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  1. It might be a good idea that we have loaded up with a few coaches from AFC teams. For years there has been a different attitude over in the AFC. They tend to be a little more physical. Even on the offensive side of the ball. They have big and nasty offensive lines and defensive units that don't mind laying you out. It is my hope that this attitude finds it way to Atlanta. This could surely make the Falcons stand out in the NFC. NFC tends to be a little less physical and rely on 45-21 scores as opposed to the 24-21 of the AFC. Just imagine if the Falcons take that physical mentality from the AFC and become the bullies of the NFC.
  2. Rewind: We hired Dan Quinn from Seattle. We immediately started our plug-n-play trying to create Seattle 2.0. Who is playing the Cam Chancellor role....blah...blah...blah. Instead of letting the guy just implement his system and form our own identity. Present day: We hire Arthur Smith. Before the ink can dry on the contract here we go again. We don't have a Derek Henry. Well, guess what? No team does. This new guy has a clean slate. Let's just see what he creates. He's under enough pressure as it is.
  3. The Mike is one of the most important identifiers for the quarterback and the offensive line, to establish the blocking points. Based on the scheme, the mike can change per system, but it’s important to identify these points. The mike linebacker sets the protections for both the run and pass play.
  4. in the hat. Let me start that off with a resounding...NO!!!!
  5. I'd hope he would allow Kafka to call the plays under his supervision. Much like he does currently with Andy Reid. Let these young guys grow together.
  6. And for the defense. We need a veteran guy who won't take any nonsense. A guy who can teach. A guy who will get the most out of what we have and has an eye for talent that can come in an contribute.
  7. out the gate. Give each of these guys a promotion to Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator, respectively.
  8. having Warrick Dunn in the front office under some capacity? Surely, he can't do any worse than the previous guys.
  9. I find it odd as well. I'm beginning to think that my ISP is putting a cap on my streaming bandwidth. I so much preferred the draft coverage provided by The NFL Network.
  10. I must say I do like his final statement on ESPN: "It's simple, get to the quarterback.....relentless". I believe him too.
  11. NFL Network via Apple TV initially. Seemed to be a streaming issue with NFL Network. Finally switched over to the ESPN App on Apple TV.
  12. after several seasons of people wanting to call The Falcons the Seahawks 2.0, the 49ers might actually become Atlanta 2.0. Seems old Shanny has his eye on most if not all of our free agents.
  13. teams around the league are frantically trying to build their offense to resemble that of the Falcons. Teams are also losing sleep defensively trying to figure out how to stop them. Teams can hope that this team regresses but I just don't see that happening.
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