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  1. Right? I'm with you, no idea what some other people are watching. IMO, that's the best landing spot for Shanahan due to Luck's ability to rollout and read coverage. That'd be a scary O..
  2. Then that's that Thanks for letting me know, enjoy the game!
  3. Is there a Falcons bar here?! If so, please point me in that direction, it'd be much appreciated! Even if there isn't one, if any of you are in Minneapolis and would like to meet at a bar somewhere downtown, I'd look forward to introducing myself and rooting on our Falcons over a drink or six. -David
  4. As a Texas Tech alum, I would love to see Amaro in a Falcons uniform. For starters, he's awesome. Needs to learn to block a little better, and his top-end speed isn't as fast as some other TEs, but man can he catch the ball. He runs crisp routes, makes tough catches in traffic, is more than willing to go over the middle, etc. Similar to Crabtree when he was at Tech, Amaro's ability to catch the ball with his hands (and control it) is better than any other TE I've seen in a while. Most importantly however, there's another reason I want him on our team: he plays with attitude. He's an in-your-face kind of player, talks a lot, and just generally plays really pi$$ed off. Basically, Amaro just doesn't give a f*** about you. And that's something that's in serious short supply in the Falcons locker room. The Falcons are generally saints (excuse the reference as I loathe the Saints with every fiber of my being). Amaro's a sinner, and I like that. A whole lot.
  5. As a TTU alum, can tell you first-hand I don't see any way that Doege makes the roster or practice squad in any form or fashion. Kudos to the guy for getting this far (he's battled injuries since high school), but he just doesn't have the arm (at all) to compete at this level. Dad was/is a coach, knows how to read defenses, really bright guy -- but so is Renfree....
  6. Not sure what to think about this (assuming there's validity to it). All of a sudden, and unlike Seattle and SF, I'm starting to look at Atlanta like they're good solely because of Ryan/Roddy/Julio whereas the former are good because they have good, young players everywhere. We have other good players (Weatherspoon, Moore, Asante, DeCoud), but we don't have players on the lines, and we don't have size. And we're old. Thank jeebus for Ryan.
  7. Ha! You of course realize there is also no way to prove that the Easter Bunny isn't real. Nor can you prove the following don't really exist: the tooth fairy, Santa, pink dolphins, elephants on pluto, dogs that talk to each other when we sleep, or any of the other 3000+ gods that are currently being worshipped by different religions right now. By asking me to prove something does not exist is intellectually dishonest; as in all other facets of our lives, the burden of proof in any situation is on the person taking the affirmative position -- the person that's making the claim. If I say "I threw a football 125 yards" does not mean I did. And it's not up to the person with whom I'm speaking to prove that I didn't. My claim is entirely without merit and bears no relevance unless I'm able to substantiate such a claim. You can't prove your god is any more real than anyone else claiming their god is real. "Science doesn't concern itself with the non-existence of something. The periodic table of imaginary things would be too big for a classroom, and rather pointless. It's not trying to prove the non-existence of anything supernatural. All it knows is there is no scientific proof of anything supernatural so far. When someone presents a jar of god, science will test it." Genetics has proven the Adam and Eve story in Genesis to be impossible. Without Adam & Eve, there's no "Original Sin". Without Original Sin, there's no need for Jesus. Without Jesus, the Christian religion falls apart completely. The whole religion is based on and relies upon a story that cannot possibly be true. All evidence, both historical and physical, points to this fact. I grew up in a Jewish family, and all their stories are nonsense also. There's no historical evidence that Hebrews were ever enslaved in Egypt. Ever. Nor is there any historical evidence that points to a nomadic tribe wandering the desert for 40 years. Nor did Jonah get swallowed by a whale, and god did not turn himself into a burning bush. Noah also did not, by himself, gather two of every species on earth -- especially once you consider he wasn't even aware of the microorganisms he wasn't putting on his ark. Again, regarding taking your children to this event -- shame on you. Why not start teaching them how to think instead of what to think. You have absolutely no reason to believe in any of the things you do (regarding religion). You believe in them because you were raised by your parents to, or you're delusional. Why force your kids to grow up likewise. You know you have no more reason to believe in god than your kids do in Santa, yet you will raise them in religion -- and not just any religion. The most hateful, violent, prejudiced religion responsible for more deaths than any other ideal in the history of the known world. Either way, **ck it. I'm not going to change anyone's mind here. Go Falcons.
  8. Rigoddamndiculous. He's never talked about it before because he (seemingly) respected the intelligence of the grown-up community by not insulting them with ridiculous claims like "god is real". What a ****ing outrage -- hopefully the children Sandusky raped will be in attendance so Matt can tell them it was all part of god's plan. Or better yet, maybe the nation's homeless population - every man, woman, and child among them - starving and without shelter, will somehow make it to Matt's appearance, they need to hear that they're suffering is god's will. G-dawg, how do you sleep at night, knowing you're indoctrinating your children with this garbage? Critical thinking skills not part of the family curriculum? *uck your god
  9. lol, I didn't know it was cool to "be from Buckhead"... I grew up in Atlanta, but moved away when I was 17 (I'm 29 now), have no idea what's cool/not cool, or what the suburban stereotypes are. I do know that if I lived in Atlanta, I would want to live around here. Does that mean I'm a d**che? I have a feeling it does. God I'm such a yuppie. 16 year old me would would hate 29 year old me. I went to a bar called Fado yesterday, an Irish pub. A girl on the plane told me I would like that place. She was right.
  10. all Falcons 365 stores are closed, which is unfortunate.. went to the aquarium yesterday; was a lot of fun, but went thru the entire thing in an hour. throngs of people everywhere, my god.
  11. Gents, I'm visiting Atlanta (I live in Austin) on business and since I have nothing to do until tomorrow afternoon, I have two very important questions: 1) Can I go to OTAs? How far away is Flowery Branch? What do I need to do to make this happen? How excited can I even be? 2) Umm... where can I buy Falcons gear? I googled "Falcons store Atlanta" and there doesn't seem to really be one. Is that correct? There's no "Official Atlanta Falcons Store" in the home of the Atlanta Falcons? I am staying at the Westin in Buckhead and went to Lenox Mall yesterday... nothing. Champs sold t-shirt jerseys and I'm not 12. Then I went to Phipps... nothing. Finally, I went to a ****'s Sporting Goods across the street and found a few t-shirts. Where can I go to find a large selection of Atlanta Falcons Gear? I want a hoodie, some t-shirts, a golf shirt, a key chain, a license plate frame for my new car, etc. Thanks in advance.
  12. Against the Titans -- sent the clip to everyone I know. He's such a fu***ing G
  13. The most glaring of which was that late 3rd down conversion on the short crossing pattern to Douglas; the ball was on his shoestrings and he made a great play to catch the ball. Ryan has to put the ball in a better spot there. Still, all said, great outing by Ryan
  14. Amazing how so many people think that the no-huddle implies that the coordinator isn't calling the plays
  15. Everyone is so ridiculous regarding Ryan. He's what, 38-16 as a starter in the NFL? The Falcons have been one of the winningest teams in the league since he's been on the team... and that's now owed to a dominant defense, because it's not, and it's certainly not because of Mularkey and Van Gorder. Is it because Smith is the best coach in the league? He's good, but that's not it. It's Ryan. 2008: one of the best rookie seasons in history 2009: 9-5 record, though he regressed slightly 2010: 13-3, #1 seed in NFC, and Ryan was the best quarterback in the NFL during the regular season last year (http://bit.ly/ssw67I) 2011: he's having an off year....I think he's still rattled from getting hit so often during the beginning of the season and I still think he's yet to get over that pick 6 in the playoffs and it's causing him to make the safe throw and in his desperation not to make another similar play, has been missing his own receivers... yet, with all that said, he's a Roddy White dropped TD against the Bucs from being 6-2 this year... Settle down
  16. Lofton isn't going anywhere, and I find it really hard to believe that we won't resign Grimes. With that said, I'd be surprised if Dunta was back next year---we'll end up cutting him and eating the $$ owed
  17. lol, it started as brief... ...and I couldn't stop rambling
  18. http://www.footballo...les-line-week-5 Tom Gower: I spewed about this on Twitter Friday night, but I feel like I'm actually sort of starting to figure Atlanta out. They coach like they mostly trust Ryan's ability to make pre-snap reads, but don't trust his ability to read and improvise post-snap. They got out to the early lead because they were able to scheme successful plays that Ryan could execute (his second strength). The Jones pick was not because they wanted to change their identity as a team, but because it was the best way of maximizing the ability of Ryan's success on throws defined off the pre-snap reads. We saw what happened when they tried to highlight Jenkins -- it didn't work. The throwing a lot to Jones early this year hasn't been highlighting Jones' ability or justifying his draft status -- rather it's that they now have two viable options for pre-defined throws based on the defensive look pre-snap. Six offensive linement instead of an extra wide receiver isn't a big problem in that case, because it's not as big a deal if you have to wait for one of the receivers to beat somebody. I should emphasize that this is sort of an evolving theory, and progressed while watching the Seahawks game and I feel better about it after tonight's game. I'm sure I'll have to revise it, but I feel like the Falcons' offense actually make some sense now for the first time this year. I should also note this theory includes the fact that Michael Turner is now no longer a feature back. -- I'm the biggest Ryan homer there is---with the game on the line, there's really not another player I'd rather have---but I think they're onto something here; if that's the case, you really have to worry about Ryan's ability (or lack thereof) to read the defense after he's taken the snap. As bright a guy as he is, and I don't think anyone is going to argue that, I am having a hard time wrapping my head around why he's having trouble reading the defense as it develops. Last night, Ryan sailed some throws that he usually doesn't. I think a lot of you are overreacting for the most part---coming into this season, he's gone 11-5, 9-5, 13-3 within the confines of a crappy offense and a mediocre defense in a good division. He knows what he's doing...for the most part. What I've noticed---and I don't see it anywhere else really---is that our receivers never catch the ball over their shoulder, in stride, at full speed. It never happens. Is that because Roddy has always been double-teamed? The play-calling? Ryan throwing a poor deep ball? Aside from his first pass as a Falcon, the throw Roddy nearly dropped as he dove in the end-zone against Cincy, and HD against Pitt this preseason, we never, ever, ever score unless it's inside the red zone. And it's starting to make me wonder what the eff is going on. Ryan also appears much more rushed; it's almost as if the only time he feels comfortable is if we HAVE to score. Otherwise, it looks like he's developing a nasty case of Manning's happy feet. He doesn't seem nearly as calm and collected as he used to. There's a reason why the Falcons have been as successful as they've been since '08....and it's not Mularkey, it's not Van Gorder, it's not our defense, and as much as I like him, it hasn't been Smith. It's been Ryan.
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