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  1. Anyone can also send me a link I would be grateful. Thanks
  2. Then thank God we don't have to play the Rams in the playoffs because we would be shaking in our boots right now. YOU'RE TEAM ROCKS!
  3. I hear ya man. Whats that old saying, "Any Given Sunday"? EDIT: I just checked the calendar and it don't say anything about this Sunday being a given one anywhere on it, so never mind.
  4. Dont even go there :P . A jersey like that being around would completely ruin my family, my life and it might even destroy our teams chemistry.
  5. Ok then. I officially LOVE the SAINTS from right now until sometime around 4pm this coming Sunday. After that they can kiss my ***!
  6. Right now the Saints are my second favorite team. After they win Sunday I will love them all the way until the beginning of next years season. Then I will despise them like always. If the Saints loose Sunday then I may just start a riot. Bump till the Saints win Sunday. Show them our love
  7. If you were not worried then why didn't you just ask the question on the Giants message boards? You are either worried or you came here to stir up what you can. I hope we do get a chance to play you guys. But YOUR team has to get by the first round in order for that to happen :P
  8. WTH is going on in Atlanta?. We now have Giants Fans worried about us? Oh my, and we had server problems before now. Well I guess the boards may never ever hold a load again. Everyone is interested in our Birds.
  9. Yep props to both of you! This has got to be an Atlanta fan goofing. I mean no one in their right mind would come here and be this stupid would they? :huh:
  10. You might want to look in the mirror one more time! :lol:
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