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  1. Agree with you on Lewis. I wonder if he's gonna be odd-man-out with everyone healthy? I thought he has held his ground this year & got good push.
  2. WOW, Great initial read & follow-up info & responses. A lot of detail & time. Much appreciated. I can't do it, or fully understand on of it live, but I can follow a good read. Even upderstand the live a bit better as I see it in the future. Again, thanks Tandy.
  3. Good read. Thanks. First real detailed one I remember reading of the game. Much appreciated. It looked to me that Ryan seemed to hold the ball a bit too long most of the time. Perhaps could have lead his receivers a bit more also.
  4. "I" Like the sound of that. I know many folks back in KS would agree. We don't always pick up much on our native son, & when we do it hasn't always been flttering, but the last couple weeks have been pretty fun. Go Trey!!!
  5. I can't wait to see this preseason game. I wanta see what a game plan looks like for 2010. We've obviously been working on some things & looking at some folks. I'm sure we will still be looking at some folks, but I wanta see them apply some of what they have been working on. I wanta see what our O will Really look like in 2010. Even with a couple down, I want to see what we can do with our receivers. Even with some on the D down on each level, I want to see what we are really gonna do to get more presser & how we're gonna cover. I wantto see WHO's Ready to step up, & Take a position, WHO's Ready to take it Persaonal. Win or lose this preseason game, I want to see us compete, & even dominate, on Both sides of the ball. ...at Least for the 1st half of the game. Play Ball!!!
  6. Huh?... Not sure I follow, but ok... I don't get the impression Trey is "playin". He seems more like a gentle giant, than a Tarzan or a Jane. More like, quiet but deadly I'd say. But hey... we'll see. & "I" can't wait.
  7. Read that from Smitty today. I thought WOW, somebody Really IS noticing Trey. I know I'm biased back here in KS. We've been able to catch both preseason games on local tv here. I also watched the replay on the NFL Network. Its hard to watch preseason games at times. Its not about the score. Gotta try & see what the team is working on, & who the coaches have in at thoses times. Its not always about one player, good or bad, on every play. So, again I say, I know I'm bias, but I have seen a quickness & push from Trey that I like this preseason. Its the same kinda stuff we've seen around here when he was in college, & yes, even high school. Its just interesting to see him doing the same kinda things at each level. Yes, he showed a significant unexpected spark his rookie season. And no, we haven't seen much of it before now. But I think he's Back. It seems the speed of the NFL game has slowed in his 4th season, his health is back, his quickness & strength are better than even. I think we are starting to see the Real TREY LEWIS... & I Like it. Go Trey!!!
  8. Good point. Let's see what kinda game plan we can put together; offensively & defensively. I think we're gonna be alright; but I DO Want to see. Go Falcons!!!
  9. Check off KANSAS. Topeka, KS here; home town, & college town of Trey Lewis.
  10. I'm in Topeka, KS. Trey grew up here, played his high school & college (Washburn University) ball here too. Its been easy & fun to follow him over the years.
  11. It ain't all bad. & I wouldn't have it any other way.
  12. I happened to be checking AJC for anything Falcons related last week. Back here in Kansas, af.com & AJC seem to be the best sources to get info about the team. I ran into the group of photos from annual fishing outing the Falcons have with wounded military vets from Iraq & Afghanistan at Van Pugh Park North on Lake Lanier. I was kinda surprised to find out our Kansas boy, Trey Lewis, pulled in the big one. Looks like his 18" catfish was the big one of the day. But when I looked at the pictures & the text, I was even more surprised. In every photo AJC got it wrong. They can't seem to tell the difference between Trey Lewis & Thomas Johnson. Sure they credited Trey with the catch, but they never got it the faces right. I guess I'm surprized nobody got it right. Does anyone at the AJC know who's who on the Falcons? Is anyone in the Communications office checking the media about Falcons related stories? Boy, I think I'm missing J. Michael Moore already. Here's the link to the photos if anyone's interested, http://projects.ajc.com/gallery/view/sports/falcons/falcons-photos-veterans/. We're still proud of him back home & can easily recognize him in a crowd.
  13. ...what "dead" time? I've got 4 school age kids around the house. Now trying to keep from going crazy, that's another question all together. Younger boys in the middle of summer track season. This week they are also doing all-day football camp at local university (Trey Lewis's). Older girls getting ready for high school sports with volleyball (senior) & basketball (freshman) daily workouts. So, dead time is not a Real option around our house. But I DO hear ya. Go Falcons!!!
  14. Yes, I think we do have the players, & I too agree with your initial #s. I like how you wrote them up in general & not by person. We have too many "ifs" to focus on a person. But we have a bunch of interchangable & serviceable parts. The reality is the guys up the middle are all similar in frame (about 6'2" & 305#s). The guys on the edge all have some quickness to put on pressure. We have a bunch of guys with another year of experience in the system, & honing their specific skill sets. The D-line is going to let the other 2 levels do their thing without having to help up front as much as they have been. LBs are gonna be freed up to pursue & attack. They are not going to have to help cover the gaps as much as before. The DBs are not going to have to cover as long as in the past. They are not gonna have to deal with as many down-field blockers getting in their way. When the DBs blitz, they are gonna be freed up to attack the ball unmolested & make plays. I think the speed & agility of this D is going to show-up this year. They are gonna be fun to watch. Not as much slow robotics as we've seen in the past. A bunch of guys who know theirs jobs & roles, flying around making plays is what we are gonna have this year. I'm excited. Go Falcons !!!
  15. No problem. Don't be surprised if you see him a little lighter & quicker during OTAs & camp.
  16. Interesting thread topic for those of us in Trey's home town area back in Kansas. Not being in GA, ATL, or Flowery Branch areas we're kinda out of touch with the local buzz most of the time. It seems like Trey has been out of the loop, or even odd-man-out, the last couple of years. Its no surprise to anyone if I'm a Trey Lewis homer, look at my post avatar. I'm still repping the Washburn University Ichabods. (I know somebody out there is saying, "whatever That is".) But there is legit reason to keep him in the mix of consideration for our DT rotation... Recovering from his ACL injury of late '07, & follow-up surgery in early '08 (when the repair came unattached), his return was slow & pretty much uneventful. Consider this; he was never placed on IR in '08. He was kept on the PUP list, & even received a playoff game check like the rest of the team that year. Why would they have bothered? Why not just write him off? I don't know. In '09 it seemed like he was odd-man-out. Jerry was brought in with much hype in the first round. Walker & Johnson both stepped up & contributed also. Lewis was left off the 45-man active roster almost half the season, yet he's still around. So, now we prepare for the '10 season. Jerry's recovering from a similar Lewis injury his rookie season. Babs is stewing in a bit of hot water from legal issues with probable league suspension time associated. We drafted another DT early in this year again. We have some good role player type depth in the middle, but no proven commodities. On paper we look OK to potenially good, but there's still this feeling of discomfort our D-line. I've seen Trey back home during some of his off season time. He looks good, & reports are he has said he feels & looks good too. He has more muscular definition & looks a little leaner as well. I've heard he feels stronger & quicker than in the past. He's had a couple years post Petrino with our current staff. Let's see what he's learned & how he has developed. They've kept him around for a reason. I'm waiting to see how he makes it out of these OTAs, Mini Camps, & Training Camp. I've heard him quoted in the past say, "I can play in this league." Now is the time for us all to see. He's past the time of potential. Its time for him to show all what he can do. Go Trey!!!
  17. This seems like a good time to be a Falcon fan. Just think, a couple/few years ago we couldn't honestly say we had enough bodies along the D-line to make up an NFL front. Now, just going into the 3rd year of the TD/MS era, we are gonna have to cut some guys who have shown some productivity & up-side. We're at a point where whoever we let go is gonna hurt some. Most guys along the line right now are on the up-side of their time in the NFL. We've got a couple who are crusing across their peak. None of our guys are long in the tooth of their NFL careers. No, we don't really have a superstar along the D-line. Doesn't really seem to be the direction this staff is going with the line. But a bunch of blue-collar guys that are willing to work & produce. I like it! I'm willing to accept whatever/whoever TD/MS come up with. I won't lie, I'm a Trey Lewis homer. Check out my handle & icon. It would hurt to see him not step up enough to make the cut this year. I think he's gonna be fine. But either way, the Falcons D-line should be salty & have good depth. Go FALCONS!!!
  18. Good Read Jaymadd. Always appreciate your observations, insights, & the responses they generate from others. I DO enjoy when this time of year comes around; the anticipation, excitement, & possibilities are endless. ...& seem more & more real under our present administration & staff. Go FALCONS!!!
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