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  1. We will certainly have to beat the saints and the striped field snakes but I really think we can. Isn't it an oxymoron that the name of a slum, pisshole city is 'Saints'?
  2. Because you've lost every game for the last 42 years prior to that. The league, the officials and the media virtually handed you guys a championship because of a hurricane. That's ridiculous but true. Dysfunctional is an appropriate word. Now, shut up and take your whuppin' this Sunday like a big boy.
  3. I fully expect to walk away from that game with a win. I do expect a dog fight though.
  4. Man, these New(Pisshole)Orleans Saints fans come out of the wood work when they're playing fairly well. Where were they the last 40 years when they were the worst team in football? You can bet we won't have to listen to 'em much longer as they are certainly waning.
  5. Michael Jenkins is important to our offensive scheme. He's a long strider who can get down field. He certainly is not a quick receiver but can get past the safeties enough so the secondary has to be conscience of his ability. If he can get the safeties with their backs turned to the line of scrimmage that helps the run game. He's also a very good blocker.
  6. That's all you're gonna find this time of year. Most everyone who has obvious, visible potential is signed somewhere. Let's just hope TommyD has found another diamond in the rough. That's all we can hope for.
  7. Actually I'm kinda glad because we got a top 5 talent later in the first round. TommyD did good.
  8. I pitched a fit with the AJC and the Atlanta front office for allowing it to happen. I haven't touched an AJC paper since.
  9. Squeaky? That's funny. He does need to man up a little. I remember when Bartkowski had a little slump about this time in his career. He pulled out of it. Maybe Ryan will as well.
  10. TMo from Lake Lanier Why did you have such a burst in the pre-season games and then dance in the Pittsburgh game?
  11. You know very well that it's true, very true! It's just been FOUR YEARS and there's no articles on it left on the internet any longer. The only stuff on the internet is the NFL and sports people trying to promote it's product by keeping this crap alive. And another thing, where else in the United States would the local people rein gunfire down on the FEMA relief agency because they had yet to finished their looting? It's been four years. And another thing, where else in America would a disaster like this reveal about a third of their police department payroll was going to people who have neve
  12. And yet here's the good news, I really think we can. We are that much better of a football team.
  13. I don't think anyone is saying Hurricane Katrina wasn't a horrible tragedy. I don't think anyone does not feel for the city of New Orleans and it's citizens. It's just getting really old having to hear about it over and over and over as it relates to the New Orleans Saints football team. What does it have to do with a football team four years later? What does it have to do with a football team period. Yet we have an hour pregame show about it. And still, every questionable call in every game since then goes to the Saints. And still, every challenge goes the way of the Saints, indifferent to t
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