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  1. I thought there was a pact to not sign anyone named Bryce....ever.
  2. Ignoring the actual holes on this team as well as the real BPA at this draft pick just to take a guy who has played only 13 games vs D2 level competition is insane.
  3. I dunno... A guy who has played only 13 games at a D2 level school is getting more love than a guy who finished third in Heisman voting after running one of the most powerful offenses in NCAA history while winning a national championship and outshining 1 of the other top 3 QBs in the draft in the championship game.
  4. I spent too much time researching this. Felt like a challenge. I submit Reggie Bush NO 2006 #2 pick. He didn't break any records for the Saints but they did win in 09.
  5. That's silly. Peyton would be great and hilarious. Maybe get him a sports talk show.
  6. This is a terrible joke and I feel awful for making it. Rhianna is a treasure.
  7. Who knows? Most who want Matt gone want Julio gone too. Also Patterson is a great kick return man but a pretty average receiver.
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