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  1. She looks like if that chick from Striptease had sex with the dude from Die Hard.
  2. The album Rumors was built on, recorded on, and I believe the original vinyl pressing was made of cocaine.
  3. Cris Collinsworth has a podcast? Is it called Aaron Rodgers and his delicious nuts?
  4. All players are average or below average until they aren't anymore. Once they get in the right scheme they will surprise. Remember they had no scheme for the last 3-5 years.
  5. You would think they could figure out what a drop is...
  6. I list I saw had Gage with 5 and Ridley with 4. They were the only Falcons on the list.
  7. Certainly passing the ball less will solve this problem.
  8. Quinn saw something he liked with Oliver, then drafted him in the second after he slipped. He slipped for being too raw. Quinn was not a coach who dealt with raw players well. We wanted leaders who were almost ready and wanted to learn, like Rico. He wasn't good enough but he gave 110%. Quinn never put the best coaches at the position spots who could get the most out of these raw players. So they struggled.
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