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  1. Its not racist. The white guy was probably got paid well cleaning the pool
  2. Roddy white can slam a revolving door
  3. Some of his stories were funny though. I was listening to him at the bar. He is an icon in this town. Peophetstown has only 2100a people. So its a pretty cool success story
  4. No......people "meet" players at airports. Coaches are met at golf courses
  5. Brett bielema is from prophetstown illinois....which is also my hometown and i got a membership at the towns golf course. Low and behold i ran into brett bielema at the clubhouse. We talked abiut his days at wisconsin and how he is ready for his tough run in the SEC. but he mentioned to me how he thinks peter konz is going to be our center for a very long time due to his knowledge and versatility to play other offensive line positions. He was a very nice guy and got a pic with him with my falcons hat and falcons polo shirt. Im ready for the season now!
  6. Its just people cry to much about who they thought TD should of taken. But they don't realize TD is getting paid lots of money to build a consistent and successful football team while the babies cry on here while not getting paid by the falcons.
  7. They should really make their helmets with actual jaguar fur.
  8. I know its current falcons. But what about mclure?
  9. Congrats buddy. Happy for you and your family. My son was born 2 weeks ago today. So we got little falcons running all over the place!
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