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  1. Agree with you on Lewis. I wonder if he's gonna be odd-man-out with everyone healthy? I thought he has held his ground this year & got good push.
  2. WOW, Great initial read & follow-up info & responses. A lot of detail & time. Much appreciated. I can't do it, or fully understand on of it live, but I can follow a good read. Even upderstand the live a bit better as I see it in the future. Again, thanks Tandy.
  3. Good read. Thanks. First real detailed one I remember reading of the game. Much appreciated. It looked to me that Ryan seemed to hold the ball a bit too long most of the time. Perhaps could have lead his receivers a bit more also.
  4. "I" Like the sound of that. I know many folks back in KS would agree. We don't always pick up much on our native son, & when we do it hasn't always been flttering, but the last couple weeks have been pretty fun. Go Trey!!!
  5. I can't wait to see this preseason game. I wanta see what a game plan looks like for 2010. We've obviously been working on some things & looking at some folks. I'm sure we will still be looking at some folks, but I wanta see them apply some of what they have been working on. I wanta see what our O will Really look like in 2010. Even with a couple down, I want to see what we can do with our receivers. Even with some on the D down on each level, I want to see what we are really gonna do to get more presser & how we're gonna cover. I wantto see WHO's Ready to step up, & Take a position, WHO's Ready to take it Persaonal. Win or lose this preseason game, I want to see us compete, & even dominate, on Both sides of the ball. ...at Least for the 1st half of the game. Play Ball!!!
  6. Huh?... Not sure I follow, but ok... I don't get the impression Trey is "playin". He seems more like a gentle giant, than a Tarzan or a Jane. More like, quiet but deadly I'd say. But hey... we'll see. & "I" can't wait.
  7. Read that from Smitty today. I thought WOW, somebody Really IS noticing Trey. I know I'm biased back here in KS. We've been able to catch both preseason games on local tv here. I also watched the replay on the NFL Network. Its hard to watch preseason games at times. Its not about the score. Gotta try & see what the team is working on, & who the coaches have in at thoses times. Its not always about one player, good or bad, on every play. So, again I say, I know I'm bias, but I have seen a quickness & push from Trey that I like this preseason. Its the same kinda stuff we've seen around here when he was in college, & yes, even high school. Its just interesting to see him doing the same kinda things at each level. Yes, he showed a significant unexpected spark his rookie season. And no, we haven't seen much of it before now. But I think he's Back. It seems the speed of the NFL game has slowed in his 4th season, his health is back, his quickness & strength are better than even. I think we are starting to see the Real TREY LEWIS... & I Like it. Go Trey!!!
  8. Good point. Let's see what kinda game plan we can put together; offensively & defensively. I think we're gonna be alright; but I DO Want to see. Go Falcons!!!
  9. Check off KANSAS. Topeka, KS here; home town, & college town of Trey Lewis.
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