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  1. The highlighted part is another reason why Morris could very well be kept on as HC. The last thing this team needs is a HC who is in charge of -everything-. Coaches who are successful doing that are even more rare than winning coaches. I would really like to see Blank set up his football operation using the Steelers as an example to follow. Blank is good friends with the Rooneys, so that's a good reference to use.
  2. I agree..... I just don't know how likely it would be for another coach to accept those terms. Raheem Morris might...... do we want him?
  3. How about.... the Falcons are one of the most popular teams in the NFL. Opposing teams love coming here to play our Falcons. Plus.... as a genuine show of Southern hospitality.... the Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, graciously built a stadium with so many seats in it, opposing teams can bring -THIER- fans to watch thier team play ours. In a state-of-the-art stadium partially paid for with taxpayer money. Inside a temperature controlled roofed in facility that protects everyone inside from the frigid 55 degree weather common in the South during the winter. Inside the stadium even the
  4. 1977 here. Gluttons for punishment, aren't we? SIDENOTE: anyone know what a glutton is?🙄
  5. The best fit for the Falcons would be a veteran former HC who has had success in the league. I can't see a really long contract entering into it, more like four or five years. In hiring such a coach there is one potentially huge drawback.... a veteran coach will want control of personnel. Quinn had that, and while it -seemingly- worked out for mid and later round picks, our 1st and 2nd round picks have been very hit and miss. Also I would prefer a defensive minded type. That is the weakest part of the team, and since we need short term coaching, that's what we need.
  6. There's no need for this team to make the playoffs, just to see us kicked back out by the Saints. Or 49'ers. Or Cowboys. Again.
  7. In the back of a hearse. Or whatever they used to transport dead bodies to the morgue....
  8. I've seen NFL coaches accept being fired for -not- releasing thier coaching hires. Quinn fired coaches so often, he earned the name "Turnstyle". This team was quickly becoming the place assistant coaches came to see thier careers die. Kind of the Cleveland Browns of the NFC.
  9. That was the problem. The bye week gave Koetter too much time to think. Probably some of our other coaches, too.
  10. The on-field ability, of the Falcons football team, to elevate the play of opposing QB's, thru bad play and horrific coaching on defense...... is unmatched by any other NFL team. It doesn't help when our offense chips in, which it did in -this- game a -lot-.
  11. You know, our D looked pretty decent for awhile. It was a combination of our offense looking....being?... clueless, and the Saints going all out all game long, on offense and defense, that kept our D on the field way too long. The end was predictable.... the Saints running the ball down our throats.... tired and gassed Falcons defenders looking at each other like "I thought -YOU- were gonna tackle him..." Your QB had a terrific day, he deserves the accolades. He needs to prove himself against a much better defense, though. The Falcons were completely out-coached today.
  12. I think the Falcons are the type of team you get when the braintrust drafts for need as opposed to BPA. Even then, glaring needs the team has had for years have been ignored. Two of the most successful FA signings the Falcons have ever had were Turner and Poe. You would think our FO would be looking for replacements for those guys. We had chances to get Dexter Lawrence and Derrick Henry, could have even re-signed Poe. But the Falcons chose to go other directions. Draft prioritization has been a big issue too. There are certain positions a team should be able to fill with mid-roun
  13. Long time ago I came to realize that players have to be held accountable for thier play on the field. In my opinion, this is where the Falcons organization has failed, in epic fashion, when it comes to Beasley and Takk. If they had been drafted by teams with stronger, more capable coaches.... thier careers may have been much more successful. Constantly changing line coaches wasn't a good thing. I think if Bryan Cox had stayed with the team, both DE's would have done much better. After all, Cox was making Hageman a better player. Beasley had his best season under Cox. As i
  14. Well... if an inaccurate mobile QB is your only option over an accurate pocket passer then sure, you take the more accurate passer. Thing is, there are mobile QB's who can accurately throw the ball. Which is what every team should want. I would take that option any time. The Falcons cannot take NO lightly. I'm concerned that the Saints will try to run our D down by controlling TOP with a very aggressive run game. Are Morriss and Ulrich able to gameplan for that?
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