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  1. we've had a taste of winning and losing let's go out and show em which one we liked better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. .........did someone just bad mouth Jerry Rice?????????? he's first class in my book. wow, man there's like a man law against that
  3. Just what our team needs before the season really kicks off. A real test... Dont expect this game to be a blow out on either side. Itll be a game from start to finish, which leads me to think that our division is really close in terms of skill, because thats exactly how the bucs/saints game was. exciting season ahead. im a fan regardless!!! this team is headed in the right direction
  4. i agree totally birdlover people are gonna see a lot unexpected schemes tomorrow if you didnt notice...mularky has a simple but complex playbook we have a lot of plays to confuse the defense haha i cant wait bros!!!!
  5. I got the snacks, the big screen in the game room, the day off from work...... all i need now is for my girl to say she'll cook for about 10 screamin Falcons Fans on Sunday.
  6. yeah i noticed that as well. the more i watch Matt the more i ask the question "do the critiques of recent 1st round picked quarterbacks apply to him?" he seems to have more qb savvy, knowledge and maturity than any rookie qb in recent past. there's a reason his old teammates gave him that nickname.....its gonna take a lot to scare our new qb
  7. Listen closely to the last portion of this video..... http://www.nfl.com/videos?videoId=09000d5d80ac0ff7 Looks good Falcon Fans. Odds on our side..
  8. then we're jus gonna be in a world of hurt then cus im right there with boss lmao
  9. Espn game preview Bucs must find ways to slow down Falcons rushing attack Scouts Inc.: This NFC South divisional matchup features the dynamic rushing attack of Falcons RBs Michael Turner and Jerious Norwood versus a Buccaneers defense that was embarrassed against the Saints. Expect Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin to load the box and force Atlanta to be one-dimensional through the air. Can Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey find ways to attack the Buccaneers' back end with rookie QB Matt Ryan? Also, look for Atlanta to attack a Tampa defense that can be exploited on the ba
  10. lol man it would take more than that for u to get under my skin ur a bucs fan on the falcons mb and we play u on sunday im not gonna be all cuddly with you like a 'my buddy' commercial lmao its in the name of the game man on monday after we win i'll be cordial :P
  11. We will see on Sunday man, we will definitely see and by the way....the records came from the prediction buddy. just copied and pasted man. dont get all touchy because it looks bad next to ours man
  12. To all the "experts" that analyze games week to week. Please continue to put us as the underdog for our games. It puts more fuel to the fire in the Falcons locker room Peter King's take on Sunday's game: Atlanta Falcons (1-0) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1) Welcome to Monte Kiffin's world, Matt Ryan. Prepare to see many things you didn't see on film during the week. Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 26, Atlanta Falcons 9
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