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  1. For the record, we are treating our Covid-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin and getting good results. But its sick people in an ICU setting who are monitored. It's certainly not something you can take at home as prophylaxis. The combination of those drugs can cause heart arrhythmias in many people. News outlets are being misleading when they say that these drugs are unproven. They have been used for years. Trumpers are being misleading in saying that just anyone can take them. There's a ton of bullsh*t out there coming from both sides.
  2. Look at how they massacred my thread
  3. My hospital has ran out as well. I have just one that I'm having to reuse and keep in a paper bag.
  4. Khabib's top game is just too strong. No one has had an answer for it yet.
  5. Kim was way nicer to her dumb client that didn't want to take the deal than most defense lawyers I know. Ok, I only really know one but he would have told him "Morons like you are why prisons are always full!" or something like that.
  6. Good. Now it would be nice to actually use one of these 5 star QBs properly and keep him out of the transfer portal.
  7. It depends on how much you're willing to spend. There are plenty of high end bourbons that are excellent but will set you back a bit. I think a good place to start is Booker's, Basil Hayden's, or Buffalo Trace. As for drinking it, I normally go neat with maybe a small splash of water. If you go with ice, try just one cube first.
  8. You ever see these on police cars? Cops don't even need to "run" plates anymore. These things read them and automatically check for wants and warrants. They are also on fixed positions on many highways, so you can be tracked. Privacy is an illusion. Between your phone and things like these, you are tracked everywhere you go.
  9. I know nothing about this young man, but there literally cannot be a worse name for a DB to have.
  10. So Petey was the Lube Man?
  11. I'm still not getting the horseshoe. Seems like a very inefficient tool in which to tunnel through a prison floor.
  12. That's the one drawback of living on the coast. No basements. When I almost took a job in Ashville last year, I was house shopping and was already making all kinds of crazy plans with all of the basement space.
  13. Since the vast majority of serial killers are white males, maybe cops should be allowed to randomly enter homes in the suburbs to look for dead bodies.
  14. Funny how the only people in favor of stop and frisk are those who will never have to worry about being stopped and frisked.
  15. A better headline would have been, Police Murder Innocent Man.