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  1. Yeah, I hear you. Because this is the same HC and front office that thought Mike Person could play center in the NFL. I -DO- hope Sambrailo works out. Matt Ryan's health depends on it.
  2. FFS1970 I liked your post, not because I -like- it, but because I, sadly, agree with you. Its a darn shame Arthur Blank hired Thomas Dimitroff to bring the 'Patriot Way' to Atlanta. Instead what AB got was the Dimitroff Way. What the heck, after all, TD knows more about team building and winning than Belichek, right?
  3. TD can draft all the CB's he wants, as long as they can rush the passer, stop the run and pass block...…
  4. Its a surprise to me that Sambrailo did not even test the open market. Why not? Only one reason I can think of.... and that is, Ty figured the Falcons offer was the best he would get. And that likely means Sambrailo's deal is pretty good, in his eyes at least. Falcons paid Garland around three million last season, knowing he would likely be a backup. I think Sambrailo signed for more than that.
  5. You know, at the end of the season press conference... I could have -sworn- I heard DQ say, our center and LT were the only decent O linemen we had, the rest could be scrubbed? Hmmm....
  6. First off I have read what folks have posted in this thread, I agree with most of it. I believe we are all making good points, in fact I hope things work out how FFS1970 says, he knows what he is talking about. If it seems like I am disagreeing with you guys, I'm not. It's more like I know how TD likes to do things. If the Falcons are going to sign Spain, or a DT like Brown or DE like one of the Smith's.... Thomas Dimitroff is going to have to do something he does not like, or has a history of, doing. And that is, being active in FA from day one. Three times TD has done this. Signing Turner and Mack were early signings that definitely worked out. But they were -very- expensive.... The third time was when TD signed Asamoah, Soliai and Tyson Jackson on, like, the first day of FA. Asa was kinda expensive and would have been even if he had worked out. Soliai was expensive too, everything considered. Tyson Jackson.... nice guy, good fella, good player, but way overpaid. Which is what happens when you go for opening day signings when Free Agency starts, which is what the Falcons will have to do if they want the aforementioned FAs. Otherwise we will end up signing the Ray Edwards and Terrell McClains and Brandon Fusco types. Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't I guess...
  7. We all know we need upgrades on OLine and DLine but you gotta know CB is real thin. Going into the upcoming FA offseason, there is something else for the Falcons to consider. This year the 2015 draft class' rookie deals expire. Four of those draftees are still on our roster. Coleman and Hardy are, virtually, gone. Beasley simply costs too much to keep. Jarrett is definitely a keeper, even at his price... will TD see it that way? Any expensive FA we sign, this year, including Jarrett...will impact the Falcons' ability to re-sign our 2016 draft class, next year. There are currently four (out of five) players from 2016 with expiring rookie contracts. Three of them are Pro Bowlers.... I suppose Keanu Neal can be optioned? Then there is Deion Jones and Austin Hooper. Campbell and Schweitzer. Neal and Jones are must-keepers. Hooper is starting to come into his own. If we lose any of these three, or Campbell, they will have to be replaced... good luck signing any new FAs next year, right. Many of us here, including me, wanted the Falcons to sign a couple of new starters, good ones, in FA for the O line. If we want to keep our three best 2016 draftees next offseason, I think we will be fortunate if TD can find cap space for even just one expensive FA signing, this year, plus -maybe- a stopgap veteran type. And that's -IF- the team cuts Beasley.... which creates another need for the draft. Looks like the draft will have to fill out the rest of our roster. It better be a good one...
  8. Falcons need to release Beasley. Let the market set his price. If its low enough, TD can offer Beasley a one year heavy incentive contract. Let Beasley show he deserves a longer term deal. If not with us, then someone. And I would still be looking for another young DE to develop. Might even draft one in the first round, if a good one falls to us. Takk, Means, Beasley, draftee or two...maybe Irvin if he can be had for around six million per? Depending on what we do with our O line in FA.
  9. It could be, that the TD-DQ team is greater then the sum total of its parts. In other words, in their case, 1 plus 1 equals...3? More? If that is the case, then moving TD would possibly hurt Quinn. It is really hard to formulate an opinion anymore since, according to AB, TD lost some of his personnel power when Quinn was hired. These days, who knows who is doing what in Flowery Branch? Right now the TD-DQ team are in year 5 of their team building...I suppose they deserve more time (like its up to -US-, right.....:)). I know this...the Falcons are heading to a place TD has never been before. Four of our first five picks from 2015, ended the 2018 season on our roster. At least two, Coleman and Jarrett, are legit productive players deserving of being re-signed (Coleman won't be...). Jury is out on Beasley. Next year? The 2016 draftees will be up... -FIVE- of them are still on the roster, with three being Pro Bowlers! It -is- a nice problem to have, but our ability to get starters in FA is gonna take a hit, meaning: its time to learn how to draft O linemen, folks! :).
  10. It's a what if scenario that does bare consideration. I'll put it like this; since Ryan, Julio, Matthews, Alford, and Bryant among others, would have been significant contributors to a SB win, and all were acquired on TD's watch before Quinn? In that situation then yes TD would have had some ownership in that victory. Like a coach once said, "Winning cures everything." In that recent interview, AB acknowledged the difference in TD's job and Quinn's. AB said, they are not going to be evaluated together. Or held accountable in the same way. I have noticed our drafts have gotten better since DQ was hired...
  11. Well, it will be hard.... but I'll try to explain. It goes like this: Quinn is in charge of everything..... …. except for when he's not. I hope that helps clear things up some....
  12. Actually, oftentimes our coaches and front office managers act like -they-... are the ones suffering from too many blows to the head. Maybe they all need to go thru the concussion protocol before they are allowed to sign players? Or draft them?
  13. Funny you mention 'medical experts'....check out my post right above yours.....:P
  14. IMHO the Falcons no longer go for it in those situations because our coaches don't believe our current team will get that yard. The NO situation was different. Smitty's past experience with our offense indicated a high success rate when he 'went for it' in short yardage situations. Playing the odds, figuring the odds were in his favor, and having confidence in his offense, Smitty went for it on fourth down. And it didn't work. That's why we can call Smitty's decision a mistake. Now, if it -had- worked? Then we would say, well of course it worked.... after all going for it on fourth and one has worked many times before, right? If Smitty had punted and the Falcons lost....these boards would have been lit up with outrage over Smitty not going for it in that situation. The above, and more, are all reasons why it was good Smitty went for it in NO. It -can- be called a bad decision, if you want....but not necessarily the -wrong- decision. That, you don't know until you try.
  15. It could be argued that Freeman's contract pays him too much, sure. But I do think Freeman is coming back based on these two videos.... how effective will Freeman be is a bigger question.