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  1. Every receiver/TE when they made a play and came off the field the first thing they did was talk to Julio.
  2. Philip Rivers - avg 26 TD/yr Eli Manning avg 26 TD/yr Ben Roethlisberger avg 23.5 TD/yr Andy Dalton avg 23.8 TD/yr Carson Palmer 21 TD/yr Drew Brees 28 TD/yr Joe Flacco 20 TD/yr Sam Darnold 0 TD/yr Matt Ryan 26 TD/yr Yea he can't compete with all those guys. Not a franchise QB like Sam Darnold.
  3. I thought they looked good up and down. Sure rookies will struggle but that's the nature of the game. I think time will teach Ito when to spin and when to drive forward. His biggest issues all look correctable.
  4. They say Foles injury is minor and he should not miss any meaningful games.
  5. Is it lack of depth or just the drop off from starter to back up? That is hard to see in preseason because the back ups just aren't good, but unless things go real bad you're not going to put more than 2-3 on the field at one time.
  6. Coaches collaborating to succeed on the field? Those monsters.
  7. 7. Benefiting from improved offensive line play and some spectacular efforts from his receivers, Patrick Mahomes showed flashes of the dynamic passer skill set that instigated his ascendancy to starting quarterback. The Chiefs signal-caller completed his first six attempts en route to 8 of 12 passing for 138 yards and a touchdown and an interception. His most spectacular pass came on a 69-yard touchdown catch by Tyreek Hill. Mahomes threw the ball at the Chiefs' 25-yard line and Hill caught it at the Falcons' 6-yard line -- the ball went through the air 69 yards before it landed in the third-year receiver's arms. Adding to the touchdown's charm was Hill's ability to beat three stunned defenders before corralling the pass and taking it to paydirt. Hill finished with four catches for 87 yards and tight end Travis Kelce made two nice catches for 27 yards. If the Chiefs can manage to carry over their exciting, big-play passing game into the regular season, Mahomes and the budding K.C. Masterpiece offense will be difficult for AFC West D-coordinators to tame in 2018. 8. Calvin Ridley looks poised to create plenty of problems for opposing secondaries. The rookie wide receiver generated some matchup headaches for the Chiefs early on and finished with three catches for 49 yards. That included a well-placed, 7-yard TD pass from Matt Schaub. If Ridley can continue to live up to his first-round pick pedigree, he should play well alongside an offense that features a former NFL MVP in Matt Ryan and an All-Pro wide receiver in Julio Jones. Ryan looked characteristically sharp in his '18 preseason debut, (derp) connecting on 5 of 7 passes for 90 yards and a touchdown -- a great, second-effort catch from tight end Austin Hooper. Tevin Colemanchurned out 35 yards on five carries. Year 2 of the Steve Sarkisian experience will be under the microscope, and Atlanta's first-team offense was impressive against K.C.'s first-teamers. -- Austin Knoblauch
  8. Roddy ate his milkshake in the 2012 playoffs.
  9. He stares down his receiver from the snap. It could be a long season for the chiefs.
  10. All rookies, who aren't instant all pros in their second preseason game, need to be cut.
  11. You think when Matt retires his franchise records will be low? We will probably never see anyone come close to them again.
  12. It's gonna be a long year for Andy Reid. Probably a really short one...
  13. If you own all the franchise passing records you might be a franchise QB.