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  1. ****. Sounds like I missed something good.
  2. Probably late with this one.....
  3. As I have said before, Trump's unpopularity has very little to do with his policies and has much more to do with the fact that the guy is just an unlikeable turd. Obama killed innocents by the thousands, spys on our phone calls and emails, and was still quite popular. Reagan had the CIA traffic cocaine into the country and his economic policies were overtly horrendous to the poor, but he was popular as well. Being charming goes a long, long way.
  4. Are you sure she didn't say, "Your an idiot?"
  5. That's the Fox News and talk radio effect. Republicans are unrivaled in circling the wagons and closing ranks. It's as if the two parties play by a different set of rules. Democrats would be served with that brand of ruthlessness. But every time they have tried to pull that off, they just come off as shrill and annoying.
  6. You would think so. But looking around at the party today does not encourage me.
  7. Give me a Republican candidate that doesn't actively promote a white nationalist agenda and they will have my vote next election.
  8. But what if I don't give a dusty f**k about the Russia investigation? Really. Trump isn't going down because of Russia. The dems had better find someone capable of winning a presidential election.
  9. That is the least surprising thing ever posted here.
  10. Jeff Sessions will be another for which champagne corks will pop when they shuffle off this mortal coil.
  11. Mother of God.
  12. And I'm not the best facebook follow. All you will get is ridiculously cute pics of my two year old daughter and jiu-jitsu videos. I rarely get political because it's utterly depressing to see how many people I personally know have such incredibly sh*tty world views.
  13. Several of the nurses I work with have said that I look like Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead.