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  1. Wonder how this conversation would change if/when Atlanta signs 2 impact EDGE free agents. It's the best DE class in a decade as of right now: Justin Houston, Greg Hardy, Jason Pierre-Paul are the top 3 (All-Pro caliber guys), then Jerry Hughes and Brian Orakpo (multi Pro Bowl dominant if healthy types), then a bunch of guys with star ability: Derrick Morgan, Jabaal Sheard, Olivier Vernon, Jason Worilds, Brandon Graham. Assume JHou, JPP are tagged. If ATL can land one stud LDE (Hardy/DMorgan/Sheard) and one stud RDE (Orakpo/Hughes/Vernon) -- then we have 2 starting DEs without using #8 pick
  2. Dude no offense but he is a free safety, not a strong safety. You clearly haven't watched him play. The guys who spend their lives breaking down film and ranking draft prospects acknowledge that he is a free safety with great range, instincts, and is an excellent tackler -- best former tackling FS I've ever seen on tape which is impressive considering he comes flying into the frame with 4.35-ish speed. Just because he is 6'1 with some size doesn't make him a strong safety. At all. Watch his film then join the Deone Bucannon conversation. I understand we have a big need at OT and TE, and there
  3. Of course we'd all prefer him in the 3rd. But we cut DeCoud and didn't sign Byrd, Delmas, or any FS. Champ nor Woodson has the speed to really cover the field from centerfield at this point anyway and Champ Bailey is one of my all time favorite players. If we pass on Bucannon because we think the value is better in the 3rd and a team like San Fran takes him late 2nd -- we don't get him, and here are also no quality free safeties left so we will have a MAJOR hole at free safety that we just can't cover up. While taking an OT like Kouandjio or a TE like Seferian-Jenkins would be great in the 2nd
  4. Muskogean you are right that there may be "higher rated" talent available, but I wrote a TON about this kid yesterday and I believe that he will be our 2nd round pick because we can't risk losing him in the 2nd round waiting for our 3rd pick which is likely since he is at worst the #4 S and the top 3 could go in around 1. In terms of upside tho, Deone will be the best safety in this draft by 2015 and I would bet on it. He is the biggest, as well as the fastest, as well as the most consistently turnover generating S in college. If he went to a major program like LSU or USC he would be a Top 15
  5. $1.5 million likely means 1 of: FS: Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson RT: David Stewart, Tyson Clabo I hope it's David "Big Country" Stewart. He is a massive RT who for 4-5 years was without question the best RT in the NFL. He is still a nasty blocker, and his demeanor would pair well with RG Asamoah. Could provide the value that Willie Colon brought to the Jets last year, which was a TON for a similar $1.5 mil -- he changed the culture of their OL back to a unified, nasty tough unit. I'd love to run behind a right side of Asamoah and Stewart. Gives Holmes a full offseason to focus on his ability
  6. Really don't think he's done. He played hurt last year, more than was reported on. That gets you a "way to tough it out Champ, we need you" during the season, but then also a "you didn't perform up to our standards, so take a pay cut or bye". Denver also had zero pass rush after losing Dumervil to Faxgate, and then Miller to injury. If we got Clowney and/or signed Michael Johnson and a stud rush DT like Melton or Raji....Champ could do well as a CB or FS for us. Really think he & Tru can start outside with Alford in the slot, and Byrd at FS. Or Champ could play FS, although he has zero ex
  7. This is my stance too. He turned down about $8 mil a year to bet on himself, and looks like he ,ay have to settle for a 2 year decent deal and then re-hit the market ---- EXACTLY like Cliff Avril who turned down $10 mil a year from Detroit, Seattle got him cheap, and then he should have been Super Bowl MVP destroying Orlando Franklin and forcing all 3 Peyton INTs, as well as getting 2 sacks. Raji can be that force for us as a 4-3 DT, breaking the pocket down vs the pass in a similar to Ngata style. He was asked to hold up OL like many 3-4 DE do to free up the linebackers. Horrible position for
  8. Also feel free to post your own trade down scenarios -- I didn't make it a poll because I am more interested in the discussion around "What should we do if Clowney is off the board" than just telling me which idea you like most. Obviously preferences can chance after FA --- for example if we signed DT Linval Joseph and DE Greg Hardy, then you could argue the NYJ trade is redundant and adding the impact play of Jurre,l Casey who is more of a 3tech in a 4-3 is what we need instead of a talented 0tech nose tackle --- or you could argue it completes our DLine with 2 run stuffing DTs and two multi
  9. {RESERVED} (For why those teams want to move up & for the prospects we'd be considering at #11, #20 or in between)
  10. Once again I've been thwarted by my n00bness with my new iPad --- I wrote out all 4 scenarios and explained them in detail (evaluating the players received, the draft spot, why each team is moving up, etc.) only for my iPad Safari session to crash which on an iPad really just means minimize Safari and then re-open all of your windows without any written text (terrible for TATF homies like myself). This extra time has resulted in two positives: first being that I will just make the first post the trade scenarios and save the second post for explanation (I tend to be long winded). Second is that
  11. I disagree wholeheartedly guys. Similar to Glenn Dorsey in Kansas City, Raji is being misused as a 3-4 DE holding up linemen so Clay Matthews can fly around and have a clean line on the QB. It's a total waste of Raji's ability to get upfield --- and why he is leaving and badly wants to sign with a 4-3 team. He is going to have to sign for much less than his talent is worth -- similar to Cliff Avril's small 2 year deal and Avril as coming off a much more impressive season than Raji is. I would love to be the team to get BJ Raji on the cheap for a few seasons and let him get upfield in our 4-3
  12. With AZ using a high 2nd rd pick last year on talented ILB Kevin Minter --- highly doubt they franchise tag Karlos Dansby despite his amazing All-Pro year. Only sensible thing would be to trade Minter for a player or pick (I'd do Minter for Biermann straight easy) and then re-sign Karlos, but that's only if they are fully committed to winning this season with little regard to the future (Carson Palmer acquisition points in this direction). I agree with you that Daryl Washington is one of the best true LBs in the game -- top 10 right now probably: Patrick Willis, Navorro Bowman, Derrick Johnso
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