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  1. Doesn't field turf installation take 60 days on average?
  2. Mine: Shenanigans to be fired..... Matt Ryan traded for a 1st/2nd round pick. *Take lumps with Schaub and struggle through a dreadful season. Draft Deshaun Watson 1st pick, use next pick (acquired through Matt Trade) to replace Buster Beasley.
  3. We've been talking about the lack of pass rush during the preseason the past 2 years. Guess what, no pass rush during the regular season. We talked about problems with the O line during preseason last year. Guess what, we had problems with the O line during the season. There are some definitive glaring problems that you can recognize in the preseason that does translate regardless of the "vanilla" play calling or the "rust". It is obvious this preseason that we still have an issue with the pass rush. It is obvious this preseason that we still have problems in the red zone. It is obvious this preseason that this offense does not marry well with Matt Ryan's skill set. Our D-line was getting stoned by a very inexperienced line tonight, that is worrisome. Matt Ryan does not look comfortable at all and he is pressing........in preseason, that's worrisome. Kyle Shanahan is too arrogant to change and make adjustments. He is the classic example of someone who believes he is always the smartest guy in the room. Headlines for this year: 1.) What has happened to Matt Ryan? (Degenerative Arm condition? Shananigan the QB killer?) 2.) Dan Quinn continues to reiterate: "Sacks aren't that important if your making the QB move around in the pocket" as Falcons are bottom 10 of league in sacks. 3.) Falcons fighting for .500 and relevance. 4.) It's official, Beasley is a bust. 5.) Finally, Devonta Freeman no longer has to split carries with Tevin Coleman (Week 11) 6.) Shanahan, "I'm not deliberately calling plays for Mohammed Sanu to justify overpaying him". Guys, I hate to call it in the preseason but we are in for a long season. It's evident in preseason. When the head of the offense (Shananigans) is arrogant and unwilling to change, is known for killing QB's careers, and persists to force his system onto players with the wrong skill set instead of adjusting his system to accentuate the skills of the players he has, we will continue to struggle.
  4. Quizz definitely is not Sproles. What Sproles has in abundance that Quizz does not is suddenness. Quiz is quick but does often react, cut, and hit the holes with the same explosion that Sproles does. That is why Sproles makes a very good punt/kick returner and simultaneously why Quizz would not.
  5. Robert Turbin would be a steal in the third.
  6. The NFL is full of teams that overpay and panic. Wait and see what Matt Flynn fetches on the open market and that's from 2 games, a second rounder for a "proven" running back with decent tread on the tires. I mean Washington gave up a fourth rounder for Freagin' T.J. Duckett. Even if we couldn't get a late second we could definitely get a third rounder and Turbin would still be available.....
  7. Yes. If I was GM for a day, I would trade Turner for a second round pick (minimum). I would draft Robert Turbin in the third round and attempt to get a solid TE and/or Boykins in the draft (Boykins to possibly replace Grimes and could replace the Weems loss in regard to returning kicks/punts). With the money that you free up from losing Turner you improve the O line by upgrading LT position. Then, wait for the salary cap casualties to start piling up from the teams that are over signing. From the cap casualty pool, look to strengthen DE and/or MLB. Just my 2 cents.
  8. If I was GM for a day!!! Trade Turner for a second round pick (minimum). You free up cap space and get an extra pick. Draft Robert Turbin in the Third or late second. Use the money you freed up to upgrade Left Tackle and/or center. With what is left over, wait on a the salary cap casualties and improve current MLB and/or DE situation. Just one man's opinion but I believe the writing is on the wall with Turner...he may have 1 more serviceable year but he is hitting the hole with less and less speed....he is a terrible short yardage back as well.
  9. ......we can't even punt effectively..................this is going to be a looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggg season.
  10. Very good reasons for optimism......how short sighted of me, lol. Thank you for talking me down.
  11. I'm really looking for positives but I'm not finding any other than the fact we are 1-1 and so far not statistically eliminated from the playoffs but I don't see just 1 glaring weakness....I'm seeing many glaring weaknesses. The bill of goods was that we were more explosive and with the addition of Edwards we can rush the passer.......Neither of these things have come to pass. In addition, we have hand-tied ourselves in regard to cap room and have auctioned a piece of the future by way of draft picks for Julio Jones (which looks promising) but we can't even protect our quarterback long enough to get him the ball. Please, before I jump off the proverbial cliff, someone give me some positives so I don't fall into that all to familiar mindset of: "same old Falcons".
  12. In the immortal words of the AC Transit Bus Fight Vick: Call the AmbuhLamps
  13. Wussification of football.......and then Chris Collinsworth and his 2 cents.
  14. Winning tonight would go a long way in helping people "move on".
  15. I agree....in the pro game at least, the fans are more into it than most players. I believe this may be why college is that much bigger in the south, you're more protective of where you come from...but, that's slowly changing as well.
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