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  1. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me it's having a front row seat to the suffering that has been caused by the incompetence and active malevolence of Trump's GOP. Maybe if I had a different job and don't see what I see everyday, I would feel different, but these days it's nothing but anger and despair everyday. And I'm not that kind of person normally. Maybe stepping away from here for a while wouldn't be a bad idea. Lately I feel worse after coming here. I probably need a break.
  2. The powers that the executive branch has amassed in the last 30 years isn't how the country was supposed to work either. The presidency was never meant to have this much power.
  3. Someone needs to help me out about Cotton. I just don't see it. I don't see a lot of charisma. He's basically Ted Cruz to me.
  4. Especially when they spent the previous eight years playing an epic game of "brown man bad".
  5. I'd say that her Democrat opponent should use that in an attack ad, but in that district it would probably only cause her to go up another 10 points in the polls.
  6. I actually listened to her victory speech. It seemed like the usual Fox News Trumpism. I didn't hear any Q rhetoric or references. Not even a #savethechildren. She did call Nancy Pelosi a b*tch though.
  7. I could easily cast my usual 3rd party protest vote. I've been doing that since many of you were in grade school, but it just doesn't feel like it's enough this time. I may change my mind by November. Right now I'm very angry. We're holding iPads so families can say goodbye to people dying of covid. And everytime I think of how our leadership has treated this pandemic like any other petty culture war issue on prime time cable news, I want to do what most harms their chances of reelection. And this time, it's not voting third party. I'm still going to call Biden and Harris on their garbage every chance I get.
  8. Ok. Here it is in context. I mean there's plenty out there to be angry with Trump about. We don't need quotes taken out of context.
  9. Bonefish is dope. If you get out to Tybee, The Crab Shack is a must visit.
  10. I wish I could lodge my customary 3rd party protest vote. (And make no mistake, in this system that's all a 3rd party vote will ever be) But Trump's response to the pandemic, the casual way he used federal force to clear peaceful protestors for a photo op, the systematic dismantling of any executive oversight, etc is forcing me to apply my protest vote in the place that will do the most damage to his reelection chances. Biden is garbage, but i see this as selecting genital warts over rectal cancer. I could vote for Jo Jorgensen. But that doesn't hurt Trump enough for my satisfaction. And I honestly don't give a dusty **** if anyone has a problem with that.
  11. Polling does operate under the assumption that everyone has an equal access to voting locations. Maybe they should develop a model to account for Trump dismantling the postal service or Kemp providing just a single working voting machine to the entire city of Atlanta.
  12. Democrats are going to always placate their owners first and foremost. They assume that the threat of another four years of Trump will force the left into going along. If I thought that the Republic could survive it, the thought of the Democrat establishment taking another L to Trump is admittedly quite satisfying. Neither party has any regard for the people. That much is plain.
  13. Seriously though, it has to be exhausting to produce and consume this kind of content. I can't imagine being a Fox News viewer and constantly having to create an alternate version for everything in real time every day.
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