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  1. Giving up 4 sacks in the 1st quarter, quality. especially loved that 5 step drop on 3rd and 1.
  2. 80 or more yards? If we punted, they would have won with a FG. They would have needed only about 45 yards.
  3. Wentz isn't playing, Nick Foles is. If you think a Nick Foles led Eagles team presents a more difficult challenge than the New England Patriots, you are dreaming.
  4. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.
  5. Don't agree that this will be tougher than the Pats game, which was on the road against the defending Super Bowl Champs with the best QB of our generation (and maybe ever).
  6. This isn't good. whatever happened will come out in time.
  7. Why do people keep saying "schaub?" Who is "Schaub?" "Brookings?"
  8. Field will be covered on Friday. This is a non-issue.
  9. My license plate was BC 41 39 for the longest time -- much to the chagrin of Notre Dame "fans" everywhere.
  10. First time Matt has missed a practice since his turf toe injury. Bad news at a critical time.
  11. His wife is pregnant with twin boys but they are not expected until April. This is very sad news.
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