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  1. Campbell is huge. He towers over just about everyone on the defense. To be that big and that fast is insane.
  2. Let's leave Ford Field looking like how the old Pontiac Silverdome now looks:
  3. Contain Ware haha
  4. Slow down Barry Sanders.
  5. Attempts by MLB and NBA to do the same have fallen flat. Watch 5 minutes of the MLB network and you are looking at essentially the exact same thing as the NFL network.
  6. There is a reason why the NFL is pursuing other methods of broadcasting games besides the usual Sunday afternoon deals with major networks. They still made their money from those contracts, whether people watch or not. Despite the CTE lawsuits and the lack of people watching the Packers @ Falcons the league is raking in money hand over fist. Even Kaepernick has the #37 best selling jersey and he isn't even on a team. Declining ratings for the Emmys has nothing to do with declining ratings from the NFL game. Both could have pulled viewers from the other or not. TV ratings in general have been declining for over a decade. Too many choices.
  7. You can sorta see the look on #64's face. "Oh ****."
  8. The Bills aren't that good and the game is home. The dolphins have Cutler. Hit him in the mouth a few times, besides we're also coming off a bye. The Lions could be a shootout. That's a game the Falcons can win. Being on the road could make it tough.
  9. Right. There is a reason why Quinn is drafting the guys he is.
  10. Say it looked like the turf has tan or brown tire chunks in it and not the usual black ones. It looked like "real dirt."
  11. The number one cause of leg injuries is using your legs. The league should ban legs.
  12. It seems simple. Contain him in the pocket and take away the broken plays that lead to big gains. Quinn has learned to do this with Newton and Wilson as well. Keep Rodgers in the pocket and he kinda looks a lot like Eli Manning.
  13. Is there another team that gets such big gains out of 2 back/2 WR sets?
  14. correction: The Falcons gave them a lot of injuries.
  15. giants go from NFC favorite to probably 6 win team