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  1. I was just thinking of the Rosenbergs. I believe that it's probably a good thing that treason has a very specific definition. Especially with how our dear leader likes to throw around the term, "Enemy of the People".
  2. My thinking has nothing to do with Fields. We have no idea what kind of player he will turn out to be. UGA will still be loaded without him. My belief that UGA will never get there has everything to do with the 800 pound gorilla known as Alabama standing in the playoff doorway every single year.
  3. Both left because they see their chance of getting to the next level is much better not being a backup. It's easy for you to say that Fields should stay and wait his turn because you don't have a possible career to worry about. He's got millions on the line potentially and making the wrong decision can be very costly. I don't begrudge either of them for their decision because they are the only ones that are going to look out for them. These universities will discard them the moment they are of no use to them, so let's stop with the commitment and loyalty talk.
  4. Which part? The part that Eason left because he didn't want to back up Fromm? Or the vitriol?
  5. Who's fault is it that the story leaked? And you honestly think that Eason wasn't looking around and talking to people in Washington before signing day last year? As his team was about to play in a playoff game? And I still fail to see how this effects signing day.
  6. Eason transferred for the exact same reason but he didn't anywhere near this level of vitriol. Why is that?
  7. Seems like it's normal to me.
  8. Bama is out there winning Nattys with AJ McCarron, Greg McElroy, and Jake Coker. When you have studs all over your backfield and offensive line, you don't really need a 5 star mobile QB.
  9. It happens nearly everytime there is a transfer, but since all contact is done through intermediaries, it's practically impossible to prove.
  10. Is he playing the race card? I haven't heard anything about that from him. Wasn't the guy who dropped the N-bomb immediately dismissed? I don't see the fire that needs to be put out. Fields either understands his role and is good with it, or he moves on. Transfers like that happen all the time. Where's the drama that is going to possibly change a recruits mind?
  11. Someone will have to explain to me how this hurts recruiting. I'm not seeing it.
  12. You guys are taking this way too personally. Fields wants to get to the next level like everyone else and is looking at the best way to do it. Nothing more than that. I guess you could be upset that word leaked out before the exhibition game in two weeks, but in my opinion, that's a silly thing to get upset about.
  13. UGA's OOC schedule was softer than baby thighs this season so lord knows there was plenty of garbage time for Fields to play. The question is would that have been enough.
  14. Kirby is an excellent recruiter and high school kids don't often make sound decisions based on logic.
  15. How many meaningful reps can you get in garbage time? He played in just about every game this season. There are very few backup QBs in the country who can say that. I don't know what Kirby promised Fields and I don't think anyone else here does either, but I don't know what Kirby could have done differently other then bench Fromm and give Fields the job, which would have been coaching malpractice on his part. Fromm is your guy and is going to be your guy as long as he's available. Either Fields is ok with that or he can move on. But I seriously doubt that calling a few more pass plays in garbage time of a blowout is going to make any difference.