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  1. There are some beliefs that I don't share with my family. I have an uncle that played for UGA and played for a Natty in '82. His son plays for UGA now. Because of them, I don't share the fact to the family that UGA will never see another Natty. It's just one of those cases where facts just aren't worth the pain that it causes.
  2. A shared national championship when they actually voted for such things is not "winning it all".
  3. I shouldn't complain as I do. I did get to see a championship with mine own eyes in '95. It's you younger guys who are totally screwed. You will never see that glory.
  4. **** that. Blue states win championships. I'm going to die with the only team I supported winning it all being Joe F'ing Biden. Kill me now.
  5. I mean, in between watching Matt Ryan getting sacked 63 times, I was told how Raphael Warnock was a "radical's radical" and how I should vote for a couple of congresspeople who dumped their stock when they were briefed about covid.
  6. Living in a state whose teams **** the bed in between negative political ads until the end of time is pretty much the definition of heIl.
  7. As I said, quickly coming to an end. All of them will be out of the league in 3 years. Meanwhile, Mahomes, Jackson, Lawrence, Fields, et all will be the top QBs.
  8. When you look at all of the top QBs in both pro and college, they are all mobile to some degree. The age of the pure immobile dropback passer is quickly coming to an end.
  9. I'm getting dragged on twitter for saying just that. This team is about to go through a big rebuild. We aren't going to be good for a long while, if at all. How is Ryan still going to be the franchise QB on the other side of it? We need to start looking now.
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