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  1. The answers are going to require a very frank assessment of our culture and society. I believe neither tribe has the stomach for it honestly.
  2. But none of this addresses the very uniquely American problem of why we have so many children coming to school and shooting other children. Hiring more SROs to kill this child before he kills a lot of other children instead of just a few other children seems like a very unfufilling way of claiming victory on this issue.
  3. Many of these shooters have no illusions of escape. They want to simply shoot as many as they can until they go down themselves. Armed officers would certainly cut down on the body count, but I'm not sure how much they are going to deter someone who's already on a suicide mission.
  4. Translation: "We're pretty sure this is the work of a white guy."
  5. It's great that he did his job. But clearly the presence of an armed police officer isn't stopping the problem. We have far too many children who feel the need to take a gun to school and shoot other children. Neither political narrative I'm seeing at work in here today offers a solution to this problem.
  6. Unless one of these bombs go off in Robert Mueller's office, no one watching CNN will ever even know about this. It's bizarre really. They were all over coverage of Eric Rudolph and Walter Leroy Moody back in the day. I guess there's only so much oxygen in the room.
  7. But you posted the article. And the article had a despicable headline that you gave the impression that you endorsed. So just to be clear, do you see this school shooting as a "win" for Trump?
  8. Wow. Certainly didn't get any of that from what I listened to. Granted I don't know much of him other than being on Rogan's podcast. I'll have to read up on him more. The way the term "fascist" gets thrown around now, it's hard to take anyone's assessment for granted.
  9. Let's please not call any school shooting as a "win" for anyone. Could we please not do that?
  10. I've listened to Peterson a few times on Joe Rogan's podcast and I found him to be reasonable. How is he supposedly a fascist?
  11. Because many in Congress who voted for it and many of those in the media that egged it on are still in power. There has been zero reckoning for the Iraq War. Unless you're an Iraqi.
  12. I do not this in my life.
  13. So I get lumped in with Marla and WFW because I pointed out the obvious?
  14. Elections have consequences. Next time, don't lose a presidential election to Donald F'n Trump.