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  1. I wouldn't count Tampa out as a spoiler. They have games against each of the NFCS teams and will play all the teams tough. I can see them winning 1 or 2 of those games. I just hope after next week.
  2. Last year Vic had 6 forced fumbles and a recovery he took back for a TD. This year he has one. Those forced fumble were huge with most of them ending up in the hands of the Falcons. The team is missing those takeaways this year for sure. That was probably his biggest contribution last year. He and he rest of the defense are not get the ball way from the other team at all.
  3. Well that should make the NFL change the outcome of the game.
  4. With Bennet and Jefferson each missing a game for suspension, they could lose one more for sure.
  5. So it’s your fault.
  6. Philadelphia will be quite sad tonight.
  7. You learn something new every day.
  8. Or former Falcons head coach, offensive coordinator, cornerback and center, conspire to help Falcons win.
  9. They can split those division games. Falcons just need to keep winning.
  10. Remember when the Ref threw that perfect pass to Deion Jones in the end zone? jerks...
  11. as long as the Falcons are in
  12. No it’s security’s job to deal with fans. Jefferson was in the tunnel and then came back out. He should be fined and suspended. Security did deal with the fan but he has no reason to do that.
  13. It’s okay, JJ Watt has that award locked up.