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  1. The 90s silver pants were the worst. I dig these:
  2. It's always a surprise anymore. No one knew the Browns and Lions were planning on doing anything until they did.
  3. Oh yea. I see that now. Just not a fan of silver pants. I wonder if the Falcon on the sleeve should be larger.
  4. Nice. that in black with red accents around white letters, love it. The pants in white with red and black it even more. Not sure silver is part of the plan. It does not play into any of the current color schemes.
  5. Your playmakers need the ball in situations like that. Just like against Buffalo, the Falcons need to feed the big money stars, not Hooper and Gabriel. Freeman and Julio get paid for a reason.
  6. I can dig it. If they can get rid of all the weird color stuff on the sleeves and go back to the block letters than the uniforms might look nice. Solid fat stripes like that on the pant are always welcome.
  7. The issues look to be mostly mental. The team needs to get a big win, not a near win or a close loss, but a big defining win to get their swagger back. This weekend could be the one for it. The team seems to be well focused on it.
  8. No excuse for Sanu not catching that ball and Hooper, I don't know, DB has hands all around him.
  9. We've seen these excuses before and didn't see the clean up in 2015 or 2014.
  10. Yep. And Matt nearly missed Hall on that one. At least he's getting closer.
  11. Scared and rushed. Matt seems to want to get rid of the ball too quickly.
  12. Gabriel is a role player. He's fun in space and can make big plays. He is not #1 or #2 receiver. The odd thing is he might be the only one getting open with Julio under so much extra coverage heading his way. Then again Hall got wide open on a deep throw. They only receiver to successfully catch a deep ball all season.
  13. Nonsense. The Falcons racked up points against decent defenses last year with pretty much the same offense. Heck the Falcons are 5th in offensive yards despite playing those teams. The issue is turnovers and not scoring in the redzone. The same issues that plagued the team in 2015. Last season looks more like an outlier than any kind of signal of future success.
  14. Suh what? The defense should have made at least one stop in the second half. That one play is just one play in a list of many bad ones all game long.
  15. That sounds like BS. That doesn't to stop other teams who want to win. Execution wins, not secret plays.