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  1. Watching your kids die of measles and diphtheria to own the libs.
  2. When did the GOP become the party of opposition to all things sensible?
  3. When I was 7, a nuclear conflict with the Soviet Union was still a very real possibility. There were movies and TV shows about it that scared the **** out of me. Now I obviously didn't know much about the particulars of international affairs at that age, but I did know that I really didn't want to die in a nuclear war.
  4. Maher does more damage to the Democratic party than any dozen common right-wing grifters.
  5. At any rate, the video showed that it isn't very effective. Especially with the crusty old establishment types who have been in Washington longer than their parents have been alive. Since nothing is going to be done, can we at least teach these poor kids how to survive in famine conditions? We can replace PE with that.
  6. Maybe to illustrate that they will be the generation paying the price if climate change isn't addressed?
  7. It was south Georgia in 1963. I wouldn't be shocked if there were pictures of actual lynchings in yearbooks back then. (Who buys college yearbooks, anyway?)
  8. That's why politicians like her love cable news, even Fox. Tribalism guarantees her a job for life because she knows no matter what she does, no one is going to vote for the other tribe in her state.
  9. Not saying that I necessarily support term limits, but that old bat makes a great arguement for them. Virtually everyone who spends enough time in Washington ends up like her.
  10. That game with the mats? I had that as a kid I think. Why is that one worth so much?
  11. Is the 10k game Nintendo World Championship?
  12. True Detective season 4.
  13. She just needs to go ahead and rock this haircut.