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  1. One of our big 3 ryan or white or turner
  2. he's alright but we dont need him cuzz he had too many injures
  3. be serious guys if you go please tell us what's happening and how did they do
  4. now that a powerful defensive line
  5. any where shockley goes he will always be a third sting QB
  6. Whoo its a great day to be a Hawks fan LET'S GO HAWKS
  7. Dont be hating moore is good enough for us
  8. Well coach smith always have a competiton up his sleeves
  9. Wow this a long post,make it short for someone can read it
  10. its to early to tell we haven't seen him in action yet
  11. yes we will have a even better year with acqusition of gonzo and a new improve defensive line
  12. i dont know him but its good to get more bodies to make the team better
  13. ryan is already our QB, maybe he can compete with DJ for the 3 string QB
  14. no both our offense and defense should be even better than last year
  15. i think he should be the kick returner cuz he got the speed and the ability to give us big plays
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