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  1. Can't cut him, no way he's been our best OL (best=durable and consistently performing up to par, nothing outstanding but gets the job done game in and game out) since we got him. We absolutely should extend him though aka restructure his contract so that the $7 million plus of base salary becomes all bonus basically so his cap number goes from $7 million to $1.5 million giving Dimitrofg $5.5 more million to spend ---- that move alone could equal the first year cap number of C Alex Mack who will help make our OLine a good and consistent unit.' Could also equal Chris Johnson + Jermichael Finley or a TE who I think is a strong fit for our O and is likely to get cut: Zach Miller from Seattle. Miller was a Pro Bowler in Oakland, the AFC's best blocking tight end while also having strong hands and enough speed to beat LBs and FSs in coverage. I think Seattle has used him almost exclusively as a blocker for Marshawn -- a role ins which he has excelled -- and as a red zone weapon (5 TDs this year), another role in which he excelled. Miller has more receiving ability than that though but Carroll wanted to run a power run heavy offense and quick WCO passing. Miller would help our OLine open up and sustain holes for whoever our RB is this year (praying for SJax to get cut the moment we sign Chris Johnson or Darren McFadden or even Ben Tate if he has a softer market than expected because of the deep RB draft class and the bigger name FAs). Miller can also be our #3 receiving option and post some 100 yard days; I know he can still best LBs and he is certainly still a great red zone weapon. After he is cut, Seattle won't bring him back because they want Luke Wilsonn to get a shot. There will be competition for Miller as he's clearly the most well-rounded TE available (receiving and blocking), but all offers will likely be 1-2 year and at the VERY MOST $3 million in annual compensation which pis less than half of Tony Gonazalez's compensation and that flip-flopping cronut can't block for ****.
  2. Bazinga. Yet another Dimitroff 3rd rounder bites the dust. His best non-1st round pick (Curtis Lofton) he let walk for a CHEAP deal to the Saints because he was allegedly replaceable yet we haven't replaced our defensive captain since. He got our whole front 7 ready to make sure people were in place with their gap responsibility to stop the run; we were always fine vs the run with Lofton at MLB. Without him we have STUNK vs the run, Akeem Dent - who was supposed to be Lofton 2.0 is a horrid bust who doesn't see the field, and Spoon has been hurt every year. Luckily some scout went out and loved Joplo Bartu and convinced him to sign with the Falcons and he's been a beast at MLB and is better than Lofton in coverage despite 4.85 40 speed.
  3. Greg Robinson is my favorite OT prospect since Trent Williams, but you can win in the NFL with "solid" line play as Seattle showed and the Giants showed twice in the last few years. They both shared stud impact defenders though, as did Baltimore last year. And the Denver defense went from formidable to putrid when they cut Elvis Dumervil and lost 4-3 SLB and nickel DE beast Von Miller. Khalil Mack is a bigger, badder Von Miller. In Nolan's defense he would have precisely Von Miller's role: base defense 4-3 SLB with Spoon at WLB and Bartu at MLB. He can also come up to 4-3 RDE in pass situations and we can bring Worrilow onto the field at OLB. My one concern with taking Mack or Barr is that we got two stud UDFAs who are showing a ton of promise and if we take an OLB then we will be taking one of them off the field pretty much permanently and neither of them have any trade value. So do we trade Sean Weatherspoon --- who has been my favorite defender of ours --- but he hasn't lived up to his 1st round status and continues to battle various injuries ?? Or do we keep Spoon and Mack and have two stud LBs and just cast aside one of our cheap good young LBs, which are parts of why Seattle has such a good roster because they have penny-paid LBs like Super Bowl MVP athletic Malcolm Smith so that they can pay Red Bryant and Chris Clemons and Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett and soon Bobby Wagner and the Legion of Boom: Earl, Sherman, and Kam. Keeping Bartu and Worrilow and developing them (plus our 2013 CB picks that have shown a ton of promise and have many cheap salary years ahead of the,) will go a long way to helping us field an elite defense so we can spend big money on the DLine with many free agents like Seattle did and upgrade at free safety with the game's best ball hawking FS: Jairus Byrd. Sometimes I wonder if we will let McClain who is a good slot CB walk so that we can spend big on a true lockdown CB like Aqib Talib, allowing Desmond Trufant to continue to grow as a #2 CB vs #2 WRs so that he too becomes a lockdown stud, and moving athletic marvel but shorty Robert Alford into the slot so that we have the most talented trio of CBs in the NFL and then the best secondary when you add in FS Jairus Byrd and a healthy SS William Moore.
  4. Calvin Pryor is way more of a strong safety than a free safety --- he's Kam Chancellor, not Earl Thomas. Really think we will sign Jairus Byrd, so this isn't a question for me: it's obviously Donald. But I think as a player, Pryor has more potential at SS than Donald does at DT. If we traded William Moore to the Browns with our #3 pick for the Colts' #1 to take Pryor to pair with Byrd to literally have a better version of Earl + Kam and our own Legion of Boom --- I'd be all for it. Turn back the clock on our Asa's spot with a player who is bigger and faster and has a ton of upside as a 6'2 220 lbs enforcer flying up into the box but who can also drop back into deep coverage and make a play on the ball. Pryor is going to test as the more explosive athlete than HaHa Clinton-Dix and there's a real chance that he will go before HHCD on draft day. If Haha runs a 4.60 he may fall to the back of the first naps teams deem safety a weak group this year and gobble up the stacked positions: WR, DT, OT and then top players at other positions like DE (Ealy), OLB (Bradford, Attouchu, Barr, etc), TE (Ebroj, ASJ, Amaro), and perhaps a couple of the RBs who test off the charts as feature backs like Tre Mason or Jeremy Hill could fly up draft boards. HaHa would definitely be worth trading William Moore for to pair him with Byrd --- then we'd have two playmakers on the back end who are both sound tacklers. Don't need huge hits, just consistent tackling and Byrd and HHCD provide that; Pryor lays the friggin wood and will miss open tackles weekly while also crushing a couple WRs and TEs and the occasional RB who unfortunately ran a wheel route into his zone.
  5. Aside from stud OT Okung and C Unger (1st rd picks) yeah they aren't great. It's exactly why we don't need to invest the #6 pick in a OT ( I'd be furious) nor our top 2nd. We won 13 games and were a PI call away from going to the Super Bowl last year with the same OLine except RT Tyson Clabo and a veteran but not good center Todd McClure, well and a healthy Sam Baker. We can keep Baker at LT, Blalock at LG. Get Mack at C which is important to have a strong player at, add a cheapo vet who can bring some nastiness like my guy Willie Colon who did just that for the Jets on a 1 year, vet minimum deal and he'll need to settle for the same again due to injury suffered in the last game. At RT I think we can being Tyson Clabo back who would step right back into the RT spot and may go right back to being a Top rated RT for only 1-2 million which is less than half of what we used to pay him (he had a rough start to the year but ended it very strong). With that OL we can pass and run the ball effectively. To win it all. Though we will need to add a to on of talent to our defense, mostly at rushing the passer positions: NT, DT/3-4 DE, and DE/3-4 OLB.
  6. He had 5 INTs and 4 forced fumbles last year despite teams identifying where he was and throwing away from him along with 6 passes broken up and 76 tackles. That's an elite year even by Ed Reed's standards. Guys you have to realize he JUST turned 27 and last year was his 5th year in the NFL -- he entered the NFL both early and at a young age. Those stats are for his 4th NFL season. In Ed Reed's 5th season he had 5 INTs, 4 passes broken up, 59 total tackles and 1 forced fumble in 16 games once teams started identifying him pre-snap and moving away. In Jairus' 5th season (this year), he was hurt and only started 9 games (about half) but still had 4 INTs, 6 passes broken up, 48 tackles, 1 sack and 1 forced fumble. And that's only in half if a season WHILE coming back from injury! Jairus is special, I have no doubts about it. Jairus is also playing on a MUCH worse defense than the 2000s a Ravens defenses where agreed could roam all over the field and make plays! Byrd is playing with crappy CBs mostly so far and no pass rush until this year and he is still making plays despite QBs having an easy time throwing to WRs who easily beat bad CBs and have all the time in the world. His INT numbers rose back up once he got DE Mario Williams and CB Stephon Gilmore and Mike Pettine. If he had played this full year you can basically multiply those numbers by 2 to get a 96 tackle, 2 sacks, 8 INTs, 12 PBUs, and 2 FFs. And you can't say Byrd doesn't have the ability to put up those numbers because two seasons prior to this he had 98 tackles with a sack and 3 FF plus 8 passes broken up and 3 INTs and as you stated he had a 9 INT season despite starting in only 11 games. If you put him in a defense with Greg Hardy/Michael Johnson and Jadaveon Clowney at DE and BJ Raji/Linval Joseph/Lamarr Houston and Jon Babineaux and potentially Aaron Donald/Stephon Tuitt all playing at DT, and Trufant and Alford at CB, Moore at SS, and Bartu and Spoon covering at LB ---- he should be able to roam like Ed Reed did in Baltimore for his career.
  7. Dude **** no. Not only did Roddy show in the last few games when he was finally healthy that he could still get open at will and take over a game, but why would you EVER trade a proven commodity --- one of the few on our team --- to then take a rookie WR which is a position with a very high bust rate, and ignore the defensive front 7 where we can get one of two elite players like Jadaveon Clowney or Khalil Mack? Makes no sense and I'd flip a ****. Cool for Madden, horrible for real life. IF you wanted to trade our 2015 #1 to get St Louis' top 2 2nd round pick because a stud WR is there and you think we should use 3 WR sets without Tony G then fine. Especially if a Kelvin Benjamin or Allen Robinson or Marqise Lee has fallen to just outside the 1st --- I'm much less high on the LSU WRs and Jordan Matthews. Brandin Cooks can be an elite slot WR, but we can get a sick slot WR in the mid-rounds where there are always plenty of 5'10 WRs with shiftiness and 4.3 speed like TY Hilton and Doug Baldwin and Marquise Goodwin and Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders etc. Or if Austin Seferian-Jenkins or Jace Amaro fall to the top of the 2nd and we want one it would make a lot of sense to trade our 2015 #1 for a very talented starting TE who is better than any of next year's crop and can replace Tony from Day 1 so we don't have to go spend on a TE replacement and also can let Tony go without demanding to come back and demanding a RIDICULOUS $7 million salary.
  8. Glad to see you agree with me. Clowney is the only player we should be focusing on with the 1st. After more roster move we should have enough money to fill out the OL and Tice should be able to coach it back up to the line that we won with 13 games plus our first playoff victory with. Not to mention a strong DT in FA, so that our top need will be DE anyway. Best player = biggest need = need to make it happen. No more taking guys in the late 4th round and then shoving them into the starting line up despite not even being AJ impact player at the friggin collegiate level! (see: Goodman). Not kidding at all and I hope we get to revisit your Futurama picture after we sign a few veteran OL in free agency and a DE and DT so that our biggest team need heading into the draft is to get another starting DE (aside from a TE and RB on O which we can get a top player in Rd 3 and 4). Osi is not an impact player in the NFL anymore and Kroy is an off the bench energy guy, like a 6th man in basketball for the DLine or blitzing from outside linebacker. Think we use our 2015 #1 to get up to #2 because Dimitroff will show urgency to improve --- if we don't it is likely his job as we hired an assistant GM to take over if we suck again due to Dimitroff not providing Smith with a quality roster. When Holmgren was in that situation he took a "game-ready" QB in Round 1 and then used a future #2 in the supplemental draft on a supposedly raw WR (Gordon) because if they sucked he wouldn't be around to not have that #2 pick. Same deal with the 2015 #1, so he may as we'll use it now to try to improve and save his job and if we regain our form then he can figure out how to continue next year w/o a hopefully very late 1st rounder. I also see us moving up from our #2 pick into the 20s to get a stud DT because there will be a few available probably that will get snapped up before our top 5 pick in Round 2 like Aaron Donald, Timmy Jernigan, Louis Nix III, Shede HagemN, or Stephon Tuitt (Tuitt has grown on me as a Mike Smith-DT at 6'6 and also a guy who could excel at 3-4 DE which is a position we don't currently have). We'll just have to wait and see pal. But we clearly are going to try to fix our OL and stack our DL. A stacked DLine and elite safety play should allow our young CB duo to shut down the opposing WRs since the pass rush will be good AND consistent and the safeties won't be out of place so the QBs won't have holes to exploit --- and the continued surprisingly good play from UDFAs Bartu and Worrilow who I highlighted in another thread.
  9. Just because we have DEs under contract doesn't mean we shouldn't try to add star DE talent. Our DEs are our least impressive position group on the team, which is saying something considering how bad our OL is and the DT group. We can easily cut Matthews, J-Mass, Goodman (we'll keep Goodman as OK depth at 4-3 LDE) for no cost or a little savings to add game changers like Greg Hardy or Michael Johnson or Brian Orakpo in free agency -- even slightly cheaper guys who are still athletic dynamos like Jabaal Sheard -- and draft Jadaveon Clowney or OLB/DE Khalil Mack who would play a Von Miller role for us at SLB in a base package and slide down to RDE in nickel so Spoon and Bartu can cover at LB. We will add new (hopefully very good) DEs AND DTs this offseason, both in the draft and FA. Also think we build our entire OL in free agency while Dimitroff gives Baker yet another shot at left tackle. New RT could be a retread (Tyson Clabo -- plus chemistry and still good ability), RG will be a tough S.O.B I think to elevate the nastiness of the whole line (Willie Colon -- he helped the entire NY Jets OLine regain their dominant form and brought out a nastiness and toughness in them when they were previously accused of being a little soft. We need this guy). And of course at center, Alex Mack who is at worst the #4 C in the NFL, at best #2 which is where I have him (below Mangold and above the Pouncey brothers). Only Mack will cost a noticeable amount (tops $6 mil a season but probably starting off closer to 4.5M). Clabo will max out at $2 mil a year and Colon will be lucky to get $1.5 mil. We need to clean out the roster of crap THIS offseason because we need every penny we can get to compete and win in free agency --- none if this hoarding $5+ mil in unused cap space for "emergency" because the emergency is this offseason for Dimitroff: if he doesn't deliver assistant GM Pioli is already in place to take over. Cuts: Asante, Nicholas, Reynolds, Osi, SJax, Snelling, DeCoud*(*or trade) Restructure(convert salary to bonus to lower 2014 cap #): Matt Ryan, Roddy, Blalock, Kroy Cheap re-sign: Babs, McClain That should free up a total of over $45 million (!!) to spend on elite DEs, DTs, a FS, and OL (plus a better RB like McFadden or Chris Johnson if we choose, and a cut/FA TE like Finley or Zach Miller).
  10. DE Jadaveon Clowney would still be the biggest draft need. We don't have any DEs; Goodman and Mass are below average busts and shouldn't be starting in the NFL. If we sign Hardy, we should still draft Clowney or trade up for him (#6, 2015 #1, FS DeCoud). We should sign one DT (Raji is my preferred choice) or re-sign Babs and move up a little from our 2nd pick to mid-20s to land a DT. For DT, the sweet spot in the draft is mid-late 1st. Aaron Donald, Louis Nix III, Timmy Jernigan, Ra'Shede Hageman, Stephon Tuitt could all be available to choose from but may not make it to #37. Nix is a very nice NT prospect, Jernigan can move up out of that range but if not could be a special 3tech along with Donald, and 6'6 Hageman and Tuitt can play 4-3 DT and 3-4 DE which may be exactly what we need if we are able to sign NT BJ Raji (went to BC with Matt Ryan)
  11. I actually think it's Jairus Byrd. Byrd is bigger, stronger, has more INTs. Thomas is clearly on the better D and has an elite secondary so that he can just sit back and roam. However some will prefer Thomas and that's fine, he's excellent. Those two are clearly the top 2 now (I'd say Dashon Goldson is in the convo but might be a close 2nd to 1a and 1b) like Reed and Polamalu had been for years. We want Cleveland to throw a ton of money at TJ Ward anyway, and to go out and get a stud CB like DRC to pair with Haden, and an ILB like Brandon Spikes, a RB like Ben Tate, and a WR like Hakeem Nicks to pair with Gordon. Why? Because we want stud C Alex Mack to hit the open marker so we can sign him. Center is the number one position we need to upgrade on the OL -- if we Can be strong up the middle and prevent DTs from collapsing the pocket it will go a long way to giving Matt time to throw and whoever our RB is time to run.
  12. Agree with you but TJ Ward is an exceptional safety as well. He's better at tackling and maybe a tiiiny bit faster than Jairus Byrd. Byrd is just special in that way that Ed Reed is -- they both have amazing instincts and can read a play very quickly and get to where the ball is going before the ball is thrown. He has great hands and that's why he is the leading safety in terms of INTs the last 3 years despite missing time with injury this year. I do believe that William Moore can drop 10 lbs and play deep free safety like he did at Mizzou when he had 8 INTs as a junior, but it would be even better if Byrd was playing deep free safety and William Moore was closer to the line of scrimmage as a playmaker and extra linebacker in passing sets. Ward would be great as an extra LB too, bu he's smaller than Moore ---- Ward = 5'10 200, Moore = 6', 220.
  13. Sorry to burst the bubble for you guys, but if we clean up in Free Agency like Dimitroff fully intends so that our only real need heading into the draft aside from an upgrade at TE or finding someone to complement Toilolo is a DE >>> we will be trading up for Jadaveon Clowney and it absolutely is the right thing for the Atlanta Falcons to do. To fill this DE need, there is one DE prospect in this draft that can make a huge impact Day One and for many years after that and his name is Clowney --- who is far and away the best DE in this draft or any draft since Julius Peppers was the #2 overall pick. Better than Ziggy Ansah, Aldon Smith, Jason Pierre-Paul, Robert Quinn, even #1 pick Mario Williams. Sure he had a down year by his insanely high statistical standards but when healthy and in the game he impacted the play on every snap with an insanely fast get off and first step and forced the QB to get rid of the ball before he was ready. Opposing teams also gained something like a FULL yard less per rush if it was to his side. No more Malliciah Goodman's or Jon Massaquioa's or Lawrence Sidbury's or Cliff Matthew's --- trying to bargain hunt in the draft for a massive need only to stockpile a bunch if worthless pass "rushers" who are more like pass "watchers" both on the field and from the bench. And also no more cheapo signing Ray Edwards because we don't want to pony up for the real deal in Charles Johnson, or swapping out John Abraham who -- surprise! -- had another FANTASTIC year rushing the passer only to sign Osi Umenyiora who was a few bucks cheaper but many many levels worse and probably on the verge of getting cut to once again save us some money. NO. No more! We are going to sign at least one elite DE in free agency: one if Brian Orakpo, Greg Hardy, or Michael Johnson along with an elite DT in free agency: one of BJ Raji or Henry Melton with Linval Joseph or Randy Starks as a fallback or someone who can be paired with Raji or Melton. (Hardy is preferred because he is a 4-3 LDE while Johnson and Orakpo prefer to play on the right side which is where Clowney plays. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~only read on if you like to learn about prospects~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The kid is 6'5 272 lbs and will run like a 6'2 200 lbs wide receiver that is a Greek god in the 40 --- not to mention do 25 bench reps with his vine like arms, and probably blow up the agility drills. There won't be a DE prospect like him again for over a decade, with the exception of last year's #1 DE prospect IF he pans out at Ole Miss because he didn't have a strong freshman year while Jadaveon Clowney was the best DE in the country as a freshman straight out of high school. In 3 years there is a chance recent #1 overall recruit Robert Nkemdiche is a similar DE prospect at 6'5 and 290 lbs lives up to his height and becomes a #1 or #2 pick (20 lbs more -- for his sake I hope Ole Miss makes him drop 20 lbs so he can have even better explosion --- he took snaps at RB this year) We can't expect that we will randomly tank so that we have a chance to get a Nkemdiche in 2-3 years -- hopefully with everyone healthy and over $30 million more invested in our OLine and Defense per year, we will be back in the Super Bowl hunt annually. Even while touted as the Southeast's best high school prospect since the 1980s (ahead of Clowney out of high school by 1 spot), Robert Nkemdiche only had 2 sacks his freshman year with 34 tackles and 8 tackles for loss with zero forced fumbles and 3 QB hurries. Jadaveon Clowney had 8 sacks to go with 36 tackles, 12 tackles for loss, and a whopping 5 forced fumbles with 6 additional QB hurries. (http://www.cfbstats.com/2011/player/648/1041350/index.html) So while Nkemdiche may have been the *slightly* more hyped high school prospect because of his insane 290 lbs frame at 6'5 compared to 260 lbs for Clowney at 6'6 ---> a Clowney is clearly the better and more explosive defensive end. It's very possible that Nkemdiche becomes a special LDE at 290 lbs with good speed. Or even moves inside to DT and becomes a Ndamumong Suh RB-playing-DT kind of special disrupt or, but for right now he is just kind of a disappointment and we can only hope he blossoms into the player he can become. But it is clear that Jadaveon Clowney is the best DE prospect of the last 10 years and likely of the next 10 years going forward.
  14. I thought that too before looking more closely into Bartu and Worrilow. I thought they were only starting because our other LBs sucked (they do), same reason for why Corey Peters was starting at DT or Joe Hawley starting at C, etc. But it's possible we have unearthed two great undirected players who can be long time starters for us. As I broke down in my previous post in this thread, Worrilow is more athletic than Kuechly. Yes most of his tackles were chasing plays down the field but that's because the DLine would get destroyed by opposing OLines and he'd have to go catch the RB. If our DLine was manhandling the OLine so our LBs could go make plays on the other side of the line of scrimmage, it's possible both Bartu and Worrilow would have amazing statistical seasons. Bartu has a 4.85 40, just faster than both Brandon Spikes and Vontaze Burfict but like them at 6'2 240 with much better quickness testing (sub-7 second 3 cone drill is a WR time) he is a bull versus the run and also unlike them his short area burst and natural coverage ability has him starring in our nickel pass coverage package covering linebackers and also blitzing and successfully getting home to the QB. Bartu started 13 games after a spoon went down and had 85 tackles and 3.5 sacks plus 1 pass defensed. Maybe that means that he isn't so great in coverage actually and only was in because Dent and Worrilow weren't as good and Spoon was hurt. Either way, upgrading at LB seems like a waste of town players who could be long term starters for us for pennies! We need to develop these two into good players, keep them in the weight room all offseason, bulk them up and get them better! The NY Giants won 2 Super Bowls with horrid line backing corps but elite DLine play ---- the LBs were able to clean up with the DEs and DTs destroying the opposing OLines. If we sign a top DT and a DE in free agency: BJ Raji (Matt Ryan's former teammate from BC -- capable of playing 3-4 NT and getting upfield as a 4-3 Dat) and DE Greg Hardy (hurt the upstart Panthers while adding a perfect 4-3 LDE which is the hardest DLine spot to fill with a great player because at LDE you need to be able to stop the run against a mauling RT while also besting that RT in pass rush to get to the QB. Hardy does both phenomenally well). With Raji and a cheaply re-signed Babineaux or another DT like Henry Melton or Linval Joseph or even Jason Hatcher, and Greg Hardy at LDE with Clowney at RDE --- I have faith in Spoon, Worrilow, and Bartu to clean up from the LB spot. Having those two also allows us to keep highly paid Sean Weatherspoon and we won't have to address their dirt cheap salaries for several years which is perfect. Could we have a better D if we took CJ Mosley at #6? Sure. But not as good as having Bartu and Worrilow on the field with Spoon and Clowney at DE or Timmy Jernigan at DT.
  15. I would feel GREAT if he fully participated in every offseason training session AND took the veteran MINIMUM. If he won't meet both of those criteria, then I would be furious if he came back. He was part of why we stunk last year, he was rusty and he didn't put his all into it probably because he thought we'd just coast to the playoffs and he would try then (like NBA HOF veterans Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett, etc.). We can't afford to pay a tight end $7 million unless he is single handedly winning us games. If Jimmy Graham somehow hits the open market because of a faxgate situation, then I would throw $10 million at him because Matt would terrorize D's with Julio, Roddy, and Jimmy. Tony doesn't scare anyone and he can't move like he used to; he is still sure handed so if he has a step on a slow LB he will catch the ball but he isn't getting separation from anyone. I would rather trade up to the Rams #2 pick and give up our 2025 #1 as part of the deal to get Jared Cook.
  16. The only reason he hasn't already been cut is because free agency has to wait a month. We will go HARD after Jairus Byrd, and as a back up, TJ Ward. We do not want DeCoud starting for us next year, let alone on the team. If he is still a Falcon next year it is because we whiffed in free agency just like we whiffed on CBs last year so we had to trade up for Trufant (well documented that we went after now Saint Keenan Lewis but he had no interest in coming here). Also think there's a good chance he's part of our trade offer to St Louis for the #2 pick as they need a veteran free safety to pair with TJ McDonald and DeCoud is on a reasonable deal for a few years; allows Rams (who can't afford Byrd/Ward btw) to take an OT and a WR with their top 2 picks in some order: either OT Greg Robinson and WR Mike Evans or I think the dark horse will be WR Sammy Watkins and then OT Taylor Lewan or Jake Matthews if he falls. Watkins & Tavon & Quick (if he develops as the #2 outside WR which should help him) could be a very strong WR trio. If we whiff on Byrd and Ward, we'll likely double dip at DT (maybe Raji + Melton) and try to trade up from #37 to get HaHa Clinton-Dix or Calvin Pryor.
  17. I find it very fascinating that guys think Bartu has a higher ceiling and is even more athletic. I'm guilty of this sometimes too, but it's undoubtedly a race thing. The numbers don't lie: Joplu Bartu is 6'2 238 lbs and ran a 4.85 40 at his Pro Day. Paul Worrilow is 6'2 230 lbs and ran a 4.59 40 at his Pro Day. Bartu is very athletic within the tackle box: 1.61 10 yard dash, 39.5" vertical, 20 bench press reps (don't know if arm length is a factor), 4.24 second shuttle and 6.94 second 3 cone drill (anything under 7 seconds is very good for a linebacker). That said, Worrilow is much quicker (3.97 second shuttle, 6.50 second 3 cone drill) and stronger (30 bench reps, which is 10 more -- a significant number). Bartu can jump almost a half foot higher (that combined with solid short area quickness makes him good in coverage I presume), but really Worrilow is faster and stronger while the same height and 10 lbs lighter. If Bartu (and Worrilow) can add 10 lbs without losing any speed or quickness, it looks like Bartu could develop into a Brandon Spikes-esque middle linebacker who can cover, and Worrilow would be very similar to Luke Kuechly as their only difference from a frame and workout perspective is that Kuechly is 8 pounds heavier. Even mainstream media is getting confused by the race issue, calling Barty a smallish and fast linebacker -- 6'2 240 is not small and 4.85 40 yard dash is usually a death sentence for a LB -- especially in the nickel pass coverage package; but he is black and he is a no name guy who is making plays despite being a UDFA so he must be a smallish but fast and athletic linebacker. Bartu is kind of like Vontaze Burfict on the field to me -- Vontaze just had a ton of hype at ASU for a while so his good play is being hyped by the media while Bartu is still a no one who played for a team that won only a few games. Falcons have the linebackers to have a Seattle-ish defense, have a playmaking strong safety, and have two very athletic young CBs who may be long time stud starters (I wonder if we will go after Aqin Talib or DRC and have Alford play nickel so we have 3 real stud CBs --- Alford makes me nervous on the outside with his 5'10 height and could be a stud inside).
  18. Does everyone really think these two are that great? Remember that most tackles were several yards downfield, so the tackle itself is really a useless stat. Maybe both would be good with an elite front 4, which is something we will have after FA & the draft IMO: FAs DE Greg Hardy or Michael Johnson + DT BJ Raji or Henry Melton, #1 pick DE Jadaveon Clowney, #2 pick DT Stephon Tuitt or Louis Nix III (think we'll trade up from our #2 pick to mid-20s to get a stud DT). Spoon is a special LB IMO and a 4-3 with Spoon & Worrilow outside and Bartu busting things up as MLB could be special. Worrilow is much more athletic than I originally thought (check his pro day -- he is more athletic than Kuechky is (quicker in agility drills, Kuechly a tiny bit more explosive jumper) at the same exact size minus one inch in height). Player A = 6'2, 240 lbs, 40 yd dash = 4.59 seconds, 10 yd split = 1.57 seconds, bench***= 30 reps, vert = 34.5", broad jump = 10'04", 20 yard shuttle***= 3.97 seconds, 3 cone drill***= 6.50 seconds [elite KR/PR agility!] Player B = 6'3, 242 lbs, 40 yd dash = 4.58 seconds, 10 yd split = 1.56 seconds, bench = 27 reps, vert***= 38", broad jump = 10'03", 20 yard shuttle***=4.12 seconds, 3 cone drill***= 6.92 seconds [good RB agility] If you hadn't guessed it yet, Player A is Paul Worrilow (pro day) and Play B is DPOY Luke Kuechly at the combine. Yes, it is likely that the pro day maybe timed Worrille a tiny bit quicker but the numbers are stills staggering -- especially the quickness and agility testing. Comparing Worrilow's 3.97 second shuttle and legendary 6.50 second 3 cone drill against TY Hilton's pro day numbers of 4.36 second shuttle and 7.03 3 cone drill shows just how staggering his agility is. [http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=86771&draftyear=2012&genpos=WR] For record, Patrick Willis pro day numbers were 4.37 second shuttle and 7.10 second 3 come drill, and 22 bench reps -- 8 less than Worrilow (curious about arm length because if he has short arms that would explain this). Willis does however have a top speed of 4.37 seconds for the 40 yard dash and his 10 yard dash (about the distance from pre-snap LB spot to get to the RB in the backfield is faster at 1.52 seconds by 7 hundredths of a second). [http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=17257&draftyear=2007&genpos=ILB] So Worrilow is arguably the most athletic (quickest/strongest) linebacker in the NFL in the tackle box, which would make him a great 3-4 ILB or 4-3 weak side linebacker to come flying in from the backside. If we are moving to a 3-4, could be in our best interest to trade Spoon for a different key position: to Tennessee for 3-4 OLB Kamerion Wimbley who has top 5 rush LB potential, or to St Louis for TE Jared Cook or to the Jets for DE/DT Quinton Coples or for a high 2nd round pick in this draft because he'd be the best LB after CJ Mosley hands down. Could get a stud TE if ASJ or Jace falls, the first pick of the RBs in this draft like Carlos Hyde or Jeremy Hill or Tre Mason, or perhaps an elite slot WR like Brandin Cooks or Paul Richardson or Odell Beckham Jr since Tony is retiring and many Rd 1 talent WRs will be taken in the first 16 picks in the 2nd round. However a 4-3 LB core of Spoon at SLB, Bartu at MLB, Worriloe at WLB could be quite special if they continue developing and Spoon finally stays healthy. But if #6 pick + WLB Sean Weatherspoon gets us the #2 pick (Jadaveon Clowney) and we can replace Spoon with a 4th round pick LB from the North Senior Bowl team coached by ATL coaches like Jonathan Brown from Illinois (anticipate a 4.49 40) or Wisco's Chris Borland, or FSU athletic but raw LB Christian a Jones 6'4 235 4.6 40, or UCLAs Jordan Zumwalt.
  19. If we spend $5 million of our cap space on JACOBY JONES I will buy a billboard across from Flowery Branch demanding Thomas Dimitroff's head on a spike. I know you think he's a special return man, but as we saw with Josh Cribbs if that's all you are you become worthless once you lose a step. He's a bad WR. Not even Devin Hester made $5 mil a year in his PRIME. C'mon man. If you really want a sick return man (I do) look to the draft, not FA. De'Anthony Thomas will be available for our 4th round pick barring a sub 4.2 40. Even then, our top 5 pick in the 3rd round should get him. Tre Mason will also likely be available at that pick and I am growing fond of taking him there. I was low on him all year as a scat back at best but the title game vs Bama's vaunted defense opened my eyes to his ability. He is Ray Rice with elite quick-twitchy-ness. Kind of like Darren Sproles in his prime. Didn't realize Tre was over 200 lbs. He is a perfect fit as a role RB in our offense getting 100 carries & 60 catches. (Think we should cut SJax and sign Darren McFadden -- same injury concerns but when healthy he is a top 5 NFL player). 250 carries & 50'catches is a perfect amount for Run DMC -- or Chris Johnson -- on a 1 year deal so they can break the bank next year and we can collect a 2016 3rd round comp pick). I have us taking a RB with our 1st pick next year -- ideally one of UGA's Todd Gurley, Bama's TJ Yeldon, or Wisco's Melvin Gordon -- all have All-Pro potential and would be this year' Top 3 RBs and 1st rd picks. That gives us a short term EXPLOSIVE combo of Darren McFadden & Tre Mason (400 total carries, 110+'total catches) and a long term ELITE combo of Georgia's own Todd Gurley and Tre Mason --- giving a 10000x better version of what we once had in TJ Duckett and Warrick Dunn. Todd Gurley is the second coming of Steven Jackson from a size and skill stand point when he entered the NFL but even more powerful, a little Marshawn-esque in his downhill style. He will be a special one and I would be all for trading up for him next year to complete our offense assuming we took a TE this year like Iowa's CJ Fiedorowicz or Bloomsburg's Larry Webster III who is a DE right now but is a bball power forward and I think he can be a special TE exploiting LB coverage ---> this is exactly how Denver took bball convert Julius Thomas and in 2 years made him into a Pro Bowler (didn't do much his 1st year except be the #2 TE and learn and gain weight and grow). Was a TE in high school and has special movement skills not dissimilar from Jermichael Finley. Can also Finley to a 1-2 year deal along with DMC, let him prove his health & ability playing in a dome (not windy & cold meadowlands) and with Matt Ryan in our excellent featured TE role (not with hot/cold Eli Manning in the #4 receiver/blocker TE role that Brandon Myers used to absolutely ruin his free agent value...)
  20. Clowney would be the best football player we have if we got him. I'm a huge Julio fan and literally jumped for joy when we traded up for him and I know I'm not exaggerating. Julio is going to be a top 5 WR for his whole career and that's amazing we have a player of that caliber (AJ, Dez, Gordon, Julio, Alshon). Clowney will be in an annual competition with JJ Watt for best defensive end (Watt is really a 4-3 DT IMO playing 3-4 DE). Quinn, Aldon, JPP, Ansah etc will be in a diff race for 3-10 with guys like Orakpo, Hardy, Houston. Also, for the last point........the Broncos thought the same thing until they got curb stomped in the Super Bowl because their D sucked. Even with a healthy Von Miller and Chris Harris they probably lose by 20+ points.
  21. Whether we move up to #2, #4, or Oakland is essentially willing to trade us Clowney for #6 plus picks......we will have to trade our 2015 #1 pick to move up. On value alone it it's true, but you also have to realize the team one spot behind us with a HUGE vested interest in A) getting an elite DE and seeing us not improve, C) if you can't follow A or B, I'm talking about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ----- they want to trade up for Clowney too. And if it is only going to cost them #7 + 2015 #1 they will laugh and pull the trigger. Review: Redskins moved from #6 to #2 for a player who graded out worse than Clowney (albeit a franchise QB) in 2012. It cost the Redskins: 2012 #6 overall pick, 2nd round pick 2013 1st round pick 2014 1st round pick Mama Shanahan handies for a year So to make the same move for less than half of what the Rams got would be an absolute blessing. And before anyone says it's #6 to #4 and RG3 was a legendary QB prospect (he wasn't to scouts, just in media: Teddy has a higher grade than RG3 and Jameis & Mariota may have higher grades than Teddy) or just that it's different --- the #1 reason that the price got so high was because there was a bidding war. And we'd be fools not to think several teams won't be bidding for Clowney at the Rams' available #2 or if the Jags take Manziel #3 and the Browns want to trade down. Rams won't just give up a valuable asset. As far as other teams are concerned the Rams (or Browns in this scenario) HAVE a 23 year old DE on a brand new rookie deal who could be the best DE in the NFL from Day 1 and have out him on the trade block for teams needing a DE -- and as far as salary cap issues are concerned -- you get to pay him a pittance for 4 years w/ a 5th year option for a real salary. Again, #6 + 2015 #1 is a steal and Dimitroff should take Snead out to a nice steak dinner and offer his mother's services to the team. We need to pray as a collective fan base for the following: 1) Rams fall head over heels in love with OT Greg Robinson, don't want to risk losing him to Oakland who may go for the Jon Ogden lookalike if Vollmer leaves as a free agent (take him #2). 2) Jaguars fall in love with their cannon-armed, intelligent South-team QB Derek Carr who they coached at the Senior Bowl and take him #3. 3) Browns stick to their guns at #4 and take QB Manziel, who they want and may end up trading to #2 (#4 + 2015 #1) to get him. We need Browns not to do this anyway because then #6 + 2015 #1 isn't good enough to get #2 and puts us in danger of losing Clowney to JAX. 4) Need Oakland to correctly assess that Teddy Bridgewater is the best QB in this draft and if he falls to #5 like he does in our prayer scenario, McKenzie orders a soldier to sprint to the podium to select him. If all 4 franchise QBs go 1-4 because of a Vikings trade up to #2 (also pray that Rams refuse to trade down below us because we could take the best OT -- who they want -- if Clowney is gone, and if they do the Vikings trade because they offer a ton of picks, the Bucs could take the best WR Sammy Watkins so the Rams golden plan ab is also gone and Fisher will get PISSED at Snead just like he did when Snead got too cute trading down and they lost WR Justin Blackmon to the Jaguars -- a WR that could be a Top 7 WR in the NFL by now with Sam Bradford and playing as his #1 in a dome without suspensions because he has support from Fisher in STL.) Side prayer: need Anthony Barr to run a 4.39 40 or lower at the combine with other insane workout numbers and the Davis family -- in the spirit of their patriarch -- demands that the future legendarily athletic OLB be taken at #5 if available. In support of Barr in case we take him at #6 -- he makes Dion Jordan (last year's traded up for #3 pick) look slow and unathletic and Barr is 1 inch shorter in their cleats and much rawer since he was a RB until two years ago, but he has some polish as a true linebacker FLYING to the ball like Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith but much bigger, faster, stronger, with good blitzing skills naturally and great coverage ability. Seeing how Seattle won the SB with 3 chase really fast and form tackle so there's no YAC linebackers, Anthony Barr is exactly the kind of linebacker that is going to be in demand to be beat the passing attacks of the Saints + Bree's, Pats + Brady, Broncos + Manning, Packers + Rodgers, etc. And with added strength and weight and polish and experience, he'll be able to shed a tackle and fly into the hole to stop a RB like Marshawn Lynch or Adrian Peterson or LeSean McCoy in his tracks. So I think with the proper FA additions (DE Greg Hardy or Brian Orakpo, DT BJ Raji or Lamarr Houston) that taking OLB Anthony Barr could be a very strong move for our defense and a great pair for athletic thumpers Sean Weatherspoon and Paul Worrilow (who knew Worrilow had 4.59 speed?! Faster than Nav Bowman, on par with Kuechly). Not to mention we have to shut down Jimmy Graham like the Seahawks did in the playoffs (athletic LB jam him & run with him like Barr) to win the NFC South, as well as Greg Olsen and the potential for the Bucs to draft Eric Ebron at #7 or sign Jermichael Finley. That said, we here at the Congregation of the Holy Spirit of the Hit on the UMich RB that Will Have a Stinger Even in his eventual Afterlife ---- AKA ---- the Congregation of the 13th Apostle Jadaveoni Clowneious are thoroughly praying for Clowney to fall to #6 and as a side prayer praying that no one in the top 5 where the Rams would want to trade down to to secure the top OT in the draft would want to sacrifice picks to trade up and instead lock on to their mutually exclusive QB of choice (HOU=Bortles, JAX=Carr, CLE=Manziel, OAK=Teddy) so that we can cheaply trade up to #2 and get Clowney there (#6, 2015 #1, FS Thomas DeCoud, CB Asante Samuel). Would be amazing if for giving two starting secondary pieces -- one being a year removed from being a Pro Bowl FS on a reasonable contract -- that we can give a 2015 #2 instead with it conditionally being a #1 if we win the SB AND Clowney was DROY. Asante is much cheaper than Cortland who they will release and need a vet opposite Janoris so they don't have to start a rookie. We're gonna cut both of them anyway and I doubt they'd sign in St Louis so Snead gets two guys he helped bring to Atlanta who can help out a young and struggling secondary. Win/win.
  22. This thread title made me LOL. Sam Baker blows. I feel confident saying he is the worst starting LT in the NFC. Greg Robinson is going to become a beast. I see Jon Ogden. Jake Matthews is just a very polished, capable starter that will start for 12 years and make a couple Pro Bowls --- nothing fancy, but consistently good like Jordan Gross. Taylor Lewan scares me. Could bust at OT but be a killer OG if he is willing to move inside -- like 49ers All-Pro OG Adam Boone who was a mega bust at OT. Cyrus Kouandjio scares me a little too but he is athletic enough to hold up at left tackle; he just has too many mental lapses and that to me means if he starts to fall apart a little bit he can totally unravel. I wish Cedric Ogbuehi entered the draft --- he reminds me a ton of Tyron Smith and I think he would have been a Top 12 or 13 pick at worst (Giants 12/Rams 13).
  23. Yes, these players usually go #2 to the top QB because the team with the #1 pick needs a QB and you can't win in the NFL without a good one. You can however win in the NFL without an elite DE. Calvin Johnson - #2 pick (QB JaMarcus Russell #1) Ndamukong Suh - #2 pick (QB Sam Bradford #1) Julius Peppers - #2 pick (QB David Carr #1) Randy White - #2 pick (QB Steve Bartkowski #1) Lawrence Taylor - #2 pick (RB George Rogers #1) Eric Dickerson is also a famous #2 pick, except he went after QB John Elway. Calvin Johnson, Ndamukong Suh, Julius Peppers, Lawrence Taylor, and Randy White were all the best players in their draft class by far and given a rare and never used "special" designation by most scouts. But you can't win in the NFL without a great QB, and if you have a #1 pick and need a QB and there's a franchise QB in that draft --- you are taking a QB 10 out of 10 times. The only players in the last 10 years to get that "special" label were Calvin Johnson, Ndamukong Suh, Andrew Luck, and now Jadaveon Clowney. No Adrian Peterson (although I had him as special), no AJ Green, no Mario Williams, no Eric Berry or Patrick Peterson. [https://mobile.twitter.com/JoshNorris/status/426851428674842624?screen_name=JoshNorris] Norris is Rotoworld's lead writer and a football analyst for years. I do think Jadaveon Clowney will go #2 probably after a trade up by Atlanta or Tampa Bay. We need to hope Cleveland trades up to #2 for Manziel, and that JAX loves Derek Carr after he led the JAX-coached South Senior Bowl team to victory and he goes #3. Need Rams then to sit tight at #4 and take OT Greg Robinson or Jake Matthews, or WR Sammy Watkins (and go OT with pick #13) so that Oakland still has QB Blake Bortles on the board. What would **** us is if Minnesota traded up to #2 for a QB, taking a QB out of the top 5 and making Oakland take Clowney. I doubt STL wants to move down that far though because they would risk losing their #1 target to us, Tampa, or Buffalo. Could see us trading w/ CLE at #4, especially if they lose TJ Ward -- we could just give #6 and FS Thomas DeCoud. We should pray for the latter, as it's an addition by subtraction for us and frees up $3 million to sign star FS Jairus Byrd.
  24. We sure do, and we should use the vast majority of our $30 mil in cap space (after cuts) on DEs and DTs and a veteran stud FS like Jairus Byrd. These trades (2 of 3) are cost effective moves to improve so we can save all of our cap space for impact free agents. Adding Quinton Coples who can have impact snaps at DE and DT --- along with drafting Clowney -- means we could save a ton of money that would have went to a free agent like Greg Hardy or Brian Orakpo or Michael Johnson, or even Jabaal Sheard or Anthony Spencer or Kamerion Wimbley if he is released --> can instead be used on a stud FS like Jairus Byrd to replace DeCoud who was traded for Coples, or ILB Karlos Dansby and DT BJ Raji.
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