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  1. No way he should be back on the team, it would be too much of a circus, and this team has come too far for that to happen. That being said, imagine the wildcat possibilities.
  2. Their pre-season prediction had the Falcons winning an amazing 2 games all season, and even though the Falcons had that by week 3, it just makes today so much sweeter.
  3. The Yankees don't have a choice. They invested all that money in the new stadium, and if they don't put a winning product on the field, people aren't going to go to the games. And when they built the stadium they built it expecting most games to be sellouts, if they aren't, then the Yankees are going to be screwed. It's a simple case of needing to spend money to make money. And for people who think they overspent, well probably, but look at it this way...Sabathia will be making LESS money than Jason Giambi made last season. The Yankees spend this kind of money because they can, plain and simple. The real travesty is imagine what that kind of money could do if it went to something like say...I don't know curing cancer or feeding the homeless. But the contracts in sports are ridiculous because we as fans spend the money to support those salaries, and every one of us can choose to not spend our money in supporting those salaries or in not supporting them. Personally, I will spend my money supporting them because I enjoy the entertainment.
  4. ROFL at the dance the coach does when they score the TD
  5. I agree with this too. I remember the whole"Brett Favre is 100,000-0 when it is below 32 degrees and GB has never lost at home" and then the Falcons came in and won. But the NFCCG is my pick, and compared to today's game it's not even close. Going into that game against Minn, Minn looked unstoppable. Nobody gave the Falcons a chance, and then the whole Gary Andersen thing. I don't think you can compare a NFCCG game where nobody thought Atlanta had a chance to a regular season game. I don't want to downplay how amazing today's comeback was, but it's just not in the same class as the NFCCG
  6. My hat goes off to NC, they came out fired up and looked like they were the team that deserved to be int he top 25. Before the season came out I thought this game might be a loss for UConn, but they can't afford to get manhandled like that, especially after finally cracking the top 25 this season. As much as I blame UConn's lack of discipline...I think they had something like 10 penalties. And one of the reasons they were able to get this far was their discipline. But I have to give NC's defense a lot of credit, not to mention the special teams. I mean they should have had 3 blocked punts in the 1st half. I'm nervous now because there is a lot of weight on Frasier's shoulders, and as much as some fans complained about Lorenzen, I would take him of Frasier. But now that there's no choice, the team will have to take its lumps by having the young kid behind center. At least there is a bye week to regroup before heading out to Rutgers. At least the rest of the Big East is a mess and UConn still has a chance to win that. On a side note, I was looking at NC's recruiting and it looks like you guys have a really bright future. Congrats on the W.
  7. Ehh, it's not for me. There's not enough emotion for me, maybe it's the game though too.
  8. Bierman definitely has a lot of potential...it will be interesting to see him in a true game situation.
  9. It should be an interesting match-up that's for sure. You really have two teams on the rise. UNC because of Butch Davis and UConn because they are new to 1-A and the Big East. I think this is a critical year for UConn though, because they definitely made some noise last year, and despite getting blown out by West Virginia, they still managed a share of the Big East Championship. And while the Big East isn't the ACC or the SEC, it's still pretty impressive for a team who was only part of the Big East for 4 years. They also managed to get ranked (and someone can check this) but they were 13th or 14th in the BCS standings at one point. So now they have to prove to the world they weren't a fluke, or they will fall back into obscurity. I'm curious though, what is the outlook for UNC this year? From what I read in someone on ESPN.com's blog they have a shot at winning their division? Is that how most UNC fans feel? I was just checking the UNC schedule and I am sure UConn isn't exactly circled on your calendar having to play VT and then @ Miami in the two weeks prior to the contest against UConn.
  10. Tonight my UConn Huskies play host to Hofstra. And even though college football in CT is nothing compared to college football in the south, I'm still pretty psyched. Maybe the Huskies aren't the Georgia Bulldogs, but the games are still a lot of fun to go to. They play their home games at Rentschler Field (The Rent), which only hold about 40,000, but when it is sold out the crowd can get pretty loud. As defending Big East champions this should be an exciting season. They are returning most of their starter, yet people are pikcing them to finish 5th in the BE this season. The first big test is Virginia in 3 weeks, so that should be a glimpse of what this team really has. As an alumni, a longtime season ticket holder and a die-hard fan, I say let the season begin!
  11. Personally I believe it may be a bit of overkill to have a fireworks celebration for a pre-season win, and I think a lot of other fans, media and/or players may have the same opinion. That being said, I have always thought people complaining about the way someone else celebrates is ridiculous. If you don't like it...beat them. If not walk away with your tail between your legs.
  12. Me too, I was very disappointed the Falcons passed on him, because I thought he was going to be a star. The same thing with Okoye. However, people seem to forget going into that draft one of the biggest (if not THEE biggest) needs was DE. And I also believe a lot of people thought this was going to be a playoff team, before the whole MV7 thing went down. So it wasn't like the team was rebuilding then. But I am with you on the whole Willis thing, I was disappointed.
  13. I'm not defending JA, because honestly, I don't know what I think of him. but I am willing to give him more than 1 season. The only reason I even replied ot this was because I saw your sig and I remember people saying very similar things about Roddy White after his first couple seasons. And it looks like that is turning out to be alright.
  14. As someone who was raised down here, but moved up to CT in high school I have been to a lot of college games in both the north and the south and you can't even compare it. I still live in CT and have had season tickets to UConn football since they went to 1-A and while the fan base continues to increase, it is nothing...NOTHING compared to what it is down south. One of the things I used to love about college football in the south was it was an actual event...it wasn't just something to do on a lazy Saturday. But like I said, CT at least is getting better, but I can't see how it will ever come close to the southern experience.
  15. I just find it funny that he wants out so badly. You know what Joe? You signed that contract, now be a man, play out your contract and stop crying about it.
  16. I would love to see Ryan start, just to see what the kid is made of. I guess it all depends on how ready he is and how much protection he is going to get.
  17. I say Shockley, because let's face it if it comes down to either one of these guys, the season is basically over anyway. You know what you are going to get with Harrington, why not at least give Shockley a chance.
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