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  1. Me Christ. You should be charging Vic rent for all the space he takes up in your head.
  2. Who was the 27th president of the United States of America?
  3. I was surprised to see a Gatorade commercial with Gurley in it wearing a Falcons T.
  4. He's got the guts to run between the tackles. Unfortunately he doesn't have the burst to get to the outside anymore. I don't think Freeman slowed down, but he seems tentative.
  5. Could be they had been compensating for Freeman's struggles and injuries the last two years.
  6. It's unfortunate that the corner got to manhandle Julio so the smack on Bosa was negated with an incompletion.
  7. Steven Jackson still harbors a lil animosity towards the aints.
  8. Koetter has never run his own offense in Atlanta. Both times he was asked to adapt to the previous playbook but sprinkled in a few flourishes.
  9. When I think of Foye in coverage, I think of this play. He's got wheels and get in place.
  10. The best part of no preseason will be no threads about how Preseason Warrior X should start over Ryan.
  11. Is that his job or is he on running backs? Foye has shown he can make plays with TEs.
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