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  1. in the hat. Let me start that off with a resounding...NO!!!!
  2. I'd hope he would allow Kafka to call the plays under his supervision. Much like he does currently with Andy Reid. Let these young guys grow together.
  3. And for the defense. We need a veteran guy who won't take any nonsense. A guy who can teach. A guy who will get the most out of what we have and has an eye for talent that can come in an contribute.
  4. out the gate. Give each of these guys a promotion to Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator, respectively.
  5. having Warrick Dunn in the front office under some capacity? Surely, he can't do any worse than the previous guys.
  6. very simple. For years he has been an above-average player on a below-average defense. For his time here in Atlanta, his performance level has been acceptable since it appeared to be better than most on the team. Now we have a new regime. He knows and understands that he's going to have to bring it with this new staff. That Mike Smith passive mentality, sub-standard expection is gone and HE KNOWS IT. Gone are the days of him wiffing on plays and just barely getting there. Let him go to the Cardinals. The weekly physicality of the NFC WEst will break him. Besides, we don't know what he w
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