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  1. If McInnes were black or Latino, he would already be in prison and the Proud Boys would be labeled a domestic terror organization.
  2. This guy needs to run where he can actually win.
  3. Massive tax cuts for billionaires is the ultimate entitlement program.
  4. They don't call it "Trickle Down" for nothing, bro.
  5. It wasn't about Trump or the right. It's not going to change what they say about her either way. It was an inoculation from the attacks that will invariably come from the left when she's trying to get the nomination in 2020.
  6. Exactly. You would think that they would have figured out by now that playing the Gotcha game with Trump is a complete waste of time. He doesn't care if he gets caught in a lie and neither do his supporters. You can't shame one that is shameless.
  7. FWIW, that McInnes interview wasn't recent. And Rogan has had very liberal people on as well. I still believe that this is an unfair characterization of Rogan.
  8. Someone doesn't know the difference between citizens and residents.
  9. Obviously at this point, Hunter knows the guy isn't a Muslim. But he's more than happy to continue to lie because he knows the public will happily swallow it. Our politicians suck because we suck.
  10. Why do politicians do this? Because it works.
  11. This isn't going to make a difference for the right. They are still going to call her 'Pocahontas'. She did this to counter the inevitable attacks that will come from the left during primary season.
  12. Not to brag, but I'm 43 and I do basically all of those things multiple times a week. A healthy person in their 20s should have no problem with any of that.
  13. We are living in interesting times.
  14. But one thing about the Democrats new aggressive stance is that it allows the GOP to really wrap themselves in the mantle of victimhood. Which is what they really want to do anyway.