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  1. There are no liberals in the Military Thank GOD !!!!! A Liberal in the Military would be like a Mailman who does not deliver the mail, or a Wal-mart employee who does not enjoy sales, or a Truck Driver who does not Drive, or a Coal Miner who does not Mine, or a Congressman who does not make a law (wait a sec, thats barak obama.) Or a Farmer who does not drive a tractor, or a Dog who does not bark............You get my point.
  2. I know you are not a warm blooded human being like the rest of us...........But Hillary in a pantsuit is a insult to all women everywhere !!!!
  3. Why would I waste my time posting real facts to you people, you will just respond with Lies piled on top of more lies and make further fools out of yourself. The Funny thing about Liberals is they try to hide the fact that they are liberals, they dont like that title and cry that they are being called names....WEE WEE WEE !!!! Stop your Crying and if you can find it in you, Debate me like you got a backbone and stop all your personal hate filled lies on Sarah Palin and her family, She is to be Supported and just because she could whoop any liberal on this board in a debate, a fight or a hunt
  4. Another liberal who makes baseless assumptions and Assumption is the mother of all FU's so I would avise you to stay out of my threads Thug 31.............
  5. One of the lst things you learn about liberals is they dont deal in facts, They gend up attack machines lead by their allies in the bias mainstream media to destory Conservatives like Sarah Palin, and C Thomas, They dont care if they are are Women or Blacks, **** even if a Conservative Homosexual would emerge, they would seek to Crush him too because they are all about there agenda and changing Amercia, redefining us into a weak, timid nations of defeatist and losers, who cant take care of ourselves and most rely on the all powerful government to feed, Cloth, and House because the People are t
  6. A Sweeping Victory for McCain and Sarah Palin that will retake America and stick a sword though the heart of Liberalism !!!!!!!
  7. Obsama Obama dropped Hillary like a hot potato in favor of Joe Biden, a career washington liberal insider who has been wrong on nearly every issue since 1965 !!!! Now Hilllary is coming out to Campaign for Obama, this is going to cost him more votes. Women are sick of Hillary telling them how to live their lives, telling them they should stop at 1 child and focus and run around with a career criminal. Just look at the contrast between the life of Hillary and the life of Sarah Palin.........MY GOD !!!!!! Hillary has saddeled herself to a man who has cheated on her more times than can be account
  8. The GOP are a little worried that Palin may do something unbecoming of a woman if they turned her loose on all the wimpy elite media winebags.......Rest Assured the Pudits and the hate mongers will get there turn once Sarah is finished doing What Jesse Jackson said he was going to do ........................CUT OBAMA's BALLS OFF and she is doing a **** good job of it thus far !!!
  9. From the American heartland and the millions of us supporters of John McCain and Sarah Palin I give you some of our most used and carried out Military Slogans of all time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy....... 10.) We Dont like Collateral damage, but it helps to stay the **** out of our Way !!! 9.) Total destruction in 30 minutes or the next one is free !! 8.) Often mistaken for the wrath of GOD !!!!! 7.) We Kill Islamic Terriost so you dont have too !!! 6.) If everything is exploding around you, thats probably us 5.) Dictator got you down. Ask about our new "Regime change" Policy. 4.) Just po
  10. That $1200 that She sent back to the People was not wel-fare, it came form a Budget surplus when she cut Government spending and balanced the Books in Alaska, instead of keeping the money and expanding Government like the elite Liberals do in Washington, She mailed a Check to every Alaskan for $1200. I dont recall Obama giving those poor homeless on the streets of Chicago any money at all. What benefits have gays been denied, they corrupt themselves and the culture and they can do anything anyone else can do in a relationship, Nobody is saying they cant have benefits, we are only saying keep y
  11. How are we going to win....................I will tell you in plain and simple terms and all liberals who are today deathly afraid of Sarah Palin have every right to be !!!! 1.) McCain already has the White Vote locked up and this is roughly about 73% of all registered Voters. 2.) Sarah Palin has locked down the Base of our Party, The Democrats are still greatly divided between Obama factions and Hillary Factions, The Hillary Faction is about to be spilt three ways by the effect of Sarah Palin........ A.) She got 18 million votes in the Primary, Remember all Values Republican Woman who make up
  12. They launched a all out attack more vicious than any they have ever launched against the Terriost who hate America, they assaulted her family, her small town, her State, and most terrible of all her Family, but they totally do get it and never will because they do not understand middle-America, They dont get Small town America and they really dont understand a Woman so unlike them its like comparing the Sun and the Moon, A Woman who loves her family firstmost, loves her country and a Woman who has been given the talent by GOD to be in the postion she is in today to deliever a deathblow to Libe
  13. The Men in the white jackets and rubber gloves are coming to get you DirtyBirdNorth because you are clearly deranged and so affected with liberalism that you can only mutter one word to yourself, over and over again, dont fear too bad oh, it has happened to even the best of liberals...............
  14. It is so fun turning this thing around on the enemies of the left, turning it around on all those crazy liberals who hate old time values, hate small towns, hate the Military, hate Apple pie, and hate common sense............................ It is clear justice that is it only the Republican party that elevates true minority leaders and now we are the party that will have the 1st Woman Vice President..................................The Democrats do not even respect a Woman who got 18 million votes......SHAME ON THEM !!
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