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  1. Have some respect for the commanding officer of The Gravy Seals, sir.
  2. They have done God Awful sequels. One of them even starred a Baldwin.
  3. I still throw out a random line from Slap Shot at least once a day and no one has known what I'm talking about since college. We need to reintroduce this classic to the youngsters.
  4. This is huge. Just one dose. No special cold storage. Perfect for poorer nations and the more remote places.
  5. The local TV News here in Savannah will run any non-story as long as it has the words, "human trafficking". They got the wine moms here seeing child abductors behind every blade of grass.
  6. But a total liability in the defensive secondary. He got beat like he stole something.
  7. Fox is 100% committed to the culture war and they know their audience doesn't like Fauci, so there's that. But Fauci and pretty much every responsible government agency during this pandemic has done a miserable job at comms and breaking information down to lay people. Of course it doesn't help most of the media is just interested in click bait and the president made the most basic of public health measures into a massive culture war battle.
  8. Yet, new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have been dropping in California like they have been everywhere else. The LA Times had been really bad about this since the start of the pandemic. They run with information before it's seen any peer reviewed scrutiny in the name of clicks. I'm not saying that new variants aren't a concern. All viruses continously evolve, but we don't have any solid corroboration of any of these findings yet. And we can't keep doing this every time someone finds a new variant.
  9. Sounds like he had compartment syndrome caused by the trauma. https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/guide/compartment-syndrome-causes-treatments
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