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  1. all eyez on me 2pac Mezmerize/Hypnotize SOAD matchbox 20 yourself or someone like you
  2. true story they are the realist, and you get one of those verbose mf'ers with some past hard times man loads and loads of relative life info, not useless bsh*t that has no value in day to day human exchanges.
  3. hey i had a gut feeling thats why i got his rookie card ****** ive been right so far and i feel good about it! yeah yeah
  4. well if he play it obviously makes it more difficult for ryan hopefully he doesnt play i would be happier with that scenario
  5. as he gets older he will have way better attributes you will learn to love and appreciate him!
  6. ice cream in general in any form is overrated in my opinion!
  7. ive never watched them i couldnt say
  8. if this comes as a surprise to anyone you were dissilusioned from the start!
  9. hey i have listened to the experts before and i will tell you ratio is not good so dont worry about it!
  10. i seem to have many but i dont wear my falcons gear. everytime i do seems we lose so there you have it!
  11. 20-6 would be great ryan is the best rookie qb i have ever seen comparing him to manning who went 1-15 in his rookie season is assinine!
  12. uga has lost there games by a combined 50 pts to conference opponents tech has lost by 10 combined points to conf. opponents and we have a coach in his 1st season in the acc installing a brand new offense we were expected to do little and well you guys were supposed to be the best
  13. this game is maddenesque! jamarcus is bad! Ryan is the greatest! falcons keep that pimp hand strong!
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