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  1. Floyd has taken virtually zero punishment over his career. He's been hit hard maybe a total of 3 times in 50 fights. He's the best defensive fighter of all time. Age isn't going to be a factor. Conor took more punishment in his two fights with Nate Diaz than Floyd has taken in his entire career.
  2. When is the last time an incumbent president faced a serious primary challenger? Carter?
  3. Thanks. I think....
  4. "Conor totally needs to pull guard"
  5. There seems to be a recent concerted effort by the left to equate libertarianism to the alt-right. In every argument I have read, the left has shown the same lack of understanding of libertarian principles as they have shown with every person that isn't an urban-dwelling liberal. There are plenty of people who will self-identify as being a libertarian without having much of a clue about it's principles such as natural rights and the Non-aggression principle. Many just jump on because they like to smoke weed. The alt right is a reactionary group. Much like our foreign policy in the middle East produced Islamic terrorism, the focus on identity politics and the shrinking middle class has produced the alt right. You can't believe in natural rights and the non-aggression principle and be a member of the alt right. Personally, this sounds like yet another excuse offered up by the left to explain how they allowed Donald Trump to be elected president.
  6. I know right? How dare that idiot show compassion and assist another human being. What a moron.
  7. I don't think many appreciate how hard a professional boxer can hit. Mayweather can 100% knock out MacGregor. He's knocked out much better boxers than Conor. Of course Conor has a puncher's chance, but it's the same puncher's chance that guys like Paquiao, Maidona, Alvarez, Hatton, etc have had vs Floyd. And all of those guys were accomplished boxers. They are really ramping up the hype in the last week and framing it like Conor has a legit chance to win. He simply doesn't.
  8. What heritage? The guy is Asian. Lee is a very common Asian surname. Robert is a very common English first name. The whole thing is just silly. What rational person was going to be offended?
  9. They changed announcers for the most superficial reason possible, his given name. A very common name at that. If he had called the game, there may have been a chuckle or two and a few memes, but what rational person was going to be outraged? Now you are going to have the right pointing to this as yet another example of how the media is obsessed with identity politics and the PC culture. And when they do silly things like this, it's hard to deny.
  10. That's just it, it's not a big deal at all. ESPN is doing their best to make it a big deal.
  11. It would have been forgotten in a matter of days. Now he's going to be "That guy" for much longer than he would have otherwise.
  12. Dp
  13. I don't think any rational person gives it more than a passing thought if Robert Lee is calling the game. After all, I seriously doubt this gentleman of Asian heritage was named after the Civil War general. ESPN made an issue out of a complete non-issue.
  14. The only thing left for ESPN to complete the circle of stupidity is to replace Robert Lee with Bob Ley.
  15. This one is in my rotation as I'm waiting for my match when I'm fighting in a BJJ tournament.