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  1. Dont be mad it wassnt his rules that kept you out of the Defense...fyi i hit like by mistake dont get excited !!
  2. Heli We Might Even See D-Rob Get To Jam SomeOne @ The Line And Play WITHIN 5 Yards Of The W.R!...just Sayin
  3. Have you pulled youre head out youre arse??
  4. The Fear Of Getting There *** Beat Like 95 % of Kids Now Days Need!!!
  5. FUNNY AS HEII did You Do a Complet search before all youre vast knowledge made this post ??I wait for # 7
  6. Being I live In L.A I Would LOVE IT AND i Bet The Place Would Be FULL from Kickoff To The VERY end!unlike umm ya
  7. wasnt 1 year they were together??they wernt forest & Bubba!lol at least i hope
  8. ONLY THING !!!..that would of been funny about that is if those two walkers turded and beat there second level grade speaking ***'s the **** out... hes probably one of the tards out"gettin crunk" instead of being in his seat at the start of the game!!... Oh and i would take the police charges saying i did it if i saw one of our team beating these fools up!! so sunee is that you ?being you think its SOOO cool!!
  9. Ya They Put Quizz In Late In The Tampa Game Just All Of Them Went Out The EndZone I Was Really Hoping!! I Mean Would The Other Team Even Be Able To See Him When He Caught The Ball For The Distance he Was From Them... With His Height and all?just sayin
  10. Would Any Of you Like to see Quizz return kick/punts Since weems's backbone is hurting?? I think he would be Deadly and unplanned for all 4'3'' of him!!! Cant hit him if the first time you see him your reading his name on his jersey!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Dec. 20, 2011 2:13 p.m.- by Knox Bardeen - Falcons hope to keep Brees from recordS Thomas DeCoud doesn?t want to see an asterisk next to Monday?s game as the moment Saints QB Drew Brees breaks QB Dan Marino?s single-season passing record of 5,084 yards. Brees needs 305 yards to break the record: ?We would like to keep him from putting that notch on his belt,? DeCoud said. Falcons RapidReports
  12. I agree with you all a w is all i want also ...But I dont want to hear our name brought up every time some difler type tard starts suckin wind ...a.k.a the longest run in panters history , the longest return in tampa history (year or so ago )just dont like that stuff happening to us !!Thats what we are suppose to do to others!!
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