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  1. According to my ESPN app, it's a pick 'em game against Florida. That can't be right. Am I missing something?
  2. This is the same media headed up by mostly the same people who couldn't be bothered with questioning why we were invading Iraq. Do you think they give a dusty f**k about Niger?
  3. And if she's such a close friend of the family, you would think that she would consider the **** that all of this would put the family through. There are no winners in this. Just varying degrees of losers.
  4. There have been periodic dumps of declassified JFK material since 1992. And before each one, the conspiracy buffs clamor and proclaim this will be the one that reveals evidence of a conspiracy. It never does. There have been some useful background things for historians, (like what became of JFK's brain and tissue samples) but those expecting a smoking gun are always disappointed.
  5. If you want to challenge strangers to fight over words on a message board, then have at it. Just be aware that eventually someone is bound to take you up on that. And your gym isn't the only gym in the world. Look no further than Snake's mountain climbing thread for a cautionary tale of what happens when message board bravado meets reality.
  6. That's always been Steve's go-to whenever he gets butthurt here. It makes him feel like a badass and he knows there's little risk of someone actually taking him up on fighting a stranger over the internet. Particularly people who are trained themselves.
  7. That's how most conspiracy theorists operate. Any account, regardless of how spurious or innocuous, can and will be construed as further evidence of the conspiracy. Even no evidence is seen as evidence of a cover up. Its logical fallacy piled on top of logical fallacy to the point that they become totally unhinged from reality.
  8. No one has ever gone broke playing to the lowest common denominator.
  9. Apparently, MGM is in on the cover-up too. And the list of people burdened with this dire secret they must take to the grave gets even larger.
  10. Holy sh*t. Do any of these people possess an ounce of self-awareness?
  11. It's hard to point a finger at the GOP while following them down the same low road. The Benghazi stuff was ridiculous, but the Dems stepping on a fresh set of corpses for their own political gain while using the cover of "they started it" isn't going to cut it. If the Dems want to be the adult in the room, then they can't do this. And just like Benghazi, this incident in Niger is simply the cost of business of maintaining the empire. Our foreign policy for the past 50 years necessitates these types of losses. It's the height of hypocrisy for either political party to call the other up for hearings when soldiers die during the course of executing the same foreign policy adopted by both. The question that needs to be asked is what are we doing in Niger? But that seems to be something neither party wants to talk about.
  12. Nm
  13. Then after that will be the start of the "War on Christmas" season. There will always be something to keep the division going and the media will be more than happy to keep feeding it.
  14. The JFK stuff started way before the internet. I was a conspiracy guy once upon a time. I read Josiah Thompson, Mark Lane, David Lifton, etc and actually bought into it. Then I eventually realized how ridiculous it is to think that these conspiracies could work with the thousands of people who would have to be in on the cover-up when we all know you can barely keep a secret between two people. I've read just about every book on the JFK Assassination and the older I get, the more I'm convinced that Oswald did it alone.
  15. I'm seeing many of the same logical fallacies here that I have seen with the JFK conspiracy crowd for years.