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  1. Hopefully its some other type of infection, or no infection at all. And this convinces her to get it done. My mom didn't really want the vaccine, but she was terrified of covid.
  2. The "He's enjoying being really good at his job way too much. Let's injure him." take is something I've never understood in baseball. Imagine if anyone even suggested intentionally injuring Tom Brady.
  3. Completely predictable that old men on sports talk radio didn't like Acuna pimping that moonshot last night.
  4. Sir, I was in college when Kent Mercker threw his no-hitter. You make me feel like my body is decomposing in the grave as we speak.
  5. And when the bubble busts, they will be bailed out while the regular families get ******.
  6. The only time I use it is when I'm chipping in with other co-workers for lunch or gifts. Everyone else I know uses CashApp. I don't even understand why anyone would want their transactions public. How is that even an option?
  7. In the last few days, how many of you checked to make sure your venmo was set to 'private'?
  8. I'm afraid this kind of thing is going to try to be normalized. It's just a matter of time before we see an op ed in the NYT or WaPo asking, "Is everyone voting really a good thing?"
  9. In my white belt days my coach would just hold me in knee on belly the entire round, switching from side to side. One of the painful, exhausting, and humbling experiences of my life.
  10. Crowder's guy was sitting on his heels, putting absolutely no pressure on his neck. Chauvin was pushing forward off his back foot, putting all of his weight on the neck. It's a common method of control in BJJ. I routinely hold larger guys in place with a knee on their chest. I promise you if I were doing it, Crowder wouldn't have lasted 3 minutes, let alone 9.
  11. To be fair, the weed you can get now at a dispensary could hardly be classified as the same stuff the hippies were smoking at Woodstock.
  12. Keep sending us money, or we will tell Daddy Trump on you. Another example of no one thinking less of Republican voters than the Republican Party itself.
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