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  1. Ok I'm confused. If his confession has been thrown out, then on what legal grounds are they still holding him?
  2. Populism!
  3. But assuming you are white, you are FAR less likely to have an encounter with police in the first place. That's the primary issue. The violence is a by-product of frequent police- citizen encounter within a particular demographic.
  4. Its the same rationale used to blame the victims time after time in these police shootings. "The cops stopped him so he must have done something wrong" The article also said that this prosecution is unprecedented. So there's that.
  5. This story is case in point: The "few" bad cops wouldn't be able to operate if not for the departments that willingly lie and falsify reports to cover for them.
  6. Let me think......
  7. The issue would be very easy to handle if it were just a matter of a "few" bad officers. The problem is how those "bad" officers are accepted and even vigorously defended by their departments. There is a very toxic culture permeating much of law enforcement. And that is what enables the "few" bad cops.
  8. For a party who's presidential candidate ran on pure populism, the GOP's healthcare bill seems to be the very antithesis of populism.
  9. I'm all for the Second Amendment, but these open carry twats are the absolute worst.
  10. lol, wut?
  11. Love that Trump still calls her Crooked Hillary.
  12. So I watched a little bit of LivePD this weekend. It's basically a more boring version of "Cops" that's plausibly shown live. If there were no drug war, there would literally be nothing to show. It's just 3 hours of small town cops pulling over people that they know to be users and shaking them down to find a roach or meth pipe. Way to keep the streets safe, guys.
  13. Funny how that "few" has become more abundant in recent years now that cameras are prevalent.
  14. That was painfully obvious to me watching the documentary and I don't have the first lick of legal training or education. The thing is this this is pretty standard procedure in law enforcement and it usually works for the vast majority of cases that don't get national exposure. I shudder to think of how many people are rotting in prison right now because of these same practices.
  15. I'm not saying that anyone deserves to be harmed, but they certainly need to acknowledge their own roles in promoting this environment. But let's face it, this environment had been very beneficial to many of them so I don't expect them to change. Even out of fear for their own safety.