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  1. I agree with you but at the end of the day the defense went from being close the last to around 14th. I have few complaints about that side of the ball.
  2. I think Dimi is gone. New Gm with decide Shanny fate. Quinn stays and id the HC for years to come.
  3. You have to give him at least 3 years. The D was replayingood this year until they had to win us games. Im all for Watson in the 2017 draft if Ryan doesn't improve next year
  4. Great post bro!!! Im still a little concerned with our lack of pass rush but this team is being hampered by turnovers and penalties. I think what this team really needs is a bye week. Hopefully we can smack San Fran in the mouth and go into the bye with some confidence.
  5. Im actually relatively calm considering we just lost to the Aints. I still think we win the division
  6. This is a good solid win. Team apparently didn't get of the plane til the second half....but this win feels great to me.
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