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  1. This isn't happening folks. It's all about the contract negotiations for this cat.
  2. You're not a real fan. You are a d bag.
  3. Bird flew- you and the other front office plants make me sick to be a Falcons fan. You joined the boards yesterday and have two total posts serving as a commercial for King Arthur? F U
  4. First fake crowd noise. Now, fake posters (Not Poster) that are here trying to peddle $50k season tickets. This franchise is doomed. Hello Winnepeg Falcons!
  5. . I thought you were done posting like 4 pages ago. Tell Arthur and the rest of his sales staff that you did your job and should get that $1.25 an hour bump in pay and GTFO.
  6. This thread makes me miss musky' finest and his constant Jake Locker Jock Sniffing.
  7. esmithidoc = Falcons Sales Rep