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  1. Anyone that disagrees with this mindset just think, Chipper Jones would have been half the player he was if he went by the name of Larry Jones. Fact.
  2. I agree with the OP, I always thought of it when it comes to baseball, never thought about football before though. And there are plenty of black players with good 'football names' Roddy White, mike vick, Robert Mcclain just to name a few falcons for example. As for bad names that aren't crazy or anything, Robert Alford, horrible name, sounds like someone that would be an accountant somewhere not a football player. It's completely illogical but I always put players through the 'name test' haha
  3. You can't just look at numbers though, if we did that then whichever team has the best stats would just be crowned champion. Arizona: rookie year, we were still in the game til the end Green Bay: It's hard to get into a rhythm when you're on the sideline watching your defense get their *** kicked Giants: Ryan's fault, happy? Seahawks: Ryan saved our defense's bad effort with a game winning drive Niners: Was driving down the field to potentially win, got pressured and hit, banged up and made a throw to get a call from the refs that he didn't get. So in all, to start out Ryan was ineffective in the second half early in his career, but last year he won a game due to a great last minute drive, and could have easily come back and won another but the chips didn't fall our way. Are we supposed to be freaking out about these stats you brought up? Because I don't think it's working
  4. okay now step back and look at the numbers and use a little of your football IQ. Defenses adjust in the second halves of games so naturally you'd expect a QB's numbers to dip slightly. So Matt Ryan's decline to a still great QB rating isn't anything worth talking about. As for the playoff games, we as Falcon fans know why we lost our playoff games. Arizona: fumble at the start of the second half/ Keith Brooking Packers: Defense got waxed completely in the second half (and yes Ryans interception didn't help but the defense forced maybe one punt the whole game) Giants: Actually Ryan and the offense's fault so no Matt Ryan isn't God Niners: No one's fault, lost a good game to a good team, it happens. So I'm still trying to figure out what we're discussing here because it certainly isn't mostly Ryan's fault that we lost games due to his second half stats.
  5. And with this comment the "simple debate on stats" ends and he admits he's just a troll. You really tried to hide it for a while there
  6. Based off what you're doing why don't we just look at the passing yards for both teams since you're throwing the entire Broncos offense into the picture.
  7. This isn't fantasy football. Numbers don't tell the whole story. Teams fear Julio more than they do Thomas, that's why they constantly have a safety covering him over the top. Ryan is quoted as saying multiple times that they aim for whoever is in single coverage, whether it be Roddy, Jones or TG. So you can't just put out numbers and say receiver A is better then receiver B. It all depends on the system and what the defense is doing to try and stop it.
  8. It'll help them not to be caught off guard going against the better WR's in the league in their rookie years. But talent will determine in the end how good they are. Which is why those lions CB still suck regardless.
  9. Don't say things like this! Jamaal Anderson nightmares are running through my head now
  10. Nolan likes multiple CBs to be on the field so it does make sense that we would draft another CB because he'll probably be seeing the field a lot. Now I don't know how good this guy will be, personally I've never heard of him, some scouting reports would be nice before I make judgement.
  11. Would like to see us trade up into the 2nd and get the best available LB and Ertz. We have a lot of young D-line prospects we need to at least give a chance, but we are pretty thin at LB
  12. I hope everyone realizes that the Texans went to overtime with the pathetic jaguars also? And they didn't even play sloppy like we did. This is the NFL, any team can win any sunday. Also don't forget that Arizona did beat the Patriots earlier in the year.
  13. HA! refs calling offsides or neutral zone infractions? I don't think we've ever gotten those calls ever since that arizona playoff game, plus it's at saints in primetime so you know the refs are going to be doing some home cooking
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