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  1. So you think a candidate is obligated to debate any random person that calls them out? Does that mean that I should be able to get a public debate with any of the half dozen white nationalists running on GOP tickets?
  2. The last president that openly went to war with the intelligence community..... Just sayin...
  3. And the lower to middle class whites that get outraged at the thought that people far wealthier than them may have to pay more in taxes so that people like them aren't financially ruined should they get sick.
  4. Yes, get them to set up a payment plan. Or if they own a home or property, they get their cut in probate when they die.
  5. And some will widen that margin by encouraging the physicians to order more tests on insured patients even if they aren't necessary. And that drives up everyone's cost.
  6. Depends on the facility. Some have contracts with the government to handle indigent care in a particular municipality. But my facility does not. It's run by a for-profit corporation, so everyone sees a bill whether they can pay it or not.
  7. Do you know how many people I have watched die simply because they couldn't afford bypass surgery? The poor do not have the same access to healthcare. The law you are touting simply requires that I must stabilize the acutely ill. Not treat any chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. Stop being deliberately thick.
  8. And those poor people that we treat per EMTALA still get a bill from my facility.
  9. I'm going against my better judgement and engaging you only in the hope it provides information for others... But EMTALA only requires that we stabilize the acutely ill. That doesn't mean that a poor person that needs bypass surgery or chemotherapy in order to live but can't afford it will get it.
  10. No they aren't. That's nonsense.
  11. I don't know if he's stupid or just so pathologically narcissistic that he cannot allow that he could be mistaken about something even so ultimately trivial.
  12. This. Is. Spectacular.
  13. A disease that we had basically eradicated in this country is making a comeback because people are f'ing stupid.