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  1. TATF Mock Draft? I'm taking @PeytonMannings Forehead #1 overall. I'll trade out but you gotta bring some serious picks and maybe a poster from a better message board.
  2. Everything rises, that's true. We will look at Mahomes contract in a few years and be like dang that was it? The bubble will burst at some point. The NFL won't be making money forever. I agree the cap is good for the game but I do think it needs adjustment so teams aren't in "cap ****" without making crazy contracts that hurt them down the road or take money from players. It's complicated for sure.
  3. I don't know how close the situations are in Houston and Seattle. The Seahawks keep on winning despite what Carroll is doing there. He went from a stout running game/strong defense team to a let Russell bail us out all the time. It's easy to see Wilson's complaints. At the same time he is the QB and while he might know a thing or two he needs to defer to the coaches. That said what's going on there and in Houston sound like a recipe for disaster.
  4. The money being shared covers about 2/3rds of the cost of running a team. Here is a quote from the Packers CEO and President Mark Murphy: “Roughly two-thirds of our revenue is from the broadcasts, or national revenue, and that is enough to cover our player costs,” Murphy said. “So if you say we play an entire season without any fans, roughly we would still receive two-thirds of our revenue.” Teams can also raise a lot of revenue through local sales as well. Which is where the other 1/3rd comes from. The NFL has tons of money and isn't looking to go down anytime soon. Goddell wants th
  5. The NFL is making money hand over fist. The TV contracts are about to come due and there is no doubt they will all be record breakers. Also the NFL does revenue sharing. In 2019 the league shared $9.5 billion dollars which comes out to about $296 million per team. Is there a possibility that the numbers were lower last year, yes. Does it mean that teams don't have access to lots of money, heck no. Either raise the cap to a reasonable number so that fans don't lose superstars or make an adjustment for vet players so that they can live above the cap. This is a game for the fans let them enj
  6. Why the **** would they trade Wilson? This new idea that teams should unload their greatest players because of money is absurd. Fix the salary cap so teams can keep their great vets and not scrap their fortunes.
  7. If the Falcons trade with Carolina for Fields then we know for a fact that Fields is no good.
  8. Give it a couple of minutes. It will come back around again.
  9. One team trades their entire draft for him. Then in four years he quits to smoke weed. That is dedication. Then they drag him back to fulfill his contract and he has one of his best seasons. Man is legend.
  10. I love watching football high as well. It's not safe for the players to be high, tho.
  11. This reads like an article idea but not enough to really flesh it out. A lot of TBD.
  12. Gase was a talented play caller. Manning made him look like a genius. The difference is, like Shanny in SF, if all the pieces aren't in place he can't make it work. Also he sucks as an HC. Darnold probably isn't worth the PTSD he will be carrying.
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