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  1. That helmet is huge! Must be storing his money in there.
  2. Why does this make anyone upset? Whatever Julio does it does not effect you in any way. Let it go...relax. Enjoy the weekend. Get some (il)legal herb if you can. Love life. It's a short ride and football season is only five months long.
  3. I was just in Manhattan Beach. We could have hung out.
  4. He's too big for a MINI-camp...
  5. Was Dontari Poe really that great that every writer moans his departure?
  6. He isn't running away from the tackle. Watch his head. He looks down to avoid tripping over his teammate. Once he make his leap to avoid falling, the play is already out of his grasp. He wasn't avoiding the tackle he never had a chance.
  7. I think Garland was permanently moved to offense at the start of last season. I haven't seen anywhere that he was open to move back.
  8. It isn't a compromise. It's a nothing. The players aren't against the national anthem, they are using the moment to draw attention to a particular cause. Keeping them in the locker room just silences them. Besides if a player takes a knee they can't be penalized, only the team is.
  9. The NFL isn't losing tons of money.
  10. Also it appears the football players should be seen and not heard. No one but anonymous internet commenters should have opinions.
  11. The only people who get punished are the teams not the players. They can't punish the players with new rules without speaking to the union. This probably won't change anything.
  12. That is a terribly sexist and moronic thing to say. Why is not lowering your head and creating serious brain damage but rather leading with your shoulder something a grown man wouldn't do? If more children did that, we might have fewer brain issues amongst children. Not sure how being a woman makes you less tough. You should try childbirth.
  13. This isn't going to change the game other than cut down on kickoff injuries, which is a good thing.
  14. So a rumor from a third party about Julio wanting more money and people are immediately hating on him.