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  1. How does he have a single digit number.
  2. Because it would turn into Yankees v Red Sox. The NFL is competitive because of revenue sharing and the salary cap. Except the AFC where every team just fears the Pats. Also the owners don't pay out of pocket. The teams have budgets.
  3. The 14 Stages Falcon Pass Rusher Grief 1. Celebrate his drafting/signing. 2. Celebrate his first sack. 3. Note his future sacks. 4. Disregard his slip in production. 5. Note his almost sacks. 6. Blame rest of line for not being good enough. 7. Blame his position coach. 8. Blame his defensive coordinator. 9. Blame head coach. 10. Blame GM for signing/drafting. 11. Call him a bust. 12. Demand he is cut/traded/shot. 13. Draft/sign new pass rusher. 14. Repeat.
  4. But Colt McCoy can?
  5. Only thing keeping him from the Hall of Fame is his Falcons jersey.
  6. Looks like the Chiefs are Andy Reiding early this year. Usually he waits until the playoffs to go full Andy Reid.
  7. Rocky Top Inside Her. I've seen that movie.
  8. Can we just point out that Cam Newton would not fix anything in Buffalo.
  9. Just out of curiosity what is the deal with DL coach? Is it even important? We've had two under Quinn and nothing has gotten better. Is it the position coach or the defense?
  10. Listen buddy, you're gonna coach our DL or were gonna send you back to your million dollar pass rush school without one free Falcons sweatshirt! I've always wondered does the team roll in a rack of new gear every year for the players and staff or do they order it from a catalog or is there a room in the stadium where they just pick it out like a mini store?
  11. He's growing up. Maybe signing a vet DE or getting a good DE coach will help him grow. I figured Bryant Young would be that guy. Guess not.
  12. Eh it's cold outside and I don't have anything else to do for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon.
  13. Who cares if they win? Everyone on here complains about the Falcons first round picks but lauds the third and fourth round guys. It's never gonna be good enough.
  14. Does he want the job? It's a lot less stressful running your own DL school.