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  1. @mdrake34 you know you want them
  2. I hate being on the same side as them on any issue. Though I seriously doubt that it's for the same reasons. They don't give a dusty f**k about authoritarianism. They just see a chance to point out hypocrisy in those who have dared to call out their Dear Leader in the past.
  3. Tis the season for this ******** story. No one is trying to give away their expensive drugs to your snot-nosed kid.
  4. Stephen A Smith should be dragged like this every day.
  5. A reminder that this is the guy that Zuckerberg just had meetings with and considered a "thought leader".
  6. Everything you say is 100% correct. But emotionally, people saw a horrific and unlikely thing happen with Trump's election. An unholy confluence of democratic ineptitude and media manipulation that allowed the unlikely to happen and now we expect it. Much like no Falcons fan will ever trust a lead again after 28-3.
  7. It pains me to be on the same side of an issue as Clay Travis.
  8. Plus you're going to have the biggest social media platform actively working against the Dem nominee, especially if it's Warren.
  9. I think it's more of a sentiment of "Well, how are the Democrats going to manage to **** this one up?" And you can't blame them. Most here are Atlanta sports fans so we came about that sentiment honestly.
  10. Remember when these guys got all indignant when some told them to 'shut up and dribble'? Right now, that's probably the best advice.
  11. Giuliani is the Roy Cohn of our time. Coincidentally, Roy Cohn also served as Trump's personal lawyer way back in the day.
  12. Soto just flipped his bat on a walk and stared down Flaherty. Inject that straight into my veins.
  13. I'm beginning to think that even a few people over at Fox have had enough of Trump's ****.
  14. My BJJ coach is a black Muslim and most of my training partners are black and one of the best things I have discovered from hanging around them has been black Twitter.
  15. A veritable chef's kiss of an Atlanta sports loss.
  16. Left them way too much time.
  17. Unpopular opinion: Replay had made officiating exponentally worse.
  18. First defensive stop in 13 possessions.
  19. I went to a Georgia Southern game during the VanGorder horror only because I got into a suite with free liquor. That was the only highlight of that season.
  20. This couldn't be more embarrassing for Quinn if he coached the rest of the game with his pants around his ankles.
  21. Dan Quinn, defensive coordinator.