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  1. I posted on Facebook a message very similar to what u just said. The NFL is losing fans and they think the reason is the national anthem protest. The real reason is the die hard fans are realizing the games are fixed. Today it was so obvious it was pathetic. The NFL will go bankrupt one day bc of its greed. It sucks bc I love the sport.
  2. His tape look good as ****. Im shocked didnt know about him already. He play lights out
  3. This guy got some fire in him. Dont know much about him but i like his fire
  4. I hope not, I love the depth on this team right now. I could care less about the new guys coming in the league unless we get a stud
  5. lol I know that, I'm just saying Reuben is a great player. Him and Deion would be **** on wheels in our system. I couldn't imagine the speed and hit power of that LB core. It would be something special to watch.
  6. I seen that also, I would hate for NO to get him. He is going to be the steal of the draft.
  7. I see bust on a lot of these ends. Foster seems like he is going to be special in the NFL. Instead of hoping one of these DE's becomes a decent pass rusher I think we should get the guaranteed pro bowler. We can have an average pass rush or maybe the best linebacker core in the league. Trade up and take Foster. He is guaranteed to be great
  8. I see plenty information on season tickets but none on single game tickets. Do you guys know when or if they will go on sale?
  9. I made a thread about this yesterday. Its freaking impossible to blow a lead like that. My kids could have won that game. We see this way too much in the NFL
  10. I cant understand how professional coaches can do this in the Super Bowl. The Seattle and NE game was ridiculous a few years ago. I don't even have a word to describe the game last night. We all know ATL played soft the 4th quarter but its some things that just doesn't make sense. How can we be up by 8 pts with less than 4 mins in the game on the opponent 22 yard line and take a 10 yard sack? Why not run the ball 3 times and win the Super Bowl? How can coaches at that level not understand game management? 10 year old kids that play madden would have won that game. I'm not believing another professional coach doesn't have common sense. I'm pissed right now but this game was beyond ridiculous. That's just one situation of many. I'm just not buying these lame excuses oin the biggest gambling event in the world.
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