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  1. We are finally getting respect from the league. We are #10 in power rankings on nfl.com and #13 in power rankings on cbs.com . If we continue to play good we could win 9-11 games this year and make the playoffs. Oakland, St Louis, Washington, New Orleans here, Carolina here,minnesotta are all winable games that would give us 10 wins. I know fans would love that!! 10-6!! Why cant we win the rest ? That would be the story of the Nfl!! come on fans DRINK THE KOOLAID!!!!
  2. This is what I think Kill me if you want The skys the limit for this team(MY OPINION)! AT Phily WiN At Oak Win Home (New Orleans) Win Home (Denver) Win Home (Carolina) Win Home (St.louis) Win Minnesota / Maybe Loss depends Home( Tbay) Maybe loss depends At NewOrleans maybe loss depends Washington maybe a loss That would give us a 10-6 record and a playoff berth!! This would shut up the Falcon Haters out there! Remember This Is My Opinion!!
  3. I heard Mike Vick talked to a VOODOO PRIEST and put a spell on the team!!! So we would suck on the road!!
  4. We didnt convert on 3rd downs We had no pass rush Maybe We should have wore Black Jersey's and Black Pants(for intimidation)lol!!! We stopped the rushing attack but didnt stop OLD MAN MOHAMMAD>>> Matt Ryan looks like a rookie against Car and TB. Anything I am forgetting?
  5. 8-8 8-0 at home and 0-8 away!! We stink on the road and are The greatest show on turf at Home. Makes no sense to me!!
  6. Carolina snuck in our locker room before the game and put grease on the bottom of everyones cleats!!!
  7. I think we were payed to lose this one. Same final score against the Buccaneers!! Sounds fishy!! We are way better than we played against TB and Carolina. My prediction of another upset this weekend didnt pan out!! We will probably go 8-8 this year heres my logic-- We will win all games at Home this year; we are averaging 34 points a game at home. So we will go 8-0 at Home and 8-0 on the road!!
  8. Falcons win in a blowout 45-10 over the lowly Carolina Panthers!! Abraham 4 sacks at least,there is a rookie on him today people it just screams success for ABRAHAM!! Turner will run on them today around 150 yrds 3 TDS again!! Laugh if you all want to I Believe!! Oh an not delusional!! ANY GIVEN SUNDAY!!
  9. Michael Turner leads Nfl in rushing and John Abraham in sacks-- ATL wins big another upset this weekend; I say ATL 45 CAR 10! No I am not on drugs,except for the FALCONS RUSH!!! I BELIEVE!!!
  10. Alot of great teams lost this weekend USC,Wisconsin, Florida and looks like Georgia!! LSU had 2 losses last year and still won National Title!! So Bulldog Fans dont give up!! I say we play Alabama in the SEC Championship game this year!! The Bulldogs will know then what to expect and will play alot better!!!
  11. At least the critics get this right!! Turner and Norwood are the best tandem in the NFL!!
  12. I say we contiue with this weeks upsets Falcons Big 45-7!!!!! Usc,Florida,Wisconson, And looks like Georgia all lost this weekend and were favorites!! Carolina is favored by 7 1/2 so Falcons kill them tommorow!!!! :P
  13. OK so if we beat Carolina this week we should go to 10 on power ranking? How are there several teams ahead of us in the power rankings?
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