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  1. This thread has been derailed. But back to the point about revisionist history. Its funny how John Brown is taught as an antagonist in school when the point of his raid was to end slavery. EDIT: Obviously meant for another thread. haha. I'll keep it up just kicks and giggles.
  2. I kind of thought they were hiding out not far from the place where they burnt the boys bodies and everything else. I just thought the fire damage was from that. Also there's no way things could be burnt down to charred remains and old baldy still be alive bleeding out.
  3. We need book nerd verification on this dang it!!!
  4. I don't know how to do the spoiler thing...... but I just want to know if perhaps the most popular character in the series is alive or not.
  5. I am a broke joker without HBO.......Anyone know where I can watch the latest episodes online?
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