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  1. I would kick in a few bucks myself. Dunta is a victim of this PC direction the league has decided to take. In my day Ronnie Lot, Jack Lambert, Scott Case to name a few were the personification of Football, tough, hard nosed, leave it on the field players. In today's league players like Jack Tatum, Laurence Taylor, Tommy Nobis would all be considered dirty players. The NFL has seemeingly decided that collision in a collision sport is unwarranted and somehow dirty play. Shame on you Mr. Commissioner for destroying the the league.
  2. Using UK as a point of reference: In 1969 the Atlanta Falcons drafted a guard/center form Kentucky...in the 11th round. I bet some people were asking at that time; WTH is a Jeff Van Note. I will with hold judgement on Peters until a later time.
  3. You started the topic. In the third line of your original post you asked if "we" would "want him here" if Jax wanted to TRADE him.
  4. For every Peyton Manning there many more Ryan Leafs that get drafted every year. "Can't miss" players get GM's and Coaches fired every season.
  5. Why trade for the guy if Jax plans to cut him? :blink:
  6. Schillinger is taking six credits this semester, worked in around training. He, Marc Mariani and Shawn Lebsock were running the stadium steps while the Griz went through spring drills Tuesday. Two Mondays ago he benched 185 pounds 21 times for NFL scouts, who measured his vertical leap at 37 inches. He's done all he can, but to make sure he takes counsel from roommate Brandon Fisher, his Griz teammate who is heading to the NFL himself - as an assistant. "He's done everything from prepare me for pro day to tell me what to expect from the scouts," said Schillinger of Fisher. "I owe a lot to what
  7. When Graham wasn't there it was time for plan B. Forcing picks just because of need is what got us 30 years of...Falcons football. If there is a guy out there that works for our system and what coach is trying to do then TD will find him. In the meantime keep the name Jabaal Sheard in mind for next draft day.
  8. A. We got one strter in the front 7. The next 4 picks should make the team. Peters will be a spot player, but will offer another option on the interior D Line Johnson could become a starter in the near future, other than Weatherspoon I like this choice best. Howlie needed depth. Franks this is our "steal" of the draft, could be our nickle back day one. Picks 6 and 7 I have no feelings on at this time, but I trust Dimitroff and Smith.
  9. I would like to see us go back to a more traditional uniform, like the one for the 1980 season, using the new logo it wold be a great look.
  10. No on Kerney. His is one of the Falcon jerseys that I have owned over the years, he was a favorite of mine. But it's time for the Falcons to move on into the future, not reach back into the past for "short term" help. Injuries are going to be a problem for him more and more.
  11. That's really good work...thanks.
  12. Logic...humm, don't get much of that around here.
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