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  1. Our drafts got better after Quinn got here. I believe DQ is a better judge of a player's ability to play football than TD is. TD goes for athletic types with outstanding physical traits that TD -hopes- will translate into NFL success. Being a coach, DQ understands better what it takes to play in the NFL. TD has actually re-signed some of our former draft picks, which was very rare before Quinn arrived. Scott Pioli leaving before last season started is the big 'X' factor to me. I don't' see Pioli leaving if he thought this was a playoff team. Question is.... what did Pioli contribute the last several years?
  2. To be fair to both Smitty and TD.... this was year one of thier managing the team. Several good players had left or were traded away. Others, like Boley, did not want to be here. Our rookie QB had to make do with substandard TE play at a time when TE's were crucial for a rookie QB's development. Fans were still reeling from the Vick\Petrino disasters. A lot of the holdover players we did have were not NFL caliber, especially on the D line. Realistically.... I never expected the Falcons to win and be in the playoffs that year. I think this playoff loss did show everyone that this team did have a ways to go. Thing is, for the first time in awhile.... the Falcons looked to be on the right track.
  3. And its not even close. The only thing that has kept TD propped up for so long, is Matt Ryan. Ryan makes everyone around him look better. I think the Falcons should put DQ in the FO, let him be the GM in charge player acquisition. Quinn knows more about what football players should be, than TD does. TD goes more by athletic ability. Then TD could be 'promoted' within Blanks business organisation. Let him go be head of the soccer team, heh... After all, gotta keep the JPFFOB going....
  4. I thought Takk might be taking over Clayborn's old role. But the bad shoulder isn't good for taking on OG's. Incidently....where -IS- Takk going to play? I figure Fowler will be playing over the LT.
  5. Good post. IMO In a profession like scouting, or managing a sports team....the leaders have to have competent people around them that know what they are doing. Those people have to be able to be able to offer thier expertise and opinions without worrying about being fired for not 'towing the line'. Dan Reeves ran things like a dictator.... AB hinted as much. Seems like one major requirement of TD and DQ is they have to be 'comfortable' with that person. Look at who they have hired, and in DQ's case who he has kept playing over and over again without getting good results. Dictator vs 'good buddy' management. The extremes of the same pendulum. Neither works. Mike Smith was a true professional. So is Belichick. They are the middle of that same pendulum. That is the type of coach, and GM, we need. A strong coach can handle a Chuck Smith on his staff. Guess that's one reason Chuck isn't here....
  6. Keep in mind....after posting a terrible won-loss record, heading into what would be HC June Jones' final game as HC.... Chuck Smith criticized Jones, his offense the Red Gun, and Jones lack of ability to help the defense. This was before the game against KC. The same season Jeff George got booted for arguing with Jones on the sideline during a game. Chuck Smith was suspended for the KC game, by June Jones. I have no doubt, at all, the reason Smith is not there, is because Chuck says what he thinks. The Falcons want a bunch of 'yes men' working for them. And its not just TD or DQ.... that starts with Arthur Blank. I believe Pioli left because he had had his fill of it.
  7. Thing is, TD could have posted that list on the wall, blindfolded himself, and thrown a dart at that list....and more than likely, come away with a much better player than Hageman.
  8. The Falcons would have found a way to screw it up. I've seen it happen time and time again. This NFL franchise, I swear..... when it does things right, bad things follow to undo them. Many examples over the years. Tons.
  9. Well, I -WAS- having a good day, heh..... TD has always been a measurables guy, when it comes to certain positions. DQ has helped us get batter at drafting -football- players....but reaches on players a bit much, for me. Our fourth round was very subpar, this year....
  10. I don't know if Chuck Smith has made himself available to other teams? It would make sense if he didn't.... Smith lives in Atlanta. Could be he doesn't want to displace himself, Smith still has children at home. According to Chuck, the falcons did try to bring him in...as an apprentice. Which is a very insulting offer , the kind an organisation makes when the folks in charge -know- it won't be accepted. Apprenticeships are for much younger former players and coaches. Smith's credentials, alone, warrants at least an assistant position coach post.
  11. No coaching experience? Anyone can get coaching experience. Chuck Smith has something better....actual playing experience, at a high level, for the two best Falcons teams in the 90's. Both teams went to the playoffs, beating the 49'ers twice both times. Chuck also forced a fumble in the NFC championship game that helped the Falcons win that game. Chuck Smith was one of the four or five best pass rushers the Falcons have ever had. Folks gravitate towards Chuck because he was a good player.... he cares about the Falcons, the players and fans....and Smith calls it like he sees it which definitely makes him less popular around Flowery Branch. Thing is, Chuck is one of the few former players that wants to help the Falcons win. So yeah Chuck will get attention, because he is the only former player that goes out of his way to talk to fans. This makes Chuck unique among former Falcons players.
  12. Chuck also mentioned Notre Dame DL Stephen Truitt, who was available when TD drafted Hageman. Truitt was much more productive in college, played against tougher competition. But Truitt was considered, by some, to have a lower ceiling than Hageman. So TD drafts Hageman, Truitt went to the Steelers where, to my knowledge, Truitt is still starting. Truitt has had a good productive career. Chuck Smith knows football, he played at a high level. Chuck says what he thinks, and believes.... no matter whose toes he ends up stepping on. Which is why Chuck will never be a part of the Falcons organization as long as TD is around.
  13. Even though Tevin Coleman signed a decent contract.... we received no comp picks because we signed Jamon Brown and Carpenter. This year comp pick eligible players we lost include Beaseley, Campbell, Hooper and -maybe- Clayborn and Schweitzer. Unfortunately.... signing Fowler will put a huge dent in the compensation pick formula.
  14. There are those of us.... FFS1970, KOG, some others.... who recognized TD's team building inability a long time ago. We don't always agree with one another, but....we have wanted TD gone for some time now. DQ is now included in that. Me, I've about had it with AB, TD, DQ.... the whole dam thing. And FFS1970 has been following the Falcons for several years longer than -I- have.... Thank you for the reasoned and measured response. Its becoming more and more rare in TATF these days....
  15. MP, it doesn't matter who TD has drafted.... it matters who he has been able to find or, in TD's case, NOT find. Like a pass rusher. Replacements for Poe, Michael Turner, and until last offseason, Dahl. And how many DECADES does it take to build a top 10 defense? After all these years TD has managed to build just -one-. TD has had some luck with DB's. He should have....one of every four picks, TD drafts a DB. 25 DB's drafted by TD. Out of 90 some-odd picks. All that draft capital......TD should have gotten better results. TD's first five winning seasons, featuring pre-TD acquiitions Brooking, Abraham, Roddy and four starting O linemen.....that was a long time ago. The Falcons have featured an almost totally TD built team since 2013. Since then? Two winning, one break even, and four losing seasons. I will give credit to TD for gong out and blowing big money on FA's to fix TD's inability to draft O line and pass rushers. Not much of an endorsement as regards the job TD has done with his team building...
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