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  1. 4th qtr, Hooper catches the ball along the sideline, eventually ran out of bounds. The clock kept running. The time was around eight minutes left in, I believe, the 4th qtr. On top of the BS penalties on Allen and Neal....among others..... I'm at the point where the Falcons need to simply pull the team off the field and tell the refs, right then and there.... "Reverse the call or we walk." Because it looks to me like simply 'appealing to the league' has been the response to this kind of crap for years... and it doesn't work. Its time to do so something radical that will let the league know the Falcons and their fans won't put up with this lopsided crap any more. A team leaving the field because of bad officiating will get the negative press the NFL hates.... and Goodell would be impelled to fix this crap.
  2. With physical teams, you have to be physical yourselves. We do have the O line to do this, if the coaches will use them this way. Then you need a physical back. To me Freeman needs to be more change of pace, engaged more in the passing game side of the offense. Run Ito Hill and Allison more, right at the defense. Then you can pass off play action. We had two 13-3 reg seasons under Smitty playing this way. Right now we have way more talent than Smitty ever had. Plus this is a veteran team, one of the oldest in the NFL. And veteran coaches. There's no excuse for what happened Sunday, none at all.
  3. I get where you are coming from. Veteran O line talent would be great....but good ones rarely come available anymore. Best thing to do is grow your own. Bad news there is TD has never drafted a quality O lineman until Jake in 2014. Now the team is -finally- going after the good ones. But they cost.... Yeah it would have been great to get Wilkins, sure. But the best teams in the NFL don't even get a sniff at those blue chip guys.... yet they keep winning. Our best defenders, right now, are Jarrett, Deion Jones and Neal. Jarrett was a lowly 5th rnd pick.....Vikings DE's Hunter and Griffen were not high picks either. If we get coachable players, and they have the desire to play, and our coaches are capable of coaching them up....we would draft so late every year, it would take a Julio type trade to get a Wilkins in here. That's why I don't worry so much about getting those top guys anymore......
  4. As I see it besides the obvious early short field TD opportunities we gave the Vikings.... we lost because our offense played to the strength of the Vikings' D, which is rushing the passer. That's a bad thing to do when you are trying to settle in two rookies on your O line. Best thing to do, would have been to play smash mouth football by running straight at those DE's. Wear down that defense with some straight up power run plays. Then pass off play action. Of course even that strategy was set up to fail when we inactivated our huge OG Brown plus -both- our biggest backs, Hill and Allison. Imagine if we got into a short yardage situation, who was going to run the ball? This team, I swear....
  5. And now he is getting paid. So what's his incentive? Play for the other players? The Coaches? AB? A new contract? What?
  6. Yeah, and we can dive even deeper into the pool of maybes by pointing out the Vikings' Anthony Barr was there when we drafted Beasley. I know every team has stories like this ok. We just seem to have -MORE-...……...
  7. Yeah tried to listen on my idiot phone without headphones. On computer I hear it now. Thanks for that.
  8. DQ said after last season, he wanted players who would play "nasty". We do have some but Beasley isn't one of them Before he can preach 'nasty' to the team, I think coach needs to go look in the mirror and preach it to himself...….
  9. Unfortunately that's about 13 million and a quality replacement too in that is what we -could- have had instead of Vic. Looks like we are seeing what our first round pick next year is gonna be.
  10. The Vikings did not seem worried about Gage was really hurt. I get what you are saying though...…….
  11. First time I've seen this since the game, they di NO replay on it.... thanks for posting. I thought Vic had almost stopped.... looks like he pulled up too soon wanting to see what Cousins was gonna do. So Cousins tries to spin away.... then Vic, who -should- have been ready for it, failed to grab Cousins, sliding off him. By the time Vic recovered, ball was out. Vic -may- have tried harder than I thought.... but he still failed. That kind of makes it worse...……..?
  12. Or the Vikes NOT getting flagged on Gage?
  13. No questions about Beasley pulling up on Cousins? What a BS bunch of reporters...….. EDIT ok they did hit on it. Listen to the thing or you miss it....
  14. Not sure Beasley would see that as a 'punishment'......