UDFA steal Adam Replogle as an undersized 4-3 DT, and then either LB Akeem Dent or Brian Banks of who doesn't win the 4-3 MLB job....our defense could be deep, talented, and a great blend of veteran leadership and championship desire and highly athletic youths with great speed.
  23. Quentin Sims has a ton of talent. He's a natural wide receiver who played some basketball too. Great hands, great body control to twist and contort himself in the air to make a tremendous grab of a poorly thrown ball -- he has those skills that guys like AJ Green and Dez Bryant do so effortlessly. He is inconsistent, doesn't run routes, has mental lapses, and his ability to pick up a playbook are in question. These are why he fell out of the draft, and also because of the level of competition. I'm really excited about him because he's the perfect prospects for the Falcons to develop at the WR position. He has prototype possession WR size at 6'3 210 lbs (think Brandon Marshall but a single inch shorter) and great athletic ability to go with great hands. We need to teach him how to run routes, run them crisply and run them consistently without having to think about it that will be the #1 hurdle before he can get on the field. If we can ever get him to that point, then we need to give him some specific packages if he shows well in practice and then begin hammering down the playbook so he knows every play and which route he needs to run. If we can combine an ability to fully digest the playbook so he didn't have to think about it anymore with the ability to run the full route tree crisply --- we could have a sleeper star on our hands. Sims has all the talent, we just need to equip him to use it. He had over 1,000 yards on the season as a senior and he had at least 1 touchdown in every single game finishing the season with 16.
  24. IF we are a] unafraid of letting the young slot WR guys we have take on HD's minimal playing time and are confident with one or more of Drew Davis, Darius Johnson, Rashad Evans, Quentin Sims. More importantly for this scenario, b] if we are unafraid of playing against Harry Douglas in a meaningful game. Seeing as how he has come up short for us in the playoffs (and regular season...and always) and never does anything once he has the ball in his hands, it may actually be a genius arbitrage strategy to trade him for nothing to the 49ers (call it Lattimore so we have a stowaway talent at RB) and then to get the ball out of the hands of guys like Michael Crabtree (in the future), Anquan Boldin, Vernon Davis, LaMichael James, Frank Gore, Vance McDonald, etc. All of those guys are studs after the catch (projecting for Vance after watching his college tape) while HD is an after-catch dud......
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