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  1. Bud Foster would shore up that Defense. I mean if he can do it with the recruits VT gets, imagine his Defense with the SEC talent he would get. But in all seriousness, I hope Bud doesn't leave VT and he takes over for Beamer, but he interviewed for WVU and Clemson last year so he may be gone soon. But why would they fire Richt?? Just need to fire the defense coordinater
  2. i hate living in Va and having to watch the horrible Skins every weekend
  3. i was laughing because it is BLOWN OUT, not blowed -_- No way they win by 14 or more in Lane Stadium. Not gonna happen, they may win, but not by that much.
  4. blowed out?? haha :P yea, it will be a tough game. I can't wait though
  5. Great game. Bamas defense is great. It was a back and forth battle, but our offense could not stay on the field and the defense just got tired. Also, the muffed punt hurt us bad. Bama fans were very knowledgeable and friendly. Great atmosphere, definitely felt and sounded like a bowl game.
  6. hopefully this movie is good. And hopefully they don't screw up anyones powers like they did to Deadpool in Wolverine. i am still pissed about that. Deadpool could not teleport or shoot optic beams. He was also disfigured because of cancer that took over his body.
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