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  1. I don't think you can appeal an acquittal, can you? Once he's found not guilty, that's it.
  2. I don't think I've ever heard of that. If calling them victims during a murder trial is too prejudicial, then why is he on trial for murder to begin with? I would simply refer to the victims as "human beings" and force the judge to disallow that.
  3. I'm enjoying the Mannings on MNF more and more. Tom Brady is on with them now giving a full scouting report on the Saints 4th CB. Dude is just a machine.
  4. There's no way she survives a primary, and she knows it. Now it's about grabbing as much as she can on the way out then land that sweet lobbying gig.
  5. Cable news gets the hashtag trending, then reports on the trending hashtag as if it's hard news. How can anyone deny that we're being manipulated and gaslit by cable news and social media? Both are incredibly destructive to our society.
  6. Lenny has been a scumbag from years back. Him becoming a MAGA chud is the least surprising development ever.
  7. Actually I went out for my usual Sunday 3 mile run this morning. Felt much better than I thought I would.
  8. @Mr. Hoopah! Somebody is catching an STD from a hookup at the PBR bar tonight.
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