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  1. This isn't happening folks. It's all about the contract negotiations for this cat.
  2. Bird flew- you and the other front office plants make me sick to be a Falcons fan. You joined the boards yesterday and have two total posts serving as a commercial for King Arthur? F U
  3. First fake crowd noise. Now, fake posters (Not Poster) that are here trying to peddle $50k season tickets. This franchise is doomed. Hello Winnepeg Falcons!
  4. . I thought you were done posting like 4 pages ago. Tell Arthur and the rest of his sales staff that you did your job and should get that $1.25 an hour bump in pay and GTFO.
  5. This thread makes me miss musky' finest and his constant Jake Locker Jock Sniffing.
  6. So, what you are syaing is that, you are boycotting watching any football...until they start playing football. What a sacrifice. You truly must be a person of great principle.
  7. I drove past the proposed site today and it is actually pretty sweet. It sits on top of a hill, and the open ended side of the proposed stadium will be East facing with a cool view of downtown Atlanta. Biggest downside, as has been mentioned, is that is not close to a Marta station. However, because of the proposed increase in parking/tailgating areas, I think this will b a wash (assuming Marta is still operating in 2017). Hopefully, the team will use Qwest field in Seattle as inspiration. FYI, site info starts around page 45 of the Master Plan linked above. Go Falcons.
  8. Finally! I join the great many other Falcons fans that are pumped about the idea of an open air stadium. I will be first in line for new season tickets if/when this plan happens. I agree with the majority that (1) Football is meant to be played outdoors and (2) Atlanta has one of the most moderate, temperate, beautiful climates in the Country. We will finally have a true fan, true falcon experience! Thank you Arthur.
  9. Bump! I also have heard that Mayor Kasim Reed has dubbed it "Pour a beer on a cheesehead Saturday." Get ready Falcon fans - home playoff opportunities like this have been rare! Enjoy it and RISE UP!
  10. This has got to be one of the most unfounded statements I have ever read on this board - and this board is well known for its hyperbolic idiocy - but to suggest that the Tony Gonzalez deal was a "miss" is shear lunacy. Silly.
  11. Anyone that calls Ryan "noodle arm" is either a troll or is still sporting a #7 jersey (or just generally clueless about all things football). If anyone seriously questions Ryan's arm strentgh, go back and watch the cannon he unloads to Finneran for the TD in the Bengals game.
  12. UGA fans are questioning Jesus' arm strength.
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