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  1. After his superb owl win Flacco was being hyped as a first ballot HOFer.
  2. I hope he gets more chances to rush the passer going forward. Need to find some pressure from somewhere. It is funny that a team that squandered a 20-7 lead gets a defensive player of the week.
  3. If it was just a need for bodies they wouldn't have cut Green.
  4. When the opponent is allowed to throw the ball they get a chance at coming back. If the Falcons can get a pass rush going, that will be minimized.
  5. It's almost like letting them play and learn the game makes them better players. Sorry Dedrin.
  6. Um Josh Gordon didn't succeed there. Your list includes receivers who also had great to Hall of Fame QBs and coaches. Cleveland did not have that from 2011-2019.
  7. Get Means off the the field. JTM and Ade just need to be out their earning their lumps.
  8. Just don't follow Ben in to the mens room.
  9. Except in Tennessee. Also I highly doubt he would have been any good in Cleveland. His career would already be over.
  10. Why is he in a locker room with a bunch of Steelers?
  11. "You could have influenced Kyle Shanahan to make better play calls." Is he serious? Is there something I am missing with Kyle Shanahan? Yes the Falcons went to the Super Bowl in 2016 and yes the Niners went in 2018. But both teams lost because of Kyle's crappy play calling at the end of the game. Look at the Niners. They are terrible. This team has had 7 1st round picks in 5 years. They are loaded with talent. Lil Kyle can't win. They could have taken Kyle Pitts and dominated instead they took Trey Lance and well are 2-4. How much longer will SF let this dingleberry cling to their *****? Want to talk about criminally overrated. That is your guy right there. Falcons are 3-3 with what most experts think is bottom of the barrel talent. Kyle is 2-4 with what most experts think is a team loaded with talent.
  12. Is it me or is Sean Payton turning into Baron Harkonnen
  13. It's like watching two sumo wrestlers try and punch each other in the nuts.
  14. Stop hyping the defense. Seattle is literally running into a nine man front over and over again. The 12th man is booing.
  15. Pete Carroll has money on New Orleans.
  16. Anyone else still amazed that Geno Smith is still in the NFL?
  17. Matt knows that Cowboys defense. He knows it real good.
  18. Let me rephrase. You are always correct. Everything you type in here is pure genius. The Falcons didn't win yesterday. They lost up. Hopefully they will get 5-6 1st round picks this spring that they can use to draft 5-6 receivers all of whom will be hall of famers.
  19. of course not. He isn't a wide receiver. More like a hotdog salesman who took his $1.50 and wandered on to the football field.
  20. Didn't look like it when Gage split right up the middle for a 49 yard TD.
  21. Noodles get sold in boxes not sacks.
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