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  1. I watched the last 4 minutes and now the highlights. Now I'm watching the brains of the studio talking heads melt on live television as they come to the realization that the Hawks have a legit superstar.
  2. And that's what this is all about. The hustlers and grifters have convinced a bunch of weak minded people that the basic concept of racial equality that has been settled law in the courts for a while now is now an evil plot to subvert the country. I can't emphasize how much damage social media and cable news has done to our society.
  3. This thread covered one of these protests. It makes it clear that they don't have the first clue what they are protesting against. They have merely been wound up and set loose by the grifters on facebook and Fox News. Just another of the endless culture wars.
  4. They don't even know about what they are outraged. They have just been told that they should be outraged. There is a large portion of our population on both sides of the political spectrum that simply wait to be told what to think on any particular issue. It's made it pathetically easy to hack this country though its corporate media.
  5. I haven't been paying much attention to baseball this season, so I just learned that pitching has been so dominant that umps have gone full "stop and frisk" on pitchers coming off the mound. And you can imagine how some of these man-babies are taking it.
  6. If you're eating at Subway, it's time to reevaluate your life.
  7. They try so hard to make a culture war out of everything. That's their grift.
  8. I broke down and tuned in for the final 47 seconds just terrified that I was still going to watch them blow it. I'm broken as a sports fan.
  9. I'm expecting the basketball equivalent of the the 10 run first inning the Braves gave up in the deciding game in 2019. Get it over early.
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