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  1. Quick passes to Julio while he enroute are a killer.
  2. He probably feels he has earned that big money contract. Which is fine that's his prerogative. The Falcons can find a replacement. I hope Grady keeps growing.
  3. How much is Poe worth here or on the open market? Did he earn his salary? Or can the team improve on his production?
  4. Someone will overpay him like a #2 and he will play like a #2.
  5. That #45 color rush jersey is pretty dope.
  6. He's gonna get a monster deal somewhere.
  7. Boom.
  8. Dakota Dozier is a pretty badass name for an OG.
  9. Charts and graphs.
  10. Coddle? Sark had two kids with no NFL experience as support last year in Weiss and Hamadan. They're both gone. Knapp is a perfect support for Matt. I would bet most of his problems were working with Hamadan a guy with little to no understanding of the NFL QB. It's unlikely that Walker is nothing more than an "intern" learning a new spot before getting promoted somewhere else. When you look at certain coaches resumes they move through all kinds of positions before finding their place. Coaching isn't about being an expert at a position, its about teaching and motivating about the sport.
  11. Right. You can find a decent speed guy in the mid rounds. Plus we have good, smart, mature receivers in Jones and Sanu that can handle the prima donna WRs that colleges tend to spit out anymore.
  12. WRs get over priced in a hurry. Find a good one in the draft, but don't go hunting in FA. You will always overpay.