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  1. Johnny Law dies in Venice as a gambler, probably from syphilis.
  2. New OC likes what he sees....
  3. Dunno. This is a pretty cool piece of history.
  4. Good God we're just fans. You can have a lot of fun playing Madden though
  5. One more run with one more big play receiver. Meanwhile what are the Giants doing...
  6. He had three starting QBs each year. Only one was there both years....Patrick Ramsey. He started 5 different QBs in two years and they were all back ups. It's like he didn't understand the NFL and no one could explain it to him.
  7. No cannonball Butler? That must be a compliment.
  8. With Ridley maturing, Jones being Jones and Hooper going to the next level, the passing game is going to be insane. Get healthy Freeman and this offense might be unstoppable.
  9. The money doesn't show up until June 1, right?
  10. The issue with Schraeder is you have to wait until June 1 to cut him. They need something in place before then. Sambrillo isn't that guy. Quinn isn't giving up on Beasley yet.
  11. I'm guessing there are some good conversations going on with Beasley's camp. Schraeder probably isn't going anywhere.
  12. Wreh-Wilson is pretty good, but is he cheap? Poole was making 630,000 last year. The lowest they could tender him at is $1.9 million. He can make more than that on the open market as a starter somewhere. The Falcons can add two guys for that much. Can't sign 'em all. Kazee is a keeper. If this staff can find a Kazee in the late rounds and a Poole in UDFA, who says they can't do that again?
  13. Does everyone forget how angry they were with Poole after the Super Bowl?
  14. Only one missed FG in the dome last year. It's a kicker's paradise.
  15. How come no one is talking about how stupid that picture of Cam kissing the pylon is?