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  1. Dunking on Hillary has become something the left and the right have come to enjoy.
  2. As I said, people can now literally select their own reality. Truth means nothing. What a time to be alive.
  3. '94-'98 for me. Statesboro is totally different now. After parties were a huge thing back then because the bars had to close at midnight. Also there was no liquor in Statesboro then. It made the party atmosphere very unique. Now it's just like every other college town.
  4. Player's Club apartments on Georgia Avenue across the lake from Buffalos/GATAs It's called something else now. I can't remember. It's easy to know when someone when to Southern by the names of the Apartments they lived in and the bars they went to. The names change so frequently.
  5. At least once a year I will hit all of my old haunts, Retrivers, Dingus, etc... All it does now is serve to remind me how old I've gotten.
  6. I had season tickets until last year. I'm just on call too many weekends for it to make sense anymore.
  7. Dude needs to go get that cheddar.
  8. Breaking: Georgia Southern leads South Alabama 38-0 and is poised to get their first win in the Trump administration.
  9. Thats a catch.
  10. Because it will trigger the sh*t out of those snowflake libs.
  11. Mother of God.
  12. If you can call for Franken's resignation and not say a word about Moore, then I can't take you seriously as an adult.
  13. I like the cut of this man's jib. *assuming all sexual contact was between consenting adults.
  14. I think we've reached the point where objective truth is officially dead. Everyone just occupies a reality of their own choosing and any information that doesn't correlate with that reality is labeled as "fake news". This will be the lasting legacy of cable news.
  15. UGA fans shouldn't be scared of Gruden either.