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  1. Hartsock LOL? Really? Hartsock is terrible dude. He's a 6th OL basically. He's so up athletic.....he's like a #3 TE at best even on a team without a TE. Yea, he can be a role player and blocker only. He can't catch either. He can barely run. Thanks man. I do believe that the draft is very important but we can have $30 mil in cap space and there are some great free agents for us to get. These trades can fill some skill player needs on rookie deals still, leaving the cap space to go out and get OL, DL, and other guys. Murray gets injured less than SJax, and just was healthy for a full season. Possible that the injuries are behind him. Cook didn't disappear --- Schotty Jr is a horrible OC and aside from Week 1 he didn't dial him up in the passing game. He cared more about spreading the ball around and getting rookie Tavon Austin involved. Did you read what I said? Coples is strictly a 4-3 defender --- that's the whole point of why the Jets would trade him to get better 3-4 players. They can draft 3-4 OLBs Khalil Mack or Anthony Barr at #6, or sign OLB Brian Orakpo and use Coples to move up to get WR Sammy Watkins. At #18 we can take the best TE (Ebron or Seferian-Jenkins) or the best DT (Nix III, Jernigan, Donald). Coples is a lot like Babineaux but more on the DE side if the spectrum. He is a perfect base 4-3 LDE at 6'6 280 to stop the run and also get after the QB. On obvious passing downs, a Coples would move inside to DT and rush next to Babineaux while Orakpo/Hardy/Johnson or Clowney and Osi rushed from DE. He earned his reputation as an All-American and future 1st round pick as a Defensive Tackle at UNC not a DE. And Shredman --- if you read what I said, the reason Murray would be available is because Jerry Jones LOVES Darren McFadden and would trade Murray to fill other needs so that he could sign McFadden who starred at his Alma Mater: Arkansas. There were rumors in season that the Cowboys might trade DeMarco to a RB-needy team like the Browns traded Trent Richardson, but it never happened because they were in the playoff hunt and they didn't have anyone to replace him. If you don't understand how much Jerry Jones loves Darren McFadden go do some research then come back to this thread.
  2. Just for clarity quickly, I'm not saying that Dimitroff should make all 3 trades --- rather that with out roster needs and situations around the league, there are some talented (and cost-effective) players that will be on the trade block that make a lot of sense for the Falcons. If the Falcons fill one or some needs through trade, it will allow our focus in free agency to be more narrow and possibly more successful. 1) Dallas Cowboys' RB DeMarco Murray 2014 salary: $755,469 Despite leading the NFL in yards per carry in 2013 for RBs who handled over 200 carries (5.17 ypc) and staying mostly healthy for the first time, ESPN Dallas doesn't believe Murray will receive a contract extension. Furthermore, you just know that Jerry Jones would like nothing more than to go out and sign his beloved former Razorback who he desperately tried to trade up for years ago: Darren McFadden. The only thing in Jerry's way is his people reminding him it would be a poor use of funds with Murray on the team. Someone can help Jerry get out of his own way by trading for DeMarco Murray so the Cowboys can get Darren McFadden. DeMarco is going to turn 26 next week, and I believe that he would be the #1 free agent RB over Chris Johnson (release), Darren McFadden, and Knowshon Moreno. He can catch and his upright, physical running style makes him in many ways Adrian Peterson junior. He has taken over games, and his health and coaching (Jason Garrett inexplicably doesn't feature him) are the only things keeping him from multiple Pro Bowls. Adding 26 year old DeMarco Murray could do for our offense what adding Michael Turner way back when did. Yes we can sign Chris Johnson or Darren McFadden, but this is another option. Murray will cost less than $1 million in 2014, so why I like this most is because it will save money for other free agents and we can deal with either extending Murray next offseason or letting him walk & collecting a compensatory pick while using a draft pick on one of the 2025 draft's star RBs: UGA's Todd Gurley, Bama's TJ Yeldon, or Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon. Depending on how badly Jerry wants McFadden, the trade might just cost FS Thomas DeCoud in which case it's a no brainier for us as long as we can sign Jairus Byrd or TJ Ward. 2) St. Louis Rams' TE Jared Cook 2014 salary: $3 million base ($3 million March roster bonus) While $6 million seems like a lot at first, the cost is really only $3 million I believe because his 2013 and 2014 base salaries were part of the $19 million guaranteed Cook received from the Rams when signing his deal. At $3 mil Jared a Cook is a steal, but even at $6 mil he is still cheaper than Tony Gonzalez was last year and will be much more effective while adding a seam stretching element to our passing offense. I have personally spoken with Jared Cook and I know he wants out of St Louis. He signed there under the promise of being a featured weapon, and after his 131 yard, 2 TD game in Week 1 when Sam Bradford was laughing saying he doesn't understand why Tennessee wasn't featuring Cook every week --- we'll, he was happy. That was by far Cook's best game as a Ram though, as Brian Schottenheimer became more focused on featuring Tavon Austin as people were saying the #9 pick was a wasted selection, as well as Zac Stacy. Inexplicably the Rams began using Lance Kendricks more at TE, and Cook became the #2 TE over the second half of the season. Perhaps it was because Kendricks is a more developed blocker for Stacy, but Kendricks had more receiving yards and TDs in the second half of the season ....... a real puzzler. Not sure what it will cost to get Cook, might not cost much at all if they want to get out of the contract. I think it's very possible that we can get Jared Cook as part of a trade up to the #2 selection for Clowney if we include our 2015 #1 pick --- which IMO is worth it just to get Clowney so it's definitely worth it to also get Cook. His 2015-17 salaries are $7 million which is just under what we were paying Tony G -- so if Cook has a stellar year we can keep him at that rate, and with all of the guarantees gone after this season we can go on a season-by-season basis deciding to keep him at $7 mil or we can extend him and bring the cap number down to 3 or 4 mil. 3) New York Jets DL Quinton Coples 2014 salary: $1.2 million (fully guaranteed) The Jets originally drafted the 6'6 280 lbs Coples to be a weak side DE across from Muhammed Wilkerson, but then the Jets took star DT Sheldon Richardson last year and tried to move Coples, whose rush skills were going unused at 3-4 DE, to OLB. He was OK, and injuries derailed his progression, but it's very clear that Coples should be a 4-3 DE or DT with his hand in the ground getting up the field. The Jets use multiple sets but mostly a 3-4, and with $40 million in cap space this offseason they can easily sign a real stud OLB like Brian Orakpo or Anthony Spencer or Jabaal Sheard and re-sign Calvin Pace who had 10 sacks last year. That would leave Coples as an off-the-bench rusher which is a waste. Yes, he can be a cheap sub package rusher through 2015 because he isn't a free agent until 2016 --- or the Jets can sign better suited defenders this offseason and use Coples as a trade asset to fill other needs. I have us trading down with the Jets to #18 and getting DE/DT Quinton Coples and NT Kenrick Ellis (Jets are desperate to trade Ellis for anything they can get of value) IF Clowney is gone by #6. A simpler trade may be to swap OLB/DE Kroy Biermann who can be a stud 3-4 OLB for Rex along with FS Thomas DeCoud if the Jets can't sign Byrd or Ward. Biermann and DeCoud could be good starters for the Jets D, or Biermann could be a strong sub package rusher which is probably where he belongs. I wouldn't doubt that Rex can get the best out of Thomas DeCoud who gets to roam centerfield with Cromartie and Milliner locking up WRs and Orakpo, Pace, Sheldon, Wilkerson pressuring QBs. Meanwhile for ATL, we can add a base 4-3 LDE who can move inside in sub packages to disrupt the pocket from the inside while Clowney, or a FA like Orakpo pressured from the outside. Coples & Murray would be very good, cost-effective additions to our team in 2014 and going forward while Jared Cook could be a difference maker for our passing game that was missing explosiveness in 2013. As always, I welcome your discussion.
  3. Tyson Clabo is a free agent and our OLine fell apart after releasing him. He came on strong in the 2nd half of the season and the Dolphins will probably try to re-sign him with Martin not coming back. There's a chance they let him walk tho, and a reunion makes sense. He won't cost a lot, in fact will be quite cheap on a short-term deal. We could even sign Michael Oher and Tyson Clabo to cheap deals and stick Clabo inside at RG where he could be a Pro Bowler at this stage in his career. If we use big money on C Alex Mack, and then little money on a RT and RG our OLine will be set. Will also buy more time for Lamar Holmes to develop under Mike Tice to eventually take over for Sam Baker. LT Baker, LG Blalock, C Mack, RG Clabo, RT Oher ---- can definitely win with that OLine. Backup OT = Lamar Holmes, backup OG = Garrett Reynolds, backup C = Peter Konz
  4. I've gone over plausibility a bunch -- it's possible because FA is stacked with RTs, DEs, DTs, RBs --- all of our needs. If we get an RT (Oher or even Clabo back - cheap), a RB (Chris Johnson or DMC - cheap), and a DT (BJ Raji - expensive) -- then we can give our 2015 #1 + #6 pick to the Rams who will prioritize adding a 2015 #1 over a 2014 #2 to be able to A) stagger contracts of good players for salary mgmt, B] give time for young players to progress and most important C) be able to trade up for a QB next year if Bradford flops again (Jameis or Mariota)
  5. I just wrote a huge comprehensive post and my iPad (still getting used to it) dropped the page. Anyway, I'll just repeat the top line which was most important for this thread: Jadaveon Clowney is a BETTER DE prospect than Julio Jones was a WR prospect (even better than AJ Green was a WR prospect). His DE prospect grade is more similar to Calvin Johnson's WR prospect grade and Adrian Peterson's RB prospect grade. And Julio has been worth every penny and draft pick that we use/used on him -- he's changed our offense for the better. Yes our OL sucked but it was similar to 2012's. Yes our RB game sucked but Turner stunk in 2012. We lost Julio Jones and that's as the main reason our offense sucked. Without Julio, defense doesn't need to drop the safeties deep and can clamp on Roddy & TG and stuff the box vs the run. Hence there was a ton of pressure on the line, vs 2012 when we could do quick drops vs weak boxes and execute quick passes and then runs. We didn't have anyone who could threaten deep, so Matt was forced to throw to the eternally horrible Harry Douglas who can't run a crisp route or catch a good ball --- or force it into Tony who just wasn't the same this year and it was his fault for checking out of training camp and being "too good" to practice hard with the team. The moment he made that decision is the moment I became glad he was retiring because 100% of his heart and soul were no longer into the Atlanta Falcons & football. Clowney can do the same for our defense. Aside from his own 12+ sacks and monstrous run stopping, the double teams will open the interior for Babineaux and Raji/Houston/Melton/Linvak to penetrate and disrupt the QB and stop any runs inside. Since offenses won't want to run to his side, we can eliminate one half of the field and shift the LBs to the weak side so Spoon & Biermann are there to stop runs to the other side.
  6. DT BJ Raji is the most important D FA for us. I'm a Linval fan, but Raji is a bigger playmaker than Joseph and is capable of doing things Joseph just can't . If ed sign Linval we will get a good run stuffer and a guy who maybe gets 2-3 sacks a year. Raji can live in the backfield if he plays in a 4-3. If Orakpo & Hardy don't make it to the open market, I like Jabaal Sheard a lot. He's like the RDE version of Hardy (LDE) but hasn't hit his peak yet. Super athletic, 4-3 DE and 3-4 OLB. Won't cost a lot but could post 12+ sacks next year easily as a full time starter without Barkevious Mingo subbing in for him on passing downs. I also love Kamerion Wimbley and if Tennessee cuts him (unsure now with Horton as DC, bringing the 3-4 --- Kam can be a Top 5 3-4 OLB). Also if Orakpo & Hardy don't make it to the open market I would rather use the big FA money we could have spent on DE on a Free Safety to replace Thomas DeCoud (release): Jairus Byrd. He's the best free safety in the game IMO, and would improve our whole D via interceptions and coverage sacks. If we sign Raji & Byrd for the D, we can trade up for Clowney so that every position group is improved. On O, I think we have to cut SJax and take advantage of the stacked FA RB class: Chris Johnson (release), Darren McFadden, or Knowshon Moreno. All better than SJax at this point by a lot. Same $, just better RB. RT = Oher is an obvious signing. TD loved him in the 2009 draft and Baltimore stole him from us by trading up to one spot ahead of us. He flashes dominance and then makes mistakes, but on the whole you can win with Oher as your starting RT and you can definitely run behind him. Won't cost a lot, and his play could improve in a dome (quicker kick slide) and it's possible Tice just connects with Oher better than any OL coach he has had and he plays consistently with good technique. I also really want C Alex Mack as opposed to an OG. I think we can have Hawley, Konz, Reynolds, Holmes to compete for RG. I think a healthy Reynolds can be a good RG although he had crap year.
  7. Except Steven Jackson has never sustained health through a season, not even in his 20s, so his body will break down even more in his 30s and as we saw last year he is an extremely slow healer. Replace SJax with the incredibly durable and much more explosive Chris Johnson and THEN it's awesome to think about our offense (with the FA additions of C Alex Mack and OT Michael Oher/Tyson Clabo/David Stewart/even Austin Howard).
  8. Yup we had a throwaway year in the year our biggest need (DE) matched up with the best draft prospect on defense since Julius Peppers (better than Ndamukong as a prospect). For no reason at all we decided to win two of our last 4 games (vs JAX of all teams. And also Buffalo). If we lost to JAX + BUF we'd have the #4 pick at worst, putting us ahead of Oakland who I'm really afraid will steal Clowney at #5 because he's BPA and Reggie McKenzie (from Green Bay) will go BPA. They can zero in on Garroppolo in Rd 2. **** you Mike Smith. You aren't creative on the field, you can't make adjustments at halftime that are effective, and you may have cost us Clowney with 2 meaningless wins. We have to pray all of the Top 5 teams except for Rams fall in love with the Top 4 QBs --- Teddy, Bortles, Manziel, Carr. Would be sick if Houston took Bortles #1. JAX would def take Teddy over Clowney, CLE would def take Manziel. Just leave friggin Oakland who may fall in love with Derek Carr's rocket arm & on board mind, or Sammy Watkins playmaking ability, or Anthony Barr's 4.40 speed at DE/OLB & his squeaky clean off field character. Start praying folks.
  9. If it requires draft picks this year, then we won't. But with every team in the top 5 needing a QB, the earliest the Rams can move back to is probably us at #6. They won't want to move to #7 with us at #6 because we could take their OT. If Oakland takes OT Greg Robinson at #5 bc Teddty, Bortles, Manziel go 1, 3, 4 -- and we take OT Jake Matthews at #6 because Bucs took Clowney at #2 -- then they screwed themselves. Do they reach for OT Kouandjio? Or go WR Sammy Watkins and take an OT at #13 like Cyrus or Lewan? But for that reason I think it may only take our 2015 #1 (Rams want two 1sts every year to stack talent, and want ammo next year to be able to move up for Jameis or Mariota if they want to. We will likely have to outbid Tampa for the pick tho if it goes to auction.....their roster is much more complete than ours, so they can afford to give up multiple picks in 2014 + 2015 #1. Our best bet is hoping the Rams fall in love with Greg Robinson (possible) and don't want to risk losing him like when they lost Justin Blackmon to Jags by moving down. If he goes #2, after Teddy goes #1, we need JAX, CLE, OAK to fall in love with QBs and take them. CLE is locked on to Manziel. We need JAX to fall in love with Derek Carr like Matt Williamson said, which will leave Bortles for Oakland at #5. If Bortles goes #3, we need Oakland to fall in love with Derek Carr, WR Sammy Watkins, or have them go typical Oakland and take Anthony Barr over Clowney because of the low 4.4 40 time. If Clowney is there at #6, it will be the luckiest thing to happen to Atlanta since Matt Ryan fell to #3.
  10. SJax certainly is far from the Greek God he was in his heyday in St Louis. I thought he would be a beast in Atlanta, but our OLine was a bottom 3 unit, he (predictably, literally) got hurt, and we fell behind because our defense sucked so we couldn't really run the ball. Even if we draft OT Jake Matthews, sign OT Michael Oher and C Alex Mack, move 6'7 320 Garrett Reynolds back to RG where he was becoming a very good player ---- and SJax & Quizz will get decent yards but our run game won't be scaring any defenses because we won't have a RB who can make a defense pay if our All Star OL can create a massive hole and seal down on the LBs. That's why I think we should literally just take SJax's $3 million and give it to CJ or DMC on a 2 year deal (2nd year team option for $5 mil, so if they'd perform well they will be compensated well next year). A healthy McFadden would be like having 2 Julios on the field. McFadden can take a 33 Power play, blast through the hole created by Alex Mack and Justin Blalock up the middle, make a cut off of Bradie Ewing's block on the MLB, and then sprint with all of his speed to the end zone. Yes our Line was for the first time, truly embarrassing. Dimitroff is going to keep Sam "the Sham" Baker because he's stubborn, so we won't be able to run on the left, and he may leave the center spot to the same fools -- Konz and Hawley -- because replacing them acknowledges that he failed as GM with those picks and Dimitroff would rather let a terrible player play out his full contract in huge hope that he shows anything resembling a spark to say "See he just needed time!" Instead of cutting our losses and moving to improve the team. Think of Sam Baker. Media and fans alike blasted Baker every year for being injured, having a chronically bad back, and being a flat out bad left tackle who was abused by good rushers. In his final season, Baker -- like so many other players -- tolerated his bad back and showed up for every game. Our coaches employed a quick passing attack so our bad OLine wouldn't be abused, and as a result rarely did a team get to Ryan for a sack because the ball was already out. Dimitroff ignored the times Baker was abused by good DEs, especially the playoff game vs San Fran & Aldon Smith, and pointed to Baker finally not being hurt and the low sack #s (something directly tied to protecting Matt from how bad Baker is!) and called him a great OT and right when we could have moved on from the "Sham" himself, after years of waiting and dealing with him getting knocked on his ***, Dimitroff gave him a $50 MILLION EXTENSION!!! **** you Dimitroff. You stubborn *******. What we should do is cut all of the underperforming vets (Asante, SJax, DeCoud, Nicholas, Snelling, one of Kroy or Osi) and restructure Matt & Roddy to get our cap to over $35 million and then spend it on veteran difference makers: Left Tackle Branden Albert or Jared Veldheer, Center Alex Mack, Free Safety Jairus Byrd, Running Back Chris Johnson, Defensive Tackle BJ Raji and then move up to #2 to draft DE Jadaveon Clowney (#6 + 2015 #1). Realistically we can sign all of those guys and stay under the cap except for the left tackle spot because we aren't dumping Baker and cutting him would actually cost us cap room --- everyone else saves us millions.
  11. This is 100% correct and will be in my mock until FA comes and goes. SJax has 0 guaranteed money, so we can release him for free and use the $3 mil he would've gotten on one of: Darren McFadden, Chris Johnson, Knowshon Moreno, Ben Tate, Maurice Jones-Drew, or even underrated workhorses like Andre Brown or Rashad Jennings. Chris Johnson is my preferred option for the very two reasons that SJax was a bust signing: he has remarkable durability, and he has JUICE in his legs. Getting cut & having a featured role somewhere else may be exactly what it will take to get Chris Johnson running fast & angry again. He still is very fast, but after his big deal he didn't run with the same reckless abandon that got him into open spaces and off to the end zone. With no money left coming in, he could revert to 4.24 speed CJ2K playing with purpose on our turf in a dome. He also can be heavily involved in our passing game as he has good hands and a good understanding of how to use screens & set up blockers in space (perfect for Koetter). Darren McFadden is #2 on my list because he will be cheap (unless Jerry Jones gets involved in the bidding for his beloved Razorback) and he is a game breaker when healthy. I wouldn't be surprised if McFadden becomes durable after leaving the Black Hole -- their field sucks and their medical staff is clearly one of the worst in the league. Knowshon is also a perfect fit for Koetter's offense and while he won't have as much room to run as he did in Denver, he now runs with speed and purpose and is a top 5 receiving (and pass blocking) RB in the NFL. Matt Ryan with a healthy Julio Jones, Roddy White, Chris Johnson/Darren McFadden/Knowshon Moreno, ascendant slot WR Drew Davis and a heartily improved OL will be able to score with the best of the offenses in the league. This (SJax) is the first thing I've been really wrong with. I was clamoring for us to sign SJax because I thought he had a lot left and he would be awesome vs the weak boxes he would get (like Knowshon has in Denver) because of Roddy, Julio, and Tony. I didn't realize that Tony would kind of mail in his final season (didn't show up for any offseason workouts & it showed for the first 10 weeks of the season as he was sucking wind). Also, our OLine was atrocious so we couldn't block a single lane for him. Konz is a mega bust that we should give up on now rather than have him suck at center all year again & not be able to run inside because the nose tackle is 5 feet into our backfield 1 second after the snap. Lamar Holmes is a bust, but I think in time he could be a solid 6th OT like Svitek used to be (not what you'd want out of a 3rd rd pick).
  12. Brian Orakpo or Greg Hardy -- those are the cream of the DE crop. Sounds like Hardy will be tagged, but Orakpo may be able to escape Washington D.C. Michael Johnson, Jabaal Sheard are solid Plan Bs --- much better than Ray Edwards who was a BUST of a Plan B to Charles Johnson's Plan A. BJ Raji and Lamarr Houston are also great DT pick ups. I put Linval Joseph and Randy Starks (only bc of age for Starks) as Plan B. Starks may be the best of the bunch but is over 30. Right Tackles: Michael Oher, David Stewart, Eugene Monroe, Roger Saffold, Tyson Clabo, Austin Howard, Mike Johnson. If we can land one in each position group (we can have $30 mil in cap space if we cut Asante, SJax, Nicholas, Douglas and restructure Matt & Roddy & Blalock a little) we will be in good shape for the draft. My ideal scenario: 4-3 LDE Greg Hardy 4-3 DT BJ Raji RT Michael Oher RB Chris Johnson Trade up to #2 for 4-3 RDE Jadaveon Clowney O-Line: LT Sam Baker, LG Justin Blalock, C Peter Konz vs Joe Hawley, RG Garrett Reynolds, RT Michael Oher Reynolds was a good RG when healthy, was hurt all year (same with Mike Johnson). I would replace Baker in a heart beat but TD isn't letting that happen, same with Konz/Hawley "battling" for center reps. I could make a mean spirited analogy but I just deleted it. D-Line: Jadaveon Clowney, BJ Raji, Jon Babineaux, Greg Hardy We saw what happened to the Saints & Panthers offenses when they faced Seattle's elite front 7 and secondary. If we get one (this D-Line is IMO #1 in NFL) we can rise back to the top of the NFC South. Trufant and Alford should continue to improve with this consistent rush, and Moore should get many more chances to pick off the ball like Earl Thomas and Eric Berry do. I hate DeCoud but I think he'll be back too. Would rather cut him and go hard after TJ Ward or Jairus Byrd, or even draft a new FS atop Round 2 like Louisville star 6'2 210 Calvin Pryor or Baylor star 6' 205 Ahmad Dixon.
  13. The only player that started this year for our OLine that should start next year for our OLine is left guard Justin Blalock. The two players that started this year for our OLine that will start next year for our OLine is left guard Justin Blalock and left tackle Sam Baker. I have maintained since he was drafted that he would be a disaster, was overhyped because he went to USC, was always hurt, and then when we finally had the opportunity to move on from that draft mistake --- Thomas Dimitroff re-signed Sam Baker for half a decade for good (WTF?!) left tackle money, using this opportunity to instead try to display to the public that he picked a winner at left tackle in Round 1 and he was a good GM as opposed to moving on from another Dimitroff-mistake and improving the team. (If we don't get back to the playoffs next year, I believe Dimitroff is the first to go as opposed to Mike Smith --- a tactic used successfully by the Jets, and now the Dolphins. It isn't Mike Smith's fault that we lost half of our talent from last year, Dimitroff cut Tyson Clabo, John Abraham, chose Osi to replace him, drafted Lamar Holmes to replace Clabo, drafted Akeem Dent to replace Curtis Lofton who he let walk, kept expensive Asante Samuel over Brent Grimes, who was a Pro Bowler this year, re-signed DeCoud in another, yet slightly more understandable move, as opposed to trying to upgrade the free safety spot, signed Steven Jackson as opposed to drafting a RB in the richest RB draft in recent memory, did not sign DT Richard Seymour because he claimed he was saving cap space for an "emergency" -- but when we had a BIBLICAL amount of injuries early on (Julio, Asante, SJax, Baker, Reynolds, Weatherspoon), we signed NO ONE. This to me was actually inforgivable, because Seymour could have helped us get some W's early on and we could have had a totally different type of season if just our defense was okay led by Seymour stopping the run with Babs, and helping get pressure up the middle. Instead we let Babs be the only talented DL on the line and he was taken out of games, as Jerry and Peters sucked. Oh right, he took Peria Jerry in Round 1. Then took Corey Peters in the draft, he is only an average at best player but looks better in our practices because we have the worst line in the league, on both sides! Oh and last quick blurb in my daily run down of "FML because Dimitroff ruins it": Dimitroff selected undersized CB Robert Alford in the 2nd round. Within 5 selections after our 2nd round pick, these players were taken: RB Eddie Lacy, OG Larry Warford. Within 10 picks: LB Sio Moore, CB/S Tyrann Mathieu. Within 25 picks: WR Keenan Allen, TE Jordan Reed. As far as the O-Line goes for 2014, we need 3 new starters to go with LT Sam Baker and LG Justin Blalock. I'd love to manipulate our contracts to be able to sign 3 veteran free agents: C Alex Mack perhaps being most important. Peter Konz and Joe Hawley were destroyed consistently up the middle, preventing any run play from being successful and not letting Matt Ryan step up into the pocket to complete a pass. Mack is perhaps the best center in the league, and the Browns may not have the money to retain him. They could franchise him, but I'm hoping he wants to leave for a contender. Mack, along with our OGs, should really help our O-Line out. He can help Matt diagnose the defense, get the protections right and call them out to the other O-Line, and keep the good DTs in our division: Gerald McCoy, Star Lotulelei, Akiem Hicks/Brodrick Bunkley. At Right Guard next to Center, I would like a cheap veteran who can bring some nastiness to the team that we first lost with Harvey Dahl and then completely lost with Clabo's release: Jets' (and former long-time Steeler) Willie Colon. Colon boosted the Jets O-Line into a top unit this year after horrible play from a year prior. He led the O-Line's resurgence, setting the tone from Day 1 of his signing and instilling a mean streak into all of their O-Line as they would fight for each other game in and game out. We need Willie Colon to get Sam Baker to stop being a soft piece of sh*t, Justin Blalock to finally elevate his game to a great left guard with a mean streak -- he's athletically gifted & very strong, but is missing the rip-your-face off after I pancake you attitude, do the same for Alex Mack who is already a top 2 center in the league, and get either Garrett Reynolds at RT or the next free agents to help make the right side of the line our preferred rushing side, and get young guys Peter Konz and Lamar Holmes to step up to the pro game and take some **** pride in their craft and career -- because right now both are looking short. Next to center, Right Tackle is the most important upgrade and I believe we should pursue this via FA. Michael Oher is a player we badly wanted in the 2009 draft, and Baltimore will let him go. He is only maybe the 10th best free agent on the O-Line, and his right tackle-only ability (perceived) should lower his market value. Other right tackle options: David Stewart, who was once maybe the best RT in the NFL with the Titans , Jared Veldheer who can play either side but is more finesse than power (would benefit from Willie Colon's presence), Branden Albert (ditto, but he's probably looking only for left tackle opportunities. However if we pay him the same since the positions are the same now, he may come. Also, we could slide him to Left Tackle when Baker stinks it up again, and slide Lamar Holmes or more likely Garrett Reynolds into RT. To be honest, if Garrett Reynolds is fully healthy I wouldn't mind if we skipped on Willie Colon and slid Reynolds back into Right Guard since he was good there. We'd lose the nastiness that Colon brings and I think that is key to our O-Line's resurgence, but maybe Mike Tice can inject that nastiness to our O-Line as a coach. We could use the Willie Colon instead on RB Darren McFadden or Chris Johnson (cut SJax), or TE Jermichael Finley if he is healthy, cut DeCoud and go for Jairus Byrd or TJ Ward, or cut Osi and go for Brian Orakpo/Anthony Spencer/Michael Johnson/Greg Hardy or DT Lamarr Houston or BJ Raji. But I want Colon, who will have to settle for another 1-2 year deal because of an injury that will cost him the offseason and may mean he isn't ready for Week 1 -- but we have Reynolds just in case. New line: LT Sam Baker, LG Justin Blalock, C Alex Mack, RG Willie Colon, RT Michael Oher. I suppose we could also use Alex Mack's money on LT Jared Veldheer and replace both tackle spots, which would be great. I refuse to believe Peter Konz has lost all of his talent, he was an All-American at Wisconsin, and maybe Mike Tice + Willie Colon + being a 2 year veteran will all add up to a break out year for Konz. Having two very good blockers on his sides with Blalock + Colon, Konz could do much better since a DT won't be steamrolling our right guard. Fixing the O-Line in free agency obviously means that our draft will focus on D-Linemen, Linebackers, a Tight End, and a Runner unless we sign McFadden or Johnson. Would also allow us to trade up for Clowney, even all the way up to #1 (#6 + 2015 #1 + FS Thomas DeCoud + QB Dominique Davis if they want DD), especially if we get a DT in FA like BJ Raji or Lamarr Houston. I think we need to cut a lot of the overpaid (even if slightly overpaid) crap on our team and go get free agents because of the deep free agent pool this year at all of our positions of need: C: Alex Mack OG: Willie Colon, Geoff Schwartz, Travelle Wharton, Wade Smith OT: Branden Albert, Jared Veldheer, Michael Oher, Eugene Monroe, David Stewart, Austin Howard TE: Jermichael Finley, Fred Davis, Dustin Keller, Dennis Pitta RB: Darren McFadden, Knowshon Moreno, Ben Tate, Maurice Jones-Drew, LeGarrette Blount, Andre Brown, Rashard Jennings, and certain-to-be-released Chris Johnson who would move to the top of the pile (also questionable guys with starting potential like James Starks and maybe even Donald Brown) the idea of Knowshon Moreno coming home to Georgia has intrigued me if McFadden goes to Cincy, he could be a Shady McCoy/Warrick Dunn type of RB in Dirk Koetter's screen-centric offense. DE: Brian Orakpo, Greg Hardy, Michael Johnson, Jabaal Sheard, Anthony Spencer (also elderstatesmen Jared Allen, Justin Tuck) DT: BJ Raji, Lamarr Houston, Henry Melton, Randy Starks LB: Karlos Dansby, Brandon Spikes, Daryl Smith FS: Jairus Byrd, TJ Ward
  14. 100% in favor of bringing him aboard for the right price, but please people -- any DL coming out of CFL is not Cam Wake. People don't realize how special of an athlete Cameron Wake is. NFL Combine Results: Cam Wake: 6'3, 240 lbs, 4.65 40 yard dash, 45.5 inch vertical, 20 bench press reps, 7.12 3 cone drill Cordarro Law: 6'2, 250 lbs, 4.83 40 yard dash, 31 inch vertical, 23 bench reps, 7.39 3 cone drill Wake was smaller, and has since gotten bigger and stronger without losing his amazing speed and explosion and quickness --- he weighs 260 lbs now (added 20 pounds of muscle). A 45.5 inch vertical jump is more than Calvin Johnson. Or anyone. We can hope that Law is like another Phillip Hunt, but he stays 100% healthy and is a sack artist.
  15. They could very well take Clowney, but I think the owner is doing his part in upping the value of the pick and getting teams wanting to trade for #1 as opposed to the Rams for #2. Most pundits have Texans taking Teddy, with Rams trading out of #2 because people want Clowney. I'm sure Texans feel like "why can't we get the mega draft haul for moving down a few picks?" So they'll talk up Clowney hoping to catch the attention of Jacksonville, getting JAX's #3 pick and 2015 #1, and taking Bortles at #3 who Bill O'Brien wanted all along. My hope is that we emerge as the top suitors for the #1 pick, offering #6, 2015 #1, and FS Thomas DeCoud (their safeties are TERRIBLE). At #6, Houston can take 3-4 OLB Anthony Barr (hoping he emerges as their favorite) or perhaps QB Blake Bortles there as well. My hope is that we trade Thomas DeCoud in order to get this pick, and then sign FS Jairus Byrd --- thus upgrading at FS in the process! Byrd is the best ballhawk in the game at safety, a massive upgrade over DeCoud, and with a healthy William Moore we would have two playmakers in the deep half who get to make plays on poorly thrown balls because Clowney is breathing down a QB's neck.
  16. I just saw a mock with us taking Kony Ealy at #6. He's going to be a draft riser because at 6'5, 275 lbs he consistently gets into the backfield on most snaps. He doesn't have Clowney's burst, and he makes me a little Jamaal Anderson nervous...but he's clearly more skilled. At 6'5 275 or so he can play 3-4 DE as well and provide a rush from the position --- similar to JJ Watt's 6'6 280 lbs. Babs and Ealy as 3-4 DEs with BJ Raji at NT is a very good (pass rushing) 3 man front. I would hope if we are certain we can't get Clowney, that we go HARD after Brian Orakpo --- who could have more impact than Clowney. Orakpo is a special rusher --- more powerful than Clowney and slightly better athlete. Clowney is a more complete and natural DE, but Orakpo can be special if he stays healthy. If Clowney is gone, my personal preference is to trade down a little to pick up a 2nd (we can give away a 4th and 5th) to get DT Ra'Shede Hageman is going to be a special DL in the NFL and reminds me a ton of Sheldon Richardson. He's going to remind Coach Smith a ton of John Henderson and Marcus Stroud because like them he is over 6'6 and weighs 311 lbs with room to add 10 lbs of muscle. (Lions moved up from #10 to #6 to jump Bucs & Vikings for WR Sammy Watkins) #10 pick (via DET*) = DT Ra'Shede Hageman, 6'6 311 lbs #38 pick (ATL 2nd) = TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins, 6'6 265 lbs #42 pick (DET 2nd*) = LB Ryan Shazier, 6'2 220 lbs #70 pick (ATL 3rd) = RB Jeremy Hill, 6'1 235 lbs 4.45 speed or Charles Sims, 6 215 lbs 4.5 speed or Lache Seastrunk, 5'9 210 lbs 4.40 speed or Bishop Sankey, 5'10 205 lbs 4.45 speed This highlight shows why I want the two Washington standouts on O: The second Sankey TD looks like a LeSean "Shady" McCoy run, juking first through the hole, and then jukes to the right as if someone pulled right trigger on Xbox and he hops to the right and is gone for the score. Then Austin Seferian-Jenkins easily beats the LB down the seam in coverage and catches the ball at its highest point with his hands for an easy score. I think as a feature back, Sankey is going to surprise A LOT of people just like LeSean McCoy did as a 2nd round pick out of Pittsburgh. He is super smooth, and has Shady-esque cutting ability.......the only other RB I have seen with that cutting ability and putting it to such good use: had over 1,850 rushing yards this year to go with 20 TDs as the clear focal point of the offense despite facing stacked defenses to stop the run, and added 28 catches for 304 receiving yards and 1 TD -- meaning over 2000 total yards and 21 TDs as a spry, all-purpose RB. I would love Sankey as our feature back....same for Charles Sims, who is the best receiving RB to enter the draft since Arian Foster and Matt Forte. Jeremy Hill is a special power runner and is only a redshirt sophomore....I think he will be the first RB selected at end of Round 1 or early Round 2....so too early for me IMO unless we absolutely love him and will ride him like we used to ride Michael Turner. Seastrunk is another guy who has great talent, and in our offense as the feature back could have a magical career. Sankey and Seferian-Jenkins don't have the sexiest names......but adding them to our offense (TG retired, SJax cut) to go with QB Matt Ryan, WRs Julio Jones, Roddy White, and a healthy LT Sam Baker and free agent RT Michael Oher or Tyson Clabo who is brought back.....could be excellent. My FA's desired are: DE Brian Orakpo OR DT BJ Raji ---- we draft DT Ra'Shede Hageman or DE Jadaveon Clowney/Kony Ealy to get a stud DT and DE in some combo. OT Michael Oher or Tyson Clabo or David Stewart or even Austin Howard. We need a veteran Right Tackle who is good. OG Willie Colon or Geoff Schwartz. We need a veteran Right Guard to plug in as the starter. Despite injury, Colon would add a nastiness to our O-Line that has been missing since we mistakenly let Harvey Dahl walk away. Sankey can run all day behind Colon + Oher on the right side, or Schwartz + Clabo, or what have you. I also would like us to cut SJax and sign Chris Johnson or Darren McFadden because both will get cheap 1-2 year "prove it" deals to re-establish their FA value. A healthy Darren McFadden, as we saw occasionally in Oakland, is a Top 5 NFL player. This would free up our 3rd round pick to either use on another DL like Florida's Dom Easley, or a free safety we like because DeCoud sucks and we have zero depth at free safety, or an offensive guard if a good one falls, or we can double dip at RB and use a sick 1-2 punch of Darren McFadden and Bishop Sankey so that in 2 years we let DMC walk when he is 30, and Sankey can take over as a workhorse --- we also probably get a future draft pick for someone else signing McFadden away from us as a bonus. I will do one mock soon, with my specific free agency and cuts plan ---and it will have us trading up to #2 to secure Jadaveon Clowney. Without free agents it seems like we have too many holes to do that, but I believe we totally shore up our O-Line with two very good free agents --- spending biggish on a good tackle and getting a value veteran OG. Then adding a DT like Raji or Lamarr Houston or Henry Melton.
  17. The return of Tyson Clabo may also be a great thing since he will be outside of the top 10 free agent OTs. A return home could have another Top 5 RT season for him, and fix much of our O-Line issues since he and RG Garrett Reynolds have good chemistry playing together. http://walterfootball.com/freeagents2014OT.php Other very good, cheap/value right tackle free agents: David Stewart (Titans), Austin Howard (Jets), Jared Veldheer (Raiders), Rodger Saffold (Rams), Michael Oher (Ravens). Veldheer is more of a left tackle, and a stud at that. Could be one of free agency's biggest steals if he can stay healthy. So the prize center FA is Alex Mack, and if we can get him (sorry Konz but you can be a back up) with one of Clabo, Oher, Stewart, Saffold, etc. and putting Reynolds back into RG......our O-Line can actually be very good. Granted Baker sucks, but TD isn't moving on from Baker. Signing Saffold though means he can play LT if Baker stinks, and Holmes can play RT (hopefully he is improved next year after getting extensive starting experience). Or Reynolds can go back out to RT, and Hawley can play RG.
  18. I think we should get both in FA, but we should take care of ALL of our starting OL needs in FA. I think we absolutely need to sign an offensive tackle (I have my eyes set on Michael Oher, who we wanted in the 2009 draft badly), and an offensive guard. A veteran offensive guard is one of the easier players to find in the FA market --- The Jets signed Willie Colon to a cheap deal and he brought a nastiness and toughness to that line that made them play like they were the 2008-9 NYJ dominating line. He tore his triceps in Week 16 which is terrible, but may allow us to get him on a 1 year deal like the Jets got him for super cheap. He was amazing for them, and could be amazing for us. Having Colon at RG and Oher at RT means we can run with power up the right side. Konz and Hawley will battle at Center again --- but I wouldn't mind signing Alex Mack, the AFC Pro Bowl center and Browns FA if the Browns let him hit the open market. Then let Reynolds play RG, where he can be really good. On defense, I want to go get a DT. Ideally we get Matt Ryan's old BC teammate BJ Raji, who wants to play in a 4-3. Raji can be a beast in a 4-3 and also allow us to use some 3-4 looks with him at NT, Babs at DE and Travian Robertson at the other DE spot. M-Goodman can play 3-4 DE on 3rd down to get extra pass rush. So: OT Michael Oher (cheaper than you think) C Alex Mack or OG Willie Colon/Geoff Schwartz DT BJ Raji Draft: DE Jadaveon Clowney (trade up to #2 by giving up 2015 #1) or OLB Anthony Barr/Khalil Mack or DT Ra'Shede Hageman if we're moving to a true 3-4 hybrid after a trade down to add a #2 (Babs can play 4-3 LDE like 2 seasons ago)
  19. So to be clear, for me that means: Cuts: CB Asante Samuel (millions in savings) RB Steven Jackson (millions in savings) FA: OG Geoff Schwartz (Blalock money) Kansas City may not be able to pay Schwartz if they try to retain Branden Albert with Fisher's struggles OT Michael Oher (Clabo money) Baltimore will move on, but Oher can be our answer at right tackle and can swing to left if Baker gets hurt DT BJ Raji (Asante's $ + what we would have given to Seymour) Raji wants to play in a 4-3 RB Chris Johnson or Darren McFadden ($ that would have gone to SJax) both will be FA's, provide a lot more than what SJax can Draft: #6 = DE Jadaveon Clowney, South Carolina just an impact defender, Blank talked about how we need to get tougher on both OL and DL 2nd rd = TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Washington bad year statistically, but one of the most gifted TE prospects. Can block and be a weapon. 3rd rd = LB Christian Jones, FSU has the size, speed, and range to cover the TE and play SLB in a 4-3 4th rd = RB/WR/RS De'Anthony Thomas, Oregon hopefully will fall because of poor stats, off-field concerns.....would add a spark to our offense out of the backfield, in the slot (HD to the bench), and on returns. Ideal for Koetter's screen-happy offense.
  20. Would much rather get a RG in FA (Geoff Schwartz) and an RT in FA (Michael Oher, who TD really wanted in the 2009 draft but the Ravens traded up 1 spot ahead of us and took him). I'd also love to spend big on DT BJ Raji after we cut Asante, and I'm in favor of cutting SJax if we can sign Darren McFadden or Chris Johnson to that cheap 1-2 year prove it deals that they will get. SJax just can't move, and McFadden and CJ have burst. CJ has been surprisingly healthy and showed that he still has talent this year. Titans will cut him....maybe he comes to ATL and adds a home threat out of the backfield on our turf, like Reggie in Detroit. Then we can spend our 1st on Clowney, or trade up to #2 to make sure we get Clowney. I really think there's a good chance that if we can't get up to #2 to get Clowney & he's gone at #6 that we will try to trade down a little and take DT Ra'Shede Hageman. We'll be coaching him at the Senior Bowl on the North Team -- and at 6'6 311 lbs he is going to be by far the most athletic and impressive DT at the game. Will remind Mike Smith of John Henderson (6'7, 320) and Marcus Stroud (6'6, 310) in Jacksonville. I just don't think we as an organization value offensive linemen that highly to use a Top 6 pick on one. We won 13 games two years ago with our O-Line plus Tyson Clabo. If we get everyone healthy and bring in two free agent OLs, our line should be fine. I hate Sam Baker, but TD isn't moving him off LT or cutting him.
  21. I think TD & Smitty can change it all with their best offseason and season. We will have an easier schedule next year since we finished last in our division this year and Julio, Roddy, Spoon will be healthy, and our running game shouldn't rely on SJax but instead maybe a good young RB like Ben Tate or a talented RB on a prove it deal like Darren McFadden. Cutting Asante, SJax, Osi, Kroy and signing: DT BJ Raji, OT Michael Oher, DE Jabaal Sheard, RB Darren McFadden, trading up to #2 (+ 2015 #1) and getting Clowney....taking an OG like Cyril Richardson in Round 2, taking a TE like Austin Seferian-Jenkins in Round 3, taking an offensive weapon like De'Anthony Thomas in Round 4, etc.
  22. Problem with Mike Smith is that he's a very good head football coach in that he can run a football team, he is very organized, the team has good chemistry, but he isn't a creative football mind and doesn't make good adjustments in games because of that. When he has called the plays, they've been amazingly bland and predictable. We needed to get Koetter, who helped, but he isn't great either -- Smith is just comfortable with him from working in JAX together. We need a creative OC who can put Roddy White, Julio Jones, Jacquizz Rodgers, and hopefully a spark plug rookie like De'Anthony Thomas in positions to make great plays consistently. We need Smith to cede ALL offensive playcalling to a creative O-Coordinator, or a new coach. I would take Mike Sherman who was just fired in Miami as an asst. OC. Problem with Thomas Dimitroff is that he's a very smart guy, he can run a football team, he is very organized, he can build a team with good chemistry and take them out of a state of rubble and chaos, but he is very predictable and can't draft worth crap. He's been 50/50 in Round 1 when the pool of players is great so it is hard to miss when you do your homework, but after that he just focuses on those "good chemistry, hard working" guys who aren't special players on an NFL field. If Dimitroff was the lead recruiter for an FCS college team, he'd build a championship team. But as the GM of an NFL team, he passes over most of the super talented players because they don't fit his good boy mold. Then he also misses on the other half because he's horrid at drafting. He has tried to cover this up with "bold" moves in free agency, but half of those have been stinkers too: Ray Edwards over Charles Johnson.......Steven Jackson over drafting a RB in a class that had Eddie Lacy, Le'Veon Bell, Gio Bernard, Zac Stacy, Andre Ellington......Osi Umenyiora over keeping John Abraham. If the Dolphins had taken Matt Ryan #1 so we took Glenn Dorsey at #3 who we were choosing between, Dimitroff would be gone already. Ryan plays well enough most of the time to get us a winning season, despite the roster being pretty poor compared to actual contenders. Even ones with $100M QBs like Green Bay, Denver, Baltimore, New England.
  23. I've written tons of threads about this, but people say I'm a "hater". No, I'm just a realist. Dimitroff has been AWFUL in rounds 3-7. I think the worst in the NFL in those rounds and I always have. This last year is no different -- getting two more flawed 4-3 DEs who contributed crap, a limited TE who is tall, I mean. Hot garbage. I am excited for this offseason though. If Dimitroff ruins this one, he's gone. Because we have to either take a HUGE step forward, or Blank will fire him. Missing the playoffs again will mean a new coach & new GM. Asante Samuel and Steven Jackson are easy cuts to save millions of dollars. We are definitely stuck with Baker at LT -- we should have moved on after last season but Dimitroff wanted to show that one of his picks panned out so he gave him a big deal (as if that means he's a hit -- everyone but TD knows that Baker is the worst starting LT in the NFL) and immediately, Baker stinks it up. I think we are going to go after DT BJ Raji hard in free agency, as well as OT Michael Oher who we really wanted in the 2009 draft but the Ravens traded up 1 spot ahead of us and took him. We took Peria Jerry. Raji can be a force as a 4-3 DT next to Babs, and he also allows us to finally use 3-4 sets since he can play NT with Babs at DE. We'd need to draft a 3-4 DE (maybe Hageman if we fall in love with him while coaching him at the Senior Bowl). Oher would start at right tackle right away, moving Lamar Holmes into a competition with Baker at left tackle and also as a competitor for right guard. Konz and Hawley will battle for the center spot once again, and Reynolds/Johnson will compete at RG. A veteran like Willie Colon who came in on a cheap deal for the Jets and played very well and added some nastiness would be perfect for our RG spot. Since we have cap room that we never spent on Seymour, as well as cutting Asante and SJax, we could feasibly sign DT BJ Raji, RT Michael Oher, and a veteran OG to start at RG. That leaves us to trade up to the Rams #2 pick by giving up our 2015 #1 to get Clowney. I also would want to cut Osi to sign DE/OLB Jabaal Sheard, or make a run at Brian Orakpo. If we could get Raji and Orakpo, I would cut Osi in a heartbeat and Kroy as well. A 4-3 D-Line of Jadaveon Clowney and Brian Orakpo at DE, Jon Babineaux and BJ Raji at DT would be the best in the NFL. In a 3-4, it is possible we could ask Goodman to add 15 lbs to get to 285 lbs and play weakside 3-4 DE but its a poor fit for his skills. We'd probably need to draft someone in the 3rd or 4th round that has the 6'6, 320 build to play 3-4 DE. Travian Robertson could also be a good 3-4 DE if he steps his game up. Orakpo & Clowney can blitz as 3-4 OLBs, and Spoon and Bartu could play as the ILBs. If Clowney is gone, I think I'd like to trade down to around #11 and get DT Ra'Shede Hageman if we fall in love with him at the Senior Bowl. 6'6, 311 lbs means he would be a very good 4-3 DT or 3-4 DE, and Babs could play snaps at 4-3 LDE like he did two years ago when our defense was much better vs the run. That would likely give us an extra #2 pick, meaning we could get a TE like Austin Seferian-Jenkins and OG like Cyril Richardson with our #2 picks, or we could target ILB CJ Mosley at #11 to pair him with Spoon to give us a great pair of LBs to play inside a 3-4. A ton of great possibilities for ATL. Don't f this up Dimitroff.
  24. Would much rather cut Asante, SJax, and Osi and free up good $ to get 2-3 free agents. Where we need FAs, there are some really good ones. DEs: Michael Johnson, Jabaal Sheard. DTs: BJ Raji, Lamarr Houston, Linval Joseph OTs: Michael Oher, Jared Veldheer, Branden Albert Personally I am hoping for: Draft = 1st, Jadaveon Clowney (DE), 2nd, Ra'Shede Hageman (DT) FA = Michael Oher (right tackle), Jabaal Sheard (DE) I would make it Jared Veldheer instead of Sheard, but Dimitroff is not giving up on Baker after just re-signing him. I wish we never gave him another penny, but that's aside the point. We can also add a value vet OG in FA like Jets did with Willie Colon and that worked wonders. We really wanted Oher when the Ravens traded up one spot ahead of us to nab him. We got Peria Jerry instead. FML. Hageman and Babs at DT, Clowney and Sheard at DE with Goodman, Kroy rotating in. Oher at RT, Baker at LT, competition at OG and C with young guys and value vets. Need to spend a 3rd on a linebacker -- outside linebacker type who can cover. We have a few thumpers who can play MLB but can't cover -- Bartu and Dent. Raji is also a guy I'd really want, and we could keep Osi maybe to play LDE and get Raji instead of Sheard. Asante is def gone. Hopefully SJax is too and we can draft a guy in 4th to pair with Quizz -- maybe Terrance West -- or sign a cheap one on a prove it deal like McFadden or Chris Johnson. and Osi should be gone if we can get a better DE in FA and Clowney is drafted.
  25. Don't worry guys, Osi is way better for the franchise though because he's a few years younger......so we can have a worse O-Line since Osi isn't as good as Abe.....but for a little longer! And Asante is cheaper than Grimes. We have some millions in cap space though, but we're saving it for an emergency. Our D-Line stank and Richard Seymour was available all season, but we weren't threatening 0-16....so no emergency or anything! Good for them, they are Pro Bowl caliber players that we stupidly did not retain and they deserve to be there. Meanwhile I hope Osi and Asante are cut (as well as SJax) so we have many millions in cap space and can use it for actual impactful players: OTs Michael Oher, Jared Veldheer are available. DEs Michael Johnson, Brian Orakpo, Jabaal Sheard are available. DTs Lamarr Houston, Henry Melton are available. RBs Chris Johnson, Ben Tate, Darren McFadden are available. (CJ will be) My hope is that we sign both OTs and a RB - maybe McFadden or CJ on a prove it deal, somehow get DE Clowney at #5 or with a higher pick if we lose to Carolina and JAX, OAK, WAS win, a stud DT atop Round 2, and a TE like Austin Seferian-Jenkins atop Rd 3. Could also live with TE Eric Ebron from UNC atop Round 2 and DT Dom Easley from UF atop Round 3. Both OTs would make our O-Line very strong, Holmes + Reynolds + Johnson et al compete for RG, Hawley + Konz compete for C. Chris Johnson - if trying hard - can eclipse 2,000 total yards in our dome with his speed and ability. Julio and Roddy healthy, a good rookie TE in the fold, and our D-Line remade with Clowney, Kroy, Babs, a stud DT.
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