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  1. If we don't win Sunday our season is over. This has been the hardest season to watch because our defense has played well with some bad penalties but our offense is so predictable it's like Pop Warner.
  2. After the 5-0 start everyone was saying Shanahan would be such a hot commodity for a Head Coaching job??? Someone hire his sorry butt now. Matt Ryan is playing as bad as any quarterback i've seen. Coleman runs and never holds on to the **** ball. I'm a lifetime fan and when we were 4-12 we weren't this hard to watch because we have talent to be really good. Stupid playcalling, penalties and TO's.
  3. Cool I just totally missed the posts i guess since i was working.
  4. Who??? I'm not your Son. You talk like you could one of my son's ages.
  5. Oh Ok I have been at work all day and just didn't see it. Hope he plays 1/4 as hard as his dad.
  6. Jessie Tuggle and nobody is talking about the Family connections. He is my Favorite Falcon of all time!!
  7. Jay Ajayi if we go running back
  8. Danny Shelton played for Washington not Utah which he has said a couple times already..
  9. It's easy for the Corners to look good with a Pass Rush. Imagine Trufant playing behind that front 7.
  10. Anything after the other Scrub we re-signed today... I came home from the gym and that it was a cruel joke.
  11. Maybe more than a minute, but that's when i was done with the Smith regime against Cleveland.
  12. If Quinn doesn't call a timeout with less than a minute and blow a game when we are in a perfect situation to win a game when the other team should be calling timeouts not US!!!!!
  13. That's the other team i was worried about.
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