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  1. Wonder how this conversation would change if/when Atlanta signs 2 impact EDGE free agents. It's the best DE class in a decade as of right now: Justin Houston, Greg Hardy, Jason Pierre-Paul are the top 3 (All-Pro caliber guys), then Jerry Hughes and Brian Orakpo (multi Pro Bowl dominant if healthy types), then a bunch of guys with star ability: Derrick Morgan, Jabaal Sheard, Olivier Vernon, Jason Worilds, Brandon Graham. Assume JHou, JPP are tagged. If ATL can land one stud LDE (Hardy/DMorgan/Sheard) and one stud RDE (Orakpo/Hughes/Vernon) -- then we have 2 starting DEs without using #8 pick. Ideal is Hardy + Orakpo, with Orakpo getting a 1 year fully guaranteed prove-it deal to re-hit free agency next year or re-sign. Pending on what else happens in FA (CB Byron? FS WHill? MLB Spikes? C RHudson? TE Julius? RB Forsett/Mathews?) other holes may get filled as well. The KJ Wright 4-3 SLB type could still be taken at #8 (Vic Beasley/Shane Ray/Bud Dupree[?]) or atop Rd 2 (Stephone Anthony/Benardrick McKinney/Shaq Thompson). Big Q that TD/Pioli/Quinn need to figure out is: Is Prince Shembo that guy? But CB (Trae Waynes), FS (Landon Collins), RT (La'El Collins), DT (Danny Shelton) could be seen as #1 need --- while WR Kevin White or Amari Cooper or Dorial Green-Beckham could be seen as best player available (think NYG going WR Odell #9 with huge needs at DE, OL, S). Maybe a shot at a pair of Julio's (Julio+KWhite) is too hard to ignore.
  2. Dude no offense but he is a free safety, not a strong safety. You clearly haven't watched him play. The guys who spend their lives breaking down film and ranking draft prospects acknowledge that he is a free safety with great range, instincts, and is an excellent tackler -- best former tackling FS I've ever seen on tape which is impressive considering he comes flying into the frame with 4.35-ish speed. Just because he is 6'1 with some size doesn't make him a strong safety. At all. Watch his film then join the Deone Bucannon conversation. I understand we have a big need at OT and TE, and there may be good OTs and TEs at our 2nd rounder, but there won't be good free safeties after our 2nd rounder and there will be good OTs and TEs. McShay rightfully says this kid can rise into the end of the 1st round -- he is the biggest, strongest, fastest safety of the top 4 safeties and he generates the most turnovers via INTs. Word out of the Senior Bowl was that our coaches LOVED Bucannon -- big time. They watched fly around the back end breaking up passes masking CBs flaws by preventing deep completions, and watched him FLY up in run support and snuff out the run before it got into the second level. Kid is the real deal. Don't let your view of our team needs cloud your assessment of Deone as a player. That is a mistake.
  3. Of course we'd all prefer him in the 3rd. But we cut DeCoud and didn't sign Byrd, Delmas, or any FS. Champ nor Woodson has the speed to really cover the field from centerfield at this point anyway and Champ Bailey is one of my all time favorite players. If we pass on Bucannon because we think the value is better in the 3rd and a team like San Fran takes him late 2nd -- we don't get him, and here are also no quality free safeties left so we will have a MAJOR hole at free safety that we just can't cover up. While taking an OT like Kouandjio or a TE like Seferian-Jenkins would be great in the 2nd, we can perform well on O without them. We really just need a receiving weapon to complement Toilolo (I love ASJ and would applaud the pick tho) like AC Moore or taking a chance on a ? Finally like a Lyerla in the 7th. Cyrus would be a sick RT who can take over left tackle, but we still have Baker and we have Johnson and Holmes at RT. We have NO ONE at FS. And I promise you, Deone is worth our 2nd round pick as well. Aside from OLB it is our only defensive need. We have 3 starting CBs, 3 good ILBs, a ton of DLs, and a good SS. Adding Clowney or Mack or even Barr in the 1st to go with Kroy at OLB and Deone to go with Moore at S --- could very well mean we have a great defense this year. We can add an OT in the 3rd like JaWuan James who is an underrated left tackle. And it looks like OG Cyril Richardson will fall too. Seantrel could be available in the 4th or 5th. Ideally I'd love to see 1) OLB Jadaveon Clowney 2) TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins 3) FS Deone Bucannon 4) WR Martavis Bryant 5) RB Ka'Deem Carey 6) OT Seantrel Henderson. But I wouldn't mind taking Deone one round earlier -- he may go before we even pick in Rd 2 -- and then focusing on a receiving TE later.
  4. Muskogean you are right that there may be "higher rated" talent available, but I wrote a TON about this kid yesterday and I believe that he will be our 2nd round pick because we can't risk losing him in the 2nd round waiting for our 3rd pick which is likely since he is at worst the #4 S and the top 3 could go in around 1. In terms of upside tho, Deone will be the best safety in this draft by 2015 and I would bet on it. He is the biggest, as well as the fastest, as well as the most consistently turnover generating S in college. If he went to a major program like LSU or USC he would be a Top 15 pick -- truly believe that. I was a big Eric Reid fan and wanted us to take him last year, but I disagree with the notion that he's a less fluid Reid -- people are just saying that because he went to WSU. He is EXPLOSIVE on tape, and not just big hit explosive. He gets to the ball in a HURRY and can deliver a crushing blow to separate the receiver from the ball as well as intercept as he has solid instincts and great hands. Best of all, Deone consistently comes flying in from deep centerfield using his high 4.3 speed and successfully tackles in the open field -- using proper form tackling technique! He doesn't usually go for lowering the boom like a Pat Chung or Bernard Pollard, which results in a highlight 15% of the time and the other 85% a missed tackle --- nor does he do the "O-Lay!" Thomas DeCoud patented whiff "tackle" which results in a missed tackle 100% of the time. Bucannon can be a STAR if he is allowed to patrol centerfield, with good CBs which we have, and with a good pass rush -- which we will have with Clowney or Mack as one OLB and Biermann as the other OLB which has always been his best NFL fit (or a vet like Calvin Pace or Anthony Spencer on the cheap would be a great signing because we have zero good depth at OLB).
  5. $1.5 million likely means 1 of: FS: Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson RT: David Stewart, Tyson Clabo I hope it's David "Big Country" Stewart. He is a massive RT who for 4-5 years was without question the best RT in the NFL. He is still a nasty blocker, and his demeanor would pair well with RG Asamoah. Could provide the value that Willie Colon brought to the Jets last year, which was a TON for a similar $1.5 mil -- he changed the culture of their OL back to a unified, nasty tough unit. I'd love to run behind a right side of Asamoah and Stewart. Gives Holmes a full offseason to focus on his ability at left tackle to either unseat Baker at training camp or in 2015. I have a ton of respect for Tice as an OL coach (he made the Bears abominable unit respectable -- their 2012 OL was as bad as our 2013 OL, but with a nasty RG & Bushrod from Saints they became a good, cohesive unit).
  6. Really don't think he's done. He played hurt last year, more than was reported on. That gets you a "way to tough it out Champ, we need you" during the season, but then also a "you didn't perform up to our standards, so take a pay cut or bye". Denver also had zero pass rush after losing Dumervil to Faxgate, and then Miller to injury. If we got Clowney and/or signed Michael Johnson and a stud rush DT like Melton or Raji....Champ could do well as a CB or FS for us. Really think he & Tru can start outside with Alford in the slot, and Byrd at FS. Or Champ could play FS, although he has zero experience there. And yes, he'd be a great player/coach in the DB room, in practice, and on the field in games -- a QB for the secondary getting everyone lined up and ready is a great thing. Before, that guyw as Thomas friggin DeCoud.....
  7. This is my stance too. He turned down about $8 mil a year to bet on himself, and looks like he ,ay have to settle for a 2 year decent deal and then re-hit the market ---- EXACTLY like Cliff Avril who turned down $10 mil a year from Detroit, Seattle got him cheap, and then he should have been Super Bowl MVP destroying Orlando Franklin and forcing all 3 Peyton INTs, as well as getting 2 sacks. Raji can be that force for us as a 4-3 DT, breaking the pocket down vs the pass in a similar to Ngata style. He was asked to hold up OL like many 3-4 DE do to free up the linebackers. Horrible position for him but GB knows his talent and offered him $8 mil a year anyway. A down year and now he'll leave in FA. So perfect for what we need on the DL --- big pocket collapsing DTs who can rush the QB, stop the run, and also shift to a 3 man front. Hits all 3. Hope we steal him and Matt Ryan uses their BC connection to recruit him.
  8. Also feel free to post your own trade down scenarios -- I didn't make it a poll because I am more interested in the discussion around "What should we do if Clowney is off the board" than just telling me which idea you like most. Obviously preferences can chance after FA --- for example if we signed DT Linval Joseph and DE Greg Hardy, then you could argue the NYJ trade is redundant and adding the impact play of Jurre,l Casey who is more of a 3tech in a 4-3 is what we need instead of a talented 0tech nose tackle --- or you could argue it completes our DLine with 2 run stuffing DTs and two multi talented big DEs so we can focus our draft on other positions.
  9. {RESERVED} (For why those teams want to move up & for the prospects we'd be considering at #11, #20 or in between)
  10. Once again I've been thwarted by my n00bness with my new iPad --- I wrote out all 4 scenarios and explained them in detail (evaluating the players received, the draft spot, why each team is moving up, etc.) only for my iPad Safari session to crash which on an iPad really just means minimize Safari and then re-open all of your windows without any written text (terrible for TATF homies like myself). This extra time has resulted in two positives: first being that I will just make the first post the trade scenarios and save the second post for explanation (I tend to be long winded). Second is that I added a 4th scenario -- a very different scenario. The premise here is that Jadaveon Clowney has been selected and we choose not to pony up to trade up for him. In my mind, Johnny Manziel has gone number #1 -- just don't see Bortles when all is said and done because he isn't a great thrower. G-Rob goes #2. Derek Carr goes #3 -- JAX loves him after coaching him in Senior Bowl, good loud leader and huge arm match Gus Bradley. Blake Bortles goes #4 to Cleveland -- Teddy is obviously the best QB in this draft to me......but CLE likes his size & arm strength and convince themselves he is Andrew Luck Jr. Oakland takes Clowney at #5 because Reggie McKenzie believes in strict BPA although I hope that they would be smart enough to take Teddy. However, I can see them shying away from Teddy because of T-Pryor's struggles that they've witnessed first hand although they are nothing alike; but after watching a mobile athletic QB fail in Oakland w/o weapons, very possible they decide it would happen again if they took Teddy at #6 and need to build a team first. That leaves us with Khalil Mack as probably our pick if we stay at #6, or Barr if he crushes the combine, or Watkins as BPA, or Jake Mathews which would be a horrible misuse of a rare Top 6 selection for us. I think it's in our best interest to leverage the talent on the board ---- Teddy Bridgewater (also Sammy Watkins, Mack, Ebron) ---- and trade down in a poor man's RG3 deal adding some young talent that fits our scheme and maybe another draft pick. In no order of preference: 1) #6, FS Thomas DeCoud for NYJ #18, DE Quinton Coples, NT Kenrick Ellis, 2015 #2 2) #6 for AZ #20, LB Daryl Washington, 2014 #4 3) #6, OLB Kroy Biermann for TEN #11, DT Jurrell Casey, LB Zach Brown 4) #6, FS Thomas DeCoud for DAL #16, RB DeMarco Murray, TE Gavin Escobar, 2015 #2 To be honest I'm not sure what other draft picks aside from the 2014 #1 would be included -- obviously we want a 2014 #2 or 2015 #1 (I believe Dimitroff will prioritize help now in 2nd round over help later in 1st round --- unless he then trades that 1st for an early 2nd)
  11. I disagree wholeheartedly guys. Similar to Glenn Dorsey in Kansas City, Raji is being misused as a 3-4 DE holding up linemen so Clay Matthews can fly around and have a clean line on the QB. It's a total waste of Raji's ability to get upfield --- and why he is leaving and badly wants to sign with a 4-3 team. He is going to have to sign for much less than his talent is worth -- similar to Cliff Avril's small 2 year deal and Avril as coming off a much more impressive season than Raji is. I would love to be the team to get BJ Raji on the cheap for a few seasons and let him get upfield in our 4-3. He can also hold the point if we flex to a 3-4 --- we currently have no DTs who could successfully hold up OL for LBs to fly around and make plays. You can't compare stats guys. Raji has been asked to just hold up OL so AJ Hawk, Clay Mathews, etc can make the plays. No DLinemen in Green Bay have good stats -- it's the scheme.
  12. With AZ using a high 2nd rd pick last year on talented ILB Kevin Minter --- highly doubt they franchise tag Karlos Dansby despite his amazing All-Pro year. Only sensible thing would be to trade Minter for a player or pick (I'd do Minter for Biermann straight easy) and then re-sign Karlos, but that's only if they are fully committed to winning this season with little regard to the future (Carson Palmer acquisition points in this direction). I agree with you that Daryl Washington is one of the best true LBs in the game -- top 10 right now probably: Patrick Willis, Navorro Bowman, Derrick Johnson, Luke Kuechly, Lavonte David, Sean Lee, Karlos Dansby are the clear top 7. Daryl Washington, Vontaze Burfict, D'Qwell Jackson, Von Miller (true LB?), Jerod Mayo, even Thomas Davis, DeMeco Ryan's (new Philly version), David Harris, Bobby Wagner and Spoon have a place in the convo -- along with next year youngsters DeMario Davis, Kiko Alonso, Wesley Woodyard, Mychal Kendricks, and rookie CJ Mosley will get in the convo. But if trading Daryl Washington (when they have Minter & Dansby and were fine w/o him) means hey can get the #6 pick and a franchise QB (Teddy Bridgewater) it will be absolutely worth it for Arizona. Carson can play out his deal in AZ, or Teddy can pull a Russell Wilson and out play him in camp and steal the job. AZ's future with Teddy at QB, Andre Ellington at RB, Michael Floyd at WR, and Larry Fitz's remaining year is exciting. Yes I do and I said very clearly that they can make more moves to get over $40 mil on cap space. Right now we about $25 mil under. Restructures for Matt Ryan (+9 mil), Roddy (+6 mil), Blalock (+5 mil) brings us to $45 million in cap space. Further cuts to DeCoud, Osi, SJax (+3 mil each), Reynolds, Snelling (+1 mil each) brings total cap space to about $56 million. Michael Johnson ($7.5 mil 1st year cap hit), Jairus Byrd ($8.5 mil 1st year cap hit), BJ Raji ($7.5 mil 1st year cap hit), Alex Mack ($6 mil 1st year cap hit) = $29.5 mil cap space used, with $26.5 million left to spend. W/o the restructures, we can get all 3 defenders but are stuck with the combo of Konz or Hawley at Center. Teams who are aggressively trying to improve --- like Seattle last year who went after good free agents and drove them to sign at team friendly deals (Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Tony McDaniel) and traded for Percy Harvin --- don't just sit around and play with what they have. With the additions to the defense and Harvin who made an impact in the big game --- they won a Super Bowl. April terrorized Orlando Franklin and Peyton Manning all night getting a couple sacks and forcing several interceptions --- and Harvin had a return TD and chunks of yardage. I firmly believe all 3 of those defensive FAs would have a HUGE positive impact on our D; and that Alex Mack would steady our entire line and prevent DTs from destroying our line up the middle like Gerald McCoy, Star Lotulelei, and Bunkley/Akiem Hicks in our own division.
  13. Panthers took 4-3 Lbs Luke Kuechly and all of a sudden they have a top 2 run D, and he helps cover tight ends and shut down the middle of the field in pass pro. You saw how bad our D was with bad LB play --- I really don't get the 4-3 LBs have little impact argument. If they can't cover, you can't win (see: Keith Brooking, playoff game vs Arizona). And if they can't tackle, you also can't win (see: how DeCoud tries to tackle). If you have elite inside LBs, you will have a very good D: Carolina, San Fran, Kansas City, Cleveland, all have at least one stud ILB making plays. look at Dallas with Sean Lee (good D). And without Sean Lee (worst defense ever).
  14. Please show me a link that says the Cards said they will tag Dansby. I highly doubt that is true since they used a high draft pick last year on ILB Kevin Minter (LSU) who I am sure is ready to take over with Daryl Washington as his running mate now that his suspensions are over. I'd be interested in a Daryl Washington trade if Dansby does re-sign there long term --- tho I don't know what we have that they'd want: 3-4 OLB Kroy Biermann could make a lot of sense for them as well as DeCoud as insurance for Tyrann and to replace coverage liability Yeremiah Bell at the other safety spot. FS DeCoud & OLB Biermann for ILB D-Wash? I could certainly get in board, tho I think DeCoud may be part of our trade package to the Rams who need a veteran free safety to play alongside talented but burnable SS TJ McDonald (USC). Spoon & D-Wash in our nickel D would be too nice, and we could keep D-Wash and let Spoon walk eventually as DWash is the more complete player and sans injury issues (knock on wood).
  15. Why won't Bartu cut it? I've just come around over the last few weeks to letting our two UDFA LBs have another season starting to see what they can do with an elite DL in front of them and an elite secondary behind them. It's not like Worrilow misses tackles and it isn't his fault our DL was manhandled on every snap so that RBs had running lanes galore and he had to guess where the RB would be going --- sake for Bartu. From a measurables standpoint -- Worrilow is Luke Kuechly Jr (1 inch and 5 lbs shorter/lighter) and Bartu is Vontaze Burfict Jr (same measurements). I wrote a thread on their athleticism and it's surprising that Worrilow is actually more athletic then Kuechly at basically the same build (same 40 to the hundredth, better 3 cone and shuttle) and same with Bartu vs Burfict. NY Giants won 2 Super Bowls with elite DL, good secondary, OK to bad LBs. Seattle just win with elite secondary, very good DL, and one good LB and the other 2 OK at best. Our defense should he able to win one with an elite DL and elite secondary and good LBs. If Bartu and Worrilow don't continue to improve their games this season then we can look to upgrade, but why throw away two UDFA gems just because they were UDFA? Seattle continues to start late round and UDFA players because they are good and it allows them to spend $ elsewhere. Having two good starting LBs being UDFAs who make less than $1 mil each would allow us to go sign FS Jairus Byrd, DE Greg Hardy or Michael Johnson, DT BJ Raji, and trade up for & pay DE Jadaveon Clowney.
  16. Just curious --- what do people want from TD this offseason. It'll be easier to judge if he did good or bad by you if you lay it out there for us to see. Too many people stay silent so they can use 20/20 hindsight and say he shoulda done this or that differently. I've been very clear on what I expect: 1) More cuts: SJax (once we sign a better vet RB), DeCoud (once we sign Jairus Byrd), Osi (once we sign one of the top 3 DEs), Snelling, Reynolds 2) Restructurings: Matt Ryan, Roddy, Blalock --- all 3 of these guys have bloated salaries killing our cap. A simple salary to bonus restructure (like Fitzgerald) would save $20 million between the 3 of them !! 3) now with over $40 million in cap space (that's top 3 cap space I believe), go sign: A] one of top 3 DEs (Hardy, Orakpo, MJ) B] FS Jairus Byrd C] one of top 3 DTs (Raji, Linval, Houston) D] give Robert McClain a low restricted FA tag (too many CB FAs for anyone to want him after last year) and resign Babs on a very small 2 year deal, $1.5 mil each or he can walk. Let Peters and Jerry go. E] sign Alex Mack if he hits free agency. He is our #1 OL priority because we can't win if DLs blow up our OL from the interior. Konz is a bust and better to call it now then have him cost us another season; if Konz gets better he can compete at RG (doubt it). F] sign value OG and OT. I love what Willie Colon can bring to our OLine -- he took a talented but underachieving NYJ OLine and made them a unified, nasty, tough unit that became a top 6 unit. He can get even Baker to show a little **** fight. At OT I think Oher is going to out price himself like Jake Long did, and then be forced to take a 3 year value deal to re-hit the market later. TD loved him in his draft and B-More jumped us to draft him --- if he doesn't have a hot market I expect him to be a Falcon finally (he can also play LT in a pinch which is important with Baker's back issues). If not Oher, bring back Clabo who was good in the 2nd half for Miami or other solid vets like David Stewart or even Austin Howard. If Harvey Dahl is cut by STL I wouldn't mind getting the back together for pennies (Dahl and Clabo) because they played so well together and it's a no risk/high upside move. G] as mentioned with SJax I expect us to make a run at McFadden or Chris Johnson in free agency -- they would just take the exact money ($3 mil) that SJax was getting paid. DMC has same durability issues as SJax but when healthy is 100x more explosive; CJ is incredibly durable which goes unnoticed and doesn't miss games -- and I think if he was out in a situation where he had to show out to earn another big pay day he could be the CJ2K of old -- especially in a dome on turf and with our passing weapons emptying boxes. H] a veteran TE in free agency to complement Toilolp so we don't have to force a draft pick like we did moving up for Trufant because we whiffed on Keenan Lewis last year. My favorite for this is Zach Miller in Seattle who should be cut --- top 3 blocker in NFL, underrated receiver, won't cost much. Finley is also an option and I'm sure we'd be at the top of his list, but he's more receiving only and we wouldn't be able to run power with him as the lone TE on the field (IMO). Fred Davis for $1 mil on 1 year is interesting as well. I] if we can't get some of the above and we have a lot of money to spend, a Plan B that I've grown fond of is going hard after a top CB (Talib) and moving Alford to slot CB. We'd have Talib and Trufant outside with 5'10 insane athlete Alford inside and McClain as injury insurance and our dime CB --- giving us the best CB quad in the NFL IMO and our LOB if we succeed in signing Byrd. With a secondary like that we could draft pass rushers and they'd have a chance to get to the QB because receivers just won't be open. I'm worried about Alford on the outside because of his size and I know his aggressiveness and size is an asset in the slot instead of a detriment outside going against 6'5 VJax and 6'4 Colston and 6'5 Kelvin Benjamin if Carolina does in Round 1 what I think it should. And that's the free agency --- seems like a lot but with $45 million to spend we can do a lot. I'm only calling for 3 big $ moves: DE, FS, DT. One mid-market move: C. And a handful of small money moves: OG, OT, RB, TE, resigning 2 of our own. Ideally we get Orakpo (ideal DE/OLB), Raji (ideal DT/NT), Byrd (ideal FS). MJ, Linval, Ward are all strong Plan Bs. Draft: A]fully expect to trade up to #2 for Clowney. Clowney with Orakpo (or MJ/Hardy) would just be amazing off the edge in both the 4-3 and in 3-4 OLB sets. I expect us to use our 2015 #1 so I won't be one of the people screaming we've been Dimitroff'd if we give #6, 2015 #1 and FS Thomas DeCoud to the Rams for #2. I'd instead be thrilled. B] I expect a DT with the 2nd pick unless one of the top 3 TEs falls: ASJ or Amaro. ASJ can be our Jimmy Graham in terms of how they use him --- lucky for us he had a down final year but his tale just screams that he has the ability to dominate games. He'll be a better pro than college player for sure. That said, if Timmy Jernigan is there at #24 I think we should move up for a DT. I've said in many threads the sweet spot in this draft for a DT is #16 to #32 because doubtful any will go before that and doubtful any of the top ones will be available after that: Jernigan, Donald, Nix III, Hageman, Tuitt. If we sign a NT type (Raji/Linval) then Jernigan or Hageman or Donald makes sense. If we sign a 3-tech type (Houston/Melton) then Louis Nix III makes sense. The trade up will be something like #2 and 2015 #2 with WR Harry Douglas (Kansas City at 23 makes a lot of sense). I expect TD to use our 2015 picks now to build a contender because if we aren't in the playoffs he won't be around for the 2015 offseason --- so essentially I'm on board because it will allow us to attack this draft and there is special talent for our team needs. C] I expect RB and TE in some order in around 3 and 4. If Tre Mason is still available atop the 3rd i think he's our guy --- he reminds me of a more explosive Ray Rice. Even if we get DMC on a 1 year deal, a 1-2 punch with Tre would be ideal and Tre could also take over as feature back in case of injury. Bishop Sankey, Jeremy Hill, Charles Sims, Ka'Deem Carey, Carlos Hyde are other options, as well as former HS phenom Lache Seastrunk. I've loved CJ Fiedorowicz since he enrolled at Iowa but it appears the horrible coaching staff took one of the most decorated HS TE prospects in the history of HS recruiting into a 6th OLineman for their power run scheme as they've never had a good QB. 6'6 and a half and 260 lbs with 4.65 speed -- strong blocker, good hands makes him a great red zone threat as well as intermediate receiver. Due to basically no stats in college he should be available for our early 4th rounder. If ASJ runs a horrible 40 and somehow falls to our early 3rd -- he's obviously the pick and then we take a RB in the 4th. D] I expect a super talented prospect with off field questions atop the 5th --- essentially go BPA by pure talent and that's usually an early round talent still on the board because of off field concerns. The guy I've zeroed in on here is Seantrel Henderson -- the OT from Miami who we coached at the Senior Bowl. Former Oregon move TE Colt Lyerla is another possibility at 6'5 250 with 4.55 speed (basically has the talent of top 40 pick to be Jace Amaro but potentially faster) IF his legal issues with cocaine possession are resolved -- and he would go on a one strike policy in ATL tho I doubt he ever f's up again because it wouldn't just mean he is cut -> it means jail time. E] I want Larry Webster on this team. He's a basketball power forward who tried his hand at his fathers position (DE) and found immediate success at Bloomsburg as a 6'6 250 pass rusher with 4.6 40 speed. Watching Webster move though it is very clear that he could be a Jimmy Graham or Antonio Gates tight end in the NFL. Teams have already asked him to try out at TE and it's an easier position to translate your power forward/bball skills to --- jumping, boxing out in the end zone for fades and curls, all of which are much more natural actions than battling with an enormous NFL OT trying to get to the QB. Honestly he's such a natural athlete that maybe he could be a stud DE with a few YEARS of coaching and added strength. But he could make an impact right away as a role playing TE and take over in Year 2 --- same progression as Jimmy Graham. F] with our last pick, I expect to go BPA or add a kicker to compete with Matt Bryant because if we can move on from Bryant one year early on his $2.75 million deal in his last contract year. That money can more than pay for one year of Darren McFadden, or Emmanuel Sanders as a slot WR, or Zach Miller or Jermichael Finley as our new starting TE, or Willie Colon as our starting RG. I think we bring in a young kicker and as long as he holds up well, Bryant is a goner and we get almost $3 mil more to spend on quality FAs. So all my cards are out on the table. Make it happen TD!
  17. You said. It's why I also think he crushes it this offseason. He can and has a clear path to over $40 million in cap space. So if he doesn't crush it with ideal FA signings and the draft (fully expect us to move up to #2 for Clowney unless the Bucs offer 5 1st round draft picks) then he truly needs to GTFO. Urgency spurs actions -- so may actually luck into TD crushing this offseason because of our poor 2013. He knows Blank brought in Pioli so that we would have a top executive who was familiar with the organization and the personnel to take over for 2015 if the ship isn't righted in 2014. When Holmgren was up against the wall he used a future 2nd round pick to outbid the field for Josh Gordon which now looks like a steal. With Dimitroff up against a wall, he should use a future 1st to move up to take Jadaveon Clowney which I have a feeling when all is said and done will look like a steal too. He's a better prospect than Aldon Smith, Jason Pierre-Paul, Robert Quinn, and even Mario Williams --- and right now he is really just an insane athlete with natural moves terrorizing OTs and QBs. When a good DL coach teaches him flawless technique, you're basically going to get a 4-3 DE version of JJ Watt who is unstoppable and makes an impact on every snap. I've never wanted a single player more.
  18. We should spend more than usual because if we repeat this latest 4-12 season then Dimitroff and Smith are both gone. Blank thinks that our nucleus in place is a good if bit great one and this last season was an aberration. If we suck again, then it would seem more like the new norm. And with the Panthers defense trending toward to elite & Cam getting more weapons this offseason, the Saints back in the saddle with Payton back as HC, Rob Ryan getting the defense to top 10 status and Bree's also getting more weapons, and the Bucs getting Lovie Smith to turn their top 5 on paper D to a real top 5 D and Mike Glennon improving and also getting more weapons --- we will need to improve A LOT to even get out of our division over .500. When other front offices have been in similar situations they usually go all out spending current and (important to note) future resources to improve right now to save their own jobs ---- if they suck they won't be around to not have the future picks anyway. A lucky good example of this is Holmgren using a future 2nd round pick to take Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft. A bad example of this is the same Holmgren trading picks to take Brandon Weeden in the 1st round because he needed an upgrade at QB and his age just meant maybe he would be pro ready from Day 1 which is what he needed. Pro definitely think we are going to trade our 2015 pick during this draft --- most likely to move from #6 to #2 to get Jadaveon Clowney. Judging by how horrendous our moves at DE have been over the last 5 years during Dimitroff's reign --- drafting Lawrence Sidbury ('09), Cliff Matthews ('11), Jonathan Massaquoi ('12), Malliciah Goodman ('13), Stansly Maponga ('13), while signing Ray Edwards ('11 to '12) and Osi Umenyiora ('13) [bust and bad], and cutting our lone impact pass rusher in John Abraham ('13) --- it is time that Dimitroff stopped shopping in the bargain bin hoping to strike gold with a raw DE and takes a top flight stud. He knows it and I do believe it is why we will be moving up to #2 if the Texans take a QB. I mean really, look at that DE set that Dimitroff has brought in --- it's easily the worst 5 year position group in the NFL, and DT is literally right behind it; if Dimitroff didn't inherit Jon Babineaux the DT group would be even worse than the DE group. He took Biermann (a LB/ DE hustle player lacking in athleticism) in the 6th round of his first draft as GM and because how bad the rest of our DEs and OLBs have been Biermann has started at both positions. On a good defense, Biermann wouldn't see the field (Seattle, San Fran, Tampa, Carolina, Kansas City, etc.) If we stand pat and Clowney falls, or we take Mack, I still expect us to trade our 2015 1st to team who wants to stockpile assets in the 2015 draft for a QB (Jameis or Mariota or Hundley) --- a team like the Rams who haves a Ton of young talent and would rather give them a chance to see the field then add more 2nd and 3rd rounders at this time (if they are getting a 2015 1st in the process). We could give our 2015 1st for the 13th pick in the 2nd round and take a stud DT like Stephon Tuitt or OT like Antonio Richardson --- or use our 2015 1st to pair it with our 2nd to move up to the 20s (Indy's pick that the Browns have make a lot of sense) to take a stud DT like Timmy Jernigan, Louis Nix III, Aaron Donald, Ra'Shede Hageman, or even Stephon Tuitt. The 20s of the 1st round will be the sweet spot for DTs IMO -- all of those guys won't make it to our pick in the 2nd round except for maybe Tuitt. If we love a guy (like Jernigan) it makes a lot of sense to go up and get him.
  19. Seattle just proved this theory wrong by having the best secondary beer and a bunch if value free agents on the DLine and mid-round athletic type LBs. Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Tony McDaniel were all signed last year to small deals. Red Bryant lose snaps to them, and Brandon Mebane is another value DT they re-signed the year prior who had a huge role for that D. They used a 1st in Bruce Irvin bust he was shaping up as a quick bust at DE and because they were able to sign a few DEs last year they moved him to OLB where he provides some pass rush occasionally --- a waste of a pick for them and they'd much rather have taken OG David DeCastro, WR Kendall Wright, WR Alshon Jeffery, CB Janoris Jenkins, LB Mychal Kendricks, WR Rueben Randle, or obviously OLB Lavonte David. If ATL has an elite secondary via draft & FA (add FS Byrd & CB Talib to CBs Trufant, Alford (slot), SS Moore) and some cheap value DE/DTs like Michael Bennett, Henry Melton, Lamarr Houston, and Jabaal Sheard ---- Atlanras defense would be amazing. #6 could be used on a DE like Clowney, an OLB/DE like Mack or Barr, true LB like Mosley, or a monster 3tech like Jernigan (reach IMO) would only further boost the defense. Flip side if the D is loaded with FA talent, can take a special TE prospect like Eric Ebron, or take advantage of the draft pool and pair Julio Jones with Sammy Watkins and replace Tony Gonzalez with a base 3 WR offense of Julio & Roddy outside and Sammy Watkins in the slot. The latter (Watkins at #6 if we fill out the D fully in FA) would certainly add a wow factor to Atlantas draft while both protecting the team against Julio's foot woes, Roddy's impending decline, and give Matt Ryan a long term elite WR duo to reach the elite QB mountain top and make sure we NEVER AGAIN have a WR the quality of Harry Douglas acting as our #1. I could really get behind the Watkins pick if we cleared a ton of cap room and signed FS Byrd, DT Raji, DE M-Johnson, DT/DE Houston and three OLinemen: C Mack, OT Stewart/Clabo/Oher, and OG a Colon/Asamoah.
  20. Surprises me a little that Tony has gone from --- as long as he wants to come back we will love him and cheer for him and welcome him back with open arms to: GTFO you me-first prima donna who helped ruin our season and has diminishing skills. I guess that happens when your HOF ability starts to fade, you can't separate from LBs or Ss in coverage anymore, you are a liability blocking so we can't run outside effectively if you are in the game ---- but worst of all you put yourself before the team, admit that you acted like a spoiled SOB to show the team that they would really miss you when you were gone because you're the best, and skip all offseason team sessions, AND you want to be paid $7 million a year just to keep coming back! TG has slowly revealed more of a TO selfish personality and if he had retired a year ago it never would have come to light. I would only take him back if he took the veteran minimum AND signed a contract that stipulated he couldn't skip any team workouts in the off seasons. A rusty, over the hill Tony Gonzalez does not help the Falcons win their first title. He hurts that pursuit, and in a damaging long-term way if he takes up a meaningful amount of cap space that prevents us from signing a great free agent this offseason. I would 1000% rather spend $7 mil on at least 25 free agents: Branden Albert, Jared Veldheer, Michael Oher, Alex Mack, Jermicael Finley, Chris Johnson, Darren McFadden, Hakeem Nicks to name a few guys we could give $7 mil or parts of it to on offense. I would also personally rather have Zach Miller at this point than Tony Gonzalez. Miller will be released by Seattle in the coming weeks, and although it seems like he's been around forever at this point as he will be in his 3rd diff team after this free agency -- he just turned 28 which is almost 10 years younger than Tony. ---> Miller is one of the 3 best blocking TEs who also classify as receivers (Vernon Davis, Marcedes Lewis, Zach Miller) and while Carroll used him exclusively as a blocker for Marshawn (that worked very well) and red zone threat (5 TDs in regular season) he is only a few years removed from impressive caliber seasons in Oakland like his 2010 campaign: 60 catches, 685 yards, 5 TDs. Factor in his QB and that it's Oakland and it's a very impressive season for an oft-underutilized player. Miller has Jason Witten ability -- he just had the misfortune of being drafted by Oakland and then going to an ultra conservative running team despite being promised a large role in the passing attack after getting a 5 year $34 million deal (very good TE money for an underused baker). At 6'5 255 lbs and 4.72 40 speed and a 34" vertical -- Miller can still present s good mismatch in the seam and in the red zone for certain. And as he proved in Oakland for McFadden's one great year and Marshawn emergence as the NFL's #2 RB since he arrived in Seattle to open up holes for him --- he will definitely significantly boost his new teams running game.
  21. Which is why Matt Ryan should be recruiting the heck out of his old Boston College teammate: BJ Raji. Not only does Raji want out of GB, he wants into a 4-3 where he can get upfield and play on the other side of the LOS. While we would ask him to play some snaps a nose tackle when we flex to a 3-4, we run a 4-3 80% of the time and the "hybrid" aspect is just if the DE stands up off of the line of scrimmage (Biermann, or Michael Johnson/Brian Orakpo if we sign one) to play a Leo OLB/adze role. So he can still get upfield from the NT spot. Perfect scheme fit for both team needing player and player desiring scheme, and perfect considering he'd instantly be a leader on D. GB uses him to hold up OL to free up pathetic LBs -- total waste of talent, similar to how Kansas City ruined Glenn Dorsey. Whether it's with us, Chicago, or Dallas -- I'm excited to watch Raji realize his potential in a 4-3 attacking scheme. Just hope it's with us. Won't break the bank like Greg Hardy -- very possible Raji + Michael Johnson could be had for near the price of Hardy (in terms of 1st year cap hit). Major could out price himself from the market like Avril did last year & be forced to take a value 2 year deal so he can re-hit free agency still in his prime. I'd prefer we get a 6 year deal done for $6 mil in the first year and climbing (for both). With FAs like DT Raji, DE/OLB M-Johnson, FS Jairus Byrd, (bringing back Babs + McClain cheaply), and drafting DE/OLB Clowney #1 and DT/DE Stephon Tuitt #2 (or Louis Nix III/Ra'Shede Hageman/Aaron Donald) ---- our defense can be very good in a hurry.
  22. I entertained the thought of letting McClain walk and signing a star CB like Aqib Talib which would allow Talib to erase opposing #1 WRs, Trufant to continue developing into a shutdown #1 CB while covering #2 CBs, and Alford can use his truly elite speed and athleticism to lock down the slot --- we play a base nickel defense so it calls for 3 CBs anyway. Plus with the slightly more limited role (not in vs the run), Alford can remain our primary punt returner which fills two needs with one signing. If we bring back McClain, Alford will be a full time starter and we probably need a different return man. No question our defense is better if we have Talib (or DRC or Verner or Vontae) outside with Trufant speedy 5'10 Alford manning the slot and occasionally blitzing. But if we can use that money instead of getting DE Greg Hardy or DT BJ Raji, then bringing back McClain for pennies and getting the DL is probably the way to go. Expensive (elite) secondary is more the Seattle model and then signing a bunch if very good value free agent DLs (Jabaal Sheard could be our Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett can be himself, Henry Melton can settle for a 1 year deal with us to establish his marker value etc.) The stack the DLines and be young in the secondary is the NY Giants D model which won 2 rings --- but if the DLine isn't playing LIGHTS OUT --- the defense can fall apart and the youngsters in the secondary can get picked on. I would love if we managed to convince Aqib Talib to come play against Tampa twice a year and bring FS a jairus Byrd with him from the AFC East. We would have a secondary IMO that is better than the LOB because in my opinion Byrd > Earl, Talib and Sherman are both erasers at CB and Talib was a favorite for DPOY until he got hurt, Trufant > Maxwell, and Willy Mo is right now < Kam by a little but when Willy Mo is hot he is one of the best playmaking SS in the game; this is also forgetting about Robert Alford who could be the best slot CB in the NFL with his speed and athleticism and ability to blitz and get to the QB too ---- I'm worried about 5'10 Alford in the outside going against guys like 6'4 Colston and 6'5 VJax or 6'2 M-Will and that's just our division. Free Agents: CB Aqib Talib, FS Jairus Byrd, DE Michael Johnson, DT BJ Raji would be all we need on D (plus DE Jadaveon Clowney in the 1st and DT Stephon Tuitt in the 2nd) to enter Top 5 D status ---- and we can free up the money with more cuts (DeCoud, SJax, Osi) and restructures (Blalock, Matt Ryan, Roddy). Let's do it Dimitroff.
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