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  1. Of that's fire, they better put it out.
  2. They used to compare Matt's first five with Peyton too.
  3. Why does Bill O'Brien still have a job? It is mind boggling.
  4. One to hold it up. One to spray it into place. One to place the visor...upside down of course.
  5. Jackson had a great career. He could have been a hall of famer on almost any other team than the Rams.
  6. Too bad about the Colts. Their look is classic.
  7. It's a burden, but one I must carry for you all.
  8. It will be four 8-8 teams
  9. Why can't we get the names of our players right?
  10. He works for TD, who hired him. That's what leadership is. Finding the right people to handle the jobs your department needs. You all know TD doesn't do this on his own, right? He has a staff. It takes three people to get his hair right every morning.
  11. It's the only way we can get involved....buying new gear. I just hope it looks cool. It must be embarrassing to be a Browns fan.
  12. They wanted to have two helmets with the new uniforms. This is all about marketing and selling more crap to us.