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  1. Why is Harrington starting? We all know what he can do. or not do. Is this move some type of "psychological" test for Matt or is Coach Smith being a man of his word and giving everyone a chance to start? I would like to see DJ start, just to see why he has so many fans on this site and ajc.com. Is he all that? or just a local product that have people believing he can start in this league?
  2. Hello My Fellow Falcons Fans, I have only been a Falcon fan and NFL FAN for 2 years so bare with me with post and other crazy questions that I will defintely be posting: Unfortunately I live in NC, so I will not be able to see the Falcons at all. I thought I would be able to listen online, but I have no idea where to go. Help a Fellow Falcon Fan out: How can I listen or better yet, watch the Falcons play tonight in NC? I don't have cable (rethinking that decision since football has arrived). Mack
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