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  1. Defenses have to pick between defending the run or doubling Julio or Brown. Reminds me of when we had Turner Roddy Julio and Gonz. Play action is going to be brutal. I'm glad the Titans are not in our division....
  2. A case could be made using your rational. Nothing at all wrong with anything you posted. Allow me to point out.... the Falcons set a precedent by 'enshrining' Deion Sanders and Claude Humphrey into the ROH. Both those players left because of the losing, just like Julio did.
  3. Seems to me Julio had an outstanding career. Julio wanted to play for a winner before he retires, so I don't blame him for wanting outta here. Julio gave this franchise ten seasons to get it right, and they did not. Julio is not to blame. I would not mind one bit if Julio's banner was in the rafters one day.....
  4. Poster already mentioned Falcons policy on retiring numbers, so... A better question is, "Does Julio deserve to be in the ROH?" Since Humphrey and Sanders are in there, well.....
  5. The OP's posted article is by another writer who does not understand how winning football works. Falcons could have had four 1st rnd picks.... used all of them on DBs... and still have a crap secondary. The secondary was not the problem last season. The real problems we had on D was threefold.... our secondary spent too much time on the field last season, along with the rest of our defense.... the schemes our D was running were not NFL caliber... and our D had to always defend both the run and the pass. All these problems will be fixed by the Falcons doing one simple thing:....
  6. K Smith has value on special teams but still... we need a FB who can block, catch -and- run the ball some. Mike Alstott was a devastating weapon for the Bucs. If Ollison can block or we can find another FB in FA, seems to me Smith might be too expensive to keep.
  7. Agree with your post.... wanted to comment on the bolded part. NFL coaches may be a lot of things, like stubborn... obstinate.... stuck in thier ways, etc. But all of them have some brains and football knowledge, or they would not have made it to being an NFL HC. Too much research is done, too many recommendations have to be made, before a coach is hired.... these guys are good coaches. So where do things go wrong? Two factors, one of which is pretty simple: every coach cannot be a -winning- coach.... someone has to lose. Losing creates a stigma around a coach, players stop believi
  8. Whoever wrote that doesn't understand how winning works in football. That line of thinking is a spinoff of the current NFL landscape of paying huge prices for franchise QBs. Folks, even a lot of coaches and GMs, start looking at the availability of RBs vs QBs, plus how much players at those positions make, and come to the conclusion that passing the ball -is- the key to winning. Dimitroff fell into that trap when he traded for Julio. What the Falcons actually -needed-, was more and better defense. Running the ball is necessary for dominating TOP, plus.... a forceful run games tire
  9. If you want to know the formula for winning games, it is really simple.... so simple it infuriates me that our coaches, at times, seem to refuse to do it. Here is the formula that will lead us to winning games again: Run... The... Dayum... Ball! When Reeves came in, the Falcons went on a big losing streak because Jamal Anderson (the RB ok) was out. Anderson came back, and the Falcons started winning. Next season we went to the Super Bowl behind Anderson's running. Mora came in, brought Alex Gibbs with him, who turned the Falcons into in of the best running teams the NFL has
  10. Glanville could have found a spot for Randle... but I imagine Glanville let Randle go because Randle was rather light for a DT. But man, Randle could -play-.... Did you know Jesse Tuggle was an UDFA out of Valdosta State?
  11. After Julio retires.... do you think we will look back at trading him as being a big mistake?
  12. Did you know John Randle worked out with the Falcons before he went to the Vikings? We could have had Deion Sanders, Bret Favre and John Randle on our team at the same time. So many missed opportunities...... https://sports.jrank.org/pages/3792/Randle-John-Signs-With-Vikings-Free-Agent.html During the 1990 NFL draft Randle was not selected in part because of his small size for the position he played. His play at Texas A & M did merit a workout with the Atlanta Falcons, but they declined to sign him because they believed he was out of shape. A week later, the Minnesota V
  13. At this point.... I would prefer to let our coaches work with who and what we have. See for themselves if the team is deficient in any way. If our talent fails to impress, then start bringing in someone else. This offseason started with 21 roster spots needing filling, and we have since released four players adds up to 25 roster spots needing filling. That is too much turnover is one offseason. This team is very unsettled right now. We need to give our young guys a chance, especially the UDFA's... they are with us for four years, our team needs some roster consistency right n
  14. Bill doesn't play games. He'll just say, "I already answered that question". When asked about the Patriots signing Tebow, BB said " Tebow is the fourth string QB. What else is there to say?"
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