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  1. Don't whine if someone doesn't get your joke. Just write better ones.
  2. x’s and o’s

    Eh, he needs to spend his chill time learning to read a defense....especially after last night.
  3. It's obvious after his last broken foot, Julio has done something differently in his prep. He has little dings here and there, as everyone on a football field does, but he looks fresh all year and into the playoffs now.
  4. I agree. Coleman has hit his ceiling. He isn't a starter. Once an NFL player's body starts to breakdown, they don't magically get back together. Freeman's best years are probably behind him. Ito is a good start. Let's see what Hill can do, and bring in another draft pick. Signing someone will still be expensive.
  5. 2 things.. 1. Baldinger, you work for the NFL. They can't get you something better than you videoing your computer monitor with your phone. 2. Ridley looks half the size of Julio on the field, but they are about the same speed. Julio is something special and incredible. That big, that fast and what 7 years older than Ridley? Wow.
  6. I thought TD cant draft?
  7. x’s and o’s

    Easy how? His stats and performance beg to differ.
  8. Maybe. Getting a lot of picks and building in that manner doesn't always work. See the Browns after the Julio trade. The question is can he get the most out of the guys he drafts. Looking at his track record after Tampa's Super Bowl may leave one skeptical.
  9. As Chris Berman used to say: If someone left two tickets to this game on their dashboard, someone would break the window and leave two more.
  10. The Giants will only score 30 pts!
  11. x’s and o’s

    Deion Sanders was the same way. In Dallas he would refuse to watch film saying he's got it covered cause he's Deion.
  12. I think the experiment of him kicking all three spots ended a while ago when he started sucking at FGs.
  13. Hey looka at me! A pizza pie!
  14. Ito is just 227 yards behind the last Southern Mississippi RB the Falcons drafted, the great Tony Smith who retired with 329 yards and 2 TDs after being drafted in the first round with the pick the team got for Brett Favre. Another Southern Miss grad. Hey are we gonna finally break the Southern Miss curse?