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  1. That was a really nice opening day win. Last year was more fun but we proceeded to struggle out of the gate somewhat. IMO, today showed me this team is so solid fundamentally. They never even seemed like they were going to give it up. "Only up two runs? No big deal!" This game was never in doubt even though we only scored 2 runs and I like that, especially against the "NATINALS" who we have struggled against (in their park, no less). Good win, Bravos!
  2. I kinda liked Jorge Campillo... and Buddy Carlyle had some good moments. Other than that, we sucked!
  3. Haven't posted in a while... 1B- Ryan Howard 2B- Chase Utley 3B- Ryan Zimmerman SS- Hanley Ramirez LF- Martin Prado CF- Shane Victorino RF- Jason Heyward C- Brian McCann 1.Roy Halladay 2.Josh Johnson 3.Tim Hudson 4.Roy Oswalt 5.Tommy Hanson Closer- K-Rod Can't project a lineup because with those guys, you could use just about any combination as long as Victorino and Prado are at the top, IMO.
  4. I totally agree with this. His issue wasn't the money, per se. It was staying in FLA where he knows it's going to be a while before they play for anything meaningful. If I didn't want to play somewhere, the only way I would stay is for them to pay me an insane amount of money (i.e., Dan Uggla). Now that he is somewhere he thinks he will be happy and play for something at the end of the season, he's willing to take a hometown discount.
  5. That's only been this season, though. He was so erratic throughout his career. Seems to have put it together finally. Plus, we could grab him as an UFA. Back on topic... Major props to Matt Bryant!
  6. Sounded like more praise for the Ravens and suggestions for the Falcons. He knew the Falcons were dominating but it seemed as though he was hoping the Ravens would pull it out.
  7. wreck02


    The guy is only playing because he's really all we've got at the moment. The Braves are the most beat up team in baseball it seems and we've still been in this thing somehow. Give Brooks a break. The guy isn't a starter if we're healthy. He's made some bone-headed plays but it is what it is. He's beating himself up enough.
  8. Supposedly the Giants' offense is better recently while the Braves are coming in pretty banged up. Braves win in 4.. Split in SF and take 2 @ home.
  9. Seriously? Where can I find the links? I just checked and didn't see it.
  10. Pretty vanilla on both sides of the ball for Tech, although, CAG did have to make some minor adjustments to the defensive gameplan. The D came out bunched up and SC St wasn't so Groh went to some stuff they had practiced early and camp and asked them if they felt that could do it. They all said yes and then went to work. The passing game was completely shut down after SC St's first 2 drives. They did get some good runs but that was based mostly on Groh choosing to focus on the pass game since that is SC St's bread-n-butta... Also, poor tackling attributed to this. We hit them in the backfield or at the line a TON of times only the didn't go down because we hit them with a Reshad Jones shoulder instead of wrapping up. Good game... Vanilla... But good!
  11. Alabama Originally from Atlanta but I moved to Mobile last year and will probably be here a while. Being so close to N'awlins, I have to deal with a LOT of Aints fans during the season... Especially after this past year
  12. About to leave the office and go sit on my couch for a couple hours. Bravos got this!
  13. He is NOT going to go somewhere else for 8 mill. That was in arbitration.
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