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  1. We should trade them Ollison for a 2nd round pick! It worked with Sanu.... Ok, ok.... a 3rd rounder would be fine.......🙄
  2. Nah, his blocking stinks..... and he doesn't jump on fumbles. I hear he can throw the ball some, though.....
  3. No.... certainly not with that much of a cap hit. At the very least Ryan's contract needs to be reworked. Here's why.... Last season the day the season ended, the Falcons had just 32 players on our roster. Next offseason the Falcons will end up with just 30 roster players left. RB Davis is the only FA we signed who has a multi year deal, meaning players like Harmon, Harris, Andrews, Rosen, Patterson, Spriggs, Powell, Bullock and others will be leaving, or will have to be re-signed if we want them back.. Players entering the NFL in 2019 will be FAs.... Ridley had his option picked up, but Hurst Oliver Senat Gage Oluokun and Gono will all be FA's. Oluokun being one of the few impact defenders we have, you have to think the Falcons would like to keep him, but it will cost. OTs are hard to find, so Gono may be a priority as well. AS may want to keep Hurst......... Lose these good players and our 2022 draft could be aimed at replacing players we lost to FA. Not good. The Falcons have 19 million in cap space to work with, plus whatever rollover from this season. To help fill roster spots, some of our practice squad UDFAs will probably be expected to make our 2022 team. OG Naziel, RB Huntley, WRs Green Trammel and Nunn, S Johnson.... we could see several PS guys on our team next year. Hopefully they will be good enough to play, but the cap will enter into it too. This is looking like a major rebuild. Typically, NFL teams do not rebuild with an aging uber-expensive QB running the offense. I am -hoping- Ryan wants to stay.... I am -hoping- our coaches and FO want to keep Ryan past this year. A log depends on how the numbers shake out. It would help if Ryan plays at an MVP level... I am thinking the odds are not much in favor of all that happening. We'll see.........
  4. Actually I believe Schultz does mention it.... I didn't because I am trying to shorten my posts, they can get kinda long.. Since Fontenot is very unlikely to move Ryan before June 1st, I thought it was irrelevant to bring up a scenario that was unlikely to happen.... This seasons' cap drop has really hurt us, but still... the Falcons would not have been much better off in the future. The expensive free agent signings have hurt us a -lot-.
  5. Yeah. Currently we have Ridley Zach and Darby signed for the 2022 season? Which may explain why we have three WRs on the PS. Doss Trammel and Green look to have some upside.
  6. I got my 26 mill figure from Schultz' article, I trust you more than I do him.... Jeff has been wrong before.
  7. Our record breaking Super Bowl season featured one WR signed in FA... and two good WRs signed off the street. Julio and Hooper were the only ones drafted, plus our RBs. These days WRs are literally falling out of the sky. Russell Gage is leaving after this season.... I sure hope we don't spend a high draft pick on his replacement.
  8. Here's the situation as reported by Jeff Schultz in the article posted in these forums: SIDENOTE: Ryan' salary was going to be almost 44 mill -this- season, until he restructured. here’s a simplified view of the economics: The Falcons have been manipulating Ryan’s cap number by converting base salary to signing bonuses, effectively kicking the can down the road to create desperately needed cap space. As a result, Ryan’s cap number this season is a palatable $29.9 million. But it balloons to $48.7 million in 2022. Under no circumstances will the Falcons keep Ryan on the roster with a $48.7 million cap number next season. It would mean Fontenot and Smith going scorched earth on the roster, resetting the rebuild. This basically leaves them with two options: 1) Restructuring the contract yet again — creating the same situation for 2023, by which time the Falcons would rather be done with this mess — or, 2) The Falcons will do with Ryan what they did with Julio Jones: trade him post-June, leaving them with a dead money hit of $24.9 million in 2022.
  9. Yeah, I'm not100 percent on Ryan leaving.... I certainly do not -want- him to go. But... I didn't want Julio to go either. Or Deion, or Riggs or Humphrey.... Rosen and Franks have some upside at least.... best thing about them right now is, they come cheap. Let's hope Rosen 's next game comes in the 2022 preseason.... Franks could be good as a 'wildcat' QB.
  10. I believe the odds are against Ryan returning to the Falcons in 2022. So I plan to watch all the games this year so I can watch what is possibly.... probably?.... Ryan's final season as a Falcon. It may be a long time before the Falcons get another QB this good....
  11. Unfortunately, not one good QB drafted by the Falcons, has played his entire career, here. Bart, Miller, Favre, Vick and Schaub all ended up elsewhere at some point. Ryan's cap hit will be nearly 49 million in 2022. This number is wildly inflated by the desperate restructurings Dimitroff asked Ryan to do, so that TD could sign expensive FAs (to make up for TD and DQ's drafting failures). Our cap situation this year forced Fontenot to play that same losing game. Seven million of that 49 is coming from this year. IF.... he Falcons cut or trade Ryan after June 1st next year, Ryan's cap hit goes down to around 24 million. Before that June 1st date comes FA and the draft, so..... the Falcons will have opportunities to perhaps get a new QB, if tat is what the Falcons decide to do. Lets not forget Rosen and Franks. Both have NFL caliber talent. Both could have a future here.........
  12. Brady is playing well beyond a normal number of years for an NFL player (except for placekickers). Hard to say what the Patriots were thinking, there.... maybe Brady just wanted a change of scenery, or he wanted to see if he needed Belichick (and vice versa for Bill). The one vet QB changing teams that many fans were surprised by was Joe Montana leaving San Fran. The 49ers had Steve Young who was more than ready to play, just like the Packers had Aaron Rodgers waiting for Favre to go. Moving on from thier HOF QBs may have been a good thing for both GB and San Fran, because both Rodgers and Young won Super Bowls.
  13. The Falcons started emphasizing the passing game all the way back to when we drafted Steve Bartkowski in 1975. Back then we emphasized pass protection over receivers, so Bart had success passing to former FAs and low draft picks like Jenkins Francis Ryckman and Jackson. in the late 80's, the team decided to switch priorities to WRs. It was slow, but it did happen. Strange thing is.... when the Falcons had a top-5 pick? They tended to draft either a QB or defenders. The Falcons did pretty well drafting QBs but top defenders, not so much.
  14. About the WFT... Ron Rivera knows how to play NFL football. He coached the heck out of the Panthers. Plus... if Rivera wants to get crazy.... Cam Newton is now available.... Cam and Fitz on the same team isn't crazy to imagine....
  15. The Falcons lost so many games last season, and looked so horrible doing it, even the pro-tankers were complaining....... 😜
  16. I get that, agree with everything you say. There are fans here who do -not- get it.... they seem to blame Ryan for his high cap hit, when its actually the -team- making these decisions. I have not really looked at it yet, but... the sad reality is, Matt Ryan may be entering his last season as our QB, because of cap issues. I hope not, but that possibility is there.
  17. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/cap/2022/ 2022 cap figures to be 212 million.... the Falcons are obligated to paying out 194 million to 30-31 roster players whose contracts extend into next season. The 194 million cap expenditure includes 'rollover' of almost 5 million from this year, and dead money for next year. So whoever we sign this season, even if thier contract just lasts this season? Our cap rollover money could go down some, reducing cap space for -next- season. Right now the Falcons will be looking to sign our 2022 draft class of eight picks plus 12-14 -more- players, just to fill out our roster..... using around 19 million in cap space.... in a year when the cap goes ups for -every- team, making them able to sign the FAs we want to more expensive contracts than we can pay. So if folks here thought the Falcons were value shopping this offseason? Wait till next year... when we have no Julio to trade to make 15 million in cap space. The Falcons will be looking at 'restructuring' Matthews Jarrett Jones and Ryan, -again-, while trying to extend Grady and Ryan. Also.... we can kiss Hurst Oliver Senat Gage Oluokun and Gono goodbye after this season...... maybe not all of them, but certainly most.
  18. About the bolded.... it gets worse. After trading back in '97 Dan Reeves.... who later drafted TE OJ Santiago in the 3rd because Reeves was the ultimate believer in drafting TEs? Anyway.... Reeves ended up drafting Booker, bypassing future HOF TE Tony Gonzalez, who the Chiefs gladly took with like the 14th pick. In 2009 TD saw fit to trade a 2nd rnd pick for Gonz..... we could have had Tony from the start. Later, not sure when.... Reeves wanted a blocking TE named Reggie Kelley so bad, he traded a future 1st to the Raves for thier now-2nd round pick. That traded 1st pick turned out to be the fifth pick in the entire draft.... which the Ravens used to select RB Jamaal Lewis, whose 2000-plus rushing season helped power the Ravens to a Super Bowl win. And -then-.... in another future draft, the Falcons needed help at RB, so they signed Warrick Dunn to an expensive deal, then used a 1st rnd pick on TJ Duckett, who was good.... but not like Jamaal Lewis. Its a snowball effect.... bad decisions lead to more bad or nor-so-good decisions leads to a losing team. The groundwork for the mess this team is in, it was laid a long time ago even before Dan Reeves, all the way back to the 1970's.. I could write a book about it.....
  19. Let's be fair to Matt Ryan, ok.... reason his cap hit is so high is all the restructuring that TD and now TF has asked Ryan to allow to be done to his contract, taking salary and converting it to guaranteed money that then gets spread to future seasons. This year, seven million got added to future years on Ryan;s contract. That gets added to whatever TD did. So really, Ryan is getting paid in the future, for years he has already played. COVID-19 forced Fontenot to restructure Ryan, but TD does not have that excuse.... TD needed cap space so he could sign Carpenter, Brown and Fowler. I am -so- glad Dimitroff is gone....
  20. It would have been great to sign these players? Certainly they could have helped our team.... how do we know the Falcons did not try to sign these guys, and others? Players are smart.... and they talk to each other, on thier own team, former team and other teams. What is it they hear and see when looking at the Falcons? Lets take a look... The Falcons have been losing for three years. Changed O line scheme two or three times. We have a DC who is 73 and could leave at any time, meaning possibly -more- scheme change on defense. Our best player just voiced his opinion of the franchise by demanding to be traded. Perhaps worst of all.... the Falcons were one of the most cap-strapped money starved teams in the league. Next offseason won't be much better. So maybe the question isn't "Why don't the Falcons sign these guys?", as much as "Why would any of these players want to come -here-, especially if other teams in better organisations want them?"
  21. Belichick knows what it takes to win. Strong run game with a good O line and front seven... (exactly what TD has -not- been doing with the Falcons). Belichick doesn't try to outsmart every other coach.... BB knows what works and sticks to it. BB doesn't try to get 'cute' with schemes, he keeps his asst coaches straight and focused. Which is probably why all of them have failed at being HCs. Contrast this to the Falcons, who change schemes asst coaches and the type of players we need -all- the time...
  22. I blame Blank for that. When AB fired Mike Smith, Dimitroff should have been gone too. But AB kept him.... supposedly Quinn wanted Dimitroff to stay, and we all know Blank got talked out of firing Quinn by McKay. So Blank has been allowing himself to get talked out of doing what he felt was right.... plus AB let his friendship with Dimitroff get in the way. Quinn started off with a lame-duck GM. Fortunately our drafts -did- get better, but finding O line and pass rushers was still a huge problem.... ....which led to the knee-jerk decisions you referred to. DQ and TD could not afford to wait on rookies to develop. Past drafting errors...two failed 1st rnd pass rushers... and bad prioritizing (one of every four draft picks was spent on DB's!)... really cost this team. We needed insta-starters on the O-line and at pass rusher for DQ and TD to keep thier jobs. So when almost all those expensive vets failed, TD and DQ were shown the door. Contrast our FA signings with Tampa Bays. Throw in a no-nonsense coach like Arians, and there's your Super Bowl team.
  23. First off thanks for quoting my post and commenting on it.... my post was -supposed- to have the above quote, from you, in it! But somehow when I posted it, your quote didn't make it, so.... here is the "bolded" part of your post I was referring to. Hopefully my post makes more sense now... and again thanks for your comments. 🙂
  24. Oh man.... I was asking, could the Falcons really take JJ's younger bro? Of course not........ as I started hearing about Takk's shoulder I was just shaking my head.... Reeves used to specialize in drafting injured players like Nathan Davis, Jammi German, that LB Overstreet... Screwups like this are why teams perenially drafting at the back end of the draft, keep finding Pro Bowl talent.... GMs like Dimitroff who "know-more-than-anyone-else" make the Steelers and Patriots' jobs easy.
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