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  1. The problem is Koetter doesn't understand how the run a short passing game. He doesn't run quick routes which Matt can and has excelled at. Just from watching the bucs v chiefs you can see offenses similar to what DK has run before but the QBs get rid of the ball faster because receivers are running to get open. DK has guys running and stopping or running into the same spot. Matt averaged 4.5 yards a completion because guys aren't running with the catch. It's sad to watch because everything is on this team to succeed.
  2. The Chiefs' offense is like a competent version of Dirk Koetter's. They send 3-5 down field. Mahomes slings the ball in less than 3 seconds and the winner of the track meet catches it. Not many teams have the speed to keep with it.
  3. The bucs struggling to stop a passing attack? Dirk must be aroused.
  4. Did you not see the Chicago Bears use him like the welcome mat they wiped their **** stained boots on?
  5. Eh. The same inconsistencies were out there on display this week as well. They just didn't make more mistakes than the other team.
  6. Am I the only one disappointed that peterman didn't throw a pick 6?
  7. Hill is a punch in the stone hands.
  8. For a $100 I will turn your old Vick jersey into a Koo jersey.
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