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  1. I watched last week game and I wondered why the Falcons changed the game plan on offense after Matt left the game.I know it probably had something to do with field position,but it seems as if they got a little conservative.In other words things got a little bland especially when the Birds got in the red zone.Let everybody run the same O when they are on the field.I am courious to see how bland we be against The Bolts.I can't wait until next week when we play those crazes from Baltimore.Some things never change in The ATL. .
  2. Every football player looks forward to missing one training camps two a days.Chill,Roddy will be in soon and things will be finer.
  3. I did spell it wrong and it's Wire.Sorry Coy.
  4. You guys forgot Wie.I am sorry if I spelled his name incorrectly.
  5. I am sorry some of you didn't get the right understanding of the question.I just wanted to know who the other skill players were besides Mathis.I really wanted to know who the other WR was because we were dicussing the game at the bshop and we could not come up with the answer.We remember he had a big game and Reeve's offense was big bavk,two tightends and throw the ball down the field.This is the same thing the Birds did this year.I'm just glad we got people in place(TD andMS) that know football and understand how the game should be played.I believe in Principle over Personality.I love the GA
  6. Could some of you oldtimers help me by telling me who were the other skill players besde Mathis? That team that beat GB that day under coach Dan Reeves resembles the Falcons of lastb year.That Falcon team was the first team to beat GB on their home field in a playoff.We should have beat the Eagles the next week if not for some calls made against us.Thanks in advance...
  7. I am praying for him and I hope GOD get the glory .Thank GOD for Mr.Tony Dungy and may his work continue for The LORD.I pray Mike experience the good fruit that GOD has to offer and he becomes a true miracle.To GOD be the Glory.
  8. Hey,anybody know what happened to Junior Coffey,Cannonball Butler and Junior Miller?Thanks in advance.I liked that uni also.....
  9. Rayfield Wright,who played at small Fort Valley State Univ. was inducted into the NFL Hall Of Fame last year,so it's not about the size of the school you played for,but it's all about the MANYou know a small school like FVSU have put a lot of players in the NFL,and we play Clark every year.What i'm trying to say is,don't discount the guy because he didn't play at a major school.I wish him the best and "IF GOD BE FOR YOU,WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU?"
  10. Why is DJ always thought of as a gadget qb and not just a qb?
  11. With Pace being released by the Rams and our OL coach having coached him,do we look at him as a starting LT for us?Did the Rams release him because of his salary or his declining play?Thanks and FLY HIGH BIRDS.....
  12. I,like some of you,would love it if THE FALCONS would have Sean Jones in for a visit.I was wondering if TD thinks we have the safety in hand that is capable of starting next year,or is he tipping his hand toward the draft?
  13. My bad,this has already been posted.
  14. I just read that DE Paul Spicer was cut by Jacksonville and Falcons are interested.Anybody know anything about him?
  15. Maybe money owed had something to do with him being retained.....
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