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  1. This is the holy grail of mullet shots. I'm pretty sure legend says if you catch all three in a shot they are obligated to grant you some wishes....
  2. ..With that being said we are only men...and our D!cks get the best of us sometimes...
  3. It is in a lot of women's nature to look for the bigger better deal (With complete disregard for destruction of friendship). It's up to you whether or not you want to enable that behavior. Whether you are best friends or not.
  4. Every once in a while I feel sad for an an animal I eat on a daily basis. Then I remember another animal would eat it if I didn't...Eat it alive for that matter. That and they are delicious. The sense of being full lasts longer than the guilt.
  5. You may have to do some fast forwarding. There is a lot of talking at the beginning of a some of them (Unless you'd like to hear about their influences). Great for the Fender vs Gibson debate.
  6. Great video section for those interested. Don't get all huffy puffy guitar snobs...this isn't a direct competition with the greats just an up and comer type deal. http://gc.guitarcenter.com/kingoftheblues/media.cfm
  7. I thought in dodgeball when the other team catches your ball you are out.
  8. ..and we all know that just leads to pot use and loose women.
  9. There are a lot of great resources online to get you started. Here is a chord chart http://www.jamplay.com/guitar-chords/free-guitar-chords.html Here is a site that will teach you how to play a song of your choice. (In the beginning try to stick to ones that have a chord listing) http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/ Here is an easy song to start out on when you learn C, G, A, D and Em http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/g/guns...atience_crd.htm Have fun! It is the best thing in the world once it starts catching on. ...oh and since you want to start out on an electric, Squire makes great beginner Stratocasters and Telecasters. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Squier,Solid-B...c-Guitar.gc?o=1
  10. That sucks. There was a lot of history in that brewery. Yuengling hasn't been bought out yet right?
  11. There definitely are. I like tire bite from the flying dog brewery after yard work...and there is always good 'ol rolling rock.
  12. I agree....but I never want to slam a porter after cutting the lawn.
  13. They add orange zest in the second fermentation anyway right?
  14. I must have missed those moments
  15. That makes me wonder what else they can do with that technology.....and how long before it moves to porn...
  16. Is she trying to become the hot Grace Jones?
  17. At least he called again. He didn't just hit it and quit it.
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