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  1. Unlike some, I am not sitting in my cubicle or mom's basement devouring every post on every thread and then anxiously responding. Because you post a lot has no standing in the real world . It also doesn't give you any greater stature here than anyone else on this board. Most people have better things to do than staying glued to a computer and counting up their posts. I'm glad you are a Falcon/Braves fan, as am I, but claiming to be superior because of your post count is a bit juvenile..
  2. 72 pages hijacked ? Must be a lot of people who hate ugly unis. Only acne faced teens like High School type unis.
  3. Look ridiculous. Like high school or Arena league unis.
  4. 567 is a negative Nellie about everything. Look at the line beneath his post. He rarely has anything positive to say. When he reads this it will really set him off. LOL !
  5. Big Time ! They look like HIgh School unis or Arena League.
  6. Must be a bong party out there. If platooned, Shafer will win the job going away. Platooning will happen, wait and see. As for his salary, I'll say it again, we are stuck with it no mater what . So you want to play a .179 hitter just because of his salary ? insanity ! Trade the bum and pay his salary, put a player in his place.
  7. What in the world are you smoking ? Salary has everything to do with it. B.J.'s salary is a cancer on the payroll, and must be dealt with one way or the other. As for Shafer not being an upgrade over B.J. , that's also nonsense . Shafer didn't stop swinging for the fences until last year when he became more of a contact hitter. I guarantee you that he can hit better than .179 On defense Shafer Is better in outfield and faster on the base paths . B.J.has the ugliest swing in the majors, which he has not changed one iota from last year . It has so many moving parts it could be a Rube Goldberg machine.
  8. I say you platoon him with Shafer. Shafer hits lefty and B.J. hits righty (When he hits) . It's away to save face for everyone. BJ. will not have been benched and let the best man win the position, as happened wit Chris Jonson last year. Some say that we are paying B.J. too much to sit on the bench. That makes absolutely no sense at all. We are obligated to pay the man whether he plays everyday, sits on the bench or is traded, even with us still paying a large part of his salary . The alternative is to keep him in the lineup and be an automatic out. With Uggla and the pitcher, that means that a third of the batting order Is an automatic out . We need to admit a mistake, platoon him with Shafer or get rid of him. Some guy on the radio said that platooning him would be a slap in the face. Heck, it's a slap in MY face that I am not playing not playing center field and not making 15 mil a year.
  9. Ka bump.............don't forget to tip the waitresses.
  10. Anybody know what happened to AB ? He was leading a volunteer effort to build a park near the new stadium and a photo in the paper showed him with his arm n a sling. Trying to lift his wallet with one hand ? Seriously, anybody know what happened to his arm ?
  11. First Mock I have seen that makes any sense.
  12. NO NO NO and HAY YEL NOOOOO !!! Next year is NOT make or break fro TD and Smitty . They are the best duo we have had at the helm here. One miserable injury plagued year does NOT put them n the hot seat next year . Wake the fork UP people !
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