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  1. He surprised me. Not by his talent but he was really raw coming into the NFL. Usually that's not good unless you are uber talented like Cam but Ryan proved otherwise.
  2. Those aren't are castoffs. Those were some of our better players.
  3. Why are you still arguing with him? Not a logical thought in his mind. He's gonna think what he's gonna think. He doesn't know none of these guys on a personal level, it's really not worth your time.
  4. Regardless if you are right or not, if Geno did this which I think he did. It's wrong. I don't care if he didn't want to play there or not. He paid the price by losing millions as well. Him doing things like not being responsive when these teams are paying money to wining and dining you to me is BS. Geno deserves to fall in the draft for it and some of the negative press he's getting. With that said, this is a performance business and what NY needs is a QB who can perform. He has all the time to prove his worth.
  5. It's funny with Cam, everyone knew he has a complex issue where he see himself as this special great than one type and everyone knew that which wasn't really nothing anyone else said any different. It was Nolan saying his smile is fake and some of that other sh*t that stood out to me as crap. When it comes to his Football points on Cam, RG3, and Geno, I don't see that much wrong it's the personal you don't know what the h*ll your talking about sh*t that gets me. Of course, jackasses like g-dawg eat it up because those are some stupid posters who constantly post nonsense with a pretty font to i
  6. NFC South was tough last year. Didn't we go 3-3 in the NFC South. Our only 3 losses.
  7. This sh*t doesn't even make sense. From all his coaches and from grade level has praised his leadership abilities. As far as him being arrogant, that is true. He reminds me personality wise of a Black Joe Flacco who is far from a fan favorite on this site.
  8. He is really f**king talented. Nolan's RG3 one was hilarious as well. His Cam one was perturbed. Wait till he get to Teddy and Tahj lol.
  9. Which is why I am subbing the thread. I will be in everyone in here's azz like I did with Cam Newton for being dead f**king wrong. This is a talent driven league. The bottom line is, the Jets have a top 10 OL which added depth and quality FA to the right side of the OL. They have a top 10 young defense with a defensive guru and they drafted young studs defensive. They have added talented backs and now an extremely talented passer. It's no pun to you, you never said anything crazy, you just said you don't believe in him and you are skeptical of his potential success. Spoofs like g-dawg and some
  10. I don't waste time responding to nonsense. Guys like him never see the whole picture so it's not worth my time even responding to him.
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